Why You Need A Hook Sharpening Kit

If you’re serious about fishing, make sure you invest in a good hook sharpening kit.

But why should you keep your hooks sharp?

  1. Your hooks will last longer
  2. Reduces hook pulls
  3. Increases ‘pick up’ rates
  4. Saves you money
best Hook Sharpening kits

What Are Chemically Sharpened Hooks?

When you buy off the shelf fishing hooks, they are usually chemically sharpened, but this does not mean they are sharp enough!

Fishing hooks are sharpened using an acidic chemical solution that attacks the hook point, rather than using a mechanical option.

This is used to keep the barb as small as possible, but sacrifices the metal, which can be degraded.

Hook Sharpening kits

Benefits Of Using Sharp Hooks

If you take a minute or two to sharpen your hooks before casting out your rig, it WILL make a difference to your fishing.

Plus, if your hook sits out in the water for too long, it will begin to dull.

Having a quality hook sharpening kit to hand means you can reel in, sharpen and then re-cast full of confidence that your hook is sharp.

Not to mention hooks that you sharpen tend to last longer – providing you don’t go mad and start filing the hook down to the point that it becomes too thin.

But, you can avoid this by investing in a quality hook sharpening kit, and learn how to sharpen all your hooks correctly.

Before we recommend some hook sharpeners to you, take a look at this video from Jag that guides you through sharpening your hooks perfectly every time.

What Do You Need To Sharpen Your Hooks?

Although not exhaustive, a hook sharpening kit should include;

hook sharpening kit

Hook File

A hook file is the main tool anglers use to manually sharpen their fishing hooks.

We recommend:

It is a really simple way for you to control all aspects of sharpening your carp hooks.

To help you get to grips quickly, we recommend watching this video.

Hook Stone

Similar to a file, such as the Nash Pinpoint Precision Diamond, I find a hook stone much better to hold in my hands, and you don’t need a vice either.

The standout ‘hook stone’ is the Gardner Point Doctor.

Again, we find a video explains how to use a hook stone correctly.

There are two versions available, the grey one offers a much finer finish and is very flexible, whilst the red one which is slightly harder for more precise work.

User-friendly, these are great for quickly sharpening hooks that may already be fairly sharp, and just require a touch of filing.

Hook Eye Glass

As you may already have figured out, a hook eye glass allows you magnify your hook for inspection.

A useful tool that takes your hook from really sharp to sticky sharp!

There are a range of hook eye glasses, often included in hook sharpening kits, however, each offers varied magnifications.

Here are our picks of the best hook eye glass for precision sharpening.

Hook Vice

As you may of seen from our hook sharpening tutorial videos above, a hook vice is used to hold your hook in place whilst you delicately sharpen the hook point.

Most will hold all sizes of hooks and patterns, and offer complete precision as you aim to sharpen your hooks ready to penetrate any hungry carp!

Here are the most popular hook vices available:

Hook Pens

These aren’t used to sharpen your hooks, but they offer protection when stored away and increase concealment in the water.

Some double up as a marker pen for adding camouflage for other terminal tackle.

We recommend:

Best Hook Sharpening Kits & Tools

So, know that you know the main components, here are our recommendations of the best hook sharpening kits.

1. Nash Pinpoint Precision Sharpening Kit

Take your fishing game to the next level with Nash Pinpoint Precision Sharpening Kit.

Nash hook sharpening kit

This comprehensive kit comes with everything you need to keep your hooks razor sharp, so you can land those big catches with ease.

The precision-crafted double diamond file makes it easy to get a precise edge on your hooks, whilst the included LED eye glass ensures even the smallest details are taken into account.


Precision Double Diamond File
LED Eye Glass
Sharpening Vice
Finishing Files (2 plus handle)

2. NGT Hook Sharpening Kit

Sharpen your hooks like a pro with the NGT Fishing Hook Sharpening Kit.

NGT Hook Sharpening Kit

This great combo pack includes the NGT hook clamp to hold your hook in place, the NGT hook sharpener with its ‘V’ groove file, and the deluxe neoprene case to store all of your tackle essentials.

An essential value for money hook sharpening kit that contains everything you need to sharpen your fishing hooks!


Hook clamp
Hook Sharpener File with ‘V’ groove
Deluxe neoprene case

3. SPEERO Hook Sharpening Pouch

There is so much fishing luggage around, but we did like this dedicated hook sharpening case if you’re an angler that is committed to keeping organised.

SPEERO Hook Sharpening Pouch

Believe us when we say there is nothing worse than rooting through your rucksack at night looking for tackle you have misplaced!

Anyway, onto the pouch which features miltary spec zips, is fully padded to protect your gear, and with elasticated loops in the lid to keep everything pinned down during transportation.

It’s great value too!

Take a look for yourself……

Hook Sharpening Kits: Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to sharpen your fishing hooks, one of the kits or tools we’ve reviewed will be perfect for you.

With the right kit, you can keep your hooks razor-sharp, reduce hook pulls and increase pick up rates.

Thanks for reading!

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