9 Best Pole Rollers

We’ve compiled a list below of some of the best pole rollers so that you can choose which one is right for your fishing setup.

Included are pole supports from Preston Innovations, MAP and Daiwa.

best pole roller 2021

Designed to help you quickly connect pole sections, and retrieve your pole as you hook a fish, a pole roller is a vital tool – especially in a competitive situation.

They also protect the fragile sections from being damaged or getting caught on anything!

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1. Preston Innovations Pro V Pole Roller

The Preston Innovations Pro V Pole Roller is an ultra lightweight, yet very stable tripod.

It’s perfect for every occasion because it fits in its stow away case and will never fall over – no matter what!

Preston Innovations Pro V Pole Roller

The best part? It adjusts to your height; you don’t need to worry whether the pole roller was adjusted or not on this trip! That’s right, adjustable height. And if that weren’t enough for you, lets introduce the leg extensions attachments.

Drop-down leg extensions are attached instead of being telescopic, so if they are ever kicked out or bent, you can undo them with ease without having anything collapse!

The Pro V Roller is a versatile, light and stable fishing roller that will have you catching more fish than ever before.

I cannot recommend the Preston Pro V Pole Roller highly enough!


  • Ultra lightweight tripod
  • Very stable design
  • Adjustable Height
  • Drop-down leg extensions
  • Very compact fold down design
  • Supplied in a carry case
  • Locks securely
  • Angle adjust on the legs

How to use a pole roller?

2. Middy Hi-Viz Elite Pole Roller

The Middy Hi-Viz Elite Pole Roller is a 60cm-wide twin channel roller that can be used to cover many different pole fishing situations.

Middy Hi-Viz Elite Best Pole Roller

Because its height adjustable, (from 15cm up to 68cm) it is geared towards fishing from both high or low banks, or simply to make the angler more comfortable when fishing from a seatbox.

It’s sturdy and stable, with an easy fold-down system for transportation!, whilst tte bright orange colour makes it easily visible in low light conditions too – so you’ll never have any trouble seeing what you are doing.

Non-slip, its a great piece of kit for any competitive match angler.


  • 60cm wide twin channel roller 
  • Height adjustable between 15cm and 68cm
  • Includes a cloth bag

3. MAP Dual Pole Roller

Best Pole Roller (Award-Winning)

It’s a roller. With legs. It’s so much more than just a roller!

And with plenty of creative new features, you can go from using it as a single shipper to doubling up by literally swapping out its legs.

MAP Dual Best Pole Roller

Using the flat design and durable but soft extruded foam, this guy is ready to aid you in your quest to bag up fast!.

The central upright roller can be moved into three different positions depending on what you’re working on and how tall you are- plus an extra set of standard legs, plus 4 short legs for use at ground level!

A decent pole roller that is versatile, great value and won’t let you down when it matters!

We would highly recommend the MAP Dual Pole Roller to any aspiring fisherman!


  • Detachable upright central roller (patent pending)
  • Detachable legs (patent pending)
  • Supplied with standard telescopic legs and 20-28cm stumpy leg set
  • Extruded foam horizontal rollers for smoother performance
  • 3-location point for central roller ideal for double shipping
  • Super-soft foam horizontal roller for less through pole vibration
  • Folding legs and folding vertical rollers for easy storage
  • One-touch telescopic leg function
  • Built-in anchoring points for extra stability
  • Supplied with tough carry bag

MAP Dual Pole Roller Video Guide

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4. Daiwa Flight Speed Duo Pole Roller

The Daiwa Double Rock N Roller Pole is the answer to your fishing pole problems.

Daiwa Flight Speed Duo Best Pole Roller

It can be folded up in only seconds, which makes for easy travel. Offering great stability when in use due to the vertical top rollers that tilt like an umbrella to follow the preferred angle of travel from your pole.

There is a dual runner, which allows you to place sections on different sides , allowing you to conveniently break down twice.

The best part? You can get one with either 65cm or 75cm width, so that whether you are targeting roach, skimmers or F1 carp – it will perform as you wish.

If you are new to pole fishing, or competitive angling on commercial venues, you must check out this video; Preston Innovations: Pole Roller Setup Guide


  • Extending legs
  • Foldable vertical top rollers
  • Lightweight construction
  • Available in two widths of 65 and 75cm
  • Roller height range of 56cm up to 88cm.

5. Frenzee Match Pro Flat Pole Roller

Best Pole Roller (Flat Style)

Introducing the Frenzee Match Pro Flat Pole Roller: Super smooth, roller bearings and quick lock telescopic legs let you get started quickly.

Frenzee Match Pro Flat Pole Roller

Double extending legs give the roller increased height, while supplied with a stylish compact Ezee clean padded bag.

“This is a great roller for when you need to ship out your pole quickly and accurately. It has a shorter shipping time than most other pole roller, and it’s pretty easy on the pocket too!”

Just make sure you use the correct pole elastics with your pole to further prevent any damage.


  • Width: 500mm
  • Super Smooth Roller Bearings
  • Quick Lock Telescopic Legs
  • Double Extending legs
  • Strong Camlock leg system

6. NUFISH Taurus Pole Roller

Best Pole Roller (Bestseller)

The Nufish Taurus pole roller helps you ship out your fishing pole without straining or wearing you out quickly.

NUFISH Taurus Best Pole Roller

With a 50cm (single) and 60cm (double) option, this best-selling model is easy to manoeuvre.

Other features include a maximum fully extended height of 80cm, with 1 single horizontal roller & 2 bulls horn style uprights mounted on 4-legged chassis. Did we mention this roller has double extending legs?

The in-turned design will serve to cradle your pole when in use so it can’t bend or break.

Competitive or leisure anglers will enjoy using this no-thrills pole roller from Nufish.


  • 600mm x 265mm x 130mm (Folded Down)
  • 500mm Horizontal Roller Length
  • 800mm Fully Extended Height(From floor to Horizontal roller)

7. Leeda Concept GT Pole Roller

The Leeda Concept GT is the ultimate pole roller.

Designed for ultra-stable four leg stability, using twist to lock the adjustable legs, it is perfect for use on most commercial fishing venues, and canals.

Leeda Best Pole Roller

The sturdy, 60cm wide frame will hold up even on hillsides of uneven terrain, and can be extended up to a 53-inch height.

It comes in both single or double versions.

Offers match anglers fantastic value and is one of the most popular in its class (it’s an Amazon bestseller) and comes with a durable bag.

For anglers starting out – this is the pole roller go should go for!


  • Ultra stable four leg design
  • Twist to lock adjustable legs
  • Folds down for transport
  • Supplied in zipped carry bag
  • Removable guide rollers at either end
  • Dimensions: 24.8cm x 68.3cm x 11.9 cm

8. Dinsmores Diecast Pole Roller

This pole roller from Dinsmores is designed for stability.

With four extendable arrow points to secure into the ground – stability is outstanding, even if you are pole fishing in bad weather!

best pole roller dinsmores

Dinsmores has made this durable, so you can trust it to handle all kinds of poles and rods, whatever the length you fish at.

With the perfect balance of weight and durability, the Dinsmores Free Standing Diecast Roller is great for any type of fishing pole or rod.

With two soft rolling foam rollers, it’s just light enough to take anywhere and tough enough to work perfectly in any situation you might find yourself in.

You can be assured that this pole roller will keep your pole sections and feeder rods in peak shape and ready for whatever may come its way!

Maybe the best pole roller on our list so far?


  • Maximum Height: 46cm
  • Width: 38cm
  • Four extendable arrow point alloy legs
  • Two soft rolling foam rollers

9. Maver Reality Pole Roller

A fun and affordable addition to the popular Maver Reality range is this – the reality pole roller.

Maver Reality Best Pole Roller

Featuring soft-touch EVA, it’s designed for those looking for a roller and maybe are on a tighter budget!

With 4 extendable legs secured with snap lock fittings & 2 end upright rollers – you’ll be able to fish all of your float or feeder rods, and pole sections, at a comfortable height.

Easy fold down design means that when not in use they fit snugly into their own carrying case which comes included as well.

Our final entry on our best pole roller list, but keep an eye out – as we intend on adding more as the reviews happen.

Visit Maver to learn more about the tackle involved in a match environment.


  • A top quality roller, amazing value for money
  • A great addition to the popular Reality range
  • Ideal for those working on a tighter budget
  • Featuring soft-touch EVA to protect your pole
  • 4x Extendable legs
  • Secured with snap lock fittings
  • 2x End upright rollers
  • Simple fold-down system for easy transportation
  • Extends to a height of 80cm
  • Supplied with a carrying case

Why use a pole roller?

Best Pole Roller: Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a way to ship your fishing rods and poles our safely, without slipping, check out our list of the top 10 best pole rollers.

We’ve carefully selected the best pole rollers based on durability, customer reviews, price point and more so that no matter what type of rod or pole.

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