9 Best Carp Margin Poles For Fishing Down The Edge

best margin pole

What is the best carp margin pole under £100 we hear you ask?

We take a look at a wide range of carp margin poles from big brands such as Preston, Daiwa and MAP.

Designed to handle big carp down the margins, there are many features which we’ll discuss in our pole reviews below.

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What Is A Carp Margin Pole?

Margin poles were created to cope with hooking big carp down the margins.

Lengths of 10m and up are not uncommon,  usually featuring really strong section walls made to deal with heavy elastics, and creating that extra stiffness required to land carp close-in.

Most carp margin poles are lightweight and handle exceptionally well, unlike their predecessors that were very bendy and heavy!

Owning a margin pole as part of your match fishing setup is very common these days, because you wouldn’t want to damage your expensive pole now….

Margin Pole Fishing

Margin pole fishing can be extremely rewarding, often tipping a close fought match in your favour.

We cannot understate just how much of a difference a margin pole makes to landing large carp close-in without risking damage to your main fishing pole!

Margin fishing is done by using a shorter pole that cope with heavier fish.

Carp Margin poles are incredibly stiff, have reinforced walls and are lightweight so you can move fast and get your specimen under the net quickly.

How to fish with a carp margin pole

Best Budget Carp Margin Pole

Match fishing can be an expensive hobby, so if you’re hunting for the best budget margin pole–  you my friend are in luck!

Take a look below at some of the best value carp margin poles currently available.

Middy White Knuckle CX Series Pole

Lengths: 6m
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Middy White Knuckle CX Series 6m Margin Pole

More of a whip, this classic design is 6m long and can be fully taken apart.

Boasts a 24 elastic rating, this margin pole features triple x strong joints and can withstand double figure carp all day long.

Comes ready elasticated with a size 8-10, this is the best value for money margin pole around today.

Length: 6m

Maver Reality Margin Pole

Lengths: 6m & 9.5m
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Maver Reality 9.5m Margin Pole

At 9.5m long, the Maver Reality Margin Pole has a decent reputation!

Super strong, which is great for landing big carp quickly and steadily, this is perfect for most commercial waters you’re ever likely to fish.

Its capable of handling elastics around 20 plus, and it weighing just 935g which is light for a sub-1om margin pole.

Additional top kits are available separately.

Ron Thompson Gangster Pole

Length: 11m
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Ron Thompson Gangster Margin Pole 11m

An excellent margin pole for beginners, the ‘Gangster’ is 11m long and has been known to haul a carp or two!

Lightweight, the carbon is strong and robust – even at full length.

Features an elastic rating of 6 to 18, its actually a very versatile pole and packs down to just 116cm.

One of the best margin poles on the market for the money.

Best Carp Margin Pole Under £100

If you look around, there are plenty of margin poles for under £100 available.

Usually these are built to very high specifications, so take a look below and grab yourself a bargain.

Matrix Torque Margin Pole 4.5m

Length: 11m
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Matrix Torque Margin Pole 4.5m

The ‘Torque’ margin pole, created by Matrix,
is mega robust and has proven time and time again its capability of landing a monster or two!

There are three lengths; 4.5m, 6m and 8.5m to cover small channels on intimate venues or big commercials where the length is needed more.

The progressive action feels good enough to put your trust in its reliability, whilst it will accommodate heavy elastics with ease.

In my opinion, the Matrix Torque is one of the best margin poles under £100.

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Map TKS Carp Margin Pole

Length: 5.6m
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Map TKS Carp Margin 1

The MAP TKS Margin Pole runs the Matrix Torque pretty close when it comes to performance, handling and weight, let me tell you!

Featuring super strong modulus carbon, it offers incredible strength throughout playing the fish, or landing stage.

At 5.6m long, and an elastic rating of 20, bonus features to convince you that this really is under £100, include an anti-friction finish and section alignment system.

A great margin pole to cover most venues.

But best of all, for owners of the premium MAP poles, it can be interchanged with the 601, 701, 801 and 901 TKS models.

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Garbolino Xtreme Margin Carp Pole

Length: 4.85m
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Garbolino Xtreme Margin Carp Pole

If there is one thing you should know about the Garbolino Xtreme Margin Pole is it offers fantastic reliability!

Just under 5m long, it was built using the best HR carbon which offers great balance and keeps the weight down – without the loss of power or performance.

If you did opt to purchase the Garbolino margin pole, the package includes:

  • 1 x Power Puller kit
  • 1 x 75cm extension
  • 1 x 125cm extension
  • Supplied in a cloth bag

At under £100, this is a great all round option for leisure angling or for fishing competitive matches on all sorts of fishing venues.

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Best Carp Margin Pole Under £200

For match anglers with a modest budget, these sub-£200 margin poles offer decent bang for your cash.

Check them out below.

Preston Monster Edge Margin Pole

Length: 8.5m or 10m
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Preston Monster Edge Margin Pole

First choice in our sub-£200 margin pole countdown is the awesome Monster Edge from Preston Innovations.

Although we’ve stated 8.5m, it actually extends up to 10m with its mini extension.

Made from quality carbon fibre, the Monster Edge margin pole is brutally strong with more than enough in it to haul large carp from the margins while still offering plenty of balance to fish at its full length for carp and F1s.

 The package includes:

  •  A spare Power top 2 kit in addition to the one included in the pole
  • A Roller Pulla Bush and a PTFE bush fitted. 
  • Supplied in PVC tubes for safe transit.

Now watch the video

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Shakespeare Superteam Margin Pole

Length: 4.85
Price not available
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Shakespeare Superteam Margin Pole

Designed for fishing species other than carp found down the margins, the Superteam pole by Shakespeare is a decent all round margin pole and more!

Features include a ceramic elastic pull hole that is reinforced, and short 100cm butt extension.

Comes supplied with a single top kit.

A balanced pole that, when its in your hands. feels strong with little flex, making it ideal for carp and other species if the situation changes quickly.

Choosing a Pole Elastic?

Choosing the correct pole elastic is much more important than buying the best pole elastic because margin fishing requires a heavier elastic than you would normally use.

Below, we’ve featured a small selection of pole elastics..

How to elasticate your margin pole?

Best Carp Margin Pole Floats

Whatever method or tactic you use in your margin fishing, it pays to invest in a wide range of margin pole floats.

Below are a good selection of pole floats to accompany your margin pole setup.

Carp Margin Fishing Rigs

Designed to cover a range of situations, no match or leisure trip would be complete without a good selection of pole rigs to keep you going.

Below are a handful of margin rigs for you to test out, if you haven’t already!

A margin pole is useful for fishing down the edge because they are super strong and can cope with heavier elastics. 

Perfect for fishing down the margins for big carp without jeopardising your main expensive pole.

How Do You Fish For Carp In The Margin?

We’ve include a video here on how to fish the margins effectively using a pole, included how to attach a heavy pole elastic.

What Elastic Does A Margin Pole Require?

When you fish with a margin pole, you will need to attach a heavier elastic that can stretch more than lighter sizes. 

These are usually Orange and may be marked size 18 to 20. This colour is highly visible as you battle a carp at close quarters.

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