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Are you ready for the best nights sleep of your life? If so, we have reviewed nine of the best 5 season fishing sleeping bags so you can sleep better!

In each of our reviews, we discuss which sleeping bags keep you the warmest and most comfortable, but are easy to get in and out of and don’t fall off your bedchair at the slightest of movements!

I prefer to look for something that is made from a breathable fabric, so if I were to choose the best 5 season fishing sleeping bag, I would look for that.

But, what features are important for you?

Could it be strong zippers that don’t break after a couple of uses, or maybe you prefer a fleece-lined sleeping bag that feels warm all night long?

Either way, let’s jump into our reviews to find out more….

Trakker Big Snooze Sleeping Bag

The Trakker Big Snooze ‘Plus’ is a re-engineered version or the original, and is the perfect sleepover bag for anglers who want to stay comfortable, warm and dry on the bank.

Trakker Big Snooze 5 Season Fishing Sleeping Bag

This upgraded design includes all of its predecessor’s best features, with some added improvements like new waterproof zippers that will keep water out no matter what the weather.

For those anglers seeking an ultra-light sleeping bag, this packs down small, weighing in at just 3.2kg, which means it can be stuffed into your rucksack or barrow bag easy enough.

Ripstop fabric is fast becoming an industry standard, which is included with the ‘Big Snooze’. This is because the material resists tears or rips better than other materials out there on the market today.

A great feature, and one that I always look for when I am eyeing up a new sleeping bag, is how easy it is to get out of!

trakker big snooze deals

Luckily, there are quick release zippers on both sides, so however you sleep, you can be sure of a quick exit as your bite alarms scream of into the night.

Inside, you’ll find soft fleece which gives you that extra warmth required in the dead of winter, whilst various Velcro and drawstring anchor points allow you to trap in heat, or secure to your bedchair.

In fact, I have just noticed elasticated fittings to the head and feet areas which keep the bag (and you) still and secure. There is nothing worse than your sleeping bag slipping off and making you feel uncomfortable throughout the night!

Its number one on our best 5 season fishing sleeping bag list, because I feel it is great value for the features Trakker have included.

  • Ultra-light and warm sleeping bag
  • Highly-breathable ripstop material
  • Warm fleece inner
  • Highly breathable, ripstop construction
  • Quick-release zips on two sides, with webbing to prevent snagging
  • Secure elasticated bedchair head and foot fixings
  • Bedchair fixing strap to reduce movement
  • Lined with a warm carpy green fleece
  • Supplied with stuff sack
  • Dimensions:  210cm (L) x 91cm (W)
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Material: Polyester Ripstop with Fleece Lining

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Fox Ven-Tec Ripstop 5 Season Fishing Sleeping Bag

Are you a frequent winter carp angler? If so, this sleeping bag from Fox is what you’ve been dreaming of!

Fox Ven Tec Ripstop Best 5 Season Sleeping Bag

Unlike other 5 season fishing sleeping bags, this features innovative ‘offset panel stitching’ which allows warm air to be retained inside it for longer, so you feel even more cosy!

As for the inside, you are in for a treat because it contains a matrix of hollow-fibres that are treated with silicone for durability and warmth.

This layer also features Fox’s synthetic down, which is lighter than traditional down, but warms up faster to body temperature creating one of the most comfortable heat-retaining fishing sleeping bags around!

As I got inside, I noticed a ‘foot pocket’ that had zips to contain heat around that area, and as I have really poor circulation, I found my feet warmed up nicely after a few minutes – what a great addition.

When we are looking to buy a new sleeping ag, the one question we ask ourselves is ‘will it fit my bedchair?’. Fox state that it fits most bedchairs, but for the best fitting, we would recommend paring it up with the R2 Camo, Flatliner or EOS bedchairs.

A top sleeping bag that is on the expensive side, but if you do fish regularly in winter, you can’t put a price on keeping warm!

  • Specially treated filling
  • Waterproof 20,000mm Ven-Tec Ripstop upper outer layer
  • Elastic fastening strap
  • Micro Fleece lined
  • 10mm Crash Zippers
  • Extra large internal fleece panel
  • Warm foot compartment
  • Cushion holder on the bottom layer
  • Elastic covers for fastening to head and foot end of the bed chair, also with single leg supports
  • Dimensions:  213cm (L) x 94cm (W)
  • Weight: 4.4kg
  • Material: Ripstop Polyester with 7 Core Hollow Fibre Filling

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Gardner Duvet Plus All Round Sleeping Bag

The Carp Duvet Plus sleeping bag is a great choice for those who need an extra layer of insulation, especially on those cooler nights!

Gardner Duvet Plus

This is a proper fishing sleeping bag, so strap in!

Gardner have made two changes to the original (which was already good in my opinion).

The main change has been adjusting to the dimensions; reducing it by over 30cm and widening by 5cm so that they better fit on standard or wide style bedchairs – without compromising comfort.

This in turn has led the Gardner team to redesign the carry bags which now allow you to ‘stuff’ into the bag, rather than fold. This is now in keeping with most other fishing sleeping bags.

Gardner Duvet Plus Fishing Sleeping Bag

What do you make of the extra large multi-layered DPM outer?

This breathable shell is water repellent, and is made with a soft-touch camo fabric whilst the top, removable middle and bottom layers are packed with a double layer of Hollofil fibre filling, which offers superb thermal insulation and all year round comfort.

All the inner layers are lined using super smooth 190D rip stop Taffeta, allowing comfortable and uninhibited free movement without the bag constricting or following you about.

Other Features include full shoulder baffles as well as zip-notch cuffs for a nice tight fit around your shoulders so it really keeps you warm. There’s also a draw cord on the hood, which helps eliminate draughts and keeps you consistently warm when fishing those chilly autumn nights.

packed full of great features to keep you cosy all night long, the Gardner Duvet Plus has gained a reputation for been one of the best 5 season fishing sleeping bags on the market.

  • Two Velcro fastened ‘stash pockets’
  • Retaining flaps at the head and foot end for attaching to a bedchair
  • High quality crash zip
  • Twin hole Hollofil fibre filling.
  • 3/4 length zips help to keep draughts away from your feet.
  • Supplied with compression style carry bag.
  • Dimensions:  235cm (L) x 105cm (W)
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Material: DPM Shell with Hollofil Fibre Filling

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JRC Cocoon 5 Season Sleeping Bag

A quality 5 season fishing sleeping bag from JRC, available as a standard and wide edition to fit most bedchairs.

JRC Cocoon 5 Season Sleeping Bag

Made from a 100% polyester hollow fabric that is highly breathable, this is surrounded by a waterproof peach skin material that feels incredibly comfortable!

There are optional bands to secure to your bedchair. This prevents or minimises the sleeping bag from slipping off or making you feel uncomfortable due to increased movement.

A peek inside reveals a fleece lining, which again, adds to a comfortable night without thinking about the cold creeping in.

This packs down into a compression bag which is easy to carry and store.

The JRC Cocoon 5-season fishing sleeping bag offers good value, but perhaps there are better bags available if you fish in the deep winter months.

  • Waterproof peach skin
  • 100% breathable material
  • Easy Movement inner lining
  • Upper fleece lining for heat preservation
  • Optional straps to attach to bedchair
  • Compression bag
  • Standard Dimensions:  207cm (L) x 87cm (W)
  • Wide Dimensions:  208cm (L) x 98cm (W)
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Material: 100% Polyester Hollow Fibre with Peach Skin Outer

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Avid Carp Thermafast Sleeping Bag

If you are looking for a quality made 5 season fishing sleeping bag that warms up quickly, then the Avid Carp Thermafast is for you!

Avid Carp Thermafast Sleeping Bag

The advantages over the 4 season sleeping bag is that this has ‘more hollow fibre filing per square inch’, leading to better insulation, increased warmth which is needed when temperatures plummet.

A modular design allows you tailor the bag to the conditions, so you can strip back layers for under the stars summer angling or go all in in the dead of winter.

Both layers can be zipped in, or out, but each gives you the choice of climbing into soft fleece or a smooth peach skin lining.

A look around the sleeping bag reveals 10mm crash zips (I didn’t actual measure them!), internal and external draft baffles, along with elasticated hoods which I like to wrap around my head when its dark and cold outside!

Supplied in a fully waterproof sack, I have to say that the Thermafast is the perfect all year round 5 season fishing sleeping bag that’s well worth the money.

  • Advanced Thermafast hollow fibre filling
  • Designed for better insulation
  • Both internal layers can be completely removed
  • Internal layers can be being flipped
  • 10mm heavy-duty crash zip
  • Zip pocket in hood to hold fishing pillow
  • Internal and external baffles to reduce drafts
  • Elasticated hood at top and bottom
  • Standard Dimensions:  210cm (L) x 90cm (W)
  • X-Large Dimensions:  220cm (L) x 100cm (W)
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Material: Thermafast Hollow Fibre Filling

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Sonik SK-Tek Sleeping Bag for Fishing

The Sonik SK-TEK fishing Sleeping Bag provides you with all the warmth and comfort of home while out fishing.

Sonik SK-Tek Sleeping Bag

Stuffed with silicone treated hollow fibre, this allows for maximum heat retention, ensuring that your bed is always ready when needed most on those cold winter nights fishing, or chilly frosty mornings!

A brand-new hood design offers greater versatility, adapting around any sleeping position imaginable.

The Sonik SK-TEK 5 season fishing sleeping bag is available in three sizes (two new sizes recently added) compact, standard, and wide, to accommodate even the largest bedchairs.

  • Temperature Range: From -10 to 20 degree Celsius
  • 10mm quick release zippers on both sides
  • Bedchair fixing straps
  • Compression sack included
  • Outer lining: 100% waterproof 240T Nylon HD Coated
  • Inner lining: Rip-Stop Polyester 210T + Polyester micro fleece (pillow)
  • Filling: Silk Shaped hollow fibre 440g (sleeping bag) + 110g/m2 (cover)
  • Dimensions:  215cm (L) x 90cm (W)
  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • Material: Silicone Treated Hollow Fibre with Ripstop Outer

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Prologic Thermo Armour Supreme Sleeping Bag

For year-round comfort, the Prologic Thermo Armour Sleeping Bag is just the ticket!

Prologic Thermo Armour Supreme Sleeping Bag

Fairly heavy than other sleeping bags we’ve reviewed, it does feature nylon HD coated fabric with a ripstop outer polyester that resists tears and rips.

Included, and probably what is the most impressive feature, is a hollow fibre silk pillow that you can really sink into!

As standard, there are 10mm quick release zips so you can jump in and out easily when you have a bite.

Don’t forget to keep your head torch close as you fumble around for your bivvy slippers!

Other features includes bedchair straps to prevent the bag from moving in the night, and the bag itself can be packed away into a compression bag making it easy to transport.

A decent 5 season fishing sleeping bag if you’re a fan of keeping it simple.

  • Temperature Range: From -10 to 20 degree Celsius
  • 10mm quick release zippers on both sides
  • Bedchair fixing straps
  • Compression sack included
  • Dimensions: 215cm (L) x 95cm 9W)
  • Weight: 5.1kg
  • Material: Rip-Stop Polyester 210T + 40T Nylon HD Outer

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NGT 5-Season Sleeping Bag

Whether you’re a fan of NGT tackle or not, this is excellent value and actually has some great features that the premium brands have!

NGT 5-Season Sleeping Bag

It keeps you warm, surely the main aim of a fishing sleeping bag, right?

It’s quite thick, with NGT stating it has a high tog rating (used to measure the thermal insulation), and a hood is also included to create added warmth around the neck and face.

There are zips on both sides, so you don’t need to worry about what way round it should go. This makes it easy to get out of at 3am when your alarms are buzzing away!

There are straps for securing to your bedchair, and the sleeping bag packs away compactly into a compression bag.

For a cheap, simple but effective 5 season fishing sleeping bag – this would be ideal.

  • Extreme High Tog Rating
  • Soft pile liner
  • Zips on both sides
  • Bedchair secure straps
  • Compression bag
  • Temperature range -15 To 8 degrees celsius
  • Dimensions:  210cm (L) x 95cm (W)
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Material: 100% Hollow Fibre Filling + 190T Polyester Outer

Fox R2 Camo Sleeping Bag

Designed for standard bedchair sizes, the Fox R2 Camo is a mid-range 5 season fishing sleeping bag.

Fox R2 Camo Sleeping Bag

Designed for standard bedchair sizes, the Fox R2 Camo is a mid-range 5 season fishing sleeping bag.

Benefitting from a 7-core hollow fibre filling, which is treated with silicone, the fibres expand which helps to maintain shape. All this quite boring, so how about I just talk about how comfortable it was?

So, two nights on my local using this sleeping bag and I have to say both nights were quiet on the catch front, and I was able to grab lots of sleep due to how warm this was!

I’m quite irritable when I sleep, meaning I move around a lot, but that was no problem due to the elasticated straps which formed a tight grip around my bedchair.

Also, I must mention the ‘hot pocket’, which is a designated are where your feet are surrounded by an additional layer of fabric that warmed up my feet pretty quickly!

A top sleeping bag, which yielded two consecutive nights of decent sleep. As my rods didn’t go off, I can’t say how quick it was to get out, but the crash zips looked decent and seemed easy to open and close.

The best 5 season fishing sleeping bag? Absolutely.

  • 0mm Crash Zips
  • Ripstop outer material in Fox Camo pattern
  • Elasticated securing strap
  • Micro fleece lined base layer
  • Sherpa fleece lined upper layer
  • Oversized fleece internal baffle
  • Hot foot pocket design
  • Zips stop short of the foot end
  • Pillow retaining hood
  • Elasticated head and foot securing hoods
  • Dimensions: 213cm (L) x 94cm (W)
  • Weight: 3.3kg
  • Material: 7 Core Hollow Fibre filling + Ripstop Outer

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Final Thoughts

That wraps our fishing sleeping bag guide for 2021!

We hope that after reading this article, you’ll have a good idea of what to look for in the perfect sleeping bag.

Whether it’s trying to stay warm during cold winter months or cool when summer rolls around, we want to make sure you can enjoy your next overnighter without any worries.

So before making your decision on what the best 5 season fishing sleeping bag is, take some time to browse through our recommendations and find the perfect one for you!.

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