Best 2 Man Pop Up Fishing Bivvy

Avid Ascent 2 man pop up bivvy


Discover the best 2 man pop up fishing bivvy as we talk about features, build quality, setup times and reliability.

The bivvy is one the most essential pieces of fishing gear that you will need to survive on the bank.

They are designed for no other purpose than to keep you safe and comfortable whilst fishing at night.

All bivvies are not created equal, and finding the best 2 man bivvy for fishing is not easy.

Our comprehensive reviews below are designed to take you through all the important details of choosing the right 2 man pop up bivvy for fishing.

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1. Trakker SLX V3 2 Man Bivvy

Tackle Scout Rating

Weight: 10.4kg
Height: 1.45m
Width: 3m
Depth: 2.6m
Transport Size: 110cm x 32cm

A popular pram hood style pop up bivvy now in it’s third generation.

Trakker SLX v3 Pop up bivvy

First on our pop up fishing bivvy list is the Trakker SLX V3.

The twin-skin inner capsule is fully enclosed, increasing air flow throughout which reduces any condensation that can build up inside. 

This is further boosted by the inclusion of a rear zipped vent that can be opened or closed as you wish.

As for the bivvy structure, the frame is fashioned in such a way that even in adverse weather, it just does not budge.

This is why Trakker are known for making some of the most stable shelters around.

In better weather, you can open up the front in a letterbox style format or use the tiebacks to secure the door and side panels. 

A peak at the front allows you to admire full panoramic views of the lake , whilst shielding you from the sun.

I found this to be useful in bright light which can impact your eyesight, especially as you watch the water for showing fish.

Included in the bundle is a heavy-duty groundsheet, tension strap for maintaining shape, carry bag and strong t-pegs.

Overall, a tidy and stable pop up fishing bivvy that you can rely on.

Trakker SLX V3 2 Man Bivvy 201405
  • Fully-enclosed, twin-skin inner capsule with stitched-in groundsheet and receiver pockets
  • Incredibly spacious one-man bivvy or will fit two compact/oval beds inside
  • Zipped rear vent for increased ventilation

Key Features

Twin-skin Inner Capsule
10,000mm HH Rating
Front Bivvy PeakHeavy Duty Groundsheet
Supplied with T-Pegs & Carry BagDual-zipped Doors
Dual Rod Straps
Frame Supports

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2. Nash Titan Hide XL

Tackle Scout Rating

Weight: 6.2kg
Height: 1.52m
Width: 2.8m
Depth: 2.1m

Increased head space, and floor area, makes this pop up bivvy a must for anglers that are seeking a spacious shelter.

Released in 2019, the Titan Hide XL offers increased head and floor space, with room for a large bedchair or more tackle.

Nash Titan Hide XL

Nash have opted to install an internal meshed roof, which is secured using elastic and toggles, which prevents condensation ‘drip’ from the roof – one of the likeliest places this can happen.

This can be left in place.

With much more floor space than the original Titan Hide, this accommodates larger Nash bedchairs such as the Emperor or wide models of the Indulgence range.

I found that there was still additional space for my luggage, either placed under the bed or to the front offside.

What about the technical details?

Well, Nash have chosen to use a 5000mm HH, rather than 10000mm, which does keep the weight down.

However, the magic is in the centre block, which features a five-leg system and strong centre block.

This gives the Titan increased space and a super-fast setup compared with other bivvies’ of this shape and size.

Extra features you may want to hear about include a removeable internal damp skin (mentioned above), rear mesh vents, twin Velcro rod straps, t-pegs and carry bag.

A great pop up bivvy if you want to get fishing quickly, but with enough space for larger bedchairs and extra luggage.

Key Features

Inner Plastic Loops (2022 model)
5,000mm HH Rating
Nylon Taoe SeamedHigh Strength Centre Block
Flat Back ProfileTwin Velcro Rod Straps
Supplied with T-Pegs & Carry Bag

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3. Fox Frontier Pop Up Fishing Bivvy

Tackle Scout Rating

Weight: 11.75kg
Height: 1.82m
Width: 2.5m
Depth: 2.1m

A block style heavyweight  pop up fishing bivvy offering plenty of useable space.

The Fox Frontier has been 5 years in the making! The key feature here, dubbed ETS, which stands for Easy Tension System, offers a super quick setup and pack down, yet offers much more useable space and headroom than most other bivvies’ out there.

Fox Frontier 2 Man Pop Up Bivvy

Built on an aluminium frame to keep the weight down further, Fox have opted to keep using ever reliable Ven-Tec fabric.

With an impressive 20,000mm HH rating (one of the best on the market) it is stable, waterproof and offers all-weather ventilation.

The Frontier boasts some great features too, which include moulded elbow joints to retain shape and brace for the vapour peak (available separately).

You’ll find large camo mozzy mesh vents to the rear, along with four spacious storage pockets.

Everything about the Frontier is heavy duty, such as the cam-lok storm poles and tough-as-boots groundsheet.

If you have north of £500 available and are on the lookout for a premium block-style pop up bivvy – make sure the Fox Frontier is on that list!

FOX Frontier Carp Fishing Shelter 1 Man Bivvy
  • Khaki coloured VenTec fabric with �black out� laminate lining
  • Unique patent-pending, ETS (Easy-Tension-System) boss with re-enforced Aluminium Skeleton
  • Quick setup and pack down

Key Features

20,000mm HH Rating
Block Design
ETS System
Ventec FabricHigh, Flat back
Solid Front Door Infill Panel
Camo Mozzy VentsAll-weather Ventilation Pegging Points
Three Door Options
Heavy-duty Cam-lok Storm Poles

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4. Avid Ascent 2 Man Pop Up Fishing Bivvy

Tackle Scout Rating

Weight: 7kg
Height: 1.6m
Width: 3m
Depth: 3m

Made from a lightweight fabric that offers complete protection from the elements.

The Avid Ascent is a great value rib style pop up fishing bivvy that will keep you warm and comfortable, and your tackle dry all year round.

Avid Ascent 2 man pop up bivvy

Opting for an industry fishing shelter standard HH rating of 10,000mm, moulded onto a three-rib style design, the additional peak gives extra protection – diverting rain off to the sides.

We all like a bivvy that easy to pull from a carry bag and erects in seconds, the Ascent offers just this. This makes it a great option for short sessions where time is against us.

Airflow was good, maybe due to the oversized rear vent (and mozzy panel for summer use).

A peek inside reveals plenty of space, even after placement of your bedchair and gear.

Perhaps the extra-large storm peak maximises this.

You can configure the front opening either by adopting a letterbox style door or rolling up the front panel making it completely open to your swim.

A top bivvy, a great price, and superb features. What more could you want from a quick pop up 2 man bivvy?

Avid Ascent 2 Man Bivvy
  • The Ascent bivvy is made using a lightweight 10,000mm waterproof material which offers fantastic protection from the elements.
  • Featuring a three-rib design with a built-in peak system, the shelter can be erected and packed away quickly, making it an ideal option for any length of session, regardless of whether you are fishing an overnighter or a longer session on the Continent
  • The Ascent bivvy features an oversized rear vent with Mozzi panel, allowing for maximum airflow through the bivvy in hot weather.

Key Features

10,000mm HH Rating
3-Rib Design
Built-in Extra-large Peak SystemRod Retention Bars
Clip-in Groundsheet
Oversized Rear VentHeavy Duty Pegs
Separated Pole Layout
Overwraps sold separately

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5. Sonik AXS Pop Up Bivvy

Tackle Scout Rating

Weight: 9.2kg
Height: 1.75m
Width: 2.6m
Depth: 1.75m

Part of the Sonik AKS range, this pop up fishing bivvy is reasonably priced, spacious and takes less than a minute to setup!

Built around a super strong central ‘hub’, the lightweight aluminium poles fan into each section, which is why it takes less than 60 seconds to erect!

Sonik AKS pop up fishing shelter

Sonik have opted for a reliable 10,000mm HH made of cloudbaseTM fabric which is tough, light, and extremely waterproof, just what you want to bivvy to be.

The back of the bivvy is completely flat, and with steep sides, you can imagine how spacious it is inside.

A great feature is the addition of a peak at the front, which features a drip guard, so you can be sure water runs off correctly.

If, like me, you prefer to fully open your bivvy in the summer months, the AXS allows you to zip on or off the front panel as you wish,

As far as door options go, the front panel features mozzy side windows and a fully custom door system with plenty of configuration to suit.

What is included with the Sonik AXS?

Well, you get two 48 inch quick-connect storm poles, clip-in groundsheet (huge fan of these) four vent spacer bars, t-pegs all packed into a compression  bag to minimise storage capacity.

Weighing just over 9kg, it is neither the lightest, or heaviest pop up shelter on the market. However, after taking into consideration all the great features, build quality and price, I would have no hesitation about buying this bivvy.

Key Features

10,000mm HH Rating
CloudbaseTM Fabric
Strong Central BlockClip-in Groundsheet
Integral Front Peak
Drip GuardHeavy Duty Pegs
Quick-connect Storm Poles
Overwraps sold separately

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6. Fox EOS 2 Man Pop Up Bivvy

Tackle Scout Rating

Weight: 8.6kg
Height: 1.5m
Width: 3m
Depth: 2.75m

A 2-person pop up bivvy that offers unrivalled value when compared to other models with similar features.

It was fairly quick to put together, with space to fit two standard sized bedchairs. There was plenty of additional room for any luggage, which I placed underneath the bedchairs and to the front.

Fox EOS 2 man bivvy

Fox have used a two-rib pram hood design with a 8,000mm hydrostatic head polyester fabric which will keep both yourself, and your cherished fishing tackle dry.

Fox EOS pop up fishing bivvy

The front can be fully rolled back to enjoy the view, but if you prefer, you can opt for a letterbox style opening which includes an integrated mesh insert, along with a PVC or solid panel.

With some great features integrated into the bivvy already, you may be pleased to know that a lightweight groundsheet is included and can be detached if you wish.

Additionally, for when  you need clip on a new rig, or re-bait your lines, the dual rod straps att he front come in handy to make this process easy.

Fox EOS 2 man pop up bivvy

Weighing in at 8.6kg, and a maximum height of 1.5m, the Fox Eos pop up bivvy is a great addition to the budget EOS range. 

In conclusion, the Fox EOS Bivvy is an excellent option for anyone that spends time in the outdoors fishing. 

It’s lightweight, compact, easily stored, and provides enough room for two people to stay safe and warm. The Fox EOS Bivvy is currently available for £214.86 on Amazon.

Fox EOS 2 Man Bivvy
  • Perfect shelter for newcomers or anglers on tight budgets Will fit two standard sized bedchairs with room to spare
  • Lightweight groundsheet and heavy duty pegs supplied in a zipped carry bag
  • Two-way letter box style door with integrated mesh insert plus PVC and solid panel options Front can be rolled back to create an open fronted shelter

Key Features

8000mm hydrostatic head fabric
Two-rib, pram-hood designTwo-way letter box style door
Dual Rod Straps
Frame SupportsHeavy Duty Groundsheet
Supplied with T-Pegs & Carry Bag

Video Review

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7. ESP Hideout

Tackle Scout Rating

Weight: 7.9kg
Height: 1.3m
Width: 2.45m
Depth: 1.85m
Packdown: 1.8m

This is an extremely good piece of kit, perfect for travelling light or for short sessions.

The ESP Hideout is more of a brolly system, than a bivvy, however, because it is a ‘pop-up’ style fishing shelter, we thought  it was worth a mention!

esp hideout pop up bivvy

It can be used like a bivvy due to the full front panel (there are two actually) and features the same freestanding layout as the ESP Lo Pro.

esp hideout pop up fishing bivvy

You get a full heavyweight groundsheet, mozzy mesh panel for the door, two storm poles and a decent carry bag, which is much better than forking out extra cash for the additional add ons.

On inspection, the frame itself uses 8mm 10mm fibreglass ribs, with the latter used for the front ‘peak’. This adds strength to the front of the bivvy.

Height adjustable, we were impressed with the small packdown size (1.8m) because it fits into most quivers.

Again, makes this a great shelter for quick fishing sessions, or when you require protection from bad weather, if only for a few hours.

You can easily fit a standard bedchair in, plus some space for the rest of your gear, such as a carryall, rucksack or bivvy table.

esp pop up fishing bivvy

A great rival to the Nash Titan Hide, I really enjoyed using this pop up fishing bivvy!

The only negative was the carry bag has no handles, but I can live with that.

Key Features

8mm & 10mm fibreglass ribs
Integrated front & removable door
Freestanding designHeight adjustable
Space saver mechanism
One or both front panels can be used or rolled upWill fit most quivers
Includes heavy-duty groundsheet
Includes 2 storm poles

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8. Trakker Tempest 100 Brolly Aquatexx EV

Tackle Scout Rating

Weight: 8.2kg
Height: 1.25m
Width: 2.50m
Depth: 2.25m
Packdown: 110cm x 23cm

Following the development of the Aquatexx EV fabric, this is the best Tempest yet!

Trakker Tempest 100 2 man bivvy

Retaining the original features of the Trakker Tempest, this has been given a serious performance boost.

Assembly is quicker, the frame support is stronger, and with a hydrostatic waterproof rating of 25,000mm, it is one of the most advanced shelters available.

Trakker Tempest 100 2 man bivvy_1

New ‘adaptive ventilation technology’ means that air keeps on circulating, thus reducing condensation even further. During the summer, it keeps you cool too.

Backed up by not two, but four large rear vents, this pop up fishing bivvy offers complete airflow leaving your trip worry-free.

Super compact, it utilises a composite block, which keeps the combined weight low, but retaining strength which is required in extreme weather.

Trakker Tempest 100 pop up bivvy

But wait, there is more to discuss! 

Included are anti-twist poles, a heavy duty groundsheet along with additional bolt ons such as an overwrap and skull cap.

If you are on the lookout for a top-of-the-range pop up fishing bivvy that is light, well built, and as waterproof as you can get, all whilst reducing condensation considerably, then the Trakker Tempest 100 Brolly with Aquatexx EV is a no-brainer.

Key Features

Revolutionary patented design
Extremely quick and easy to assemble
Adaptive Ventilation® Technology
Aquatexx EV™ fabric
Anti-twist pole system
Dual rod straps

Video Review

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9. Sonik SK-TEK 2 Man Pop Up Fishing Bivvy

Tackle Scout Rating

Weight: 9.5kg
Height: 1.53m
Width: 3.05m
Depth: 3m
Packdown: 104cm x 22cm

This is the largest 2 man bivvy, relative to the floor space on offer, which is a mighty 3m by 3m!

I was pleasantly surprised by the Sonik Sk-Tek 2 man Bivvy for a few reasons.

First, I didn’t even realise it was bivvy when it was delivered, as the bag was so small! After checking the Sonik website, I realised that the packdown size is an impressive 110cm by 22cm! That is compact……!

Sonik pop up fishing bivvy

Secondly, although slightly fiddly to set up the first time due to having to connect and thread all the poles, I found the doorway to be very wide.

I think this is due to the extra long storm peak which offers a bit more protection from bad weather as opposed to not having one. 

Anyway, as I said, setting it up took a while, but I’m sure it will become quicker the more familiar I get with it!

The structure/frame itself is made up of aluminium poles and tension bars so it keeps its shape.

Furthermore, the polyester fabric Sonik has chosen has a 5,000 HH rating, but it is PU backed, so does offer extra waterproof qualities I guess.

It didn’t rain on the day of use, so nothing to report as far as it standing up to showers or heavier rainfall I’m afraid.

So, on to the features.

The groundsheet can be removed and felt tough and rigid, and there seemed to be plenty of door options which includes solid, PVC and micro mesh. 

The 2-way zipped letterbox style door looked fine.

A glance around the bivvy shows a couple of rod retaining straps – standard on most bivvies these days, and the pegging points looked rather solid too.

Overall, a tidy bivvy, probably aimed at anglers who want something they can travel easily with, or seek something with plenty of floor space for extra tackle, luggage and cookware.

PS: I managed to find some instructions on how to set up this pop up fishing bivvy here.

Video Review

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