Fish Safety: Best Carp Care Kits

The best carp care kits should contain an antiseptic spray at least, to treat the health and well-being of the fish you’ve just caught.

Some carp care kits may also include:

  • An antiseptic, usually in a spray
  • Swabs for ulcers

Of course there are other prevention measures you can take, such as:

Limiting the amount of time carp are out of the water reduces stress levels of your catch, so bare this in mind and prepare everything before hand.

treating a carp with antiseptic swab

If you do spot ulcers, open wounds, missing or damaged scales, then apply antiseptic to these areas in a careful and timely fashion.

This is best done when carp are in your cradle, or on your unhooking mat.

You should always inspect every fish before you return to the water, and alert the bailiff if you spot anything serious.

Best Carp Care Kits

As we’ve said already , the best carp care kits should, at the very least, contain antiseptic.

We have used each and every carp care kit below.

1. Korda Carp Care Kit

This comprehensive carp care kit, from Korda, includes everything you need to keep carp healthy and looking their best for the next angler to catch.

Korda carp care kit with ulcer swab

The Korda Carp Care Kit includes Propolis and an Ulcer Swab formula, with a handy zipped bag to keep them in.

Having not been out on the bank as much recently, I only managed to use the Propolis to treat a small open wound.

But what is propolis exactly?

Propolis is a resinous mixture that bees produce from tree sap, which they use to seal up their hives and keep the hive clean.

It has antiseptic and antibiotic properties, and can be used to treat small wounds and infections.

carp care kit for scales

The Ulcer Swab liquid formula is a fairly new addition to the kit, and is designed to treat carp ulcers.

Ulcers are common in carp, and can be caused by a number of different things, including poor water conditions, parasites, and injuries.

The Ulcer Swab formula contains tea tree oil and lavender oil, which have both been shown to be effective in treating carp ulcers.

The Korda Carp Care Kit is an essential piece of kit for any carp angler, and the Propolis and Ulcer Swab formula provide a quick and easy way to treat any small wounds or infections.

By far the best carp care kit on our list!

Korda Carp Care Kit
  • Korda Carp Care Kit
  • Brand : Korda
  • Product type: SPORTING GOODS
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  • Ulcer Swab
  • Propolis
  • Zipped storage bag

2. Gardner Intensive Carp Care Spray

This is not a kit, but equally it’s better than carrying nothing with you if you catch a carp in poor condition.

Gardner Intensive Carp Care Kit

This handy little carp care spray is perfect for giving your carp the TLC they need and can help to improve overall health and well-being.

The Gardner Intensive Care Carp Spray contains a special blend of active antibacterial and antifungal ingredients which helps to promote healthy skin, scales and fins.

Gardner Carp Care Kit

The spray is easy to use; simply spray it onto the infected or damaged area of the carp’s body (whilst in your cradle or unhooking mat) and then return to the water after a minute or two.

There’s no need to worry about any harmful chemicals or toxins been released into the water either.

So, if you’re looking for a way to keep the carp you catch in top condition, the Gardner Intensive Care Carp Spray is definitely a great option than nothing at all.

Intensive Care
  • A new concept in angler focused fish care that can be used...
  • Perfect for the treatment of hook-holds, sores, lifted...
  • The highly active combination of antibacterial and...
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04/30/2024 12:31 pm GMT
  • 60ml Bottle
  • Perfect for the treatment of hook-holds, sores and lifted scales
  • Active combination of antibacterial and antifungal ingredients
  • Pump atomiser spray cap to make application extremely quick and easy

3. Nash Medi Carp Kit

This comprehensive medi kit from Nash includes everything you need to keep your carp healthy and happy.

Nash Medi Carp Care Kit

The Nash Medi Carp Kit comes with a range of essential items, including:

– a 25ml treatment bottle
– 4 applicator buds
– a drying towel
– Zipped storage pouch

This carp care kit has everything you need to treat hook marks, cuts, wounds and sores.

I don’t actually own a towel in my gear, so I was glad this kit contained one!

Nash Best Carp Care Kit

To treat a carp correctly, simply use the applicator buds to apply the medi treatment which creates a ‘protective seal’ allowing any tissue to repair naturally.

Thanks to the high quality of these items, you can be sure that your carp will be in great hands with the Nash Medi Carp Kit.

  • 1 x 25ml bottle of Medi Carp
  • 4 x Applicator buds
  • 1 x Drying Towel
  • Dedicated zipped storage pouch
  • Promotes tissue repair and good practice

4. NGT Carp Care Kit

A simple antiseptic spray solution that works to treat tears caused from hooks or damaged scales.

NGT Carp Care Spray

At 150ml, there is plenty of solution to last you a long time.

To be fair, this carp care kit provides a great barrier to stop infection from any open wounds and gives the fish a good recovery regime.

I found it easy to applicate, and long lasting – just don’t let the horrible purple colour put you off!

If you need a simple carp care spray that you can store in your tackle box, the NGT ‘First Aid’ Spray is better than going to a lake unprepared.

Carp fish Care Aid spray
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05/02/2024 12:30 pm GMT
  • 1 x 125ml bottle
  • Easy application
  • Antiseptic properties
  • For hook tears, wounds and damaged scales
  • Press pump action dispersion

Carp Care Kits: Final Thoughts

Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of carp care kits around!

We’re unsure why this is, because we feel strongly that any fish you catch should be checked over and returned to the water the best you can.

As an angler, this is your duty to keep this great sport…well……great!

If you do see any fish that are struggling in the water, or its in a poor state after landing it, please report to the bailiff or site owner as soon as you can.


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