11 Best 2 Rod Pods for Carp Fishing

Rod Pod Reviews

We have pieced together an extensive collection of the best 2 rod pods around, so if you’re looking to upgrade, or switch from a goal post or bankstick setup, you’re in the right place!

We have reviewed popular rod pods from the likes of Prologic, Sonik, Nash and Fox to make the decision as easy as possible.

Whatever venue you fish, there is sure to be a rod pod with your name on it!

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Fox Stalker Plus 2 Rod Pod

With a slim and sleek aluminium profile, the Fox ‘Stalker’ 2 Rod Pod is lightweight and is an upgrade on the original stalker pod, which was a popular edition.

fox 2 rod pod

Noticeable improvements include reinforced joints to make it stronger and more stable in windy conditions, whilst both the body and legs can be adjusted by height or length.

fox stalker buzz bars

This not only suits cramped swims, but means it packs down compactly – saving you valuable space on your barrow, car or garage.

A versatile 2 rod pod that is also available with space for three rods.

fox stalker plus rod pod and case

The first, and maybe the best 2 rod pod available right now?

It also includes a 100% polyester carry bag.

  • Number of Rods: 2 or 3
  • Length: From 69cm up to 106cm
  • Height: From 23cm up to 42.5cm

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Leeda Rogue 3-in-1 Rod Pod

I use this as my spare rod pod because its excellent value for money, built to last and lightweight which are just the features you need in a decent 2 rod pod.

leeda rogue fishing rod pod

Actually, it can hold up to three carp rods which can easily be positioned as you wish because the legs and central bars can both be adjusted.

Leeda 2 Rod Pod

If you are wondering what ‘3-in-1’ represents, this means that the pod can be broken down so you can use it goalpost style, or you can use the singular banksticks on their own.

best leeda rod pod

A versatile rod pod that is strong, compact and lightweight. Oh, and it includes a deluxe carry case.

On a budget? I highly recommend the Leeda Rogue 3-in-1 2 rod pod.

  • Number of Rods: 2 or 3
  • Length: 58cm
  • Height: 26cm

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NGT Deluxe Cross 2 Rod Pod

Fully adjustable, the NGT Cross 2 Rod Pod, like most NGT tackle, is excellent value for money.

leeda rogue fishing rod pod

Having tried it out for a few hours, I can confirm that it won’t fall apart after a few uses as it is a stable platform to fish from!

The bars are made from aluminium tubing, with a front and rear adjustable buzz bar that can accommodate three rods, bite alarms and swingers with ease.

Leeda 2 Rod Pod

The pod itself was easy to fold down – you simply unlock the buzz bars, pull them up and then fold down the main cross bar.

best leeda rod pod

You can then store it away into a compact carry case, which is included.

A decent 2 or 3 rod pod that is easy on the wallet – and the eyes!

  • Number of Rods: 2 or 3
  • Length: 78cm extending to 116cm
  • Fixed Height: 39cm

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New Direction Carbon Compact Rod Pod

New Direction’s latest pod is this – the carbon compact, which as the name suggests, packs down to an incredibly small size.

compact 2 rod pod

The rod pod package includes 2 x five and a half inch 2 rod carbon buzz bars, 2 x six inch carbon buzz bars and 4 x adjustable carbon bank sticks that begin at 9 inches and can be raised up to 16 inches.

new direction 2 rod pod

This makes for a solid unit that is easy to piece together.

I found it very versatile, light and it could be set up on most terrain, whether it’s even or not!

new direction carbon rod pod

Included is a P7 series luggage bag for buzz bars, cross section and banksticks to pack into. 

This makes it easy to store and protects your rod pod.

It weighs roughly 1.7kg and because of its carbon construction, makes this one of the best 2 rod pods to the market this year.

  • Number of Rods: 2 or 3
  • Banksticks: 4 adjustable , from 9 to 16 inches
  • Buzz Bars:  2 x 5.5inch & 2 x 6inch

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Sonik Vader X 2 Rod Pod

With the ability to switch between a pod or goalpost style arrangement, the Sonik Vader X Rod Pod can hold up to three rods.

best 2 rod pod for under 100

This makes it versatile, and after quickly setting it up over a decked out swim, it felt solid and stable enough no matter what rod and reel combo you use.

Sonik 2 rod pod

Some of the elements do feel a little fiddly, but after a few attempts, things slotted into place easy enough.

Once you’ve placed your rods into position, there is ample space for your reels and carp bobbins. I say this as some rod pods I’ve used don’t offer much space.

sonik vader x rod pod

The case it arrived in did seem a little flimsy, so I opted to place the unit into my rod holdall along with my alarms.

Overall, the Vader X 2 rod pod its solid, stable and light which is everything a rod pod requires to fish confidently.

  • Number of Rods: 2 or 3
  • 2 Rod Dimensions: W 22.5cm L 52-75cm H 21.5-40cm
  • 3 Rod Dimensions: W 42.5cm L 68-97cm H 21.5-40cm

Prologic Green Parallel 2 Rod Pod

A stylish looking 2 rod pod, the Prologic ‘Green Parallel’ is compact and stable, although unfortunately we didn’t get to test this out for very long to verify this.

prologic 2 rod pod

Powder coated (with durastrong?) PVC, the four bank sticks each feature a power handle so they can be screwed into the ground.

The buzz bars, depending on what model you choose, do seem quite narrow, especially on the 3-rod version.

prologic best 2 rod pod

Each of the legs can be adjusted from 40cm up to 55cm, which is probably more than enough than you will need.

This will help to keep the rod pod level when setting it up on uneven ground!

On closer inspection, I was eager to take a look at the flip locks, which did make setting it up and packing away quick, and adjustments were easy to make.

Prologic green parallel rod pod

Weighing around the 2kg mark, the smallest length you can place your rods on top of is 70cm, with the maximum length a mighty 130cm which is very long!

A decent offering, could this be the best 2 rod pod on looks alone?

  • Number of Rods: 2 or 3
  • Legs: 40cm to 55cm

Saber Terrain Rod Pod

That’s because it’s lightweight, stable, and I love how versatile it is. 

fox 2 rod pod

You can simply use two of the banksticks for a roaming rod, or as a full 3 rod pod setup if you wish.

Having owned this pod for a little while now, I can say that this is the best 2 rod pod I have owned!

fox stalker buzz bars

Ideal if you prefer to spread your rods out, it’s totally flexible and also easy to setup (in minutes).

Saber tell me that it’s based around six single 18mm adjustable banksticks that match their special edition bankware range. 

fox stalker plus rod pod and case

Each can be secured into the base bar to give a parallel setup.

They can then be driven into the ground for extra stability, which you will need when fishing in poor weather conditions.

A go anywhere rod pod that oozes quality and ticks every box. Highly recommended, and its not too expensive either.

  • Number of Rods: 2 or 3
  • Banksticks: 6 x Singles 18mm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Length: Extends from 43 cm to 64 cm

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Prologic Twin Sky Pod

Multifunctional, the Prologic Sky Pod is designed to cover just about any fishing situation due to the fully adjustable frame and multi-angle leg tilt.

best prologic rod pod

This means you can set up the rod pod low to the ground or high up, perhaps to fish up and over a patch of weed or lily pads.

prologic rod pod carry case

The rod tips can be fully elevated, whilst the stabilising hook further stabilises the pod when you are fishing up high!

All the legs are fully adjustable, and there is even a spare front set to cover different lengths.

It is truly a beast!

prologic twin sky pod

Other features of this versatile 2 rod pod include single buzzer uprights for even more adaptability, whilst there are a pair of butt cups for the rear rest to further increase stability.

If you want to fish with three or even four rods, it can easily be converted – extra parts are available to buy separately for this.

Overall, one of the best 2 rod pods that offers anglers versatility, a fully adjustable frame and multi -tilt legs.

  • Number of Rods: Up to 4 rods
  • Weight: 2.9kg

Cygnet Grand Sniper Pod

The Cygnet Grand Sniper Rod Pod offers maximum stability due to the unique leg locking mechanism.

best cygnet rod pod

Each leg can be adjusted and moves independently so you can set it up to suit the venue and conditions.

cygnet grand sniper 2 rod pod

This also means you can fish as low to the ground as needed, or up high which is useful for fishing up and over weed or a fast-flowing river.

I found it quick to assemble, and did I mention that each buzz bar features a quick release mechanism?

cygnet grand sniper rod pod

Included in the standard edition are three rod fixed buzz bars, but there is an option to buy two buzz bars separately.

I’ve read great things about the Grand Sniper Pod, and after testing it myself, can confirm that its very versatile and suits most angling situations.

  • Number of Rods: Up to 4 rods
  • Legs:  2 x 10 inch and 2 x 12 inch
  • Weight: 3.3kg

Nash Tackle 2 Rod Pod

The Nash Tackle Rod Pod is compact with both a 2-rod and 3-rod option available.

best nash rod pod

Billed as a ‘go anywhere’ pod, the main bars can be adjusted to suit the conditions, whilst the fold out support legs boost stability which as we know, is useful when fishing on uneven ground.

nash 2 rod pod

There are four banksticks with two buzz bars that can be removed from the main bar section.

nash rod pod

This is perfect if you do prefer to fish using a goalpost style setup.

If you are looking for a micro pod that is solid, stable but still versatile, then the Nash Rod Pod could be what you are looking for.

  • Number of Rods: 2 or 3
  • Length: From 69cm up to 106cm
  • Height: From 23cm up to 42.5cm

Cygnet Quicklock 2 Rod Pod Kit

Our final offering is the Cygnet Quicklock ‘Pod Kit’ which features spring-loaded leg connectors which allow the legs to snap into position.

cygnet quicklock 2 rod pod

This makes it super-fast to setup and start fishing, but also increases stability and once erected, it really is very stable and solid.

quick setup rod pod

In between the buzz bars is a telescopic anti-twist central bar which allows you to extend the pod as you wish.

20/20 banksticks are included (these are 16mm) along with a deluxe padded carry case to keep it secure and prevent damage when not in use.

quicklock pod kit

Did we mention that its also very compact and lightweight?

If you are after a pod that can be set up in seconds, then this is probably the best 2 rod pod available right now.

  • Number of Rods: 2 or 3
  • Banksticks: 20/20 16mm

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Best Rod Pod: Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the best 2 rod pods.

Remember to choose a pod that is lightweight, stable, within your budget and most importantly serves its purpose.

We hope you’ve discovered the rod pod for you!


What is a rod pod?

A rod pod is a device used to support one or more fishing rods. It typically consists of legs that are placed on the ground. These are typically adjustable so you can keep your rods level. Some also have a backrest to provide support for your back

What is the purpose of a rod pod?

The primary purpose of a rod pod is to keep your rods in a safe and secure position. This ensures that your rods are less likely to be dragged into the water when a fish bites.

How do I choose a rod pod?

When choosing a rod pod, think about how many rods you want to support and where you will be using it. Adjustable rod pods will allow you to fish at varying heights and lengths to suit the swim you are fishing in.

How do I set up my rod pod?

Most rod pods come with instructions on how to set them up. Generally, you will need to extend the legs and position them on level ground. Once the legs are in place, you can connect or unfold the support bar and adjust your rod rests ready to accommodate your fishing rods.

What is a goalpost style setup?

In fishing, a goal post style setup uses banksticks to support your rod. This type of setup allows you to fish a single rod on each bankstick. The main advantage of this style of setup is that it is very versatile and can be used in a variety of situations.

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