5 Reasons To Use A Stink Bag

Stink bags are used to keep excess water, moisture and smells from fishing keepnets, weigh slings and landing net heads away from other tackle, or during storage.

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They are an essential piece of tackle, because let’s face it, none of us like dealing with wet, soggy, fish smelling nets and slings!

More importantly though, stink bags prolong the lifespan of your tackle, and prevent your car, garage or house from smelling fishy.

Plus, it helps to keep your tackle organised!

What to look for when buying a stink bag:

  1. What type of tackle requires a stink bag? A weigh sling? Keepnet? Landing Net?
  2. How many keepnets is it for? You may need a double or triple net bag.
  3. How waterproof should it be? Check to see if the seams are welded.
  4. If it’s for a landing net, would a stink sleeve be better?

Once you know what kind of stink bag you need, this makes things a little easier, as we countdown the best stink bags covering both carp and coarse fishing.

Carp Stink Bags

Stink net bags are usually designed to house landing nets and handles, rather than keepnets.

This is because keepnets are not made to hold big carp!

Make sure you choose a stink bag that can hold both your net and handle to keep organised on the bank.

Sonik SK TEK Net Stink Bag

The SK-TEK Net Stink bag sleeve is a great way to keep your net stink free and your gear dry.

Sonik Stink Bag Sleeve

The stink sleeve is made from heavy duty PVC material with welded seams that are 100% waterproof and will accommodate net arms up to 50” in diameter, with space for the largest floating weigh slings.

An Innovative drainage end allows you to hang the sleeve up and air dry the contents easily and quickly between sessions.

If you are looking for a way to keep your net from smelling or tainting other fishing tackle, the SK-TEK Stink Bag would be the perfect choice.


HD PVC Welded construction
Roll top closure makes bag 100% water tight
Innovative drainage end allowing nets to air-dry between trips
Sized to accept floating weighslings, and nets
Will accept all net arms up to 50”
Can be shortened for shorter weighslings/net arms
Roll end three times for a waterproof seal
Size: L 164cm W 20cm
Maximum capacity L 130cm

NGT Fishing Stink Bag

A stink bag is a must for every carp angler that wants to stop their landing net or weigh sling from stinking!

NGT Stink Bag Sleeve

This 117 x15 cm stink bag from NGT is perfect for holding your net and keeping it free of unpleasant smells.

Measuring 117cm by 15cm, its compact enough to store in your vehicle or in the corner of your garage.

Great value (probably the cheapest stink bag on our list!), it does the job exactly as intended!

Avid Carp Net And Sling Stink Bag

Are you sick of getting your car or van wet when transporting your nets and slings?

Well, look no further than the Avid Carp Fishing Stink Bag!

Avid Carp Stink Bag Sleeve and Sling

The bag is made from a super tough waterproof material that prevents any water from getting in or out.

The roll top design and heat sealed seams ensures a 100% waterproof seal, and I can confirm that no water escaped in the back of my car!.

The standard size bag can hold a 42 inch landing net or sling, while the XL size bag can hold a 50 inch net or sling.

So this is a great option, whatever size landing net you use!

A quality stink bag and sling storage solution from a top brand, you cannot go wrong by choosing the Avid Carp Net And Sling Stink Bag.


Perfect solution to transporting wet nets and slings
Prevents spilling water in your car or van
Super tough 100% waterproof material
Roll top design and heat sealed seams
Available in standard and XL sizes

Trakker Self Inflating Stink Bag

The Trakker Self Inflating Stink Bag is the perfect way to keep your vehicle clean and dry!

Trakker Self Inflating Stink Bag

The ultrasonic welded seams ensure no water or smells escape, while the roll-down buckle top prevents any unwanted messes.

Plus, it’s compatible with the Trakker Padded Shoulder Strap for easy transport.

Furthermore, it is large enough to accommodate any landing net with arms, up to 42 inches in length, the Sanctuary Safety Weigh Sling or Sanctuary Retention Sling.

Keep your car smelling fresh – order your Trakker Self Inflating Stink Bag and you’ll have no complaints about smelly gear again.


Captures liquids and odours
Keeps your vehicle clean and dry
Ultrasonic welded seams
100% waterproof fabric
Compatible with Trakker Padded Shoulder Strap (210215)
Roll-down buckle top to ensure no water or smells escape
Size: (L) 100cm x (W) 40cm
Weight: 0.6kg

SPEERO Stink Sleeve

If you’re looking for a way to keep the smell of fish away from your gear, then the SPEERO Stink Sleeve is the perfect solution.

Speero Stink Bag

The two Velcro loops allow you to connect your landing net pole with an XL or standard net float attached, while the external pocket provides extra storage space.

Made from durable 300D Cordura material, the Speero Stink Sleeve is built to last and keep your nets organised, and prevent any smells or moisture from escaping.

Thanks to the drawstring cord lock, you can be sure that your net will stay secure during transit.

Also available in Green.


Colour: DPM or Green
300D Cordura material
External Landing net pocket and
retaining loops
Drawstring cord lock

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Nash Net/Retainer Stink Bag

The Nash Stink Bag is the perfect solution for keeping your car stink-free!

Nash Net Retainer Stink Bag
I found I could easily keep two nets, or one net plus my retainer inside, so it is quite spacious.

You can secure your net poles down using the elastic loops.

The entry point of stink bags is usually where smells and odour escape, but due to the PVC welded seams and watertight rolled down neck, there is no chance of that happening here.

Stored inside my rod bag with ease, I can highly recommend that this stink bag does the job intended.


Improved design stink bag with welded PVC seams
Designed to keep water and odour inside the bag not inside your car
Holds two nets or one net/one retainer
Twin elastic loops for landing net handles
Secured with a watertight roll down buckle seal neck
Dimensions: 132cm L x 19cm W

Coarse Fishing Stink Bags

Coarse and match fishing stink bags are usually geared towards housing single or multiple keepnets, rather than landing nets.

We’ve handpicked a selection of stink bags or ‘net bags’ from leading tackle manufactures such as Preston innovations, MAP and Matrix.

MAP EVA Stink/Net Bag

The MAP EVA Net Bag is a great product that offers a host of features and benefits.

MAP EVA Stink net bag

Made from welded EVA material, it’s incredibly durable and features two side pockets for extra storage.

Meanwhile, the screw drainage hole ensures your keepnets are kept dry, while the adjustable shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry.

Plus, there’s even a tray pocket for added convenience!

Available in both an XL or XXL model, the MAP EVA Stink/Net Bag comes highly recommended from us.


Welded EVA material
Durable side pockets
Unique screw drainage hole
Adjustable shoulder strap
Carry handles
XL Dimensions: 50cm high x 59cm wide x 25cm deep
XXL Dimensions: 50cm high x 59cm wide x 32cm deep
Tray pocket: 45cm wide x 37cm high x 4cm deep

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Greys Prodigy Wet Net Bag

This roomy, waterproof net bag from Greys is perfect for transporting damp nets.

Greys Prodigy Wet Stink Net bag

The robust PVC material and welded seams make it durable and watertight, while the webbing carry handle and side supports make it easy to carry, or transport on your trolley.

Large enough to take most keepnets and medium sized pan landing nets, overall, this is a basic net bag, but could be useful for pleasure anglers.


Welded seams
Rubber sealed zip top
Robust PVC
Webbing carry handle
Side supports
Weight: 300g
Dimensions: 64cm x 55cm x 3.5cm

Shakespeare Agility Stink Bag

If you want to keep all of your keepnets in one place – the Shakespeare Agility Stink Bag is what you need!

Shakespeare Agility Stink Bag

Made from a strong and waterproof PVC material, there is room for a pair of 3 metre keepnets which can be accessed via a single zip.

Padded carry handles make transporting it comfortable.

This is a practical stink bag which keeps any smells locked in so your car and fishing tackle stay taint-free!


Smart looking, practical stink bag
Large enough for 2 x 3m keep nets
Waterproof 600x300D/PVC materials
Size: 62cm x 52cm x 24cm

Matrix Ethos Pro Triple Net Bag

The ultimate stink bag for storing up to three keepnets!

Matrix Ethos Pro Triple Net Bag

This stink bag from Matrix is designed to be easy to carry, with reduced size in areas that aren’t needed.

It has enough capacity to store three keepnets and landing nets, making it the perfect choice for match anglers who need to store multiple keepnets.

Made from a robust EVA fabric, all the seams are heat welded to prevent any leaking whatsoever.

An adjustable carry strap makes it comfortable to carry from car to peg.


100% waterproof
Ultra-durable EVA material
Heat sealed seams to prevent leaking
Designed to hold 3 keepnets plus landing nets
Compact shape for easy transportation
Adjustable carry strap
Size: L60cm x H50cm x W25cm

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Dinsmores Double EVA Stink Bag

The Dinsmores ‘Double’ Stink Bag holds a pair of keepnets and keeps odour and water locked in!

Dinsmores Stink Bag

A practical solution, the stink bag features a zipped top with a handy side pocket for storing any smaller fishing accessories.

Made from hardwearing PU backed nylon ensures it is fully waterproof and is build to last.

A subtle handle makes it easy to carry and its portable size easy to store in your garage.


Zipped top
Side pocket 21 inchs wide x 20 inchs deep
Made from hard wearing PU back nylon.
Takes 2 keepnets

Leeda Concept GT Net Bag

With a waterproof membrane, the Leeda Concept GT Net Bag is ideal for carrying your nets from car to peg and back again after your session.

Leeda Concept GT Net Bag

The Leeda Concept GT Net Bag is perfect for transporting all of your landing nets and keep-nets.

It has dimensions of 52cm x 52cm x 18cm, and comes in the classic black and grey with blue rimmed lining.

The base of the bag is made to last, with hard wearing, durable material that protects against scuffs or damage of your net.

For comfort in transporting the net, the bag comes with an adjustable carry strap attached to both sides of the bag, which are then connected with a reinforced Velcro clasp.

This ensures that your net is always safe while you’re on the go.

Whether you’re headed to your next fishing spot or just need a place to store your net between uses, the Leeda Concept GT Net Bag is the perfect option!


Made from a hardwearing material with a durable base
Ideal for transporting landing nets and keepnets
External pocket with a zipped main compartment
Fully adjustable carry strap
Dimensions: H 52cm x W 52cm x D 18cm

Best Stink Bag: Final Thoughts

Stink bags are an important piece of gear for any fisherman.

They come in handy when you need to get rid of the odour from landing nets or keepnets.

When choosing a stink bag, it’s important to find one that is durable and easy to clean.

Some bags have built-in hoses or drains that make it easy to get rid of the odour.

If you plan on using your stink bag frequently, it’s a good idea to invest in one that is durable.

Whatever you choose, make sure the stink bag is big enough to hold all your fishing nets!

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