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Welcome to our best fishing bobbins set of 3 round up, which includes swingers from Fox, Nash, New Direction and Wychwood.

‘Bobbins’ are useful for detecting bites, especially when fishing at long distances.

A quality set of bobbins will be able to give you lightning fast detection, especially ‘dropbacks’ which is where a fish has picked up your bait – and swims towards your rods.

We chose to feature fishing bobbins in sets of 3, as you’ll get much better value for money.

If you don’t know how to setup your fishing bobbins, this guide may help you.

how to setup fishing bobbins

New Direction T3 Bobbins

Why buy these bobbins?

According to New Direction – they are almost indestructible!

Plus they feature an upgraded chain that is stronger than ever.

The reason I enjoyed using these fishing bobbins set of 3 was because the line clip was adjustable, which meant whatever diameter fishing line I was using, it gripped superbly.

Secondly, each T3 has an isotope slot, which I prefer to use at night so I have something more visual to watch.

New Direction T3 set of 3 fishing bobbins

What other features do these bobbins have?

Each has a fat Teflon body which is suited to anglers who fish at distances, and they really excel in windy conditions.

I like how easy these bobbins are to release from the buzz bar due to an easy release system to prevent tangles.


Carp anglers who fish slack lines at distance should buy these bobbins!

It doesn’t matter what your carp rod setup is either because they are also available in packs of two, three and four.

The isotope slots measure 10mm x 2.5mm. You can buy isotopes here.

  • Adjustable ball line clip
  • Fat Teflon large bodies
  • High quality black chain
  • Quick release system
  • Available in packs of 2,3 & 4

New Direction T3 Video Summary

Fox Black Label ‘Stealth’ Bobbins

Best For Sensitivity

Why buy these bobbins?

Based around the ‘Slik’ design, the cord is designed to sit in the base of the clip – rather than just sitting on it which leads to improved sensitivity.

When you choose to use slack cords, this means that even 1mm of movement triggers a visual cue.

If you have hooked into a hungry carp and you receive a strong pull, the clips comes away from the line instantly.

However your line still runs through the center of the Slik clip, resulting in the hanger still been connected in case of a change in the bite falling away.

Fox Black Label Stealth Fishing Bobbins

What is included with these Bobbins?

Each bobbin is supplied with:

  • Black hockey stick
  • A 3 inch ball chain
  • Slim head
  • Slik clip


I would recommend using these fishing bobbins set of 3 for short to medium range fishing.

They are perfect for fishing tight or slack lines, making them a very versatile set of bobbins!

Oh, and each is fitted with a isotope to improve what you can see during night fishing.

  • Slik bobbin clip which ‘fixes’ to your mainline for far greater bite indication
  • Slik Clip ensures bobbin moves as soon as there is any line movement
  • Ideal for use at short-medium range
  • Perfect for slack and semi-slack lines
  • Line pulls free of clip section on bite then becomes free running through middle recess
  • Can easily be converted using Black Label C.I.S

Video Summary

Korda Basix Stow Bobbins

Best Value Fishing Bobbins Set of 3

Why buy them?

These are mini versions of the Korda Stow Bobbins, which can be fished on tight or slack lines, making them versatile and fantastic value for money.

Your line releases itself from the side of the clip when you get a take, making them simple to setup and fish with.

A great set of bobbins for anglers of all abilities, from a top brand too!

Korda Basix Mini Stow Bobbins set of 3

How do I set these bobbins up?

The stainless steel ball chain, which it is fitted, to needs to be the same length as your bite alarm, and a detachable connector system allows you to easily adjust it so that it is compatible with any buzzer.

This allows you to fish both slack and tight lines because the line releases from the side of the clip.

Korda Basix Bobbins set of 3


These are as basic as you can get, but does that really matter if they do the job of increasing visual awareness of what’s going on under the water?


So, if you are a beginner looking to invest in a reliable setup, these bobbins, part of the great value Korda Basix range, are more than capable of letting you know if you have a take – or a liner.

  • Smaller version of Stow bobbins
  • Compatible with Mini Isotopes
  • Moulded hockey stick
  • Ball chain
  • Available in red, green or blue

Nash Bobbin Kit

Nash Bobbin Kit

Why buy them?

The bobbin heads, 8cm chains and anchor brackets are separated and interchangeable, making these great for anglers that like to customise their bite indication system.

Two stage line clips mean you can fish free-running, or add grip for a better slack setup.

A tried a couple of line diameters, and these bobbins can even be used with braid.

But the best reason for choosing the Nash Bobbin Kit is customisation!

There is a full range of additional accessories that includes cords, chains, drag weights, magnetic brackets and glow pipes so you can connect to the fibre optic output of an R3 bite alarm – and light up your indicator!

Nash fishing bobbins set of 3

Do these include an isotope slot?


Each bobbin includes a central isotope ‘slot.

There are six available colours and two sizes, so you can mix and match them up with your bite alarms.

  • Two stage line clips allow line to be free running or gripped for better slack line indication
  • O ring fine adjustment for different mono diameters or braided reel lines
  • Sandblasted matte finish with smart Nash logo and central isotope slot
  • Available in three sizes and five colours to match Siren LED options including an awesome frosted clear head perfect for use with Glow Pipes

Inside Look at the Nash Bobbin Kits

ESP Barrel Bobbins

Why buy them?

A good all round kit that allows you to change your setup to suit the situation, the ESP ‘Barrel’ Bobbin kit includes;

  • ball and grip clips
  • two stainless steel chains
  • a 3g add-on weight
  • stainless steel hockey stick.
ESP barrel bobbin kit

The two chains utilise a plastic connector at one end, and a 3g stainless steel weight at the other end.

This design is so you can ‘reverse’ the chain to add weight to the bobbin as required.

You could then add the extra 3g weight (integrated into the hockey stick) to increase the weight further.

Each PTFE head can be used at weights of  5g, 8g or 11g, and the acrylic head at weights of  3g, 6g or 9g.

In my view – this makes the ESP Barrel Bobbins the ultimate versatile bite indicators on the market!

  •     Barrel Bobbin with interchangeable ball clips
  •     Interchangeable grip clips
  •     3″ and 7″ stainless reversible stainless ball chains
  •     3g stainless add-on weight
  •     Stainless hockey stick

Hirisi Swingers

Why should I buy these?

There is no need for isotopes here because each swinger includes a matching LED!

Available in four colours, the Hirisi Swingers Kit is made up of 4 swingers.

Hirisi Swingers

Each is made up of of a plastic head, stainless steel pole and weight, removable ‘seat’ and features a standard 2.5mm jack.

I only had half a day with these, and they did the job just fine.

I did not get to see the LED’s light up at night, but I have heard that they are highly visible so if you do get a take in the night – you can instantly see which rod to strike.

If you own the Hirisi alarms, then I can see no reason why you wouldn’t want these to form part of a solid bite indication setup, both audibly and visually.

Are these the best fishing bobbins set of 3 (I mean 4!) around?

  • LED Fishing Swinger with LED Light Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • Plastic Head with Stainless Steel Pole and Weight
  • Removeable Seat
  • Standard 2.5mm DC Plug Fit All Bite Alarms
  • Package in Protection PU Case

Fox Black Label ‘Dinky’ Bobbins

Why buy these bobbins?

Form anglers seeking that ‘old skool’ look – then surely these bobbins are a winner?

There is not one, but two, transparent isotope windows, a 6 inch black chain, a moulded line clip featuring a pivot ball, and there are a wide range of colours for you to choose from.

Weighing 10g, I found these to work great when fished using slack or tight lines.

Fox Black Label Dinky Bobbins

I would suggest watching the video below to get a better look for what they look like and to see them in action before buying.

What isotopes would you recommend?

The Fox Dinky bobbins are designed to work with Black Label Micro Isotopes.

Simply open up the indented cap at the top of the bobbin, insert, and you are good to go!


  • Classic ‘old-school’ look
  • Injection moulded opaque coloured main body with two transparent isotope windows
  • 6ins black ball chain
  • Unique indented cap is removable allowing the isotopes to be inserted and also allows you to perfectly align the line clip and isotope windows
  • Moulded line friendly pivoting ball line clip
  • Weight: 10g
  • Designed to work with Black Label Micro Isotopes
  • Available in Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, White and Black

NGT Fishing Bobbins Set of 3

Last but not least are the NGT Fishing Bobbins.

Now, they are incredibly basic, but perhaps useful as a backup set or for new anglers to the sport.

NGT fishing bobbins set of 3

What’s included?

Available in blue, purple and clear, each indicator includes a line clip, plastic hockey stick, and mega long 17.5cm chains!

With a modern looking design, they are easy to setup and get fishing quickly.

I could not get to use these, but a friend of mine took his son fishing and had this to say:

“They were stronger than I thought they were going to be, but I did struggle to connect them onto my line. However, you can adjust the grip by rotating the base of the clip and this seemed to fix the issue. I noticed you can also attach a starlight for fishing at night. Overall, I would give these 6/10”

So there you go – they do the job, are fairly simple to use, and are great value for money.

If you fish regularly, I would however recommend choosing an alternative fishing bobbins set of 3.


  • Blue, Purple and Clear Indicators
  • 17.5cm Chains
  • Modern Design
  • Easy to Use


Our round up of the best fishing bobbins set of 3 is finished!

We’ve looked at different features of bobbins and narrowed them down to a selection for all levels of angler.

I would suggest choosing a set of bobbins that works to the style you mainly fish, whether that is using slack or tight lines, or if you fish big lakes that require casting long distances.

If we are missing bobbins that you feel should be on our list, please do reach out to us and we’ll check them out.

Thanks for reading!

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