9 Best Fishing Side Trays

Essential for keeping your baits and tackle organised, a fishing side tray attaches to your seat box so you can keep these close by – resulting in more time to fish!

best fishing side tray

Side trays come in many sizes, but generally only fit specific seat boxes such as those from Preston Innovations, Matrix and MAP.

However, we have also include the Nufish side tray, which is universal. But please do check the sizes first (which we have stated)

Lets jump in to the best fishing side trays so you can fish more effectively.

Preston Side Trays

1. Preston Double Decker Side Trays

Available in small and large, the Preston Innovations Double Decker Side Tray maximises your space due to ‘offsetting’ a second tray to create two tiers.

Preston double decker fishing side tray

The lower side tray is designed to accommodate all your bait tubs (I managed to get six on there!) whilst the ‘upper deck’ is perfect for terminal tackle such as feeders, shot weights and baiting tools.

A handy measure located between the two decks allows you to quickly measure out your hooklength and rigs.

With the base constructed from a lightweight perforated ‘Venta-lite’ material, and the second tier from aluminium, it really is a robust design that serves its purpose.

I found both to be stable once connected to the leg of my seat box.

Preston Ventalite Side Tray

The small side tray has one leg mount, whist the larger has two.

A really good fishing side tray that I have already seen plenty of match anglers using.

Note: Part of the Offbox 36 range of seat box accessories and can be fitted using the Offbox clamping knuckle.


Two tier storage system
Connects using Offbox clamping knuckle
Small: Lower tray is 43cm x 39cm, Higher tray is 36.5cm x 31cm
Large: Lower tray is 54cm x 43.5cm, Higher tray is 48cm x 32cm

2. Preston Stormshield XL Fishing Side Tray

Ideal for feeder fishermen, the Preston ‘Stormshield’ XL Side Tray features bags of space for your bait boxes, whilst contained within the lid are internal pockets for storing essential small tackle and accessories.

Preston Stormshield Side Tray

Utilising the renowned clamping knuckles, which offer complete stability, there is no need to attach any support legs!

These clamp are fully adjustable, and designed to fit a range of seat boxes. Each is supplied with inserts, so you connect them up easily.

These include:

  • 23mm
  • 24mm
  • 30mm
  • 36mm (with no insert needed)

Finally, you can angle the lid using the twist grip arms to protect your bait further.

A great fishing side tray that offers good support, plenty of room and is very stable.


Available in standard and XL
OffBox Clamping Knuckles (1 x supplied)
Plenty of space for bait boxes
Lift up lid
Internal pockets
Twist Grip arms

3. Preston Offbox Venta-Lite Fishing Side Trays

There are four side trays in this range, each offering something slightly different.

Preston Ventalite Multi Side Tray

First, we have the Venta-Lite Multi Side Tray that can be used in various ways, such as a conventional platform to the side of you, or perhaps as a second corner as you aim to create a group to keep bait, tackle and baiting tools.

A clamping knuckle is located on the corner of this side tray, and can be connected to your seatbox using the provided inserts.

Preston Ventalite Slimline Side Tray

Then we have the Venta-Lite Slimline Side Tray, which was designed to be mounted to the rear of your seat box.

Preston created this edition for pegs that have limited space to fish from, or for match anglers that use minimal bait.

Preston Ventalite Large Side Tray

Next, and my favourite is the Large Venta-Lite Side Tray which features twin knuckles and is the most stable side tray I have ever used.

With the capacity to house six 3-pint bait tubs, with some additional space for baiting tools or fishing pliers, the mesh tray helps with airflow to keep bait fresh.

Preston Ventalite XL Side Tray

Finally we have the mammoth XL Venta-Lite Side Tray which is so large that it comes in two sections!

I would recommend using support legs on top of the clamp knuckles for added stability.

Also included are a pair of 36mm legs.

Whichever fishing side tray you decide to go for – the Venta-Lite range offers something for everyone.

Matrix Side Trays

4. Matrix Self-Supporting Side Trays

Available in large or x-large, the Matrix Self-Supporting Side Tray is designed to be fixed onto a single leg, without any further support.

Matrix Self Supporting Side Trays

This is due to an oversized ‘block’ that creates an extremely secure fixing point.

Unlike most other fishing side trays, this sits much closer to minimise the gap between the seatbox and tray.

Backed up by a unique outer extrusion, it is a really stable side tray!

Matrix Self Supporting Side Tray Inserts

The large model is 57cm by 45cm, and the extra large version is 57cm by 57cm.

Both will fit 25mm, 30mm and 36mm round seat box legs.

Note: These side trays are NOT compatible with F25 or P25 seatboxes.


Designed to fix onto a single seatbox leg without requiring any other support
Unique oversized leg block creates extremely secure fixing point
Side tray sits closer minimising the gap between seatbox and tray
New outer extrusion shape provides additional rigidity
Large (57cm x 45cm)
XL (57cm x 57cm)

5. Matrix 3D Extending Fishing Side Tray

For match fishermen that like a lot of space, for either bait, tools or accessories will appreciate the size of the Matrix 3D Extending Side Tray.

Matrix 3D Extending Side Tray

With room for eight 3-pint bait tubs, the universal design means that this can be attached to most seat boxes that feature round legs.

There are three brackets for connecting to three legs, making it very stable.

A pair of telescopic 25mm support legs are included.

Matrix Extending Side Tray 1

Can be fitted to the side of you, or to the rear. A great side tray that is all about maximising the space around you to fish effectively.

Great job Matrix!


Large extending side to comfortably hold 8 x 3 pint bait boxes
Universal design will fit most round leg seat boxes
Attaches to 3 legs for extra stability
Supplied with 2 telescopic 25mm support legs with mud feet
Universal 3D Snag-Free fitting – fits 25mm, 30mm & 36mm legs.
Can also be fitted to the rear of the box for tackle storage when fishing
Width 42cm
Length 53-81cm

6. Matrix Collapsible Fishing Side Tray

Similar to the Preston Stormshield, the Matrix ‘Collapsible’ Fishing Side Tray features a solid, yet fully adjustable lid that can be locked into position to protect your bait on display.

Matrix Collapsible Side Tray

The Matrix side tray comes with knuckles that are compatible with 25mm, 30mm and 36mm seat box legs. Also supplied are 25mm extending support legs to make sure your side tray remains stable at all times.

For extra stability, double support struts are also included.

Finally this fishing side tray is made from waterproof fabric and can hold 6 large bait tubs.

I found the side tray spacious and stable, even during cross winds.


3D knuckles throughout compactable with 25mm, 30mm & 36mm legs
Supplied with two 25mm extending support legs
Solid fully adjustable lid, can be locked in any position
Double support struts for added stability
Collapsible fabric base enables compact storage
Constructed from durable waterproof fabric
Capable of holding 6x large bait tubs (3.3 pints)
Perfect for protecting your bait from rain and sun damage

Nufish Side Trays

7. Nufish Aqualock Fishing Side Tray

The Nufish Aqualock Side Tray is ideal for keeping your plate and tackle dry and intact whilst you’re fishing.

Nufish Aqualock Side Tray

Each side tray is made from high quality PVC coated nylon, with special attention paid to reinforce the seams and corners. 

By far the best feature is that the universal fittings, together with a telescopic support leg, are designed to fit most seat boxes on the market.

Furthermore, the hard base offers anglers a nice flat surface for placing all your bait tubs,tools, and essential accessories to help keep you organised.

Nufish Side Tray

Another really  great feature is that the side tray collapses down to around 30mm for storing compactly into your fishing luggage, car boot or garage.

Overall this is a very popular side tray that fits a whole range of seat boxes.

I would give it 8 out of 10

Nufish Side Tray Leg Sizes


Waterproof side tray , with any position lid.
Ideal for keeping your bait and tackle dry and intact in all conditions.
Universal fittings
Telescopic support leg
Collapses down to 35mm for compact storage.
Storage depth 120mm

8. Nufish Aqualock Combi Side Tray

Although the original side tray above brought bait protection and access up a notch, Nufish wanted to add a bait tray ‘system’ for match anglers who required instant access to bait, whilst retaining that protection the original offered.

Nufish Aqualock Combi Side Tray

So, this is it – the Nufish Aqualock Combi Side Tray!

Perfect for all rounders, but especially pole anglers who require loose feed quickly.

The lid actually helps you to whip your pole down the margins, with space for four 3 pint tubs.

I like the dual rails either side, because this means the tray can be used to the left or right of your seat box.

Aqualock Combi Side Tray

Finally, the lid features handy pockets for storing spools of line, tools or your mobile phone.

Included are multi-leg clamps that fit most leg styles found of all the popular seat boxes.

The side tray fully collapses down to just 35mm, making it easy to carry or store away until your next match.


Multi-fit leg clamps fits all seatbox leg profiles on the market
The two seperate areas measures 370 x 355 mm each
Collapses down to 35mm for compact storage
Accepts 4 x 3 pint tubs
Storage depth: 110mm

MAP Fishing Side Trays

9. MAP QRS Fishing Side Trays

MAP are a top match fishing brand, and these fishing side trays are made from quality materials, are stable and make your fishing sessions feel more organised.

MAP QRS Fishing Side Trays

Available in small, medium, or large, the trays will fit 25mm, 30mm or 36mm round legs – so make sure your seat box is compatible.

Two telescopic legs are supplied to maintain stability as you fish.

MAP Fishing Side Trays

I found both side trays easy to connect due to four leg fixing points which helped me determine the best height I wanted the trays to be.

Compatible with all MAP QRS accessories, these are perfect for quick access to bait, tools and essential tackle.


180-degree multi-lock system
Supplied with 25, 30 and 36mm round leg inserts
Small: 397mm x 317mm
Medium: 510mm x 435mm
Large: 675mm x 515mm

Best Fishing Side Trays: Final Verdict

Side trays are essential in competitive match fishing.

A platform for storing bait ready to be rigged, or chucked in as a loose feed, they keep you organised throughout your match.

We have featured the top match angling brands such as Preston and Matrix, who offer really stable fishing side trays that won’t let you down when it matters the most.

Just make sure whatever side tray you buy that it will fit onto your seat box!

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