Best Boilie Crusher

Boilie crushers, if you didn’t realise already, are used to grind down boilies into crumb.

You can use boilie crumb, or chopped boilies, for spod mixes, PVA bags or even as a loose feed.

best boilie crusher 2022

There are a couple of leading models, such as the Ridgemonkey Boilie Crusher, and the Korda Krusha, on top of a few unbranded versions.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these, and also some videos on creating some effective baits with boilies.

1. Ridgemonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher

This is probably the best selling boilie crusher, and it’s not hard to see why!

Ridgemonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher

Capable of grinding 1kg of boilies in less than 60 seconds, the Ridgemonkey Boilie Crusher is a workhorse when it comes to chopping up bait!

Made to fit onto the modular bucket system, the advanced version features stainless steel blades, a quick release handle to make it easy to transport and a see through safety lid so you can see what’s going on as you ‘grind’ away!

Best Boilie Crusher

There are some options available to you.

You can buy the full advanced kit, which includes the modular bucket and crusher head.

Or, if you are a spod king, and this is your main method of getting bait out to your spot, you can purchase a 5kg hopper extension.

Ridge Monkey Boilie Crusher Full Kit

Other features include ABS construction (both bucket and crusher), varied blade pattern which yields all sorts of shapes and sizes of boilie, plus a hard-wearing drawstring bag to keep the boilie chopper in once you have finished.

If you want the best boilie crusher on the market, you don’t need to read on any further!


Robust ABS construction
Corrosion resistant stainless steel blades
Non-identical blade pattern for a varied final texture
Removable handle
See through safety lid
EUIPO registered design
Inclusive hard wearing drawstring carry bag

2. Korda Krusha

Capable of chopping hard baits, such as boilies and pellets, this boilie crusher is very simple to use!

Korda Krusha Boilie Crusher

To use, seperate the two halves and fill the Krusha section marked ‘fill’ with a handful of boilies and pellets.

Next, replace the other half over the top and twist.

Korda Krusha Special Edition

If you want to create a finer boilie crumb, you should twist vigorously, but if you just a want them halved and quartered, just a few twists will do.

The resulting crumb, or chopped boilies, are great in a PVA bag, spod mix or stick mix ready to lure a hungry carp!


Sizes: Small or Large (for 20mm bolies)
Tough plastic
Sturdy & well made
Quieter than ‘food choppers’

3. BZS Bait Crusher

Next up, and a best selling boilie crusher on Amazon, is the BZS bait crusher.

Made from a high-density plastic, the shell seems firm and was reliable throughout as I grinded around half a kilo of boilies readied for my spod mix.

BZS boilie crusher

It is pretty small, so if you intend on crushing a large amount of boilies, you may want to reconsider another boilie crusher for this task!

However, due to its size, it does make it easier to store away inside your fishing luggage I guess.

As we’ve mentioned with other crushers, you can grind down boilies, pellets and tiger nuts – so this could be a good tool for filling PVA bags or making up stick mixes.

I’d give this boilie crusher a solid 7 out of 10.


High-density material
Size: Small
Breaks down large baits
Easy to use & clean

4. NGT Manual Boilie Grinder System

Make light work of grinding down baits with this ‘bait crusher’ from NGT.

Opting to choose a plastic ‘case’ in which to place your boilies, you can grind down bait to a fine powder, which is useful for bulking out spod mixes, making a paste or for loading into your bait boat.

NGT Boilie Crusher

Operation is fairly easy – simply place your bait into the plastic case, close, and use the handle to grind away.

I was surprised at how quickly it got through a handful of 12mm boilies, so this could be an ideal crusher for beginners or anglers on a budget.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that a handy neoprene case is also included!


Multi bait grinder system
Fast to operate
Manual handle to crush bait
Includes a case

5. Ridgemonkey Choppa

When this was released, my initial thoughts were ‘why?’ because they already have the boilie crusher!

However, this is designed for halving boilies ONLY.

Fair enough, and there are three sizes to choose from too; Small (14-16mm), Medium (18-20mm) and Large (22-26mm).

Ridgemonkey Boilie Choppa

After using one, I can see how fast and useful this is – especially when it comes to preparing your spod mixture, or filling your bait boat!

Compact, it stores away nicely into my rucksack.

After using these on multiple sessions, it is actually a useful baiting tool to have!


Three sizes available
Simple to use, easy to empty
Hard-wearing two-piece design
Stainless steel cutting blade
Protected registered design

Best Boilie Crushers: Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best way to crush your boilies, then look no further.

We have compiled a list of the top five boilie crushers on the market and reviewed them for you.

With so many options to choose from, we are sure that you will find the perfect crusher for your needs.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start crushing those baits today!

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