11 Best Carp Rucksacks 2021

Best Compact Carp Rucksack

If you’re looking for the best carp rucksack in 2021, then you’re in the right place!

The main benefit of choosing a fishing rucksack is that it can be worn on your back – a great advantage over a cumbersome carryall! 

They usually feature many compartments, capable of storing banksticks, roll mats or even an unhooking mat, making a carp rucksack a very versatile piece of tackle well suited to staying mobile.

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Choosing A Rucksack: What To Look For?

Three things to look for when choosing the best fishing rucksack is how well it’s made, space, and how comfortable it is to carry.

A quality rucksack won’t fray at the seams, or let in mositure, whilst you’ll need plenty of space to store your tackle. Padding, especially on the straps, will make it easier to carry.

Let’s move on and run down our list of the best fishing rucksacks.

1. Saber Supra Compact Rucksack

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Ideal for those shorter sessions, or for when you need to stay mobile, this Saber Compact Rucksack offers plenty of space to store all the tackle you’ll need!

Saber Compact Rucksack

The main compartment is incredibly spacious, and with three external pockets for keeping scales, tackle boxes or cookware – such as a stove, there is even a top strap for securing an unhooking mat or banksticks.

A free-standing design that allows you to fish quickly without any stress of fiddling around trying to open up pockets or zips. A handy zip wallet pocket is a great idea for storing your wallet, fishing licences or permits.

Capped off with a firm padded shoulder strap that can be adjusted to suit your posture.  A great ‘no fuss’ roving rucksack that suited a day session down my local canal.

Best Feature: Strap for securing an unhooking mat
Cons: Could be bigger for longer sessions

Saber Supra Compact Rucksack
  • Fully adjustable and padded neoprene chest and waist harness
  • Multiple neoprene carry handle points
  • Two main compartment access zips

Colour: Green
Capacity: 40 Litres
Dimensions: 30cm x 33cm x 26cm
External Pockets: 3

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2. Nash Scope Ops Ruckall

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Featuring the classic DPM pattern featured in all of the Scope Ops range, this large capacity rucksack has been well designed – and received great compliments from anglers all across Europe.

Nash Scope Ops Ruckall

There is a tray that is revealed when you unzip the top EVA compartment so you can keep all your necessary bits of end tackle close by – a great feature that sets it apart from other rucksacks.

After opening up the main section, there is a spacious compartment that features a stiffened divider for keeping tackle boxes tightly secured. The opposite side actually has a smalled cool bag area to keep food and bait fresh.

The zip up waterproof base offers an area for storing clothes, whilst eight retaining loops offer extra storage to carry all your bank sticks or even bite alarms.

The Nash Scope Ops Ruckall has bags of features where the anglers needs has been well thought of, whether for a day session or longer weekends when you require one bag to store many tackle items and accessories!

Looks great alongside the Nash Cool Bag too.

I’d say this is certainly one of the best carp rucksacks this year.

Best Feature: Zip-out top EVA tray for rig making
Cons: A bit on the expensive side

Colour: Camo
Dimensions: 47cm x 40cm x 25cm
Compartments: 3

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3. Trakker NXG Rucksack

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The Trakker NXG Rucksack features five spacious external pockets, each featuring twin-direction zips making them ideal for storing fishing scales, a kettle or smaller accessories that you need easy access to.

Trakker NXG 50 Litre Rucksack

Made from a quality 600D fabric in a nice light shade of olive green, the strong base is actually made from Nyplex which is robust and waterproof. This material also prevents moisture from rising  up through.

Anglers will appreciate just how comfortable this rucksack is to carry due to the fully adjustable padded shoulder straps to suit fishermen of all shapes and sizes.

A great all-rounder that has lasted me a long time, with no damage sustained, even at the seams which often fray or leak after prolonged use.

Best Feature: Plenty of external pockets
Cons: Too many zips

Trakker NXG Rucksack
  • Trakker NXG rucksack – 50 litres

Colour: Green
Dimensions: 57cm x 48cm x 27cm
Capacity: 50 Litres

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4. Fox Specialist Range Rucksack

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Made from a 500D polyester, which is both waterproof, and robust, the Fox Compact Rucksack is a fantastic addition to the range.

Fox Compact Rucksack

A great addition is a full length external pocket which is ideal for keeping your bank sticks or landing net poles handy, and secure.

The opposite side has two smaller pockets for items such as scales, catapults or a lead bag. 

If you’re seeking an all-in-one rucksack, this allows you to go fishing fully equipped, whether that’s for a day session or longer weekend at your local venue.

Additional features you may like is the waterproof base which minimises damage and prevents any moisture damaging the rucksack, or your tackle.

I prefer to use the handy top pocket for storing my fishing knife, my Ridge Monkey head torch or catapult as it allows for easy access.

Finally, the fully padded back section makes travelling comfortable. A top rucksack from a trusted brand means you will not go wrong if you choose the Fox Camolite Ruckall.

If you are after luggage to keep bait fresh, or your food cool, why not check out our fishing cool bag reviews?

Best Feature: Adjustable straps allow you to attach a chair
Cons: A little bulky

Fox Specialist Range Rucksack
  • Fox specialist range Compact Rucksack

Colour: Dark Green
Dimensions: 57cm x 48cm x 27cm
External Pockets: 3 (Inc. 1 full length)

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5. Speero DPM Stalker Rucksack

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Although the Speero DPM Ruckbag may look small compared to your standard rucksack, this does not affect just how useful this is!

Speero DPM Rucksack

As you can probably tell, this is well suited as a ‘grab-and-go’ pack for a quick session, perhaps at first light or dusk when you just want a quick fish or two when they’re on the feed.

It doesn’t shirk on quality either, noted by military grade zips and a robust 600d waterproof fabric is sure to make this last you a while.

Fully padded, with a detachable (and adjustable) shoulder strap, the heavy duty base can easily be wiped clean.

Anglers are offered bags of storage too, considering the size, features four external pockets as well as an internal zipped mesh pocket for smaller bits of tackle.

At first glance, I was very unsure due to the size, but once I had loaded it up with a few necessary bits of tackle – this rucksack offered plenty for a few hours fishing when you don’t need to pack mountains of tackle!

Best Feature: Military spec zips and clips
Cons: Quite small

Speero DPM Stalker Rucksack
  • Nylon clips and military spec zips
  • Wipe clean heavy duty base/pocket bottoms
  • Fully padded and padded adjustable harness

Colour: Camo
Dimensions: 35cm x 30cm x 27cm
External Pockets: 4

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6. Sonik SK-TEK Ruckbag

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Anglers wanting something a bit more ‘stylish’ should consider the Sonik SK-Tek Ruckbag.

Sonik SK-TEK Ruckbag

In fact, it’s actually a three-in-one – a ruckbag, carryall and barrow bag, making it very versatile however you intend on using it.

The free-standing design is rigid, and a quick peek inside reveals a full lining that offers complete protection for its contents, whether that’s a couple of tackle boxes, clothing or rig wallets.

Featuring both a padded shoulder and waist strap that feels comfortable over the shoulders and round your middle, with no rubbing or corners poking into you. 

The inclusion of two ‘D’ rings allowing you to attach a weigh sling, roll mat or even a headlamp (such as the awesome LED Lenser H14.2) which is a great touch to what is already a decent rucksack for your money.

Best Feature: Long length side pockets
Cons: Could be too heavy duty for some anglers

Colour: Camo
Dimensions: 28cm x 28cm x 50cm

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7. Solar Tackle Undercover Ruckbag

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Styled around the SP Ruckbag, this rucksack is feature packed to ensure your days fishing goes hassle-free!

Solar Tackle Undercover Ruckbag

Kitted out in a really cool DPM, the Solar Tackle Undercover Camo Ruckbag is hardwearing and features stiffened sides to allow the bag to keep shape, even when empty.

There are four spacious external pockets that offer plenty of room for extra bits such as catapults, scales, cookware and other essentials. Each features a robust zip puller.

One of these pockets is full length designed to store any buzz bars.

Three elasticated straps are there for anglers to attach bank sticks for easy access.

As for comfort, the neoprene shoulder straps can be fully adjusted to accommodate your shape or size, with an additional chest strap to secure the rucksack even further as you walk around the lake hunting for that perfect spot for a bite.

A worthy contender for best carp rucksack 2021?

Solar also make other luggage, in particular a barrow bag if you prefer something that stacks easier?

Best Feature: Six internal pockets
Cons: None

Solar Tackle Undercover Ruckbag
  • 600D, PVC backed, camouflage fabric
  • Re-inforced, hard-wearing, PVC base
  • Twin zip pullers on all pockets

Colour: Camo
Dimensions: 28cm x 28cm x 50cm

Video review

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8. Korum Transition Ruckbag

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The Korum Transition Ruckbag has been around for well over 10 years its various names – and still provides a great solution for roving anglers, with the latest addition the best yet!

Functional, and extremely portable, this rucksack is feature packed, which includes using a high spec fabric in the construction process.

Korum Transition Ruckbag

The ripstop storm storm proof materials used for the base and lid (the most prone to damage) are really robust, yet lightweight even when the bag is full of tackle.

Stress points have been reinforced with mega strong 600D fabric, whilst comfortable neoprene handles and a  high-density rigged webbing is used for the carrying straps.

How versatile, strong and long lasting does that sound?

This year also sees the inclusion of D loops for attaching slings and mats, a holster and much improved carabiner clips – perfect for connecting your mug or for attaching to your fishing chair to to transport it a bit easier.

Best Feature: Easy access compartments
Cons: Only really suited to day sessions/roving

Colour: Green
Dimensions: 52cm x 30cm x 39cm

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9. Nash Rucksack

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Weighing at 60 litres, the Nash Rucksack offers plenty of capacity for a good amount of tackle!

Nash Rucksack

Peering into the main compartment, with access via a zip, offers plenty of room – even for a large tackle box. Externally, there are five zipped pockets which can hold plenty of smaller tackle cases and essentials. 

The back of the rucksack is stiffened, which offers better comfort and helps the rucksack keep shape when empty.

Padding is featured across the waist belt and shoulder straps so you can be sure you won’t have to keep stopping to adjust yourself as you rove around your local lake.

Fuss-free, this rucksack is ideal for anglers who like to carry plenty of kit with them at all times.

I also like the Nash Cool Bag which compliments the rucksack nicely.

Best Feature: Quick-release lid webbings for attaching clothing/unhooking mats
Cons: Zips feel a little awkward

Nash Rucksack
  • 60 litre compact rucksack
  • Spacious zipped main compartment and five zipped external pockets
  • Quick release lid webbings to carry clothing or unhooking mats

Colour: Green
Capacity: 60 Litres
Dimensions: 49cm x 43cm x 27cm

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10. NGT Camo Rucksack

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Offering plenty of protection for all your fishing gear, the NGT Camo Rucksack is available in a striking (and quite unique!) camouflage pattern.

NGT Camo Rucksack

Made up of not one, but two main compartments, divided by a zip, there are also three additional sections for keeping items such as bivvy lights or baiting accessories close by.

It’s fully padded – giving you peace of mind that your tackle is safe, the base is made from a hard wearing vinyl to prevent damage when rested down on rocky terrain.

Padded rucksack straps and an additional waist strap make it less cumbersome to carry. Not a bad effort, despite the colour.

It’s also great value too!

Best Feature: Fully padded & great value
Cons: I think the camo is horrible

NGT Camo Rucksack
  • The XPR Camouflage Rucksack consists of two main compartments, divided by a zip.
  • It then has three addition side compartments for storing accessories.
  • Its fully padded and can strap around your waist.

Colour: Camo
Capacity: 60 Litres
Dimensions: 45cm x 50cm x 27cm

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11. Korda Compac Rucksack

Tackle Scout Rating

The Korda Compac 45 Litre Rucksack was designed to maximise as much space as possible!

Korda Compac Rucksack

It features four modular side pockets which really compliments the rest of the Kompac range of EVA pouches.

The oversized front pocket of the rucksack accommodates the well received Korda Tackle Box, which saves you space in the main section for other bits and pieces such as lead pouches, a cool bag or clothing.

We’re mightily impressed with the whole of the Compac luggage range, which the rucksack fits into perfectly and brings everything together on your next fishing trip.

Best Feature: Great use of space
Cons: The colour could be better. Maybe a camo version.

Korda Compac Rucksack
  • 45 litre capacity; Durable and water resistant fabric; Reinforced waterproof base
  • Fully padded back panel; Fully adjustable shoulder harness with chest straps; Five external pockets
  • Internal zipped storage pocket ; Reinforced carry handles

Colour: Khaki
Capacity: 45 Litres
Dimensions: 45cm x 42cm x 32cm

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That concludes our round up of 11 of the best carp rucksacks currently available.

Whether you’re looking for something compact, or a rucksack that can provide plenty of space for your next weekend away, we hope you’ve given you plenty of insight.

Be sure to check out our other fishing  articles across the website, and let your friends know about us if they’re looking at buying fishing tackle but are unsure on where to start!


Bestseller No. 1
Roddarch Fishing Seat Box & Rucksack. Fly Sea Coarse Fishing Seat Backpack.
  • Rucksack and Seat Box • Enables you to move your fishing gear quickly and easily • A great addition for your sea fishing or stalking needs
  • Fully adjustable padded shoulder straps • Quick-release clasps for easy access to seat box • High quality construction with 600D RipStop nylon throughout
  • 10mm Comfort foam seat pad • 3 x 5mm Padded accessory pockets • Large rear pocket • Large pull cord pocket • 2 x Netted pockets
SaleBestseller No. 2
NGT Carp Coarse Fishing XPR Multi Compartment Rucksack Tackle Bag Waterproof
  • The XPR Rucksack consists of two main compartments, divided by a zip.
  • It then has three addition side compartments for storing accessories.
  • Its fully padded and can strap around your waist. It also features a fully vinyl base giving it added durability and making it waterproof.
SaleBestseller No. 3
YOREPEK Military Tactical Backpack, 45L Molle Army Backpack Large Assault Rucksack School Backpack for Outdoor Hiking Camping Fishing Trekking Travel Mountaineering Travelling , Black
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