23 Best Fishing Lines (Mono, Fluorocarbon & Braid!)

There are many different types of fishing line on the market, and it can be tough to determine which one is best for you.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of fishing line and what makes them each unique.

We will also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best fishing line for your needs.

Fishing line is made up of either monofilament, fluorocarbon or braided strands.

Let’s take a look at these in more detail.

Types of Fishing Line


Monofilament is made from a single fibre of plastic and is the most common type of fishing line due to how cheap it is manufacture.

Fox EOS Fishing Line

‘Mono’ is available in many different diameters, strengths and colours making it great for any type of fishing situation!


Fishing braid is made from multiple fibres and is very easy to cast due its tough outer shell and narrow diameter that makes it very durable.

best fishing braid line

Used mostly in sea fishing, braided mainlines can be found in carp angling when casting heavier end tackle such as spods, or marking out swims by dragging a heavier lead across the lakebed.


Over the past few years, fishing with fluorocarbon has become much more popular!

You can get low visibility, thin diameter lines and because it has some stretch, it casts OK too.  

best fluorocarbon fishing line

It also tends to be quite resistant against abrasion, so you’ll have less problems if your rig gets caught up in weed or a snag.  It also sinks, so would advise against any sort of surface fishing.

I would recommend wetting the knot when you are tying fluorocarbon, otherwise it will fail and you’ll lose your end tackle, or the fish – or both!

How To Spool a Fishing Reel

We have selected a video that shows you how to spool your reels correctly.

How To Cut Braided Fishing Line

Braid is a very tough line – so its important that you learn how to perform a ‘clean’ cut.

You can use tools such as blades, scissors and specialist snips designed for cutting through braid.

If you own a pair of pliers, there will often be a special ‘side cutter’ which performs a clean break in your braid.

Fishing Line Reviews

1. Asso Bullet Proof

Asso Bullet Proof Line

Created using a new ‘secret compound’ which makes this fishing line highly abrasion resistant, but remains very soft and limp therefore its a very suitable line for distance casting. 

The best fishing line with exceptional knot strength, Asso Bullet Proof is the best fishing line I’ve ever used.

It’s strong and durable, which makes it perfect for catching big fish.

I highly recommend this line to anyone who wants to make their fishing experience a success.


  • High abrasion resistance
  • Smooth flexible surface
  • Pasty composition
  • Low stretch

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2. Avid Outline Camo

Avid Carp Outline Camo Reel Line

Overall, I was really pleased with the Avid Carp Outline Camo fishing line.

It is definitely one of the best fishing lines I’ve used because I found it to be incredibly strong and durable, which makes it perfect for catching large fish.

The camouflage coloring also helps to keep your rig hidden, which increases your chances of landing a carp.

I highly recommend this fishing line for any angler who is looking for an edge in their fishing game.


  • Unrivaled concealment properties
  • Superb abrasion resistance
  • Low visibility green
  • Ultra smooth surface finish
  • 12lb 1000m, 12lb 300m, 15lb 1000m, 15lb 300m, 18lb 1000m, 18lb 300m

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3. Avid Extremity Spod Braid

If you’re looking for the best fishing line for casting out heavy spods, look no further than Avid Extremity Spod Braid.

This line is designed to handle the heaviest payloads of bait, making it the perfect choice for distance spodding.

Avid Extremity Spod Braid is made from a super-strong braided fiber that is incredibly abrasion resistant.

This means that it can handle being dragged over rocks and other sharp objects without getting damaged.

Additionally, the line has a low memory construction which helps it to stay straight and tangle-free even when wet.

One of the best things about Avid Extremity Spod Braid is its castability.

best fishing line for spodding

This line is amazingly easy to throw, even at long distances, making it the perfect choice for anglers who like to use spods or fishfinders, such as the Deeper Chirp.

While Avid Extremity Spod Braid is an amazing line, it does have a few drawbacks.

First, it is a bit on the expensive side. Second, it can be a little difficult to knot.

However, these are minor issues compared to the benefits this line has to offer.

If you’re looking for an uncompromising spod braid that can handle anything the water throws at it, then Avid Extremity Spod Braid is the perfect choice.

It’s strong, durable, and incredibly easy to cast, making it the best line for anglers who want to go cast big!


  • Designed for spod and bomb casting
  • Low diameter
  • High knot strength
  • Super smooth
  • Hardwearing finish
  • Breaking Strain: 25lb / 11.5kg
  • Diameter: 0.23mm
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Spool Size: 300m

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4. Avid Carp Trap Line

Avid Carp Trap Line is considered by many as one of the best fishing lines available on the market for 2022.

It has a lot of features that make it a great choice for anyone looking to catch carp.

Some of these features include its low memory, high strength and abrasion resistance.

Avid Carp Outline Mono on Reel

However, there are also some drawbacks to using this line. One of them is its price tag, which can be a bit expensive for some anglers.

Additionally, it can also be difficult to knot, so it’s important to practice before using it.

Overall, though, Avid Carp Trap Line is an excellent choice for anyone targeting carp.


  • Great all rounder
  • Extremely tough
  • Super supple
  • Low diameters
  • Sinks quickly
  • Breaking Strain/Diameter: 10lb (0.30mm), 12 lb (0.32mm), 15lb (0.35mm) 18lb (0.40mm)

5. Avid Extremity Marker Braid

Best Marker Braid

Avid Carp Marker Braid

If you’re looking for the best low diameter marker braid out there, you need to check out Avid Extremity Marker Braid!

This stuff is incredible!

It’s super strong and durable, which means it casts sweetly, whatever area of the lake you are targeting or marking out.

At every foot, the braid is marked out in black to make it easier to gauge distance or depth.

Plus, it’s easy to use, so you’ll be able to get started right away.

I definitely recommend giving this braid a try!


  • Black line every foot
  • Low diameter braid
  • Strong, hardwearing braid
  • High performance casting properties
  • High knot strength
  • Low stretch for increases sensitivity
  • Breaking Strain: 25lb
  • Diameter: 0.23mm
  • Spool Size: 300m

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6. Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon

As a diehard carp fisherman, I’m always looking for the best products on the market to help me catch more fish.

So when I heard about Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon, I knew I had to check it out.

I was impressed with the features of this line.

best fluorocarbon fishing line 1

It is made of fluorocarbon, which makes it nearly invisible in the water and gives it a high level of sensitivity.

This allows you to feel even the slightest nibbles on your bait, helping you to detect bites more easily.

In addition, Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon is also incredibly strong and durable.

This means that it can handle big fish without any problems.

Overall, I was very impressed with Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a top-quality fluorocarbon line.

Breaking strains range from 4lb up to 20lb, with the lowest diameter 0.18mm.


Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon
£7.48 (£0.15 / meter)
  • Invisibility.
  • Near invisibility
  • Smooth handling.
Buy on Amazon
02/29/2024 06:59 am GMT
  • Black line every foot
  • Low diameter braid
  • Strong, hardwearing braid
  • High performance casting properties
  • High knot strength
  • Low stretch for increases sensitivity
Breaking StrainDiameter

7. Berkley Ultra 8 Fireline

If you’re looking for the best lines on the market, Berkley Ultra 8 Fireline is a great option.

This line is incredibly strong and durable, making it ideal for both casting and trolling.

It also features a low memory, which helps keep it straight and tangle-free.

Berkley Ultra 8 Fireline

Berkley Ultra 8 Fireline is an 8-strand braid, available in both clear and smoke colors, so you can choose the best option for your needs.

It’s actually an award winning fishing line due its strength, abrasion resistance and wind knot resistance.


Berkley FireLine Ultra 8 Braided Superline
£29.99 £27.95 (£0.09 / meter)
  • Compared to the classic Fireline, the FireLine Ultra 8...
  • Robustness - higher abrasion resistance +50%
  • Better casting properties - further throwing + 10%
Buy on Amazon
02/29/2024 06:17 am GMT
  • Compared to classic FireLine®, Ultra 8™ is:
  • Tougher – 4x More Abrasion Resistant
  • Better Casting – Casts 10% farther
  • Better Handling – Rounder, more consistent line structure
  • Stronger – Made with the highest-tenacity PE Fiber
Breaking StrainDiameter

8. Berkley Whiplash 8 Braid

Best All Round Braid

Berkley Whiplash 8 Green Braid

I’ve been using Berkley Whiplash 8 Braid for a while now, and I have to say, I love it!

This is the best 8 strand braid I’ve ever used.

The quality is amazing, and it’s super strong. It’s perfect for any kind of fishing situation. I highly recommend it!


Berkley Whiplash 8 Braided Fishing Line - 100% Dyneema 8 Strand Braid for Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing, Green, 23.0kg | 51lb| 300m
£30.95 £29.40 (£0.10 / meter)
  • Eight strands
  • Perfectly rounded
  • Exceptionally smooth and calm
Buy on Amazon
02/29/2024 07:12 am GMT
  • 8 carrier
  • Perfectly round
  • Exceptionally smooth and quiet
  • Super Strong
  • Extreme Durability
  • Long and fast casting
  • 100% PE Dyneema
  • Tough and abrasion resistant
  • For Fresh and Saltwater use
  • 300m spool
  • Crystal or Moss Green
Breaking StrainDiameter

9. Daiwa Sensor

Daiwa Sensor fishing line is one of the best on the market, in fact it’s the number one monofilament in the UK!

It has a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for any angler.

Daiwa Sensor Fishing Line

Some of these features include its abrasion resistance, low memory, and high knot strength.

Additionally, this line is made with a special extrusion process that gives it a smooth surface.

This makes it easier to cast and results in longer distances reached.

Overall, Daiwa Sensor fishing line is a great choice for anyone looking for an excellent quality all round line.

It was actually used to land not one but two British Carp Records!


  • The number one monofil in the UK.
  • Scooped multiple awards
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Amazing durability, suppleness, consistent diameter and superb knotting
  • 4 oz bulk spool
Breaking StrainDiameter

10. Daiwa Hyper Sensor

If you’re looking for the best fishing line, Daiwa Hyper Sensor is a great option. It has many features that make it stand out from other lines.

Daiwa Hyper Sensor Fishing Line

Some of the standout features of Daiwa Hyper Sensor include:

– Low memory – this means that the line doesn’t coil up as much when you’re casting, which makes it easier to use.

– Sensitive tip – this allows you to feel every nibble and strike, so you can react quickly and hook your fish.

– Durable – the line is resistant to abrasion and UV damage, meaning it will last longer.

Overall, I think Daiwa Hyper Sensor is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality fishing line!


£17.50 (£0.00 / meter)
  • HSM15    15lbs/6.8kg       0.317mm         ...
  • HSM18    18lbs/8.16kg     0.33mm           ...
  • HSM20    20lbs/9.07kg     0.37mm           ...
Buy on Amazon
02/29/2024 08:41 am GMT
  • Hyper abrasion resistant
  • Hyper knot strength
  • Longer casting thanks to reduced diameter
  • Original dark Sensor colour and now available in Gunmetal grey
Breaking StrainDiameter

11. Daiwa J-Braid Grand X8

An incredibly strong 8-strand braid that is highly resistant to abrasion, I have been using Daiwa J-Braid Grand X8 fishing line for a while now and I have to say that I am very impressed.

Daiwa J Braid Grand Fishing Braid

This line is incredibly strong and durable, which makes it perfect for big fish.

It also has a very low memory, so it doesn’t tangle easily.

Casting feels really smooth due to it been very supple.

Overall, I would highly recommend this line to anyone looking for a quality fishing line.

A really good all-round fishing braid.


  • Ultra hi strength 8ply IZINAS PE fibre
  • Short ‘Pitch braiding technology for more consistent profile
  • Four times more abrasion resistant than other braids
  • Ultra Low stretch
  • Made in Japan
Breaking StrainDiameter

12. Drennan Acolyte Feeder Braid

Drennan Acolyte Feeder Braid 2

Drennan Acolyte Feeder Braid is a thin, tightly woven 8 carrier braided mainline with a silky smooth surface finish.

It’s perfect for distance feeder or bomb fishing and improves bite detection due to its zero stretch, keeping you in direct contact with your rig.

This special braid is initially slightly stiff but quickly becomes more supple and flexible with use.

It then behaves beautifully, displaying excellent long term durability and colour retention.

Overall, I think Drennan Acolyte Feeder Braid is one of the best fishing lines for feeder fishing that I’ve ever used!


Drennan Acolyte Zero Stretch Feeder Fishing Braid 0.12mm 150m
  • Priced Per Spool
  • 150m spools
  • Perfect for distance feeder or bomb fishing
Buy on Amazon
02/29/2024 03:11 pm GMT
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  • Silky smooth finish
  • Zero Stretch
  • Perfect for distance feeder or bomb fishing
  • Long term durability and colour retention
Breaking StrainDiameter

13. Drennan Float Fishing Line

If you’re looking for the best line for float fishing, then you should definitely check out Drennan’s float fish line.

Drennan Float Fish Line

It comes in a range of sizes, from 2.6lb (0.14mm) to 6.0lb (0.22mm), and is available in both olive green and clear colours.

The gloss surface finish ensures that your line glides smoothly through the water, while the improved knot strength and good abrasion resistance make it ideal for use in demanding environments.

What’s more, the low memory means that it won’t kink or curl during storage or use, while the good resistant to shot damage makes it perfect for those who like to use a weighted rig when fishing for F1’s or other small fish.


Drennan Float Fish Line New Version: 6lb
£4.99 (£0.05 / Meter)
  • Ideal line for all float fishing situations
  • Perfect for fishing large and small rivers
  • High knot strength
Buy on Amazon
02/29/2024 12:22 pm GMT
  • 100m spools
  • Olive green colour
  • Gloss surface finish
  • Improved knot strength
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good resistant to shot damage
  • Low memory
Breaking StrainDiameter

14. ESP Syncro XT Loaded

ESP Syncro XT Loaded Fishing Line

The ESP Syncro XT Loaded is a great choice for fishing line. It is made with the best materials and construction to make sure that you have the best chance of landing that big fish.

Extra tough, this fishing line from ESP is an exceptional mono that holds up well whatever the angling situation.

Now in its 10th year, its a well respected mainline that has landed countless big carp in the Uk and across Europe.


ESP Syncro XT Mono Mainline
£22.75 (£0.23 / meter)
  • Extra Tough Line
  • Monofilament
  • High Abrasion
Buy on Amazon
02/29/2024 12:57 pm GMT
  • 1000m per spool
  • Slick surface
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Quick sinking
  • Optimum stretch
  • Durable
  • Extra-tough
  • High performance
Breaking StrainDiameter

15. ESP Syncro XT Mono

Fastest Sinking Mono Line

ESP Syncro XT Fishing Line

Ideal if you are fishing amongst weed and snags as this is an incredibly strong mono!

Its fast sinking, and features a slick finish to aid distance casting.

The low visiblity green blends into the lakebed well too.


ESP SYNCHRO XT 15lb 100m - ELSYXT015
£22.75 (£0.23 / meter)
  • Extra Tough Line
  • Monofilament
  • High Abrasion
Buy on Amazon
02/29/2024 01:07 pm GMT
  • 1000m per spool
  • Slick surface
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Fast sinking
  • Optimum stretch
  • Durable
Breaking StrainDiameter

16. Fox Exocet

Fox Exocet Fishing Line

The Fox Exocet is a great fishing line for those looking to catch a big fish. It has a high strength to diameter ratio, meaning that it can handle bigger fish without breaking.

Additionally, the slick surface of the line helps reduce friction and makes it easier for the fish to make a getaway.

A line that virtually blends into the lakebed, Fox Exocet is supple and has a low diameter.

Sinks reasonably well, has great knot strength and low memory, making it a decent all round fishing line that can be used for many purposes.


FOX Carp Fishing Spomb Braid 300m 20lb Red
£29.49 (£0.10 / meter)
  • Ultra long range spod braid
  • Buoyant Floating Braid
  • Virtually no stretch Highly visible Low diameter
Buy on Amazon
02/29/2024 02:38 pm GMT
  • Low visibility Trans Khaki blends virtually disappears on lakebed and in midwater
  • Low diameter and supple making it perfect for long range casting
  • Great abrasion resistance considering low diameter
  • Sinks surprisingly well for such a supple line
  • Great knot strength and low memory
  • Supplied on 1000m bulk spools
Breaking StrainDiameter

17. Fox Soft Steel Line

Fox Soft Steel Line

Fox Soft Steel is a type of fishing line that is made to be soft and flexible. This makes it easier to cast in difficult places.

It is also more resistant to abrasion, which means that it will last longer when you’re fishing in rough areas.

With an improved camouflage pattern that breaks up the water column, this fishing line is strong, features low-stretch properties and is very supple – making it a great line to cast.

Available in multiple breaking strains, Fox Camo Steel is the ultimate mono for concealment.


  • Improved colour break camouflage pattern to further aid its concealment in water
  • Low stretch and very strong
  • Very subtle, low diameter making it perfect casting
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Great knot strength and low memory
Breaking StrainDiameter

18. Fox Carp Mono

Fox Carp Mono Line

Fox Carp Mono is a type of fishing line that is used for catching carp.

This line is designed to be strong and durable, which makes it ideal for this purpose.

It also has low memory, meaning that it will not get kinked or tangled easily.

The perfect all-around line for fishing all sorts of venues, Fox EOS is a high-performance low-viz green that performs exceptionally well.

Available in strengths of 12lb, 15lb, 18lb and 20lb to cover many species.


FOX Low Vis Green Carp Mono 18lb
  • Perfect all round fishing Mono main line for Carp specimen...
  • Ideal for Carp Pike Bream Tench Chub and Pike
  • Low vis green colour with great abrasion resistance
Buy on Amazon
02/29/2024 04:57 pm GMT
  • Perfect all round Monofilament main line
  • Low vis green
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Low dimeter aids casting performance
  • Low memory and stretch
  • High knot strength
  • Supplied in 1000m spools ( 20lb supplied on an 850m spool)
Breaking StrainDiameter

19. Fox Spomb Braid

Best Braid For Spodding

Fox Spomb Braid is a type of fishing line that is made to be very strong. It is braided, which means it is made of many smaller pieces of line that are all woven together.

Fox Spomb Braid 1

This makes it much stronger than regular fishing line, which is why it is used for spodding techniques.

A dedicated braid for spombing, Fox Spomb Braid offers virtually no stretch at all and because it floats, spodding can be done rapidly and accurately to your designated hotspot.

Highly visible, and a low diameter make this the leading braid for casting bait out at distance.


Fox Submerge Sinking Braided Mainline 40lb 18.1kg Dark Camo
  • Fox Submerge Sinking Braided mainline is used by some of the...
  • Dark Camo colour break technology helps to conceal it on the...
  • Extremely tough braid that is ideal for weedy and snaggy...
Buy on Amazon
  • Ultra long range spod braid
  • Buoyant Floating Braid 
  • Virtually no stretch
  • Highly visible 
  • Low diameter
  • Superb knot strength
  • Recommended for use alongside Spomb Braided Shock-leader
Breaking StrainDiameter

20. Fox Submerge Braided Mainline

Fox Submerge Braid is a type of fishing line that is made to be submerged in water.

Fox Submerge Braided Mainline

This type of line is braided, which means it is made of multiple strands of wire that are twisted together.

This makes it stronger and less likely to break when you catch a fish and there are snags or weed in your path.

A professional braid used by top carp anglers across the world, Fox Submerge is a dark camo colour that is exceptionally tough.

Fast sinking, low diameter, and minimal stretch make this a highly reliable line.


FOX Carp Fishing Spomb Braid 300m 20lb Red
£29.49 (£0.10 / meter)
  • Ultra long range spod braid
  • Buoyant Floating Braid
  • Virtually no stretch Highly visible Low diameter
Buy on Amazon
02/29/2024 02:38 pm GMT
  • Fast sinking
  • Low diameter and very supple for casting performance
  • Supple nature helps it to hug lakebed contours
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Virtually zero stretch
  • Perfect for snaggy and weedy venues
  • New 55lb/24.9kg version available
  • Available in 300m and 600m spools
Breaking StrainDiameter

21. Gardner GT-HD Line

Gardner GT HD Mono

The Gardner GT-HD Line is a type of fishing line that is made from a single strand of monofilament. This makes it more durable and less likely to break than other types of fishing lines.

Additionally, the Gardner GT-HD Line is resistant to ultraviolet light, meaning it will not degrade as quickly in the sun!

Utilises a unique high-grade polymer giving this line much reduced stretch compared to other monofilaments!

The smooth finish and supple feel offers a superior casting performance time and time again.


Gardner GT-HD Mono Line, Breaking Strain: 12lb, Diameter: 0.33mm, Length: 1150m
  • Load capacity: 12 lb. (12 lbs)
  • Diameter: 0.33 mm
  • Length: 1150 m
Buy on Amazon
02/27/2024 03:05 pm GMT
  • Reduced stretch offers excellent feedback
  • Smooth finish and supple feel
  • Superior casting performance.
  • GT-HD is formulated to sink quickly
  • Exceptionally high knot strength
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Low-Viz Green colour gives superb camouflage
  • For optimum performance we recommend a Palomar knot
Breaking StrainDiameter

22. Gardner GT 80+

I’ve been using Gardner GT 80+ for a while now and I have to say, it’s one of my favorite fishing lines for carp fishing!

It has a unique copolymer formula that makes it the fastest sinking monofilament with an extra heavy sinking additive.

This means I can get my bait down to where the fish are quickly and easily.

gardner carp fishing line

But that’s not all.

The highest abrasion resistance ensures that the line can handle even the most punishing conditions, while the excellent suppleness and linear strength make it easy to cast accurately and control your rig precisely.

The stretch characteristics have also been tailored to offer a precise feel and control when fishing, the epic knot strength ensures that even the biggest fish won’t be able to break your line.

Last but not least, the deep green color offers excellent camouflage of the mainline, making it perfect for stalking carp.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with Gardner GT 80+ and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the best fishing line available.


Gardner Tackle Gt80+ 15Lb (6.8Kg) Camo Green
  • Our unique copolymer formula includes an extra heavy sinking...
  • GT80+ gives the highest abrasion resistance, without...
  • Stretch characteristics have been tailored to offer precise...
Buy on Amazon
02/27/2024 03:29 pm GMT
  • Unique copolymer formula
  • Highest abrasion resistance
  • Stretch characteristics
  • Epic knot strength
  • Casts beautifully thanks to smooth finish, supple feel and uniform diameter
  • Deep Green colour offers excellent camouflage of main line
  • Low visibility
Breaking StrainDiameter

23. Gardner Kinetic Braid

I’ve had the chance to try out Gardner Kinetic Braid recently and it’s quickly become one of my favorite carp fishing braids.

It has an impressive breaking strain and is very tough and abrasion resistant.

Plus, it’s UV resistant so it won’t degrade in the sun.

The low viz dark green color also makes it ideal for stealthy fishing.

And best of all, it comes on a 250m spool, which will last a while even if you’re doing a lot of fishing.

All in all, I highly recommend this braid for anyone looking for the best carp fishing braid available.


Gardner Kinetic Distance Braided Main Line 20lb / Carp Fishing
£22.99 £19.99
  • Kinetic Distance Braid is a super soft and smooth, low...
  • During development and testing Kinetic Distance Braid...
  • Kinetic Distance Braid is dyed a very dark shade of green as...
Buy on Amazon
02/27/2024 03:15 pm GMT
  • 100% Dyneema.
  • Breaking strain is rated at true knot strength (most braids aren’t)
  • Tough & abrasion resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • High linear & knot strength
  • All strains are supplied on 250m spools, 20lb and 30lb are also available on 600m spools
  • Low Viz Dark Green
Breaking StrainDiameter

Best Fishing Line: Final Verdict

Whatever type of fishing you enjoy doing, choosing the correct line for the task ahead is important to get right.

Monofilament is a general line that can be used for any fishing, and almost all reels will accept it and you WILL catch fish.

However, choosing the right breaking strain and line diameter can be difficult at first.

There are tons of YouTube videos, forums and tutorials that explain how to match up your line to the reel you have, and the species you are fishing for.

Braid is a tough line that is difficult to break, and is often used when targeting large fish, especially in seas and oceans.

Fluorocarbon is a technical line that has excellent concealment properties for when you need to be extra stealthy, or for fish that are wary.

We hope you enjoyed reading our best fishing line guide.

Thanks for reading.


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