14 Best Lightweight Fishing Chairs

Fishing Chair Reviews

If you want to fish comfortably, then you will need a decent fishing chair. We’ve handpicked 14 of the best chairs from all the top brands.

Before we get started, here are our three hot picks:

Most Popular
Fox Duralite Chair
Best For Tall Anglers
Trakker Levelite Long Back
Lightest Chair
Korum Aeronium Deluxe Supa-Lite Chair
Fox DuraLite Chair (CBC059)
Trakker Carp Fishing NEW Levelite Transformer Chair
Korum Aeronium Deluxe Supa-Lite Chair (K0300006)
Most Popular
Fox Duralite Chair
Fox DuraLite Chair (CBC059)
Best For Tall Anglers
Trakker Levelite Long Back
Trakker Carp Fishing NEW Levelite Transformer Chair
Lightest Chair
Korum Aeronium Deluxe Supa-Lite Chair
Korum Aeronium Deluxe Supa-Lite Chair (K0300006)

Daiwa Black Widow Carp Chair

First up is the Daiwa Black Widow fishing chair, which is built onto a steel frame and features a cushioned seat to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

Daiwa Black Widow Fishing Chair

All four legs can be extended, so you can adjust each one to suit all kinds of terrain, whilst the additional swivel mud feet make the chair stable, which is increased further by a leg-lock system.

It will also fit into your car compactly as it folds down. This can then be secured via a webbing strapif required.

daiwa fishing chair

Weighing just 4kg, this is certainly one of the best lightweight fishing chairs for anglers on a budget, or beginners who want to try a no-thrills seat.

If you’re looking for a practical, low-budget fishing chair, then Daiwa have put together a solid choice, especially for beginners.


✅ Steel Frame
✅ Cushioned Seat
✅ Extending Legs
✅ Mud Feet
✅ Leg Lock System
✅ Compact when folded down


❎ Not much padding
❎ Thin tubing may not support heavier anglers

  • Steel Frame
  • Cushioned Seat
  • Padded Backrest
  • Extendable Legs
  • Swivel Mud Feet
  • Leg Lock System
  • Compact Size
  • Min Height: 33cm
  • Max Height:41cm
  • Folded Dimensions: 67cm x 52cm x 17cm
  • Weight: 4.1kg

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Avid Carp Ascent Day Chair

Ideal for day sessions, the Ascent fishing chair is rather comfortable due to plenty of padding on both the seat and back rest.

Avid Carp Fishing Chair

For a low-profile chair, I found it easy to get in and out of. I have previously owned a fishing chair from a well-established brand, but it was a struggle to get out of at times. This is not good if your bite alarms go off!

Could this be down to how steady it is? 

Having read the product specifications, this chair features ‘rock steady’ legs (also fully adjustable) that are exactly that!

I have been very impressed so far, even when setting up my rod pod etc. in a swim that was slightly uneven in places.

Avid Carp Ascent Fishing Chair

What else can I expect if I do buy this fishing chair?

Well, for starters its lightweight, weighing just under 5kg, making it an ideal chair if you like to keep mobile, or just want to cut down on carrying bulky fishing tackle.

I would also like to say it was easy to transport from my car to a great swim that was about 200 yards away.

Overall, a very decent fishing chair from Avid this, even if you only used as a guest chair, or just for day sessions, as intended.


✅ Lightweight
✅ Easy to transport
✅ Rock Steady Legs
✅ Ideal for day sessions


❎ Very little padding

  • Perfect For Day Sessions
  • Rock Steady Leg System
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Transport
  • Height: 74cm
  • Width: 56cm
  • Length: 50cm
  • Weight: 4.9kg

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Korum Aeronium Fishing Chair

At only 3.9kg, due to the aluminium alloy used in the manufacturing process, this is the lightest fishing chair we could find!

Korum Aeronium Best Fishing Chair

Korum insist that it was designed for fishing on slopes first and foremost, but I think it is a lot more versatile than that!

There is an extension bar at the front, so you can fish on steep banks if you wanted, but what about the rest of your gear?

To be honest, I would rather have a lightweight fishing chair that is easy to carry, feels comfortable and will last me a few years.

Korum Aeronium Supalite Fishing Chair

Anyway, back to the chair! A new mattress layout means the seat area feels much more comfortable (over previous models), and this did feel rather spongy, but appeared to bed in the longer I sat in it.

Like previous editions, the mattress is waterproof, and removeable, and can be wiped clean easy enough with a damp cloth or fishing towel.

Korum Lightweight Fishing Chair with removable mattress

A lightweight (the lightest actually) but strong fishing chair, which, if you pushed me for a criticism, it would be that it felt bulky to carry.

Oh, did I mention it can be fully reclined too?

For me, this could be the best lightweight fishing chair, especially as it is so light to carry!

  • Super Lightweight
  • Unique Webbing Fabric
  • Padded Shoulder Area
  • Fully Adjustable Legs
  • Compact
  • Swivel Mud Feet
  • Includes Waterproof Seat Cover
  • Width: 47cm
  • Length: 58cm
  • Height: From 80cm to 99cm
  • Weight: 3.9kg

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Nash Indulgence Big Daddy Recliner

Weighing a hefty 9.3kg, I would suggest this is tailored to anglers who fish longer sessions regularly, where you are more likely to lug this onto a fishing barrow or trolley as you fathom out your journey to your swim or peg.

Nash Big Daddy Recliner Chair

Also I love the name! It screams “I am the biggest fishing chair you can buy”, but this does not necessarily mean it’s the best fishing chair.

This is because I think it depends what type of chair you require really, some of which you will find here in our list of fishing chair reviews.

So, what features does the Nash ‘Big Daddy Recliner’ offer?

Well, it is very well made, like most Nash tackle, it feels robust, and the peach skin fabric feels luxurious.

In fact, the inner mattress has micro fleece sculpted into it, which feels very comfortable as I sank into it…..

The head section uses memory foam, which again, some anglers like – some don’t!

Nash Big Daddy Recliner

Looking at the legs, always a key feature for me, as I like to check how stable or how flimsy they are, and they look solid too.

These can be adjusted via a one-touch spring loaded mechanism, whilst there are locking pins in the rear legs to aid stability on uneven terrain.

For me, this is an excellent fishing chair, although heavy and quite expensive.

It certainly isn’t the ‘best lightweight fishing chair’ on the list, but perhaps is the most luxurious.

  • Twin armrests for support getting in and out of seating position
  • Sculpted inner high density mattress
  • MF60 Memory Foam head rest with reverse fleece cover for comfort
  • Peachskin Nash Camo pattern mattress skirt
  • Rear leg locking pins for stability and safety
  • One touch adjust spring loaded legs with mud feet
  • Width: 59cm
  • Back Height: 65cm
  • Height: From 39cm to 54cm
  • Weight: 9.3kg

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Middy MX Feeder Fishing Chair

The Middy MX-100 feeder fishing chair is the complete package for all pole fishing enthusiasts.

Middy MX Feeder Fishing Chair

It was incredibly comfortable, even amongst a full setup when utilising the fitted side-bar and rest for my rods.

The back of the chair is high and fully padded, great for relaxing between catches!

Chair features include swivel mud feet, which are attached to solid looking adjustable legs and I prefer a recliner style chair when I’m specifically feeder fishing, which was easy to activate.

middy fishing chair

Accessories included with this well built feeder fishing chair; a side bar, front and over rests, back rest, three thread sticks, a medium-sized side tray and a one way arm – it really is the full package!

After a quick visit to the Middy website, this chair was designed for right-handed anglers only if you are using all the fishing chair accessories.

  • Incredible Comfort
  • Can Fish With Pole Or Feeder Rod
  • Unique Side Bar & Rests
  • Folds Down Compactly
  • High Padded Head Rest
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Swivel Mud Feet
  • Recliner Positioning
  • Includes: side bar, front rest, up & over rest, back rest, 3 thread sticks, intermediate side tray, one way arm, keepnet fitting
  • Folder Size: 84cm x 54cm x 25cm
  • Load Capacity: 130kg
  • Weight: 5.2kg

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Fox Duralite Fishing Chair

Weighing an impressive 3.2kg, the Fox Duralite Fishing Chair is lightweight, but strong, accommodating anglers up to 180kg.

best fox lightweight fishing chair

All four legs can be moved into position, and then locked, so you can make sure the chair is level when fishing, which is particularly helpful in a swim where the ground is uneven.

Those that value comfort will be pleased to hear that the polyester padded seat felt really comfortable.

Fox Duralite Carp Fishing Chair

The chair comes with arms rests (which I prefer!) and large swivel mud feed that increase stability.

Made from a magnesium alloy, this carp fishing chair is one of the lightest you can buy, and it was compact enough to stack onto my barrow and in my car with no issues.

I rather enjoyed kicking back with my brew in one hand, and a bowl of noodles that I had just cooked up on my fishing stove!

  • Made From Lightweight Magnesium Alloy
  • 3D Mesh & Polyester Padded Seat
  • Fully Adjustable Legs
  • Leg Lock Mechanism
  • Armrests
  • Large Swivel Mud Feet
  • Rated To 180kg
  • Height: 33cm to 40cm
  • Seat: 40cm deep
  • Seat Width: 47cm
  • Back height: 52cm
  • Weight: 3.2kg

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Solar Tackle C-Tech Recliner Chair

I couldn’t wait to try out this top-of-the-range carp chair from Solar Tackle because it looked so comfortable!

Solar Tackle C-Tech Recliner Chair

The model tested was the high back. A low back version is also available.

Its a recliner with three positions, whilst the mattress is made from 3D Duracore, which felt very cosy, probably due to the extra lumber seat support for my lower back.

The material can be wiped clean, and is hard-wearing too.

As far as setting the chair up, each leg features a unique spring-lock, which can be adjusted into position.

Solar Tackle Recliner Fishing Chair

Weighing 7kg, it is heavier than most chairs, but folds away compact enough to position it on your barrow.

The Solar Tackle C-Tech Recliner is a good quality chair that is comfortable, easy to setup and is ideal for anglers with back pain.

I would not hesitate to buy this in the future, especially if you are after a lightweight fishing chair that is comfortable, compact and is stable on any terrain.

  • Luxury Recliner
  • 3D Duracore Mattress
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Spring-Loc Leg Adjustment System
  • Three Recline Settings
  • Free Accessory Bag
  • Dimensions: 104cm x 52cm
  • Seat Height: 48cm
  • Weight: 6.9kg

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JRC Defender Hi Recliner Armchair

Made around a strong steel frame, the multi-position recliner allows you to set the back of the chair to feel as comfortable as possible.

JRC Recliner lightweight fishing chair 2022

I’ve picked the JRC Defender Recliner because I feel it is the best fishing chair under £100, based on comfort, stability and that it reclines!

It includes arm rests too, along with adjustable legs and mud feet that swivel so you can position yourself to get the best view of your swim.

JRC state that the mattress is filled with a high density foam, whilst the polyester cover is durable and can be easily cleaned.

JRC fishing chair

A stable reclining chair that’s comfortable, solid and easy to transport – what else do you need a fishing chair to do?

A fishing chair for under £100 that is worth every penny. A great buy for all anglers looking for a chair that reclines.

  • Robust hi-tensile steel frame
  • Multi-adjustable recliner system
  • Comfortable arm rests
  • Fully adjustable legs with locking system
  • Swivel and fold flat mud feet
  • Durable polyester cover filled with high density foam
  • Length: 92cm
  • Height: 95cm
  • Width: 56cm
  • Weight: 6.4kg

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Prologic Cruzade Comfort Chair

The Prologic Cruzade Fishing Chair is very practical, and features a generous amount of padding.

Prologic Cruzade Best Fishing Chair

OK, its not the best fishing chair featured here today, but it’s certainly not the worst. It folds away compactly, and is made with all the usual features you’d expect.

This includes adjustable legs, swivel mud feet and can hold up to 140kg.

There will be no issues with setting it up on uneven terrain, nor will you struggle to carry it or load it onto a barrow as it is fairly lightweight at just 5.6kg.

A great choice for those after work sessions, or for when you prefer to pack light to keep mobile as you try to stalk carp that are basking close to the margins.

Probably not the best lightweight fishing chair, but deserves a place for value vs quality!

  • Adjustable legs
  • Swivel mud feet
  • Comfort armrest
  • Generous padding
  • Folds away compactly
  • Max Weight: 140kg
  • Seat Dimensions: 50cm x 40cm
  • Backrest: 57cm
  • Weight: 5.6kg

Daiwa Overbed Fishing Chair

A simple solution for anglers who would prefer to sit on their bedchair, perhaps to tie rigs, or for when the weather is bad and there isn’t much space in side your bivvy!

Daiwa Overbed Fishing Chair

The Daiwa Overbed Chair is lightweight, weighing just 0.5kg, and is made using a mixture of steel for the solid frame, and polyester for the seating and backrest.

For better positioning, and to accommodate most types of bedchairs, the front two legs can be adjusted.

A great chair if you want to sit inside your bivvy, either to watch your swim, ponder  a rig change – or even to just enjoy dinner and a brew!

  • Polyester Fabric & Steel Frame
  • Can Be Used As A Normal Chair
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Transport
  • Seat Dimensions: 44cm x 50cm x 30cm
  • Height: 67cm
  • Weight: 0.5kg

Shakespeare Deluxe Folding Chair

The most practical chair (or stool) on our list is the Shakespeare Deluxe Folding Chair, which includes a day rucksack – ideal for storing tackle essentials on a quick session at your local pond, or canal.

Shakespeare Deluxe Folding Chair

Utilising a classic folding design, the stool has a backpack and rest built into it, making it very easy to carry wherever you want to fish!

As mentioned, this is great for a day session and its actually very strong and sturdy. You could even keep this as a guest chair for fellow anglers, friends or family who want a catch up, or to talk about fishing.

Its very inexpensive, and if you do know a fishermen and are unsure what to buy for his or her birthday, or Christmas, this would make a great gift.

I would say that this is the best lightweight fishing chair for those who are after something that is practical, or for a guest.

  • Practical
  • Lightweight
  • 600D Polyester Fabric
  • Compact
  • Height: 44cm
  • Folded size: 57cm x 36cm
  • Weight: 2.8kg

Trakker Levelite Longback Chair

I actually own the Trakker Levelite Longback Chair, and I have to say I have been delighted with it!

Trakker Levelite Longback Fishing Chair

Because its ergonomic, it fits your shape, so as you can imagine, it is incredibly comfy, even during long sessions.

Its surprisingly light too, weighing 4.5kg, and I have no problem carrying this, even with my usual gear that includes my rod holdall and rucksack.

Quick to use, and equally fast to pack up at the end of your session, its also stable due to the four one-touch mud feet and patented leg mechanism, which also helps you level the chair up on mixed ground.

Trakker Longback lightweight fishing chair

Other notable features well worth a mention include integrated arm rests, and because I’m quite a tall angler, the long back really feels as if it supports the whole of my back.

A lovely fishing chair that I won’t be replacing anytime soon!

The best lightweight fishing chair for under £200?

  • The Ultimate Session Chair
  • Integrated Arm Rests
  • Fully Adjustable Mud Feet
  • Lightweight
  • Suits Tall Anglers
  • Dimensions: 99cm x 64cm
  • Back Height: 67cm
  • Weight: 4.5kg

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Kodex Robo Feeder Fishing Chair

Billed as the ‘fastest selling fishing chair in the UK’ on release, this feeder chair is ideal for day sessions or roaming.

Kodex Robo Feeder Fishing Chair

Included in the package are two one-way arms, a feeder arm, 21cm thread stick, a pair of rod rests and a specimen bait tray that can be used for rigs too.

If you don’t require all the fishing chair accessories, it is available as a standalone feeder chair.

I didn’t get to road test this I’m afraid, but a friend recommended it to me and he had his to say:

“I really like this chair because it offers a great seating position, almost like a throne. All the accessories were decent enough, and set up was a breeze. Compact, and lightweight, the price point is set quite high as there are better chairs on the market for stability. It didn’t feel completely stable, but this could be due to the uneven ground in my swim.”

So there you have it, a decent feeder fishing chair that seems comfortable, offering a good selection of accessories and ideal for a day session or two.

As a sidenote, I would agree that this is probably the best lightweight fishing chair for feeder fishing due to its 5kg weight.

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Adjustable Legs & Back Support
  • Accommodates StarGrip 360 Attachments
  • Front Feeder Arm & Fittings
  • Two Rests Rear & Front
  • Side Bait Tray Included
  • Rated Up To 130kg
  • 17inch Legs
  • Load Capacity: 130kg
  • Leg height: 43cm
  • Weight: 5kg

Aqua Longback Chair

If you suffer from a bad back, look no further than the Aqua ‘Longback’ chair.

Aqua Longback Chair

The Aqua Longback Chair is designed with comfort and support in mind.

It has four one-touch, extendable legs for optimal stability, plus rotating mud-feet for use on soft terrain, making it a perfect chair for the modern-day carp angler.

It weights just under 5kg, making it light enough to carry, and because it folds down compactly, you’ll have no problem stacking it onto your barrow.

But how does it support your bad back?

Well, the backrest is adjustable and ‘sliding’, which means it can be tailored to your posture. Because it curves, it also supports the delicates parts of your back that needs support the most.

Aqua Fishing Chair

Honestly, I sat down in this for around an hour, and I really did not want to get up! It made me feel relaxed, and I didn’t feel the need to keep moving around to get comfortable.

All this comes at a price, however, with an RRP just short of £200, you may want to think of other options if that’s out of your budget.

Are there any other Features?

Yes – the backrest, seat and arms all feature ergonomic padding to make you feel like a king! It can be unfolded and set up in a few seconds, and as you would expect, the legs are extendable and supported my large mud feet for extra stability.

A great fishing chair for bad back sufferers.

  • Fleece Covered Armrests
  • Sleek Cushioned Padding
  • Adjustable sliding headrest provides tailored comfort
  • Ergonomically designed for optimal support
  • Very quick to use; just unhook it and unfold it
  • Unique patented leg mechanism
  • Safety belts to hold the chair during transport
  • Open – 1050mm (H) x 650mm (W)
  • Closed – 840mm (H) x 650mm (W)
  • Back – 680mm (H) x 520mm (W) – Extended headrest adds an additional 140mm
  • Seat – 630mm (L) x 520mm (W)
  • Legs – 350mm (H) – Extended Legs add an additional 90mm
  • Weight: 4.75kg

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NGT XPR Fishing Chair

I recently had the opportunity to test out the NGT XPR fishing chair and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

NGT XPR Fishing Chair Review

Overall, I was really impressed with the chair. It was very comfortable and stable, which are two important factors when fishing.

One of the best features of this chair is the fact that it is very lightweight and portable.

The inclusion of arm rests makes it even more comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

NGT XPR Fishing Chair

I did find that the fishing chair does have a few drawbacks, such as the thin metal frame and it didn’t have a great deal of padding which could be less comfortable for anglers who suffer from back issues.

All in all, the NGT XPR fishing chair is a great option for anglers who are looking for a budget angling chair that is light and portable.

  • Two-tone arm rests
  • Four fully adjustable legs
  • Mud feet
  • Lightweight
  • Dimensions: 50cm (w) 45cm (d) x 82 cm (h)
  • Weight: 5.2kg

Adobe Air-lite Alloy Fishing Chair

This was a great find! The Adobe Air-lite Alloy fishing chair is extremely comfortable with a contoured seat and backrest.

Adobe Air lite Alloy Fishing Chair

The build quality is top notch with a powder-coated aluminum frame and 600D polyester fabric.

I found the chair to be very lightweight at only 5.6kg, which is great for carrying to and from the lake. Also, the chair is very easy to set up and take down.

The Adobe fishing chair also comes with a few great features such as multi-adjustable arm supports that allow the angler to recline into a comfortable position.

Adobe Air lite Fishing Chair

The 22mm alloy frame is strong yet lightweight, making it perfect for carrying in your hand, or for stacking on your trolley.

I was impressed with the quality of the padding, and the material used is Oxford fabric which is breathable, letting you stay cool on those hot days fishing.

The fishing chair folds completely flat too.

A great fishing chair that is comfortable, lightweight and easy to carry. Highly recommended!

  • “OXFORD” 600D Green fabric
  • Fully adjustable folding chair
  • Robust multi adjustable arm supports
  • Strong lightweight alloy frame
  • Adjustable front & rear legs
  • Large Swivel mud feet
  • Fold flat design
  • High-density Foam filled padded seat back cover and sides
  • Neoprene headrest
  • Sprung seat for extra comfort.
  • Dimensions: 52cm (w) 45cm (d) x 70 cm (h)
  • Folded Dimensions:  62 x 15 x 90cm
  • Weight: 5.6kg

Sonik SK-TEC Fishing Armchair

The Sonik SK-TEC recliner is one of the lightest fishing chairs on the market, weighing in at just 6.3kg. It’s also very compact and easily portable, making it ideal for any fishing sessions.

Sonik SK TEC recliner

This lightweight fishing chair is made from an aluminium alloy frame with a 600D polyester seat and backrest. The seat is adjustable and reclines to eight different positions, so you can always find the most comfortable position.

There are also two armrests for added comfort.

The Sonik SK-TEC is a great fishing chair for those who want a lightweight and portable option. I was particularly impressed with the amount of padding – especially in the head area which felt comfortable and supported my lower back.

Sonik SK TEC armchair

Four adjustable legs allow you to set up the chair on uneven banks.

Overall, I reckon the Sonik SK-TEC is a great fishing chair that’s perfect for those who want something lightweight and portable. It’s also comfortable and has a good range of adjustability.

  • High back with padded fleece pillow
  • 8-position Recliner mechanism
  • HD 600D PVC backed SK-TEK camo material
  • Four fully adjustable legs
  • Comfortable arm rests
  • Transport Dimensions: 90cm x 59cm x 16cm
  • Seat Height: 41 – 58cm
  • Seat Width: 51
  • Seat Depth: 47cm
  • Back Height: 62cm
  • Weight: 6.3KG

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That concludes my list of the best lightweight fishing chairs!

There are plenty of styles, from fully padded luxury chairs to those that you can place onto your bedchair and tie rigs are eat from.

Prices do vary, and it is worth checking out your local tackle shops for any deals.

We have included a list of best sellers below, and we’ve written a buying guide below if you still haven’t found the perfect chair yet

Fishing Chair Buying Guide

If you haven’t managed to find the perfect fishing chair yet, don’t worry, because we have put together a helpful guide so you work out what the right chair might be.


The lighter the chair, the easier it is to carry!

Whether you are kitted out to fish for a day, or a week, you should try and find a chair that’s under 5kg.

This will make your life so much easier as you try to navigate the rest of your tackle, or barrow, towards a promising swim.

Our recommendations are the Shakespeare Deluxe Folding Chair at 2.8kg, which is ideal for setting up and getting a rod into the water quickly, or the Fox Duralite Fishing Chair that weights just 3.2kg.

Lightweight fishing chair


Most fishing chairs are made from strong metal that has been thoroughly tested, but it you do want reassurance that it won’t collapse as you wait for a bite, I would suggest the Solar Tackle C-Tech Recliner as a solid option.


Most offer the option to extend the legs to accommodate uneven terrain. Find one with mud feet because these will offer extra grip in sloping swims.

The Prologic Cruzade Comfort Chair offers both, and I was impressed with how easy the legs were to adjust.


An uncomfortable chair could give you back problems in the long term. Find a chair that features plenty of padding will alleviate, plus it feels better than a chair with a solid back!

If you are looking for a fishing chair for bad backs, I would highly recommend the Trakker Levelite Longback Chair.

Or perhaps you would like to WIN a fishing chair?


How do you use a fishing chair?

A fishing chair is a great way to enjoy your time fishing. It allows you to be more comfortable while you are waiting for a fish to bite, and it also gives you a place to rest your arms and back while you are reeling in your catch. To use a fishing chair, simply set it up in an area where you will have plenty of room to move around, and then sit down and relax. You can also use a fishing chair to take a nap in between fishing trips!

What is the comfiest fishing chair?

Everyone has different preferences. However, there are a few things you can look for when choosing a fishing chair to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible. First, make sure the chair has a good backrest. A lot of fishing is done sitting down, so you’ll want a chair that supports your back well. Additionally, look for a fishing chair with cushioned armrests. These will help you rest your arms while you’re waiting for a bite. Finally, choose a chair with a wide seat. This will give you plenty of room to move around and get comfortable.

Can you pole fish from a chair?

Yes! In fact, many people prefer to pole fish from a chair because it gives them a better view of the water and their surroundings. Additionally, it can be more comfortable to sit in a chair when you’re fishing, especially if you’re going to be sitting for long periods.

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