Best Pellets For Carp Fishing

If you are looking for the best pellets for carp fishing, we can recommend which to use – and when to use them.

best pellets for carp fishing

Pick from our selection of carp pellets below.

Because carp are fed pellets when they are young, it’s a bait they are accustomed to, which is why you should not ignore using them in your bait selection.

Pellets are typically made up of fishmeal, wheat, soya, vitamins, amino acids, protein, nutrients and fish oils – making them a very safe carp bait.

Some, such as trout pellets, have a much higher oil content, often as high as 30%.

Halibut pellets, popular on the match fishing scene, are available in a wide range of sizes, and contain nearly 50% protein, depending on the size.

Let’s take a look at some of the best pellets for carp fishing. We’ll include some match pellets too, which are designed to catch F1’s.

1. Dynamite Baits Carp Pellets

I picked these, because they offer great value for money, and are available to buy in a range of sizes.

Dynamite Baits Mixed Carp Pellets

Available in sizes 2mm, up to 11mm, I find these are perfect for filling my PVA bags, or as part of a spod mix.

They are packed full of nutrients, and balanced out with a low oil content, making them a strong feed pellet that carp just can’t resist!

If you are a fan of balling in groundbait to your spot, you can crush these carp pellets up and add to your groundbait to give it more texture.

Whatever size you choose, each bag is 700g.

Perfect for carp fishing all year round!

2. Sticky ‘The Krill’

A pellet that has delivered plenty of big carp over the years, Stick Baits ‘The Krill’ is a versatile bait!

Sticky Baits The Krill Carp Pellets

They undergo a ‘two-stage’ coating process, which ensures they offer a high leakage throughout the water column, which draws in carp from far and wide.

Krill powder is used to ‘boost’ flavour and attraction, along with pure krill meal which combined, produces a colourful Orange colour.

They are great for stick mixes, PVA bags, spod mixes or as a loose feed to your baited area.

If you like using a feeder, you can add liquid or boiling water to create an irresistible paste to give you a great edge!

Available in sizes; 2.3mm, 4mm and 5mm

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3. Bait-Tech Pellet Camo Buckets

These are the best pellets for carp fishing for using as a loose feed, because they are great value, plus you can re-use the bucket!

Bait-tech Carp Pellet Buckets

There are four options here, which include:

  • Halibut Select Pellets 3kg
  • Spod & PVA Micro Pellets 3kg
  • Super Attract Carp Pellets 3kg
  • Time Bomb Pellets 3kg

If you need pellet to fill PVA bags, or make up stick mixes, or just to bulk out your spod mix – these are a great option!

The halibut carp pellet bucket is filled with mixed sizes – and some are even pre-drilled which you can use as a hookbait if you wish.

The Spod & PVA bucket are full of micro pellets, which are perfect for spod mixes and filling PVA bags. These are superb value for money!

Spod and PVA micro carp pellets

The Super Attract Carp Pellets are made using krill and fishmeal, and are mixed sizes of 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm that give off some potent flavours.

Finally, we have the ‘Time Bomb’ carp pellets, which offer a fast breakdown and use fishmeal based betalin and halibut pellets rto create a carpet of feed designed to keep carp feeding.

Each bucket is 3kg, which will certainly last a few sessions!

4. CC Moore Bloodworm Pellets

CC Moore are well known for using high quality ingredients in all their baits – and the Bloodworm Carp Pellets are no exception!

CC Moore Bloodworm Carp Pellets

Available in 2mm, and 6mm sizes, the natural bloodworm that is used in the manufacturing process is well known to be a great carp food.

Bloodworm is a natural food source that is found in siltier areas of the lakebed and is packed full of amino acids and high in protein, and carp are often found sifting through silt in troughs to get at bloodworm!

Anyway, CC Moore have managed to harvest these bloodworm properties, and use this at the core of these pellets, offering a high protein, enzyme rich pellet that release powerful signals that continue to flood the water column, even a few hours later.

As with most pellets, these can be introduced as a loose feed, but particularly excel when combined with frozen bloodworm extract or bloodworm liquid in a PVA bag.

Each size is available to buy in a 1kg bag.

Are these the best pellets for carp fishing?

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5. Nash Scopex Squid Pellets

An excellent all year round feed pellet packed full of high proteins!

Nash Scopex Squid Carp Pellets

This bulk bag is perfect for longer sessions. It’s full of high-quality proteins and amino acids that will help keep carp in your swim.

Scopex has been used for decades, and has been responsible for plenty of carp. Pale in colour, it has a sweet milky taste.

I use these particular carp pellets as a loose feed, and then drop a PVA bag over the top. You could try adding a liquid bait soak to further boost the aroma and release extra attraction to your baited up areas.

Available in a 2mm, or 6mm pellet, you can buy smaller 900g bags for short sessions, or opt for a bulk 5kg bag which works out to better value.

Nashbait Scopex Squid – are these the best pellets for carp fishing? Down the years, they have certainly been responsible for some awesome catches.

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6. Mainline Response Pellets

Mainline are one of my favourite bait companies, and I can be found using their baits regularly!

Mainline Response Carp Pellets

The response pellets are my goto feed, and I use them to bulk out my spod mixes.

There are flavours available to match each range. These are:

  • Hybrid
  • Cell
  • Essential Cell
  • The Link

They can be bought in session packs of 400g, or in bulk in 5kg bags.

One of the main reasons I use these carp pellets in my spod mix is because they offer a slow breakdown, and they really compliment my chopped boilies placed around my hookbait.

An awesome carp feed, and my shout for the best pellets for carp fishing.

7. Dynamite Baits Robin Red Carp Pellets

Pre-drilled, these are available in 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm and are more suited to use as a hookbait, rather than a feed.

Saying that, you can getaways with introducing the smaller 4mm into your bait area!

Robin Red Carp Pellets

‘Robin Red’ is a legendary flavour that has proven to attract and catch many carp.

The deep red colour works great on most lakebeds, and I prefer to use these alongside existing Robin Red products such as groundbait.

The smaller sizes, 2mm and 4mm, are perfect as a feed, or placed in a PVA bag or stick mix, whereas the larger sizes are pre-drilled, which means they are much easier to attach to your hook using a bait band or bait floss.

If you haven’t given Robin Red a try yet, we cannot recommend these highly enough!

A top quality bait that many anglers would suggest are some of the best pellets for carp fishing EVER!

8. Maltby’s Trout & Carp Pellets

With a low-oil content, these feed pellets are slow sinking and last for around 3 hours before they fully breakdown in the water column.

Maltby's Trout & Carp Pellets

Available in sizes 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm, these carp pellets comes in 5kg tubs, making them perfect to use as a loose feed.

If you are after buying pellet in bulk, and don’t want to pay over the odds, grab a tub of Maltby’s Trout & Carp Pellets!

9. Sticky Baits Bloodworm Pellets

After The Krill, these are my next best favourites!

Sticky Baits Bloodworm Pellets

During manufacturing, they go through a two-stage coating process to ensure that they offer a continuous high leakage rate throughout the water column.

To achieve this, the first coating breaks up almost instantly, releasing a burst of attraction, whereas the second coat releases a cloud of bloodworm over a longer period of time.

Bloodworm Carp Pellets

These carp pellets have continued to be a success and are one of Sticky Baits best sellers!

A devastating feed pellet, you should give these pellets a try if you haven’t already.

Available Sizes: 2.3mm, 4mm & 6mm

The best pellets for carp fishing? They are certainly up there with the best!

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10. Nash Upper Layers Riser Pellet

The ultimate surface feed bait on pressured waters where standard floating baits have lost their effectiveness!

Nash Riser Pellets

Nash ‘Upper Layers’ Riser Pellets imitates a natural fly hatch to create a slick stream of micro pellets.

Some are slow sinking which draws fish up to the surface to your hookbait.

A devastating surface bait like no other!

Bag Size: 1.6kg

Watch the demonstration video below to see how devastating Nash Riser Pellet can be!

11. Dynamite Baits The Source Feed Pellets

Developed using the same proven ingredients as their immensely popular counterparts, they have an instant appeal and irresistible smell that will capture your fish’s heart immediately!

Dynamite Baits The Source Pellets

The Source Boilies have been a huge success since their release, and now we’ve got the perfect compliment to them – pellets!

Red and brown in colour, it is the smell that draws fish in. They really are the perfect addition for filling your PVA bags, or adding to a spod mix.

Available in sizes 4mm, 6mm and 8mm they come in 900g resealable bags.

Best Pellets for Carp Fishing: Final Verdict

The best carp fishing pellets are the ones you find that work for your situation.

With so many different types of pellets on the market, it can be challenging to know which one is right for you.

But don’t worry!

We’re here to help by providing some helpful tips on how to select an effective pellet for your next session.

how to choose a carp pellet

Whether you are seeking a feed pellet to spread a carpet of bait around your hotspot, or simply want a pellet that breaks down slowly in your PVA bag, there are many high quality options.

The best advice is we can give is to try and match your hookbait with your pellet choice, to get carp feeding confidently on a flavour, or smell.

Thanks for reading.

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