10 Best Rig Boxes For Keeping Organised

Using a rig box allows you to keep all of your fishing rigs safe, secure, organised and straight!

But what rig box is the most reliable?

Best Fishing Rig Box

We take a look at some of the most popular models, including the Korda Rig Box, Fox Rig box and Guru Rig Box.

Let’s go!

1. Korda Rig Box

Known as the Korda ‘Rig Safe’, there are three cases to choose from; the mini, large and combi.

Lets take a look at each rig case in more detail….

Korda Mini Rig Safe

The Korda Mini Rig Safe can hold up to 60 pre-tied rigs, and features a tweaked design that includes several neat upgrades.

Korda Mini Rig Safe

The magnetic locking system ensures that the box can’t come open in transit, and it’s easy to open, even in the wet and cold of a UK winter!

Your carp rigs can be secured by hooking them over a ridged aluminium bar, which prevents tangles, and the hook end of the box is slightly recessed to protect those hook points.

Korda Mini Rig Box

The Korda Mini Rig Box comes with 30 standard single pins and 15 double pins, and is designed to secure hook links that haven’t been finished with a loop or swivel.

A great rig box that is compact enough to fit comfortably inside your fishing luggage.


Holds up to 60 pre-tied rigs
Magnetic locking system
Easy to open
Solid ridged aluminium bar
Includes 30 standard single pins and 15 double pins
Finished in a soft-touch rubber
Dimensions: L 23.5cm x W 11cm x D 3.5cm.

Korda Large Rig Safe

If you’re looking for a larger rig storage system, the Korda Large Rig-Safe is a great option.

It can hold up to 90 rigs, thanks to its double-ended storage design.

Korda Large Rig Box

The magnetic locking system keeps the box closed during transit, but is easy to open when you need to.

Plus, the clever design means that it’s perfect for storing pre-tied rigs of 12 inches or longer!

The Korda Large Rig Box features a specially machined, ridged aluminium bar to retain the hooks and keep them razor sharp until you’re ready to use them.

Korda Large Rig Safe Review

It has been shaped so that if you’re using a curved shrink tube kicker, it retains its shape if you store them point upwards.

The box comes supplied with 30 standard pins to hold swivels or loops in place on the high density foam inner, and prevent tangles.

Or, if you prefer to tie your rigs to the right length when you arrive at the water, then you can make use of the 20 double pins which will keep those in place, rather than in a knotted mess!

All in all, the Korda Large Rig Box is a great option for anglers who need a large, reliable rig storage system – comes highly recommended by us!


Magnetic rig case
Can store rigs of 12 inches or longer
Double-ended design allows 90 rigs to be stored
Features a soft-touch rubber
Embedded ruler for rig tying
Dimensions: L 35cm x W 10cm x D 3cm.

Korda Mini Rig Safe Combi

The Korda Mini Rigsafe Combi is a great choice for anglers who don’t need a lot of storage space for their rigs.

Korda Mini Rig Safe Combi

It has 12 secure compartments that can hold small items like boilie stops, beads, swivels, and shrink tubing.

The other side of the box can hold 30 rigs that are up to eight inches long.

Korda Rig Safe Combi

The box comes with 15 standard pins and 10 double pins. It is made from turned aluminium and has anodised hook bars.

The soft touch mould and magnetic closures make it easy to use and keep your rigs safe -whatever the weather!

Overall, a decent mini rig box with plenty of room for your rigs.


12 secure compartments
Snaps shut
Will hold 20 rigs of up to eight inches in length
Supplied with 15 standard pins
High density foam board
Plus 10 double pins
Specially machined, ridged aluminium bar
Finished in a soft touch rubber
Clever magnetic locking system
No latches to fiddle
Dimensions: L 23.5cm x W 11cm x D 3cm

2. Fox Rig Box

If you want a tough rig box with plenty of storage capacity for your rigs, then look no further than the Fox ‘F’ range of rig cases!

Fox F Box Medium Double Rig Box System

This innovative storage solution comprises two medium rig boards, each with its own high density EVA foam layer to keep your pins in place.

Fox F Box Medium Rig Case

The profiled hook bars stop rigs from sliding and bunching together, while the magnetic hinges allow you to separate the boards for easy transportation.

Plus, the moulded ruler on the outside allows for accurate rig tying, and the supplied 50 pins make rigging up quick and easy.

So don’t go another day fumbling through your tackle box – get yourself a Fox Rig Box today!


2 x medium rig boards
High density EVA foam
Profiled hook bars
Magnetic hinges ensures form closure
Moulded ruler
Supplied with 50 pins

Fox F Box Large Disc & Rig Box System

The Fox F Large Disc & Rig Box System comes with 6 Short Chod Discs, 6 magnetic disc inserts, and a high density EVA foam rig board, basically everything you need for a complete rig storage system!

Fox F Box Large Rig Disc System

The supplied discs have designated areas on them for anglers to write the hook size, type and hooklink breaking strain on, which is great if you like to keep your tackle organised like me!

If you prefer, you can use the Fox Edges ‘Ready Tied Chod Rig Discs‘ instead of the supplied ones.

Fox F Box Rig Storage System

Furthermore, the profiled hook bars at both ends of the rig board to stop your rigs from slipping off.

The Fox ‘F’ Large Rig Box System is a great tool for carp anglers who want to keep their rigs organised and easy to access.

A top effort!


1 x large double-ended rig board
1 x large magnetic Chod disc and boom storage board
6 x Short Chod Discs
6 magnetic disc inserts
High density EVA foam
Profiled hook bars at both ends
Boom storage
Magnetic hinges
Compatible with the F-Box Magnetic Large Rig Box Lids
Magnets ensure firm closure
Moulded ruler on outside
Supplied with 60 pins

3. Nash Rig Box

From a rig pouch to a full rig storage station, Nash Tackle have plenty of rig boxes on offer, whether your are after something compact for stalking around the lake, or need something larger for a 2 week trip to France.

Nash Rig Pouch

The Nash Rig Pouch is a great way to keep your rigs organized and protected at all times.

Nash Rig Pouch

The rig pouch is made from high density foam and is specially cut out to prevent curved rig tubing and angled shrink tube kickers from being straightened when stored.

The hardwearing case is sub divided into three boards and is supplied with 42 pins to separate, store and quickly your identify rigs of any length.

A handy pouch that looks impressive and keeps your rigs tidy!


High density foam boards
Each is specially cut out to prevent curved rig tubing and angled shrink tube kickers from being straightened when stored.
Sub divided into three boards
Supplied with 42 pins
Dimensions: 35cm (l) x 13cm (w) x 3cm (d)

Nash Subterfuge Workbox

Now, this not actually a ‘rig box’ per se, however, we feel this is a great piece of kit for storing all your rig components, such as hooks, PVA mesh, baiting tools and spools, making it well worth mentioning!

Nash Work Box For Rigs

The open design features large zipped mesh storage, perfect for keeping your rigs organised and tidy.

There’s also a central partition with 15 mesh pockets, ideal for holding terminal tackle packets and other small items.

Plus, a large zipped pocket provides ample space for PVA bits, baiting tools, markers and spools.

Nash Subterfuge Work Box

The Subterfuge Work Box is finished with a heavy duty waterproof EVA base, over sized double zip and a neat EVA tray to keep rig bits to hand.

The camo design is perfect for the modern angler and is sure to stand out on the bank.

So, if you’re looking for a tackle storage solution that’s both functional and stylish, the Nash Subterfuge Work Box is the perfect choice!


Open out design with large zipped mesh storage
Central accessories storage
The centre partition offers 15 mesh pockets
Large zipped pocket
Two neat elastic loops
Heavy duty waterproof EVA base
Over sized double zip
EVA tra
Dimensions: 17cm H x 29cm W x 19cm D

4. Guru Stealth Rig Case

Available in small and large, these popular coarse fishing rig boxes are compact and robust!

Guru Rig Box

I found that Guru Stealth Rig Case to be the perfect way to keep all my rigs safe and organized.

This case features a water resistant seal, magnetic closure, and easy open grips, whilst the grey liner made it easy to fill with rigs, and the barbed pegs prevented any hooks from slipping off.

Inside Guru Stealth Rig Box

All Guru rigs will fit straight in these cases too.

The small rig box holds hooklengths from 2 inches up to 6 inches, and the large rig box can hold rigs that are 6 inches up to 15 inches long.


Small size holds 2-3-4-5-6 inch rigs
Large size holds 6-8-10-12-15 inch rigs
Large size can hold 30″ igs if you double back longer rigs
Different shaped pegs will hold smaller hooks down to size 24
Water resistant seal with magnetic closure and easy open grips
Grey liner for easier filling with rigs
‘Barbed’ pegs prevent hooks coming off pegs
Guru rigs will fit straight in these cases

5. Preston Innovations Absolute All-round Hooklength Box

The Preston All-round Hooklength Box is the perfect way to store large quantities of hooklengths, from 3″ to 9″ long.

Preston Innovations Absolute All round Hooklength Box

With 20 positions for longer hooklengths and 40 positions for shorter hooklengths, this box can accommodate up to 800 3 or 4″ hooklengths.

The gasket helps to prevent water from entering the box, which is sealed by two clips and additional magnets on the sides.

Preston Innovations Rig Box

The rig box is constructed from an ultra-durable ABS plastic and has fixed pegs, making it a great choice for storing rigs.

Oh, and for coarse anglers that like to keep organised, each hooklength type can be clearly marked on the included labels – job done!


Made from an ultra-durable ABS plastic
Fixed pegs
Each hooklength type can be clearly marked on
Capacity: 3” (75mm) up to 9” (225mm) long
20 available positions for longer hooklengths up to 9”
40 positions if hooklengths are 3 or 4” long meaning that up to 800 3 or 4” hooklengths can be stored

6. Matrix HLR Hooklength Cases

The Matrix HLR Hooklength Cases are designed to hold over 200 hooklengths and feature robust loop prongs positioned between 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″.

Matrix HLR Hooklength Cases

A magnetic locking mechanism keeps the case securely closed, while a rubber seal prevents any moisture from entering.

Moulded rig measuring pins and 50x rig identification labels are also included.

The cases are finished in a fully solid form to protect them from UV damage, whilst there are two sizes available, small and large, making them ideal for storing all your match rigs and hooklenghts.


Designed to hold over 200 hooklengths
Robust Loop Prongs positioned between 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″
Magnetic locking mechanism
Rubber seal to prevent moisture intake
Moulded rig measuring pins
50x rig identification labels provided
20 durable hook pins capable of holding 10+ hooks per pin
Fully solid finish to protect from UV damage
Small: L18.5cm x W12cm x H3.5cm
Large: L34cm x W12cm x H3.5cm

Best Rig Box: Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a rig box, then this list should help.

We’ve reviewed the top 10 rig boxes on the market, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

When it comes to rig boxes, there are a few things you need to consider.

First, what size do you need?

There are rig boxes available in a variety of sizes, so make sure you choose one that’s big enough for your needs.

Second, what features do you need?

Some rig boxes come with inner compartments, hook rails, pins and magnetic lids, while others don’t.

Finally, what price do you want to pay?

Rig boxes can range in price, so make sure you set a budget before you start shopping.

Thanks for reading!

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