5 Best Sea Fishing Kayaks

If you are trying to find the best fishing kayak that is up to the task of keeping stable whilst you cast out a rod, our guide should be able to help you!

best sea fishing kayak

Your kayak should be stable, easy to navigate, and have plenty of space to store your tackle.

We take a look at two man kayaks, solo fishing canoes and inflatable kayaks to give you a good range of options to choose from.

We’ve also handpicked some sit on top kayaks, as these can often be easy to fish from as you make regular casts, re-bait your hook, and land fish safely.

That’s not all either, as we also talk you through kayak accessories such as life jackets, oars and recommend some bits of kayak fishing tackle along the way.

1. Aquatec Inflatable Sea Fishing Kayak

Best Inflatable Sea Fishing Kayak

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There are two models of sea fishing kayak available; intermediate (Hudson), or Pro (Ottawa) both available for solo fishermen, or as a double if you wanted to take a friend, or wanted extra space for fishing tackle.

Aquatec Inflatable Sea Fishing Kayak

The single model kayak has a maximum weight of 287lbs, with the double slightly more at 375 lbs, giving them both plenty of capability for carrying all the sea fishing tackle you will need.

It’s made from a durable but heavy duty plastic, with no second layers or zips to worry about.

As this is an inflatable fishing canoe, it can easily be packed into your car.  Setup takes approximately 10 minutes using the provided hand pump.

Two paddles and a carry bag are both included.

There is a ‘dry flap’ which offers some protection, but we would highly recommend a dry bag for personal belongings to keep them safe and secure.

Negatives would include the lack of a foot plate to improve balance as you land fish. I pushed my feet against the inner walls which worked fine.

Make sure you read up about sea safety if you’ve never kayaked before.

This is the best sea fishing kayak for anglers looking for a regular boat to fish from.

Size: Single or Double
Model: Hudson or Ottawa
Type: Inflatable
Colour: Orange or Blue
Includes: Paddles, Carry Bag, Pump
Features: Air-tight Valve, Fits in your car, detachable comfort seat

2. Sevylor Inflatable Kayak

Best Sea Fishing Kayak for 2 persons

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This canadian-style fishing canoe is perfect for all kinds of sea fishing adventures out on the open ocean.

I have always preferred an inflatable kayak, because it fits in my car amongst my fishing tackle, although it can become tedious at first light blowing the thing up!

The Sevylor is built for two adults, and was very sturdy, making it ideal for not just the sea, but for lakes and rivers too.

Sevylor Inflatable Sea Fishing Kayak

Integrated large spray decks offered a good stable platform from which to fish from, and during some hairy moments, the bungee cords made it easy to regain my balance.

Fitted with Boston valves, which if you didn’t know, are one-way check valves with two ports offering very quick inflation and deflation.

Call me fickle, but in my thought process when choosing a good fishing kayak, is how good the seats are!

These were easy to adjust, and remove, and were surprisingly comfortable, which is an important feature in my eyes.

The canoe itself is very durable, with the nylon hull reinforced with a tarpaulin base for extra safety out on the water.

Carry handles make it easy to drag to the shore, with a specified weight of 17kg.

The maximum load capacity is 210kg.

A great sea fishing kayak that I would argue is the best two-man inflatable I’ve had the pleasure of fishing from – very close to a 10 out of 10!

Unfortunately no oars are included in this sea fishing kayak package.

I would say this is the best sea fishing kayak for fishermen who prefer to take a friend or family member along.

Size: Double
Type: Inflatable
Model: Yukon
Colour: Green/Black
Size: 382cm x 98 cm 
Includes: Pressure Gauge, Carry Bag, Removeabl Fin, Repair Kit
Features: Integrated large spray decks, Boston valves, carry handles, removable seats

Video Guide

Courtesy of Lowrance, we’ve found a cool guide on how to fish from a kayak.

Its ideal for beginners, or for those who lack the confidence to fish from a kayak.

Screenshot 2021 07 23 at 12 30 23 A Beginners Guide to Kayak Fishing Lowrance UK

3. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Best Sea Fishing Kayak Allrounder

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The Intext Explorer fishing kayak is a great all round option due to the value, easy of inflation and comfort.

Although it is sold as a two-man sea fishing kayak, I would recommend it more for solo fishermen as it can feel quite cramped with two anglers!

Great for leisure use too, the bright yellow makes it highly visible, and the streamlined design makes rowing easy.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Made from vinyl, it feels quite rigid and was very easy to inflate and put together – one of the fastest actually!

A true test is how stable it is, and this passed with one person, but due to less space if there are two of you, it felt awkward when trying to bait up and to cast with your rod and reel.

Some features to point out is the presence of the ever reliable Boston valve, a removable skeg for directional stability at least and grab handles to keep your balance as you fish.

Two decent 86 inch oars are included, with the kayak packing down into a carry bag to save space in your car.

The best all round sea fishing kayak, especially if you have a small budget and are looking for something half decent.

Maybe take a look at our best sea fishing reels if you are looking for something to pair up with your rod?

Size: Double
Type: Inflatable
Material: Vinyl
Colour: Yellow/Grey
Size: 312cm x 91 cm 
Includes: High output air pump, oars
Features: Highly visible, lightweight, removeable skeg, quick inflating, grab handles

Video Guide

4. Sea Fishing Kayak Gear

Fishing in the sea from a kayak has its pitfalls – and rewards.

Other than an experienced paddler, we highly recommend a sit on top fishing kayak as the best option, especially for beginners.

If you’re sitting inside a kayak, it can become very difficult to bait up, set up your rod, cast and retrieve fish as you’re relatively low to the water.

This can make navigation very difficult.

So what sea fishing tackle would we recommend?

There are specialist kayak rods that are really short, but apart from that, your usual sea fishing tackle will be fine.

One thing we would suggest is pack light, and take the smallest tackle box you can get away with.

6. Riber Standard Sit On Top Kayak

Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayak For Beginners

Tackle Scout Rating

Best Sit On Top Kayak

First off, this is the best sit on top fishing kayak for beginners! That is because it’s lightweight (18kg), can be navigated very easily, and it’s great value for money.

I used to own two of these and they lasted many years due to being very hardwearing and my daughter also got plenty of use from them.

The simple construction makes the Riber very stable, even in choppy conditions, and fishing from it usually went without a hitch.

Just remember to use the correct sea fishing rigs and tackle!

For beginners, it’s perfect because you get everything you need to get fishing, which includes a well made oar and a backrest which is comfortable.

It’s not inflatable, which means once you have lifted it down from your car and carried it to the sea, just place your fishing tackle in,  and away you go!

A handy feature is a twist compartment for storing any valuables such as your wallet, keys and mobile phone.

You could also use this kayak in rivers, canals and lakes with no problem at all – just remember your life jacket folks!

Size: Single
Type:Sit On Top
Material: Vinyl
Colour: Red, Green or Blue
Size: 260cm x 72 cm 
Includes: One Paddle, Backrest
Features: Perfect for beginners, several footrest points, built-in keel, twist close storage for valuables

Video Guide

7. Cambridge Sit On Top Kayak

Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

Tackle Scout Rating

This awesome sea fishing kayak by Cambridge offers premium features making it ideal for lakes and rivers too.

For a short kayak, 263 cm to be precise, it is easy to control as you pull in your catch.

The molden design means it glides through the water, and it stacks nicely on top of your car.

Cambridge Sit On Top Kayak

Perfect as a first fishing kayak, it weights 21kg which is slightly heavier than other models we’ve mentioned.

Nevertheless, this is a premium kayak that also features a large storage area for valuables, tackle and your food for the day.

The presence of an ultra-violet coating added to the LLDP plastic means it won’t degrade in the sun, something which cheaper kayaks won’t offer.

The maximum fishermen (plus tackle!) weight is 150kg on the nose.

A great fishing kayak that I had lots of fun trying out on the South West coast!

Size: Single
Type:Sit On Top
Model: Neptune
Colour: Black & White
Size: 263cm x 35 cm 
Includes: One Paddle, Padded Seat
Features: Large rear storage, bungees, 4 carry handles, drain plug, 6″ hatch

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