23 Best Fishing Lines (2022 Update)

The best fishing line shouldn’t break as attempt to land your fish, however, the is more to this than that!

Selecting the right line for the species your targeting is critical to choosing the right type, diameter and strength of line.

So, we have put together a comprehensive guide that includes monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon from all the top brands!

best fishing line

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Frequently Asked Questions


Monofilament is made from a single fibre of plastic and is the most common type of fishing line due to how cheap it is manufacture.

Fox EOS Fishing Line

‘Mono’ is available in many different diameters, strengths and colours making it great for any type of fishing situation!


Fishing braid is made from multiple fibres and is very easy to cast due its tough outer shell and narrow diameter that makes it very durable.

best fishing braid line

Used mostly in sea fishing, braided mainlines can be found in carp angling when casting heavier end tackle such as spods, or marking out swims by dragging a heavier lead across the lakebed.


Over the past few years, fishing with fluorocarbon has become much more popular!

You can get low visibility, thin diameter lines and because it has some stretch, it casts OK too.  

best fluorocarbon fishing line

It also tends to be quite resistant against abrasion, so you’ll have less problems if your rig gets caught up in weed or a snag.  It also sinks, so would advise against any sot of surface fishing.

I would recommend wetting the knot when you are tying fluorocarbon, otherwise it will fail and you’ll lose your end tackle, or the fish – or both!

1. Asso Bullet Proof

Created using a new ‘secret compound’ which makes this fishing line highly abrasion resistant, but remains very soft and limp therefore its a very suitable line for distance casting. 

The best fishing line for exceptional knot strength.


2. Avid Outline Camo

Best Camo Reel Line

Offering excellent concealment properties both through the water column, and resting on the lakebed, Avid Outline Camo fishing line works best when casting extreme distances.

The low viz green, with micro flecks, really blends into the water. a top fishing line!


3. Avid Extremity Spod Braid

Designed for casting spods and spombs extreme distances, Avid ‘Extremity’ features high knot strength whilst maintaining a low diameter.

It is also very hardwearing, with a super smooth finish.


4. Avid Outline Mono

The Outline name was specially chosen to represent how, once in the water, this monofilament breaks up the water, or ‘outline’.

This makes it much more difficult for carp to see.

Great knot strength, but retains a smooth cast every time.


5. Avid Extremity Marker Braid

Best Marker Braid

Avid Carp Extremity Braid (A0560004)
  • 25lb Breaking Strain
  • 300m Spool, 0.23mm Diameter
  • Camo finish, High Knot Strength

Ideal for feature finding, this low diameter marker braid is finished in an outline camo and features black line marks every foot to gauge depth.

An anti-tangle braid that also has a high knot strength.


6. Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon

Best Fluorocarbon

Berkley Trilene Fluoro XL Fishing Line - Clear, 8 lb / 200yd
  • Limp and smooth casting Fluoro
  • Fast sinking
  • Combines all the legendary advantages of Trilene Fluoro and Trilene XL

A professional grade fluorocarbon fishing line that, diameter for diameter, has the strongest impact of any other!

Breaking strains range from 4lb up to 20lb, with the lowest diameter 0.18mm.


7. Berkley Ultra 8 Fireline

Strongest Fishing Braid

Berkley FireLine Ultra 8 Braided Superline Fishing Line - Fine Strand 8 Carrier Braid
  • Compared to the classic Fireline, the FireLine Ultra 8 Crystal offers:
  • Robustness - higher abrasion resistance +50%
  • Better casting properties - further throwing + 10%

An excellent 8-strand braid available in three different colours so this can be used for many fishing applications.

Its actully an award winning fishing line due its strength, abrasion resistance and wind knot resistance.


8. Berkley Whiplash 8 Braid

Best All Round Braid

BERKLEY Unisex's Whiplash Braid-Green, 100 lb
  • Super Strong & Extreme Durability
  • Easy to tie
  • 100% PE Dyneema

Our third fishing line from Berkley is the superior ‘Whiplash’ braid.

This is an eight carrier braid and is one of the strongest fibres in class.

Whether you fish for specimen saltwater fish or prefer tackling lakes and rivers, you will not find a more trusting braid.


9. Daiwa Sensor

Best Fishing Line

  • Dark Brown coloured line
  • Highly durable and resistant to abrasion
  • Supple and smooth-casting even after long periods of active use

A fishing line with a mighty reputation, Daiwa Sensor is one of the most trusted lines available.

In fact its the number one monofilament in the UK!

It was actually used to land not one but two British Carp Records!


10. Daiwa Hyper Sensor

Daiwa Hyper Sensor Line Bulk Spool 1/4LB 18LB
  • HSM15    15lbs/6.8kg       0.317mm          1261m    
  • HSM18    18lbs/8.16kg     0.33mm            1192m    
  • HSM20    20lbs/9.07kg     0.37mm            946m    

This line offers a reduced diameter and offers higher abrasion resistance than Sensor Monofil.

Ideal for rough fishing conditions, its available in bulk spools so you can spool up all three reels if necessary.


11. Daiwa J-Braid Grand X8

Daiwa J-Braid 8 Braid 0.28mm, 26.5kg / 58.0lbs, 300m dark green, round braided fishing line
  • Length: 300 m / 328 yds ; Diameter: 0,28mm
  • Capacity: 26.5kg / 58.0lbs ; Colour: dark green
  • The J-Braid X8 is an 8-braided line that has the highest quality standards and requirements.

An incredibly strong 8-strand braid that is highly resistant to abrasion.

Casting feels really smooth due to  it been very supple.

A really good all-round fishing braid.


12. Drennan Acolyte Feeder Braid

Best Braid For Feeder Fishing

Drennan Acolyte Zero Stretch Feeder Fishing Braid 0.12mm 150m
  • Silky smooth finish
  • Zero Stretch
  • Perfect for distance feeder or bomb fishing

Probably the best fishing line for distance feeder fishing or bomb fishing.

Improves bite detection as it has zero stretch.

Feels quite stiff initially, but quickly becomes more supple and flexible with use.


13. Drennan Float Fish

Best Float Fishing Line

Drennan Float Fish Line New Version: 4.4lb
  • Drennan Mono Line Fish Float - 100m

Ideal for a range of float fishing applications, this line features high knot strength and a gloss finish.

Available in Olive Green and a wide selection of strengths and line diameters.


14. ESP Syncro XT Loaded

ESP Syncro XT Mono Mainline
  • Extra Tough Line
  • Monofilament
  • High Abrasion

Extra tough, this fishing line from ESP is an exceptional mono that holds up well whatever the angling situation.

Now in its 10th year, its a well respected mainline that has landed countless big carp in the Uk and across Europe.


15. ESP Syncro XT

Fastest Sinking Mono Line

ESP SYNCHRO XT 15lb 100m - ELSYXT015
  • The XT of Syncro literally stands for extra tough, indicating that this exceptional monofilament is highly abrasion resistant and durable. 
  • The breaking strain quoted on each spool is an easily achievable knot strength, appropriate to its diameter. However, with carefully tied, mechanically superior knots like the five turn grinner, average breaking strains can be significantly increased as indicated below. 
  • 1000m spools

Ideal if you are fishing amongst weed and snags as this is an incredibly strong mono!

Its fast sinking, and features a slick finish to aid distance casting.

The low visiblity green blends into the lakebed well too.


16. Fox Exocet

FOX Carp Fishing Spomb Braid 300m 20lb Red
  • Ultra long range spod braid
  • Buoyant Floating Braid
  • Virtually no stretch Highly visible Low diameter

A line that virtually blends into the lakebed, Fox Exocet is supple and has a low diameter.

Sinks reasonably well, has great knot strength and low memory, making it a decent all round fishing line that can be used for many purposes.


17. Fox Soft Steel Line

With an improved camouflage pattern that breaks up the water column, this fishing line is strong, features low-stretch properties and is very supple – making it a great line to cast.

Available in multiple breaking strains, Fox Camo Steel is the ultimate mono for concealment.


18. Fox EOS Mono Line

The perfect all-round line for fishing all sorts of venues, Fox EOS is a high performance low-viz green that performs exceptionally well.

Available in strengths of 12lb, 15lb, 18lb and 20lb to cover many species.


19. Fox Spomb Braid

Best Braid For Spodding

FOX Carp Fishing Spomb Braid 300m 20lb Red
  • Ultra long range spod braid
  • Buoyant Floating Braid
  • Virtually no stretch Highly visible Low diameter

A dedicated braid for spombing, Fox Spomb Braid offers virtually no stretch at all and because it floats, spodding can be done rapidly and accurately to your designated hotspot.

Highly visible, and a low diameter make this the leading braid for casting bait out at distance.


20. Fox Submerge Braid

Fox Submerge Sinking Braided Mainline 40lb 18.1kg Dark Camo
  • Fox Carp Line Braided Line Sinking
  • Very high abrasion resistance, good to throw.
  • High load capacity (0.16 mm - 11.3 kg, 0.20 mm - 18.1 kg, 0.30 mm - 24 kg).

A professional braid used by top carp anglers across the world, Fox Submerge is a dark camo colour that is exceptionally tough.

Fast sinking, low diameter, and minimal stretch make this a highly reliable line.


21. Gardner GT-HD Line

Fastest Sinking Fishing Line

Gardner GT-HD Line

Available at Amazon

Utilises a unique high-grade polymer giving this line much reduced stretch compared to other monofilaments!

The smooth finish and supple feel offers a superior casting performance time and time again.


22. Gardner GT 80+

Gardner GT80+

Available at Amazon

A ‘big fish’ mono that gives anglers great reliability and performance, the unique polymer ensures this  is one of the fastest sinking fishing lines on the market.

Epic knot strength, a supple feel and low diameter gives this line winning properties you’ll struggle to find an equal for.


23. Gardner Kinetic Braid

Gardner Kinetic Distance Braid

Available at Amazon


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