Best Fishing Trolley: The Ultimate Guide

best fishing trolley


Also known as a fishing cart, or shuttle, they are useful for carrying fishing tackle from your car or around a lake.

There are even electric fishing trolleys available which make it even easier, especially across long distances.

Join us as we discuss the latest fishing trolleys, features, and how well they perform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start, we have put together a few key questions to help you choose the best fishing trolley.

1. Shakespeare Seat box Trolley

Best Seat Box Trolley

Tackle Scout Rating

Great for carting your tackle to the beach, the Shakespeare Seatbox Trolley features tough all-terrain tyres.

best seatbox trolley

These made it easy to pull and push through sand and mud, or over beach shingle with nio signs of it getting stuck.

However, I did find that the tyres needed inflating before use, so you will need a foot pump for this.

Upon parking the trolley next to a decent spot, the spring loaded front bar helped keep my tackle stable, making it ideal for fishing from the shore with the usual sweeping winds!

It wasn’t a great space saver either, as I found  that only the front folds up when packing into my car.

The best fishing trolley for anglers on a budget, and it accepts most seatboxes.

Brand: Shakespeare
Sea Fishing
Trolley Weight:
Total Height: 102cm
Price: £59.95

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2. Greenworks Electric Fishing Trolley

Best Electric Fishing Trolley

Tackle Scout Rating

I laughed when I saw my friend using this to cart his fishing tackle around the reservoir, as this electric fishing trolley is aimed at the gardening market!

Greenworks Electric Fishing Trolley

Lets not talk about the fact its bright green either, but, I had to have a go because it seemed so effortless!

Used to transport heavy materials, why should that not include fishing tackle?

It obviously won’t fit into your car, but if you use a van for transporting your gear – this could be a great option.

The best feature, to have a laugh with your friends, is that the main trolley ‘tips’ over. A lot of fun was had with this!

Seriously, it can hold a maximum capacity of 100kg, making it more than capable of chucking in all your tackle.

Beware though that longer items, such as rod holdalls and large bivvies can hinder your view as gently squeeze the accelerator and make your way around the lake in record time!

I wouldn’t say its very practical, but with a distinct lack of electric fishing trolleys on the market, why not give it a go?

Greenworks Akku wheelbarrow G40GC (Li-Ion 40V 4,2 km/h driving speed 2,4 km/h speed backwards 100kg max. load without battery and charger)
  • EASY TO START - Insert 40V Akku Power and get started: our battery garden trolley makes gardening easier when transporting heavy materials - battery and charger aDre not included
  • VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL - our Greenworks wheelbarrow has a forward speed of 4.2 km/h and a reverse speed of 2.4 km/h - optimal for normal walking speed
  • EASY TO USE - thanks to the spring-loaded tipping device, the wheelbarrow with a maximum load capacity of 100kg can be unloaded easily and quickly - ideal for use in your own garden

Brand: Greenworks
All Tackle
Trolley Weight:
Max Capacity: 100kg
Power: 40v
Price: £429.99

3. Nash Trax Evo Power Electric Barrow

Best Powered Fishing Trolley

Tackle Scout Rating

We know this is more of a ‘barrow’ than a trolley, but we always like to represent the carp scene.

Nash Power Trolley

Based on the original Nash Trax Barrow frame, this electric fishing trolley is kitted out with a 24v battery.

This is too assist transporting large loads of fishing gear across huge lakes, or uphill.

Nash state that the battery lasts around for 4 miles, but can be used manually.

I actually enjoyed using this as it saved my bad back!

Because its based on the original, it can accomodate most tackle you’ll need to take.

Features include a rear wheel kit for extra stability, three under the barrow storage bags – useful for cookware or tackle that doesn’t need to be easily accessible.

The trolley itself includes a mains charger, battery bag and of course the rear wheel kit.

A great, but expensive trolley that may be of value if you do suffer from backache or travel long distances with your gear.

Nash Trax Evo Power Electric Barrow
  • 24 Volt lead acid battery propulsion Variable speed trigger control Option for manual or powered use
  • Integral wheel motor and central battery mounting for perfect balance
  • Supplied with rear wheel kits for stability and load safety High strength steel frames with attachment points for straps and bungees

Brand: Nash
Carp Tackle
Carp Fishing
Trolley Weight:
Power: 24 V

Video Review

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4. Koala Flat Seatbox Trolley

Best Folding Fishing Trolley

Tackle Scout Rating

For a basic fishing trolley, this is one of the better options for storing in your car ,as it can be dismantled quickly and packs away completely flat.

The quick release plastic wheels make it easy to store at home too.

Best Folding Fishing Trolley​

A great feature is the adjustable handle which you can set to your height, or where you are at your most comfortable pulling it along with your seatbox stacked up.

The base can also be adjusted to accomodate most seatboxes or tackle boxes.

Made from steel, it should last you the course of a few fishing seasons!

Excellent value for money, this folding fishing trolley compares well against other models.

Koala Products Pack Away Flat Seatbox Framed Fishing Trolley
  • High quality sturdy 19 x 19mm and 15 x 15mm box steel construction.
  • Fits all KOALA PRODUCTS seat box including some other popular makes.
  • 2 Quick release removeable wheels. Solid none puncture wheels 3cm x 26cm

Brand: Koala
Trolley Weight:
Height: 1m to 1.3m
Price not available

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5. Bison Folding Fishing Seatbox Trolley

Best Budget Fishing Trolley

Tackle Scout Rating

For the price, I was very impressed with this fishing trolley!

The pneumatic tyres don’t need to be inflated, and it glides over any ground including mud, sand and shingle.

Bison Folding Fishing Seatbox Trolley

The trolley folds completely flat in seconds, which is great for fishermen that dont like to mess around transporting fishing tackle.

The frame is around 36cm wide, whilst the height is about 105cm. This gives you plenty of room for your seatbox, luggage, shelter and rod tube.

I would highly recommend using a couple of trolley straps to support everything as you make your way to the beach or pier.

A good strong, practical fishing trolley that won’t break the bank – highly recommended.

Bison Folding Fishing Seatbox Trolley with 10" Puncture Proof Pneumatic Tyres
  • 42" inches tall and 22" across the wheels the platform is 20"x 15".
  • Large 10" diameter puncture proof pneumatic tyres
  • Complete with 48" retaining strap

Brand: Bison
Sea/Coarse Fishing
Trolley Weight:
Height: 106 cm

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6. Rocwood Carp Fishing Trolley

Tackle Scout Rating

Useful for a day session, this carp trolley is light and strong, and features an adjustable loading area that can be made shorter or longer to accomodate your tackle.

Carp Fishing Trolley

Due to the foldable frame, it packs away smaller than most other barrows, so takes up less space in your vehicle or home.

A barrow bag and removeable single wheel are included.

There is additional support for a rod holdall.

If you are on a tight budget, then this may well be what you are looking for to transport your gear with minimum fuss.

RocwooD Fishing Trolley Wheel Folding Barrow Cart with Bag Adjustable Legs Heavy Duty Collapsible Wheeled Transporter Fish Holder Rod Handle Carry Outdoor
  • This quality and innovative RocwooD fishing barrow system has an adjustable loading area, which can be made longer or shorter to suit your fishing tackle.
  • The cart packs away smaller than any other barrow so taking up less space at home and in your car. The fishing barrow comes complete with barrow bag and wheel.
  • A lightweight and durable design means you can maneuver the fishing barrow with ease. Single tyre (removable). Foldable frame dismantles easily for minimum storage space unique extending loading area extends to suit the angler.

Brand: Rocwood
Fishing Tackle
Carp Fishing
Trolley Weight:
Size: 1450(L) x 540(W) x 720(D) mm
Price: £71.99

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7. Sensas Club Trolley

Tackle Scout Rating

This is one of the best fishing trolleys for moving your fishing tackle due to how lightweight and strong it is!

I literally stacked this up to the top and it was still easy to navigate.

Sensas Club Trolley

With a folding design, nice wide tyres and a compact transport size, this can be used for any fishing discipline.

Quickly and easily transport your tackle from home to car, and then to your swim, beach or pier with minimum fuss.

There isn’t a lot more to say about the Sensas Fishing Trolley apart from how reliable I found it!

Did we say its usually available for under £40 too?

Brand: Sensas
Sea or Coarse
Trolley Weight:
Size: 50cm 25cm x 100cm
Price: £71.99

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That wraps up our best fishing trolley guide for now.

There are a few options available to make transporting your tackle easier that carrying it all.

Whatever you decide to pick, make sure it is strong enough to carry your tackle, extends to your height to make it comfotable to push and can be packed away compactly in your vehicle.

Until next time, we’ll see you on the bank sometime!

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