9 Best Pole Elastics You Can Rely On

Pole Elastic Reviews

If you are looking for the best pole elastic to use, then we have put together an in-depth guide below on what type of material is available, and when they should be used.

Pole Elastic Types

The most flexible kind are solid elastics, which provide more control over your line tension.

Hollow elastics offer less grip, but can stretch up to four times their original length – giving them great versatility in most fishing scenarios.

Pole Elastic Strengths

You can use a heavy solid elastic (rated between No.8 and No.20) for larger fish such as chub or carp, or light solid pole elastic (rated between No.3 and No.8) for natural venues when fishing for smaller fish.

Hollow pole elastic offers much more stretch and is softer, and is often available in a wider range of ratings.

This means you can use hollow elastic for lots of angling situations, with either light (1 to 5), medium (6-12) or large (12+) options.

Remember, margin poles will require a stronger rated elastic!

How To Connect Pole Elastic

There are three methods to connect your pole elastic.

You can us a dacron connector (available here), which helps keep your line away from your pole tip to avoid tangles, or a crow’s foot, where you tie a simple loop in the elastic which is a very direct method.

To connect, you can simply lasso with your chosen rig.

The final method involves using a plastic connector, which is the most popular method, and is incredibly simple to use.

Using a Dacron Connector
A Dacron Connector

Before we jump into our pole elastic reviews, here are our three picks if you’re short on time.

Most Popular
Daiwa Hydrolastic
Our Pick
MAP TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic
Best Value
Matrix Slik Elastic
Daiwa Hydrolastics (Black 12-16)
MAP TKS Twin Core Hollow Pole Elastic Size 6-9 (Pink)
Fox Matrix Slik Elastics 3m 8-10 GREEN
Most Popular
Daiwa Hydrolastic
Daiwa Hydrolastics (Black 12-16)
Our Pick
MAP TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic
MAP TKS Twin Core Hollow Pole Elastic Size 6-9 (Pink)
Best Value
Matrix Slik Elastic
Fox Matrix Slik Elastics 3m 8-10 GREEN

Daiwa Hydrolastic

Best Pole Elastic – Overall Winner!

Tackle Scout Rating

Lend your line a touch of elasticity and watch your catch rate skyrocket!

Daiwa Hydrolastic Best Pole Elastic

Daiwa Hydrolastic is one of the best pole elastics on the market, backed up by an award-winning concept.

Boasting a fully patented pole elastic system, Daiwa has innovated the perfect pole for any fishermen looking to engage in mixed fisheries with high catch rates.

Observe how fast your success rate rises when you use one of these special elastics!

Daiwa Hydroelastic Pole Elastic

Delivering a wide range of ratings suited to almost any fishery, the hollow construction is made up of a ‘secret’ high performing liquid,  a fully patented design by Daiwa.

The pole elastic stretches first, and when compressed, the internal walls ‘close in’ and are then held by this fluid.

Available in various sizes and colour-coded to suit whatever fishing technique you’re engaged in at that time, you will never again feel frustrated with busted elastics or lost fish!

  • Yellow 3-5
  • Pink 4-6
  • F1 Orange – 4-8
  • Blue 5-8
  • White 6-10
  • Grey 10-14
  • Black 12-16
  • Purple 14-18
  • Red 16-20
  • Brown 20+ Power

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Matrix Slik Elastic

Tackle Scout Rating

Matrix Slik Elastic offers the ideal hybrid between hollow and solid.

Matrix Hybrid Slik Pole Elastic

The advantages include unrivalled stretch properties, with no flattening or air bubbles.

Smooth coated, there is minimal friction making it the perfect pole elastic for fishing all weather conditions.

Available in six sizes, this unique material allows up to 600% more stretch than traditional latex elastic.

Matrix Slik Elastic

Furthermore, its extremely durable and long lasting and is supplied in 3m lengths.

One of the best pole elastics for all styles of pole fishing!

  • 3-5 (0.9mm) Red
  • 4-6 (1mm) Yellow
  • 6-8 (1.2mm) Orange
  • 8-10 (1.4mm) Green
  • 10-12 (1.6mm) Red
  • 12-14 (1.8mm) Orange
  • 14-16 (2mm) Yellow
  • 16-18 (2.2mm) Green
  • 18-20 (2.4mm) Red
  • 20-22 (2.6mm) Orange

Preston Hollo Elastic

Tackle Scout Rating

One of the best commercial pole elastics you can get, Preston Hollo is ideal for many species such as silverfish, skimmers and F1’s.

best preston pole elastic fishing

However, it is equally good when used to fish lakes, canals and rivers for roach, bream – and even pike!

Made from the highest quality materials, this pole elastic delivers trouble-free fishing, with six available strengths available.

It comes in 3m lengths in a sealed bag so it stays in perfect condition until required.

A special manufacturing process means that no lubricant needs to be injected!

For fishing on commercials, this is probably the best pole elastic around.

  • Size 7
  • Size 9
  • Size 11
  • Size 13
  • Size 15
  • Size 17
  • Size 19

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How To Elasticate A Top Kit

Drennan Polemaster Carp Bungee

Tackle Scout Rating

Drennan Polemaster Carp Bungee is a pole elastic with fantastic stretch properties compared to a solid latex, with a fast recovery rate!

Drennan Polemaster Carp Bungee Pole Elastic

Five sizes are available, each with its own characteristic to suit your fishing style or the species of fish you’re targeting.

Highly visible, makes a great shock absorber and comes supplied with a bungee bead (F1/Silverfish exempt)

A Dacron Connector is also supplied so you can get fishing quickly.

One of the best hollow pole elastics from a well loved brand.

  • Aqua 4 to 6
  • Green 6 to 8
  • Yellow 10 to 12
  • Pink 14 to 16
  • Red 18 to 20

How To Use Drennan Pole Elastic

Nufish Zipp Elastic

Tackle Scout Rating

Available in 3 metre lengths, Nufish Zipp Hybrid Pole Elastic has been designed to withstand extra friction sustained from puller kits, with its structure offering incredible strength and durability.

best hybrid pole elastic

It has the benefits of both a solid and hollow pole elastic, and offers maximum stretch, a low diameter and a smooth surface and it doesn’t suffer from any flattening that is common with a hollow elastic.

With seven sizes available, there is a pole elastic to suit big carp, silvers and F1’s – the best pole elastic for puller kits!

  • Size: 4-6 – Diameter: 1.2mm – Colour: Fluoro Pink
  • Size: 6-8 – Diameter: 1.4mm – Colour: Fluoro Yello
  • Size: 8-10 – Diameter: 1.6mm – Colour: Fluoro Orange
  • Size: 10-12 – Diameter: 1.8mm – Colour: White
  • Size: 12-14 – Diameter: 2.0mm – Colour: Black
  • Size: 14-16 – Diameter: 2.2mm – Colour: Fluoro Green
  • Size: 16-18 – Diameter: 2.4mm – Colour: Fluoro Blue

Zipp Hybrid Elastic Explained

MAP TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic

Tackle Scout Rating

Extremely durable and available in seven sizes, MAP TKS Twin Core Hollow Pole Elastic retracts much faster than a solid elastic, which is why this favoured amongst many top anglers such as James Dent, Andy May and Jamie Hughes!

MAP TKS Twin Core Hollow Best Pole Elastic

Super smooth, with an incredibly stretch ratio, you get 3m per packet.

The inner core is actually transparent – they key reason why it retracts faster, with the coloured outer offers superb stretch.

Works perfectly with MAP PTFE Side Puller Bush, there is also no need for additional lubrication here either.

In my view, it thoroughly deserves a spot on our best pole elastic list!

  • 10-14 Elastic Green
  • 12-16 Elastic Black
  • 14-18 Elastic Blue
  • 16-20 Elastic Purple
  • 3-6 Elastic Orange
  • 5-8 Elastic Yellow
  • 6-10 Elastic White
  • 6-8 Elastic Pink

Pole Elastic For Winter Fishing

Matrix Hollow Core Pole Elastic

Tackle Scout Rating

Made from 100% pure latex, Matrix Hollow Core Elastic is designed to cover all styles of pole fishing.

Matrix Core Hollow Elastic

There are six ultra-bright fluorescent sizes to choose from, each with an amber core which results in a much better stretch than traditional hollow elastics!

Sizes available start from 6-8 (1.40mm) through to 16-18 (2.60mm).

The best pole elastic for fishing commercial venues at home and in Europe.

  • Size 6-8 (1.40mm)
  • Size 8-10 (1.80mm)
  • Size 10-12 (2.10mm)
  • Size 12-14 (2.30mm)
  • Size 14-16 (2.40mm)
  • Size 16-18 (2.60mm)

Choosing Hollow Elastics

Preston Original Slip Elastic

Tackle Scout Rating

Preston ‘Original’ Slip Elastic is still incredibly popular with many pole anglers, and was one of the first to offer ‘colour-coded’ pole elastic!

Preston Original Slip Pole Elastic

Pre-treated with slip lubricant, it is highly reliable with outstanding abrasion resistance, and each pack gives you a whopping 5m length to use.

With ten sizes to choose from, you really are spilt for choice here.

Size 2 is really fine (0.67mm) right up to a thicker size 16 (2.0mm) for coping with larger carp.

A classic choice, you can’t go wrong by choosing to fish with Preston Original Slip Pole Elastic!

It makes our best pole elastic list due to its reliability down the years.

  • 2 Red 0.67mm
  • 3 Green 0.75mm
  • 4 Orange 0.85mm
  • 5 Blue 0.91mm
  • 6 Yellow 1.06mm
  • 8 Black 1.27mm
  • 10 Extra Blue 1.4mm,
  • 12 Extra Green 1.6mm
  • 14 Extra Purple 1.8mm
  • 16 Extra Yellow 2.0mm

Lee Kerry Explains Original Slip Elastic

Preston Dura Slip Hybrid Pole Elastic

Tackle Scout Rating

Preston Innovations Dura Slip Hybrid Pole Elastic is the perfect solid elastic for a wide range of species including F1’s and Carp.

Preston Dura Slip Hybrid Pole Elastic

Looking for an elastic that’s got all the power you need to land those big carp?

Look no further than Preston Innovations’ Dura Slip Hybrid Pole Elastic!

This top-quality elastic is pre-coated with slip oil, making it extra durable and giving you the added benefit of a smooth release every time.

Plus, its 3m length per pack is perfect for high catch rate venues.

A solid (actually, its hybrid!) pole elastic that performs really well in the heat of the competition!

The best pole elastic on our list? I’ll let you decide that!

  • Purple Size 5 – 1.2mm
  • Blue Size 7 – 1.4mm
  • Pink Size 9 – 1.6mm
  • Green Size 11 – 1.8mm
  • White Size 13 – 2mm
  • Red Size 15 – 2.2mm
  • Yellow Size 17 – 2.4mm
  • Orange Size 18 – 2.6mm

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Best Pole Elastic: Final Verdict

Pole fishing is a hobby that many people have in common, but not all are aware of the best pole elastics for fishing.

Some elastics to take into consideration include what type, and weight of fish you aim to be catching.

If you know these two things before hand, then finding the perfect pole elastic shouldn’t prove too difficult.

We hope you liked our round up some great options!

Thanks for reading.


Do you need elastic for a fishing pole?

No, you don’t need elastic for a fishing pole. However, it can be helpful in keeping your line from getting tangled.

What is the best elastic for pole fishing?

The best elastic for pole fishing is the one that provides the most stretch and is the most durable. There are many different types of elastics available on the market, so it is important to do some research to find the one that is right for you.

What colour is pole elastic?

Pole elastic is typically available in a range of colours, including green, black and brown. It is important to choose a colour that will blend in with your surroundings so that you can avoid being seen by fish.

What strength pole elastic do I need?

The strength of the elastic will depend on the type of fish you are hoping to catch. If you are targeting smaller fish, then you will need a weaker elastic, whereas if you are hoping to catch larger fish, then you will need a stronger elastic. It is important to choose an elastic that is appropriate for the type of fishing you intend to do.

How often should I change my pole elastic?

Pole elastic should be changed on a regular basis, depending on how often you use it. If you are using your pole regularly, then you should aim to change the elastic every few months. However, if you only use your pole occasionally, then you may only need to change the elastic once a year.

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