Best Carp Weigh Sling

If you’re a serious carp angler, a carp weigh sling is a must-have piece of tackle.

It will help you safely transport and weigh your catch, whilst helping protect the carp’s delicate scales and fins.

Best Carp Weigh Sling 2022

We take a look at the best carp weigh slings on the market for 2022.

1. Trakker Weigh Sling

The Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling is a carp weigh sling that has been specifically designed to support the carp when weighing.

Trakker Weigh Sling

It features a full fast-drain mesh construction for optimum water flow and very accurate weighing, as well as a double-zipped opening that securely houses the carp inside.

Additionally, four floats ensure that the sling is ultra-buoyant, while reinforced dual weighing straps with fixed weighing loops provide added durability.

Trakker Sanctuary Weigh Sling

Finally, the meshed pocket houses a 5-metre retaining cord, and carp care guidelines are included to advise on the safety and correct use of the sling.

The Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling is supplied in a nylon sleeve and is made from polymesh/PVC.

Probably the best carp weigh sling on our list?


Full fast-drain mesh construction
Optimum water flow
Double-zipped opening e
Four floats ensure the sling is ultra-buoyant
Reinforced dual weighing straps with fixed weighing loops
Double reinforced carry handles on each side
Meshed pocket houses a 5-metre retaining cord
Supplied in nylon sleeve
Material: Polymesh/PVC
Dimensions: L 115cm x W 30cm x D 65cm

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2. Fox Carpmaster STR Floatation Weight Sling

You know how important it is to be able to weigh and photograph your catch!

The Fox Carpmaster STR Floatation Weight Sling is designed to do just that, safely retaining your carp prior to weighing and photographing.

Fox Carpmaster Weigh Sling

This sling is made from HD foam for buoyancy, and features reduced diameter foam to help it roll up more compactly.

There is also a top mesh panel so you can always keep an eye on your carp, as well as double zips and zip baffles to protect the fish during lifting and weighing.

Plus, there are double grab handles making transportation easy, and reinforced stitching on all pressure points so it last a lot longer than other weigh slings that perhaps have weaker stitching.

Fox Carp Weigh Sling

The sling also includes a 3m heavy duty cord with clip for added security.

With two sizes to choose from, XL and Standard, this carp weigh sling offers a safe and comfortable method to weigh your carp, whichever option you decide to choose.

The Fox Carpmaster STR Floatation Weight Sling is a great choice for carp anglers, and a worthy entry on our best carp weigh sling list!


Full length HD foam along each arm for buoyancy
Reduced diameter foam ensure slings roll up more compact
Top mesh panel allows you to view the fish at all times
Full length double zips fastened with a clip to ensure fish security
Sculpted to house and fully support fish centrally during lifting/weighing
Zip baffles to fully protect fish
Double grab handles each end for safe lifting and carrying
Reinforced stitching on all pressure points
3m heavy duty cord with clip supplied in external pocket
Mesh venting allows rapid water drainage for quick, accurate weighing
Double handles with centre locating steal weighing loops
Supplied in nylon sleeve / stink bag
Standard: (length) 100cm x (depth ) 62cm and (width) 37cm
XL: (length) 122cm x (depth) 72cm and (width) x 45cm

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3. Saber DPM Camo Floatation Sling

The Saber DPM Camo Floatation Sling is a carp weigh sling based on the popular Supra Flotation Weigh Sling.

Saber Carp Weigh Sling

It’s made from 420D PVC waterproof material and super soft fish-friendly mesh, with a curved base to ensure your capture sits centrally during weighing.

The padded EPE foam tubes on each end keep the sling afloat in the water, and an integrated sack cord with pouch allows you to attach the sling to a bankstick on the bank for complete safety.

The support bars break down for easy transportation, and a fully closing zip keeps everything secure.

Saber DPM Camo Floatation Weigh Sling

I found the Saber DPM Camo Floatation Sling to be a very well-made and practical carp weigh sling.

The curved base ensures your catch sits centrally during the weighing process, which is really important, and the padded foam tubes on each end keep the sling afloat in the water.

It’s also really easy to transport and use, thanks to the break-down support bars and integrated sack cord.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this carp weigh sling to anyone looking for a good quality and affordable option.


A fully closing zip keeps fish securely in sling while in the water at all times.
Double weigh handles
Pocket containing retaining draw cord
Fast drain construction
4 Ultra buoyant floats
Length: 120cm
Depth: 60cm
Packed down size: 64cm x 16cm

4. Aqua Camo Buoyant Weigh Sling

Anglers seeking a highly reliable and extra-large weigh sling should look no further than the Aqua Camo Buoyant Weigh Sling – XL edition!

Aqua Carp Weigh Sling

This top-of-the-line weigh sling is constructed from performance-grade DPM Camo Aquatexx material, which is stronger and more fish-friendly than standard weigh sling materials.

The floats give added buoyancy and allow the fish to be retained for a short time while you prepare your camera.

And the strong in-built support bars offer a greater level of comfort for the fish during weighing procedures.

Aqua DPM Buoyant Weigh Sling XL

So why choose the Aqua Camo Buoyant Weigh Sling?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • It’s extra-large and buoyant, making it the perfect choice for larger carp.
  • The DPM Camo Aquatexx material is strong and quick-drying.
  • The floats provide added buoyancy, making it easy to weigh your fish.
  • The in-built support bars offer a greater level of comfort for the fish.

So if you’re looking for a top-quality sling that’s perfect for larger carp, the Aqua Camo Buoyant XL Weigh Sling is, in my opinion, the best carp weigh sling around!


Constructed from performance-grade DPM camo AQUATEXX
Soft mesh base quickly drains water
Heavy duty webbing handles.
Full-length floats for maximum buoyancy.
Heavy-duty webbed handles.
Removable retainer cord.
Mesh retainer cord storage pouch .
Drainage holes on float ends for fast expulsion of water.
Reflective strips for use at night.
Supplied with lightweight waterproof Aquatexx® stink sleeve.
Dimensions: 127cm (L) x 62cm (W)

5. Sonik SK-TEK Floating Weigh Sling

There are many different carp weigh slings on the market, but the Sonik SK-TEK is one of the best.

Sonik SK TEK Floating Weigh Sling

It is designed as a dual purpose floating weight sling and short-term fish retainer, with full mesh sides and base that are quick draining and sculpted to hold the fish centrally.

The top and end panels are made from SK-TEK camo material to help keep the fish calm in the water, and all handles are double reinforced for maximum support.

Sonik SK TEK Floating Weigh Sling Cord

There are also four night-sight reflective patches on the full length floats!

And with a 5m extension cord with bankstick attachment included, this weigh sling offers everything you could need for weighing and retaining your catch.

It is a great choice for the serious angler who wants the best gear to help them land those big fish.


Lightweight design for easy weighing
Quick draining mesh bottom and sides
5m retaining cord with bankstick attachment
Single span tension bar for quick launch and removal from water
Double reinforced handles and webbing
Easy-hook weigh scale loops
Wide span weighing straps for better balance
Drawstring carry bag
Four night-sight reflective strips
Standard Dimensions: L 110cm D 35cm H 50cm
Large Dimensions: L 130cm D 40cm H 65cm

6. Carp On Recovery Weigh Sling

This recovery weigh sling from British brand ‘Carp On’ offer complete fish safety, and packs down compactly.

Carp On Recovery Weigh Sling

It also floats, making it super easy to use and perfect for weighing your prized carp. Plus, the 5m retaining cord ensures that your fish is always safe and secure.

It’s made using the latest 210D wipe-clean materials, which makes it super soft and prevents any damage to your fish.

Carp On Best Carp Weigh Sling

The wide span straps provide great balance and make it easy to handle and carry your carp, whilst the 4 carry handles ensure that it’s always safe and secure.

Plus, the double zips with safety locking clip keeps your fish safe and secure during transportation.

The Carp On Recovery Weigh Sling is made from high quality materials and is the perfect way to safely transport, weigh and handle your catches!


A full length net float
A rope and bank stick adaptor to secure the system to the bank
4 Carry handles
Free carry case
Dimensions: 120cm x 35cm x 50cm

7. JRC Cocoon 2G Weigh Sling

If you’re looking for the best carp weigh sling on the market, you’ll want to take a look at the JRC Cocoon 2G Weigh Sling!

JRC Cocoon 2G Folding Carp Weigh Sling

This sling is made of strong material with reinforced nylon webbing, making it durable and able to withstand heavy weights.

It also features sturdy weigh straps with a metal ring, which helps keep your fish stable and safe while during weigh-in.

JRC Cocoon Carp Weigh Sling

And best of all, it’s lightweight and easy to transport, so if you’re looking for a top-quality carp weigh sling, the JRC Cocoon 2G Folding Sling is definitely worth considering.


Classic designed weigh sling with foldable bars
Foldable bars for easy storage and transportation
Strong material with reinforced nylon webbing
Durable weigh straps with metal ring
Helps with stable and safe weighing of the fish
Dimensions: 116cm x 60cm

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8. Avid Carp Camo Recovery Sling

If you’re an avid carp angler, then you know the importance of having a reliable weigh sling.

The Avid Carp Camo Recovery Sling is a great option for those looking for a two-in-one weighing and recovery sling.

Avid Carp Camo Recovery Weigh Sling

The lightweight free flowing camo mesh material is perfect for keeping your catch safe and supported while you photograph and release it.

The four individual removable floats also make it easy to convert the sling into a weigh sling only, which is handy if your fishery rules require a separate sack and sling.

Avid Carp Camo Recovery Sling

The best part?

The entire thing comes in a 100% waterproof roll top stink bag, so you can easily transport wet gear without any worries.

Whether you’re just out or are a seasoned pro, the Avid Carp Camo Recovery Sling is a great weigh sling that you won’t want to miss out on!

The best carp weigh sling on our list?


Designed first and foremost with fish care in mind
High flow, super lightweight mesh material
Camo patterned mesh
Fluoro yellow retaining cord with brass thread and sight ball
Tapered cut helps the fish remain upright
Four independently removable floats
Supplied in a 100% heat sealed waterproof bag
Available in standard and XL sizes
Standard Size: H 59cm x W 42cm x L 100cm
XL Size: H 64cm x W 44cm x L 12.5cm

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9. Daiwa Free Flow Weigh & Retaining Sling

The Daiwa ‘Free Flow’ Weigh & Retainer Sling features a three-sided zip design to help ensure your fish’s safety, as well as two spacer arms for added water circulation.

Daiwa Free Flow Best Weigh Sling

Plus, its fully floating design means you won’t have to worry about losing your catch either!

And best of all, it comes supplied with cord and brass thread so you can easily secure it to a bank stick.

Daiwa Carp Weigh Sling

So if you’re serious about carp fishing, be sure to check out the Daiwa Free Flow Weigh & Retaining Sling.

You won’t be disappointed!


All mesh lower part of sling design
3 sided zip to assist fish safety
2 spacer arms for additional water circulation
Fully floating design
Supplied with cord and brass thread so it can be secured to a bank stick
Comes supplied in its own Nylon carry bag

Best Carp Weigh Slings: Final Thoughts

When it comes to carp weigh slings, there are a few things you need to consider.

You want to find a sling that is comfortable for the fish and that doesn’t cause any damage, so look for fish friendly material

You also need to make sure the sling is strong enough to support the weight of the fish.

Are you looking to just weigh the fish, or are you prepared to retain in the water until morning?

If its the latter – make sure the fish is as comfortable as possible, and check the lake rules that you are allowed to retain the fish at all.

There are a lot of recovery slings on the market, but we’ve narrowed it down to the best nine carp weigh slings for 2022. We hope our reviews have helped you decide what the best option is for you.

Thanks for reading!

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