11 Best Fishing Umbrella With Sides

Fishing Umbrella Reviews

If you are on the hunt for the best fishing umbrella, there are a few things to look for.

Your brolly needs to be fully waterproof, easy to setup and light enough to transport around, or perhaps you need an umbrella that will fit into a rod holdall.

Our guide on fishing umbrellas should help you decide what to buy.

From a sudden downpour to keeping your tackle dry whilst you fish, we’ve handpicked 10 of the very best fishing umbrellas to help you choose wisely.

This includes offerings from Daiwa, Guru, Preston and Fox.

Daiwa Mission Fishing Umbrella

Tackle Scout Rating

Stability: 7/10
Space: 6/10
Value: 7/10
Build Quality: 6/10

Featuring extended sides, the Daiwa Mission is completely waterproof due to taped seams. 

Daiwa Mission Umbrella

Although not very spacious, it can still be used to keep you dry, together with a rucksack, or other luggage.

On sunny days, I like to place my fishing chair inside to give me that extra protection. But if its lashing down with rain, you may get wet, unless you sit right at the back!

 I would say this fishing umbrella with sides, is very practical for leisure anglers. 

Daiwa Mission Overnight Shelter

Structured like a traditional fishing umbrella, the sides are useful. This helps if you’re fishing in windy conditions, or you need extra protection from the sun.

 I removed the Velcro groundsheet, and folded this up into my fishing rucksack, so its very compact.  

Some anglers may prefer to keep this fitted, which is useful if setting up your umbrella over wet ground. This proved to be easy using the telescopic alloy storm rods. It took me around 5 minutes.

Daiwa Mission Fishing Umbrella 1

It comes supplied with two storm rods, and a removeable groundsheet and folds away into a carry bag.

There is no doubt that this is great value for money, so if you’re after a hassle-free fishing umbrella with sides,you should pick this!

A great entry on our best fishing umbrella list!

  • Highly durable canopy
  • Extended sides
  • Taped seams
  • Velcro attachable groundsheet supplied
  • Telescopic alloy storm rods

Korum Super Steel Fishing Umbrella

Tackle Scout Rating

Stability: 9/10
Space: 6/10
Value: 7/10
Build Quality: 8/10

Built on a strong wire frame, the 50 inch Korum Super Steel Umbrella is the strongest on the market, which is why we have chosen to include it on our ‘best fishing umbrella’ list!

Korum Super Steel Brolly

It can be used in the normal style, or by refitting the central pole, it can be angled to your liking. This achieves a super stable setup, whatever the fishing conditions. 

Ground pegs are included, which adds even more stability in high winds. 

Lightweight, and made from durable 210D fabric, all the seams are welded for ultimate waterproofability. 

Korum Fishing Umbrella

The inner pole is very strong due to using extra thick aluminium, which can stored alongside your landing net handle. 

I would highly recommend this as one of the best fishing umbrellas for us in the winter months.

  • 50-inch frame
  • Width 127cm
  • Weight 2.9kg
  • Fabric around brolly points reinforced to stop wear
  • 210D nylon cover with taped seams
  • Extra strong steel wire frame

Daiwa N’Zon Fishing Umbrella

Tackle Scout Rating

Stability: 8/10
Space: 6/10
Value: 7/10
Build Quality: 7/10

The Daiwa N’Zon fishing umbrella is available as a round model, or square edition. We tested the square version, which is what we’ve based this umbrella review on. 

Daiwa Nzon fishing umbrella

Made from steel (the frame anyway) which is becoming more common in fishing umbrellas. This is due to its strength, and when combined with a tough nylon fabric, is perfect for most fishing conditions. 

All the seams are fully taped, meaning water is unlikely to pass through. 

Daiwa Fishing Umbrella

The centre pole can be detached and repositioned to your liking, which is a great option to have as the sun changes position. 

A telescopic spike makes it easy to penetrate rough ground. 

Additional D rings help peg it out for extra stability. One of the best fishing umbrellas for packing down into your rod holdall.

  • High quality Nylon canopy
  • Steel Frame and Ribs
  • Fully taped seams
  • Detachable and re-positional centre pole with multi tilt operation and telescopic spike
  • D rings fitted for spiking down
  • 50″ or 125cm

Fladen Fishing Umbrella

Tackle Scout Rating

Stability: 6/10
Space: 6/10
Value: 9/10
Build Quality: 6/10

A budget fishing umbrella from Fladen was decent enough! For under £40, it offers a waterproof design which is stable due to the pole spike.

Fladen Best Fishing Umbrella

Tilt is offered, making it ideal for positioning to create more shade as you fish away. 

Supplied in a carry case, and although this isn’t a fishing umbrella with sides, it does offer very good protection for anglers on a budget. 

The central locking system, and adjustable height make it very stable in windy conditions. 

Fladen Coarse Fishing Umbrella

We didn’t test this thoroughly as we ran out of time, but the day ended with a light rain shower and the Fladen fishing umbrella held up well. 

There better options out there, but we included on our best fishing umbrella list due to its value and versatility.


  • Waterproof design
  • Nylon fabrics
  • Sharp spike on pole end
  • Central locking system and height adjustable

Greys Prodigy Umbrella 50 inch

Tackle Scout Rating

Stability: 7/10
Space: 7/10
Value: 6/10
Build Quality: 7/10

A very lightweight carp fishing brolly weighing just under 2kg!

Greys Prodigy Umbrella

This is about 1 kilo lighter than other models! Its sturdy due to the fibreglass ribs, and uses a PU coated fabric. This would make an ideal fishing umbrella for a day session with unpredictable weather conditions. 

With plenty of space for day tackle, and a chair, this is adequate for most fishing, carp or coarse. 

It has a 50 inch diameter, and spans 210cm. 

Greys Prodigy Coarse Fishing Umbrella

The telescopic centre pole seems strong, extending up to 212cm, which means you could stand underneath! Full tilting, this is actually a decent fishing umbrella.

For anglers that prefer to travel light, this is the best fishing umbrella for transporting.

Size: 50 inches
Weight: 2kg


  • Lightweight system at just 2kg
  • Sturdy, fibreglass ribs
  • Robust, PU coated nylon material
  • Taped seams
  • Size: 50inch

Guru Bait Brolly

Tackle Scout Rating

Stability: 8/10
Space: 6/10
Value: 7/10
Build Quality: 8/10

The Guru bait umbrella is useful for keeping your bait dry and fresh during your session. 

Guru Brolly

Measuring 90cm by 90cm, it won’t keep you dry, but offers enough coverage for your bait arrangement. 

The thick material is waterproof, and there are a pair of poles which are interchangeable. 

One is telescopic, which can be pushed into soft ground, allowing the umbrella to sit about 60cm off the floor. 

The other is more of an accessory pole, purpose designed to connect to your seat box to cover your side tray. 

Guru Fishing Bait Umbrella

An angle lock means you can achieve the perfect tilt! The Guru bait umbrella is ideal for when you want to ensure your bait remains fresh for the day.


  • Manufactured in ultra-strong 210D material
  • Reinforced base on the carry bag to prevent wear
  • Two pole options as standard
  • 60cm accessory pole and a telescopic pole
  • Threaded angle tilt option
  • Tie cord with Velcro fastening for easy storage

Daiwa Bait Brolly

Tackle Scout Rating

Stability: 7/10
Space: 6/10
Value: 8/10
Build Quality: 8/10

Keep your bait in good condition throughout the day with the Daiwa Bait Umbrella!

Daiwa Bait Umbrella

Lightweight, and tilting, it comes with an umbrella arm for easy attachment to your seat box. 

Note: This fits seat boxes with 25mm legs. 

Plus, it takes up very little space, and the tilting arm allows you to position it perfectly over your bait. 

Daiwa Bait Fishing Umbrella

There is nothing worse than pellets going mushy, or boilies drying out in the sun, which is where owning a bait brolly can give you the edge! 

With a rugged construction, we cannot speak highly enough of the Daiwa Bait Brolly.


  • Lightweight but sturdy bait brolly
  • The brolly can be tilted
  • Supplied with umbrella arm
  • The arm fits 25mm legs

Preston Grey Bait Brolly

Best Bait Brolly

Tackle Scout Rating

Stability: 8/10
Space: 6/10
Value: 7/10
Build Quality: 8/10

Our third bait umbrella is the Preston Innovations Grey Bait Brolly! 

A must have for compeition anglers who require the freshest bait for the days action. 

Preston Offbox bait Umbrella

Offers protection from the rain, and shade from the sun, keeping your bait fresh can be the difference between losing and winning your match. 

The brolly itself is compatible with all Preston side trays. 

Features include a full tilting mechanism, whilst the central bar can be screwed in and out of place. A clamping bracket is also included.


  • Compatible with Preston side trays
  • Clamping bracket supplied
  • Tilt mechanism
  • 45 degree fixed angle option

How To Setup Like A Pro!

Korum Graphite Umbrella

Tackle Scout Rating

Stability: 9/10
Space: 7/10
Value: 8/10
Build Quality: 7/10

The Korum Graphite Umbrella is 50 inches and built onto a solid frame which provides great stability, especially during high winds. 

Korum Graphite Brolly

I like the traditional style, and with plenty of coverage, the umbrella sides offers extra space for my fishing tackle. Korum have put a lot into the development.

All the points have reinforced fabric where usual wear and tear happens. 

The umbrella is made using 210D PU cover, with fully taped seams, so no water whatsoever is getting through this fishing umbrella! 

Korum Graphite Umbrella

It also has plenty of space for a chair to keep your dry during torrid weather conditions. 

If you are seeking a traditional umbrella with sides to protect your tackle, the Korum Graphite Umbrella has to be one of the best fishing umbrellas for that.

Size: 50 inches
Weight: 2.6kg
Height from Ground: 133cm


  • 50-inch frame
  • Extra strong graphite frame
  • 210D PU cover with taped seams
  • Fabric around brolly points reinforced to stop wear

Korum Graphite Brolly Video Review

Matrix Space Brolly PLUS

Tackle Scout Rating

Stability: 9/10
Space: 10/10
Value: 8/10
Build Quality: 7/10

Our final entry on our best fishing umbrella with sides list is the awesome Matrix Space Brolly! 

Matrix Space Brolly

A premium umbrella with features such as a unique self-tensioning system and gusseted bell cap. At 50 inches, there is bags of space for you, a chair and your fishing tackle! 

Its the umbrella that offers the most headroom too, making it ideal for tall anglers. 

Matrix opted to use fibreglass, rather than metal, which makes it stronger, lighter and more stable than traditional fishing umbrellas. 

Matrix Space Umbrella

The inner pole can be adjusted to suit the conditions, with three pegging points for extra stability. 

Weighing just 2.8kg, this is very light compared to most others. It really is a joy to use, because the Matrix Space Brolly offers complete protection, bags of space, and did the job intended!

If you want something with a little more space, then this is the best fishing umbrella available.

Size: 50 inches
Weight: 2.8kg


  • Features the unique Self-Tensioning System (STS)
  • New gusseted bell cap with a small moulded loop for attaching a guide rope
  • Much more headroom than conventional brollies
  • Fibreglass arms are much stronger, lighter and more stable than traditional metal arms
  • Simple push/pull ‘none-fail’ mechanism
  • Adjustable pole with tilt facility
  • Lightweight fabric cover with taped seams
  • Three pegging points for increased stability
  • Main outer fabric: 100% Polyester

Matrix Space Brolly+ Video Review

Solar Tackle Undercover Fishing Umbrella

Tackle Scout Rating

Stability: 9/10
Space: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Build Quality: 8/10

The Solar Undercover Camo Umbrella is made from an impressive 10,000 Hydrostatic Head material, meaning it will survive even a torrential downpour.

To further support this, the umbrella also features a rain gutter, which diverts water away down the sides instead of over you!

Solar Tackle Undercover Camo Umbrella

If you are fishing in the midst of a storm, or strong winds, two storm poles allow you to stabilise the shelter further.

The drop down rib extensions allow you to convert the umbrella into a brolly system as it features roll back sides, and multiple door options including a mozzy mesh cover, full fabric or a letter-box style opening.

Solar Tackle Undercover Umbrella

Additional extras include a rear mesh vent for improved circulation, along with heavy duty peg and an oversized carry bag to store it in.

A great umbrella geared towards carp fishing, I have no doubt that the Solar Undercover Brolly is one of the best fishing umbrellas for stability in 2022.

Size: 264cm x 150cm x 150cm
Weight: 10.5kg


  • 10,000 HH Camo fabric
  • Rain gutter on the front to direct rain water off to the sides
  • Mozzi-mesh air-vent in the rear
  • Two Velcro rod straps on the front
  • Seven-spoke hub system with maximum head room thanks to the low-profile hub
  • Supplied with heavy-duty pegs
  • Drop-down rib extensions (removable)
  • Multiple door options with full fabric, mozzi-mesh, roll-back sides
  • Front can be completely removed

Video Review

Best Fishing Umbrella: Final Verdict

To be honest, there isn’t a great deal of options when it comes to finding the best fishing umbrella with sides. 

That’s why we have chosen to include different kinds of umbrellas in our list. These include bait brollies, day brollies and traditional fishing umbrellas. 

So whatever style of fishing you enjoy, be that carp, coarse or match fishing, there is sure to be a good choice on our best fishing umbrella countdown!


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