12 Best Carp Cradles

Carp Cradle Reviews

The best carp cradle has one job – to protect the fish at all times. So it’s important that you choose a good strong, but compact cradle that has fish safety in mind.

All too often you land a carp, only to reveal that it has been damaged in some way due to poor handling from a previous angler.

Therefore, from the moment you unhook the carp, weighing it and taking photos to the release, carp care is vital if we all want to enjoy this great hobby.

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Here are our recommendations of the best carp cradles for 2022.

1. Saber Everlevel Carp Cradle

Dimensions: 101cm x 62cm x 36cm
Weight: 3.3kg

Introducing Saber’s new Everlevel cradle where you can safely capture and protect your catch with this innovative design.

Saber Best Carp Cradle

The adjustable legs keeps the crib stable and level when using on uneven ground. Thee can easily be shortened or lengthened to suit steep swims.

Made from waterproof PVC material which is incredibly fish-friendly, the zippable over flap helps to calm the fish as you prepare to weigh or set up your tripod for taking photos.

Light, durable and solidly built, the Saber ‘Everlevel’ cradle offers excellent visibility during unhooking and photography!

Saber Carp Cradle

And since it folds away completely flat for easy transportation, what more could you want in a carp cradle?

Pros: I like that it folds flat, meaning there should be no issues with stacking onto your barrow or taking up too much room in your car.

Cons: Unfortunately there is no carry bag included. Seems small compared to other cradles, and I would estimate it can hold a carp weighing between 30lb and 40lb.

  • Folds away compact
  • Manufactured using super soft PVC waterproof material
  • Fully adjustable Legs with mud feet
  • Lightweight design

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2. Nash Hi Protect Camo Carp Cradle

Dimensions: 100cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 34-52cm (H)
Weight: 4kg

The Nash Hi Protect Camo Cradle give you the freedom to decide how much water is being held.

Nash Hi Protect Camo Carp Fishing Cradle

Are you tired of persistent back strain when bending down to tend to your catch?

The Nash Hi Protect Camo Carp Cradle has increased leg extension to allow for optimal positioning, whether kneeling or bending down. This design also allows for drainage through the open slots in the cradle, or for retention.

The cushioned protection, elasticated retention strap and padding for your knees means there’s never been a better way to safely prepare your carp for weighing or taking memorable photos of your carp.

Improved buckles and webbing tension means the cradle keeps its shape time and time again (others are known to twist or become misshapen after prolonged use)

Nash Hi Protect Cradle

When you’re ready to pack up and go home, the carp cradle folds flat and clips together ready for your next session.

The modelled we reviewed was the standard camo edition, however, there is actually a ‘monster’ version which is longer and wider.

The best carp cradle for 2022? It’s going to be hard to beat!

Pros: Impressed with the increased adjustable leg height which means I can choose between keeping the carp low to the ground, or raised up so i can sit with my legs underneath. Improved drainage/water retention is a big plus.

Cons: As with most Nash tackle – it is expensive!

  • New design to allow water drainage or retention
  • Continuously padded hi-protect frame
  • Buckle and webbing tension to maintain cradle shape
  • Elasticated retention flap secures around the frame
  • Fold flat, clip together transport design
  • Extended adjustment legs with mud feet

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3. Avid Stormshield Safeguard Cradle

Dimensions: 100cm (L) x 65cm (W) x 30-40cm (H)
Weight: 4.7kg

The Stormshield Safeguard Cradle is unique and super robust.

Avid Carp Stormshield Cradle

A tried and tested design paired with the most durability fabric possible, the top of the frame is covered in padded fabric which means that the fish will not be damaged, but remains safe during unhooking, weighing, or taking photos

The lightweight aluminum frame features a lovely khaki color finish while still being sturdy enough to support your fish for an extended period.

Height adjustable of 30-40cm tall, by 65 cm wide, offers plenty of room for your catch. A bag is also included to make storage easier.

Avid Carp Stormshield Carp Cradle

Again, we selected to review the Avid Carp Stormshield standard model – but there is a large cradle available for anglers seeking something larger.

A top cradle, made by a top brand, could this popular model be the best carp cradle around?

Pros: Plenty of features, I found this to be extremely well built. The quality padding really impressed me the most as this felt thick and does a great job of protecting your carp.

Cons: Its quite expensive, but for reliability, I feel this is well worth the money.

  • Super robust Stormshield fabric
  • Padded fabric on top of frame
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Rock-steady adjustable legs
  • Mesh drainage grid
  • Available in standard and XL

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4. Fox Carpmaster Cradle

Dimensions: 127cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 30 (H)
Weight: Unknown

Introducing the Fox Carpmaster Cradle – your new best friend when it comes to carp fishing.

Fox Carpmaster Cradle

This clever design has been created with both angler and carp in mind, with 210Denier soft-touch PVC fabric for water drainage plus extra strong and safe frame padding to protect the carp.

You’ll notice that there are no bars at either end for added protection to the head and tail.

I was impressed that the low to ground frame that makes it easy to lift the carp, whilst the oval frame also reduces weight and increases stability.

The four adjustable legs ensure perfect levelling on uneven ground too, which is always a bonus.

When you are finished with the carpmaster, the leg-lock mechanism means you can fold up your cradle ready for transporting.

Fox Carpmaster XL Cradle

There’s even a camo retention flap with Velcro securing tabs for keeping everything safe and secure.

This is, quite possibly, the best carp cradle Fox have released.

Pros: A great all-round cradle that can be used on any fishery and would easily accommodate most carp you can be expected to be catching. Some well thought out features makes this a top end cradle. Plus it includes a bag, which is always a pro in my view!

Cons: It is a bit on the large size, although I can see some anglers prefer this as it gives the carp more room I guess.

  • 210Denier soft-touch PVC fabric
  • Water drainage holes at each end
  • Extra strong and safe frame padding
  • Low to ground frame
  • Oval frame design reduces weight and increases stability
  • Easy folding frame
  • Four adjustable legs
  • Leg-lock mechanism
  • Camo retention flap with Velcro securing tabs
  • Supplied in large, heavy-duty 500Denier carry bag
  • Available in two sizes – Standard and XL

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5. Sonik SK-TEK Unhooking Cradle

Dimensions: 96cm (L) x 52cm (W) x 22 (H)
Weight: Unknown

Don’t let your fish suffer in a below-par unhooking cradle again! The SK-TEK cradle is constructed of solid material and lined with fish friendly, heavy duty PVC.


The clever folding design makes it easy to transport or set up; because the mesh base can be removed for quick draining and drying.

Carp anglers that prefer a cradle that rests on the ground – as opposed to a 4-legged cradle, will appreciate the small pack-down size and how easy it is to carry around when roaming the lake for showing fish.

In my view, the Sonik SK-TEK unhooking cradle is designed purely for practicality, durability and ease.

Pros: The rigid walls and 50-60mm padding offer plenty of support for your latest catch. Great value compared to other branded cradles.

Cons: Maybe too simple? We like it anyway!

  • HD PVC fish friendly lining
  • Compact folding design
  • Extra thick base padding
  • Velcro tabs secure side walls – for optimum carp protection
  • Calming and protective retention over flap – with mesh inspection panel
  • Mesh base allows quick drainage of excess water

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6. Trakker Sanctuary Self Inflating Cradle

Dimensions: 120cm (L) x 64cm (W) x 25 (H)
Weight: 3.15kg

The Trakker Sanctuary Self Inflating Fishing Cradle is an all-in-one solution for easily storing your catch during the hooking, unhooking, and photographing process.

Trakker Sanctuary Self Inflating Crib

This high-wall mat offers excellent protection to your catch with integrated inflatable walls that are soft enough to keep delicate fish safe during the removal of hooks.

No need for a pump either, because this cradle inflates in seconds, leaving you with no bulky item to carry along with you on the water or drive home with.

The fabric, both internal and external, is completely fish-friendly too.

Best Trakker Cradle

When I first got this cradle pumped out on out the bank, the first thing that crossed my mind was “what it if I puncture it somehow?”, well, after closely inspecting the external material, it does seem very tough, and I have hard (so far) no complaints from carp anglers that this is prone to damage in this way.

If you are looking for a carp cradle that is quick to setup, light to carry, and aids fish safety as you unhook and prepare to weight, then the Trakker Sanctuary Crib could be the best carp cradle for you.

Pros: A no fuss cradle that self inflates, is light and portable and promotes fish safety. What else is there to say?

Cons: No carry bag, but after use, simply roll it up, apply the Velcro strap, and away you go.

  • Self-inflating walled carp cradle
  • Compact pack size
  • Fish-friendly internal fabrics
  • Rubber Carp Care Guide included
  • Hard-wearing outer fabrics

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7. Leeda Rogue Carp Cradle

Dimensions: 71cm (L) x 50cm (W) x 16 (H)
Weight: 4.8kg

Aimed at beginners, the Leeda Rogue Carp Cradle is a practical solution to unhooking, and preparing for weighing.

Leeda Rogue Carp Cradle

If you’re looking for a product that provides excellent comfort for you, and protection of fish while they’re being unhooked, look no further than the Leeda Rogue Carp Cradle!

This specially developed frame suspends the fish inside the cradle’s hammock, ensuring complete safety while you unhook them.

Plus, it’s compact folding design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, and the color green will help it blend in with nature.

Leeda Fishing Cradle

The best carp cradle for new anglers to the sport, or those on a budget who want something simple.

Pros: Carp fishing doesn’t have to be expensive, or complicated at all – this cradle is neither.

Cons: Again, no carry bag, there isn’t much padding and the cover can cause troubles when trying to fit into place.

  • Excellent protection to fish
  • Suspends the fish inside the cradles hammock
  • Stable three leg aluminum frame
  • Compact folding design
  • Carry straps

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8. Korda Basix Carp Cradle

Looking for a way to keep your carp catch safe and sound? Look no further than the Korda Basix Carp Cradle!

Korda Basix Carp Cradle

This padded, 50mm, foam-lined cradle protects fish from bumps and bruises, while the waterproof outer layer keeps them from getting wet.

Plus, it’s easy to carry with handy carry handles. Folding design makes it easy to store when not in use.

I can see what Korda are trying to with their launch of the ‘Basix’ range, however, most of the tackle is still expensive in my opinion, although the quality is there.

I personally haven’t had the chance to use this – but a fellow angler has, and he suggested it was quite practical, easy to carry and fairly lightweight, so make of that what you will!

Basically, if you portable walled unhooking mats, the maybe this is the best carp cradle you could ask for?

Pros: Great padding, can be collapsed and stored away quickly ready for a move to another swim.

Cons: May be able to pick up a better cradle for less money if you shop around.

  • 50mm padded foam walls
  • Folds in two for easy transportation
  • Carry handles
  • Suitable for carp up to 40lbs

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9. Abode Safe-Zone DPM Carp Cradle

Dimensions: 95cm (L) x 55cm (W) x 25-35cm (H)
Weight: 3.5kg

The Abode Safe-Zone DPM Camo Unhooking Cradle is the perfect way to securely and safely transport your carp.

Abode Safe-Zone DPM carp Cradle

The padded cradle frame is lightweight and fully adjustable, so it can accommodate fish of all sizes, and the rubberized quick drain mesh ends ensure no excess water is retained.

Although the legs look a little stumpy when you first unpack it from its carry bag, they are strong and can be extended from 25cm up to 35cm.

Each leg can be adjusted to suit terrain that is uneven, so keeping it level further ensures fish safety and water drains efficiently as you unhook and prepare to weigh.

When you’re done fishing, the frame conveniently folds shut to create a compact package that fits easily in any carp barrow.

A full-on camo pattern blends in a bit too much! But if you like DPM, then this does look great.

Without a doubt the best camo carp cradle on our list!

Pros: Decent amount of padding, adjustable legs and mud feet mean it remains stable. A good quality camo bag is included.

Cons: A bit camo crazy for me. Also feel that the way the material goes quite deep into a pocket, it may be difficult to maneuver your weighing net into place. I can’t confirm this as when used, there was no fish to document!

  • Safety over-flap
  • Adjustable legs
  • Swivelling mud-feet
  • Padded
  • Lightweight folding frame
  • Rubberized quick drain Mesh ends
  • Carry bag included.

10. New Direction Smart Carbon Scadle

Dimensions: 70cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 15cm (H)
Weight: 3.8kg

An innovative cradle that features digital wireless scales so you simply weigh and return your catch to the water.

new Direction Smart Carbon Cradle

Technology moves on, so why can’t fishing tackle?

The New Direction ‘Smart Carbon’ cradle is built onto a solid frame, features generous padding and a base that drains water quickly.

But first, lets talk about the scales!

Before use, New Direction advise that you should press the ‘R’ on the receiver to reset the scales.

The wireless receiver displays the weight in kg or lbs, and includes a battery status so you are made aware when running low on juice.

With a low power consumption, the battery lasts around 7 days.

New Direction Fishing Cradle

Right, onto the cradle itself which packs down small, and the padding is double layered to enhance protection at all times. You won’t have to worry about setting up on swims that aren’t level due to the adjustable legs either.

To find out more, I would strongly advise on watching the video below to get more of a feel for this clever cradle and scales system.

Pros: I like a company that tries to push boundaries, and although it may seem a gimmick, I can see plenty of potential in a cradle that also weighs, it’s just a case of making sure its accurate and reliable!

Cons: Probably the wireless scales, which really bump the price up. There have been discussions on some popular forums around incorrect readings.

  • Solid carbon frame
  • Generous padding
  • Includes wireless receiver for weighing
  • Smaller & lighter

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Carp Cradles & Sling Bundle

If you are looking for a carp cradle & sling bundle, we’ve found just the one – the NGT large carp cradle and weigh sling is great for new carp anglers, of those on a tight budget.

Let’s check it out!

11. NGT Large Carp Cradle and Weigh Sling

Large, but light the NGT carp cradle is fast to setup so you can fish quickly without worrying.

NGT Large Carp Cradle and Weigh Sling

Ideal for short sessions, this cradle is aimed at those on a budget, but this doesn’t mean that it is poor quality!

The frame is robust, and although the padding does seem thin, it is more than capable of holding carp up to 30lbs without compromising fish safety.

Remember – always check the fish over and use a carp care kit where possible.

A pullout kneel mat makes things a little more comfortable for you as you unhook, begin the weighing process or prepare the carp for a photoshoot.

Features include a mesh base so water can drain away as you keep the fish calm by pouring water over its gill areas.

A weigh sling is also included, made with fish friendly mesh, and includes guide ropes to make it easy for you as you hook it up to your fishing scales.

NGT have a very specific target market, and they have sold plenty of fishing tackle. The only question is this – is it worth taking a punt on, at least until you can save up form something better.

By far the best value offering on our best carp cradle list.

Pros: Does the job intended, includes a carry case and weighing net.

Cons: May not last very long, could work as a spare or for a family member or friend who only fishes with you occasionally.

  • Decent frame
  • Fish friendly material
  • Mesh drainage in the base
  • Easy to setup
  • Includes carry bag & weigh sling

Carp Cradle with Scales

Carp anglers after a bundle deal will enjoy what we’ve found here – a cradle, scales and weigh sling set from DNA leisure!

Lets take a look…….

12. DNA Carp Cradle, Scales & Weigh Sling

This superb carp cradle has it all!

DNA Carp Cradle, Scales & Weigh Sling

The DNA carp cradle not only has a soft 210D PVC waterproof material and rigid outer, but also features a very soft inner mat, detachable foam mat in bottom for superb fish protection, mesh panels on the top for excellent ventilation, and two carry handles for easy transport.

Plus, it comes with a digital scale so you can weigh your catch accurately, which are a compact size for easy storage, feature a tare weight function to subtract the weight of your sling or net from the total weight, and auto 60 second shut off to save energy.

And if that’s not enough, there’s even a carp care first aid kit included.

A top setup, this is the best carp cradle in our guide – well it is for the added extras and the value for money accessories you get with it!

Pros: Value for money

Cons: We can’t be sure just how long the cradle, weigh sling and scales will last you, but surely worth it for beginners starting out.

  • Cradle: Soft 210D PVC waterproof material Rigid outer, very soft inner, detachable foam mat, mesh panels on the top, carry handles Size: 85 x 50 x 15cm
  • Digital scales; LCD screen Displays in lbs and kgs, tare weight function, auto 60 second shut off, 2 x AA batteries included
  • Sling: A soft black mesh weigh sling with attachment loop
  • First Aid: A one touch antiseptic spray designed for all large fish


When it comes to taking care of your fish, you want the best, and that’s what we have for you!

We are proud to offer a wide range of carp cradles with some great features. Each one is designed differently and can be used in different ways depending on your needs.

From raised carp cradles with extending legs to accommodate uneven terrain, or walled and padded low profile unhooking mats, we have reviewed a wide selection to give you the best choice.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our best carp cradle guide.


What is a carp cradle?

A carp cradle is a type of supportive unhooking mat used to keep the fish alive and healthy after being caught. It is important to use a carp cradle when catching and releasing fish, as it significantly reduces the stress on the fish and increases its chances of survival. A carp cradle consists of padded walls and a bottom that allow the fish to rest in a natural position, ensuring that its fins and scales are not damaged.

Do you need a carp cradle?

If you are planning on fishing for carp, then it is highly recommended that you use a carp cradle. While it is not required , it is the best way to ensure that your carp are healthy and unharmed after being caught. You could also use an unhooking mat, but these don’t offer the protection or support that a carp cradle does.

How do you use a fishing cradle?

Using a carp cradle is relatively simple. First, find a level spot to set up the cradle. Next, gently place the fish into the cradle , making sure that its fins and scales are not touching the sides or bottom. Finally, secure the cradle so that the fish cannot escape. You can now safely proceed with unhooking the carp, taking any photos and then releasing it back into the lake in a timely manner.

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