Complete Guide to Baden Hall Fishery

Welcome to our fishery series where we review everything you need to know before you set off!

First up is Baden Hall Fishery, which is located in Stafford, Staffordshire and just so happens to be one of the largest fisheries in the UK.

Baden Hall Fishery

There are a total of eleven lakes, stocked with a mixture of species for pleasure, match or specimen anglers.

Specimen Lakes at Baden Hall Fishery

There are three specimen lakes at Baden Hall Fishery; The Quarry, Glovers and The Bridge Pool.

Here is some key information about what you can expect at each venue.

The Quarry

Stock: Carp to over 50lb
Lake Record: 52.08lb
Size: 12 acres
Max. Depth: 12ft
Swims: 18
Open: 9am
Closed: 5pm (6pm Summer)

Baden Hall Fisheries The Quarry

As you’ve probably guessed, ‘The Quarry’ is a mature 12 acre gravel pit with 18 pegs to fish from.

Each swim features a large cabin – ideal for taking a UK carp fishing holiday in – with an unhooking mat, landing net, water bucket and weigh sling.

Anglers are asked NOT to bring their own to preserve the quality fish that are stocked in this lake.

Baden Hall Fishery The Quary Lake Map

There at least 50 carp to over 30lb, so can be sure there are plenty of specimens to target.

Overall, fishing at ‘The Quarry’ is quite a challenge!

The Quarry Pricing

Single Ticket: £35
1 Week Ticket: £245
Whole Lake (48 hrs): £1,260

The Bridge Pool

Stock: Numerous over 30lb, mostly mid-to-upper doubles
Lake Record: 42lb 4oz
Size: 8 acres
Max. Depth: 14ft
Swims: 10

Baden Hall Fisheries The Bridge Pool

Similar to Glovers, the ‘Bridge’ Pool is a ‘bivvy’ lake, with each swim supplied with an unhooking mat, landing net and weigh sling to promote fish safety and reduce the risk of disease.

Pegs are spread out, with around 30 yards or so between each one. A double peg is situated in the middle if you wanted a social with a friend or partner.

Badel Hall Fishery The Bridge Pool Lake Map

No guests are allowed – this goes for all Baden Hall Fishery lakes.

Fishing The Bridge Pool is done from one bank, with nobody opposite, bar peg 8, and with between 80-135 yards in front of each peg, there is plenty of water to fish in!

The Bridge Pool Pricing

Single Ticket: £30
1 Week Ticket: £210
Whole Lake (48 hrs): £600


Stock: Fish over 40lb
Lake Record: 42.08lb
Size: 6 acres
Max. Depth: 8ft
Swims: 8

Badel Hall Fishery Glovers Specimen Carp Lake

Glovers, an old sand and gravel quarry, is the smallest specimen lake out of the three at Baden Hall Fishery, but nevertheless offers some excellent carp fishing.

There are 8 pegs that are spread out, leaving plenty of room to fish in peace.

Swims are set up like The Bridge Pool, with pegs located down one bank of the lake.

Badel Hall Fishery Glovers Lake Map

As per the other two specimen lakes, an unhooking mat, landing net, weigh sling, and water bucket are supplied, with anglers asked not to bring their own to reduce the risk of disease.

Again, no guests are allowed, with the gates open from 9am and locked at 5pm in Winter, and 6pm in summer.

Glovers Pricing

Single Ticket: £30
1 Week Ticket: £210
Whole Lake (48 hrs): £480

Baden Hall Fishery Runs Waters

There three runs waters at Baden Hall Fisheries; middle pool, long pool and dash pool.

If you’re looking for some easier fishing than that of the specimen lakes – these three runs water are your best bet!

Middle Pool

Stock: 10lb to 27lb
Size: 8 acres
Max. Depth: 9ft
Pegs: 53

Baden Hall Fishery Middle Pool Runs Water

The middle pool at Baden Hall Fishery is the most popular runs water.

Prolific in the warmer months, but equally good in the winter, the current record is 125 carp in 48hrs, which is extraordinary!

A prize is also on offer if you can catch and photograph the orange koi, which weighs around 26-27lb.

If you are lucky enough to land it, and can prove this to the reception team, then a 48 hour free session is yours!

Badel Hall Fishery Middle Pool Lake Map

The lake itself offers a clay bottom, with the depth around 6ft on average. With a 500yard width, stretching to 100 yards out in some places, you are sure to have a great session at the Middle Pool.

For a small fee, guests are allowed on this lake.

Middle Pool Pricing

Day Session: £12 (£7 Junior)
24hrs: £25 (£20 Junior)

Lodge Pool

Stock: Up to 25lb
Size: 4 acres
Max. Depth: 9ft
Pegs: 28

Baden Hall Fishery Lodge Pool Runs Water

With many features, the Lodge Pool is a decent runs water, with plenty of double figure carp, up to around 25lb.

The lake is split along the width by an island, which is a popular feature to fish up against, or a range of bars and sunken islands where carp like to patrol.

Badel Hall Fishery Lodge Pool Lake Map

Carp can be caught all over the lake using a range of bait and rig tactics.

Lodge Pool Pricing

Day Session: £12 (£7 Junior)
24hrs: £25 (£20 Junior)

Dam Pool

Stock: Up to 30lb
Size: 3.5 acres
Max. Depth: 10ft
Pegs: 23

Baden Hall Fishery Dam Pool Runs Water

What is essentially two lakes, split by a bridge, these are known as lower dam and upper dam.

Both parts have deep margins, the lower has the deeper areas, and plenty of fish are caught from these. You will need to stay very quiet when fishing here, because the carp can get up pretty close!

Badel Hall Fishery Dam Pool Lake Map

Dam Pool at Baden lake Fishery holds plenty of low to upper double carp.

The bottom is made up of clay, with an average depth of around 7ft.

Night fishing is allowed on the Dam pool.

Dam Pool Pricing

Day Session: £12 (£7 Junior)
24hrs: £25 (£20 Junior)

Note: All day sessions at Baden Hall Fishery run from 7.30am till dusk. 24hr sessions run from 7.30am till 9am.

Over 18’s only for fishing the specimen lakes.

Doughnut Pleasure & Match Water

Stock: F1’s, Roach, Bream, Chubb, Barbel, Perch and Gudgeon
Size: 14m Wide
Max. Depth: 9ft
Pegs: 20

Baden Hall Fishery Doughnut Canal

A circular canal style venue, that is actually built to the same specifications as a canal, is a prolific match water.

Stocked with a variety of species, it consistently produces good weights.

The whole ‘doughnut’ is easily accessible, so you don’t have to struggle loading/unloading match kit!

Baden Hall Fishery Doughnut

Pole and waggler is the order of the day, and cupping in small pots of bait often produces the best results.

Don’t forget the inside margins fishing on a float.

Match information can be found below.

Baden Hall Fishery: Final Verdict

As one of the UK’s premier fisheries, Baden Hall Fisheries offers something for everyone – no matter what skill level you are at.

Facilities Include:

  • On-site Tackle Shop
  • Cafe
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Online Booking
  • Match News
  • YouTube Channel

Please make sure you read through the Fishery Rules before booking, and again before your arrival.

Contact Information

Phone: 01785 850313 / 01785 851495
Email: [email protected]
Address: Eccleshall, Staffordshire, ST21 6LG

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