7 Best Sea Fishing Shelters

Sea anglers know that a good shelter is key to protecting yourself from the elements, so we have handpicked the very best sea fishing shelters to make your choice easier.

These includes shelters from Imax, Shakespeare and Ian Gold.

best sea fishing shelters

However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to figure out which sea fishing shelters are worth your time.

We discuss build quality, how easy it may be when it comes to putting up your beach shelter and of course how light and portable it is to carry down to the shore.

All is revealed in our best sea fishing shelter round-up, from leading brands such as Imax, Daiwa and Sundridge.

Just pick a shelter below to read our review.

1. Imax Storm Safe Beach Shelter

Weight: 3.5kg
Dimensions: 220cm x 150cm x 150cm
Transport Length: 145cm

The Imax Storm Safe is the only beach shelter that offers the classic domed shape combined with an elaborate roll up door system.

Imax Storm Safe Beach Shelter

It’s design means it’ll protect against wind and rain in even the worst conditions.

I found there to be ample space inside, in fact, there is enough room for two people!

Once you’ve carried everything down to the beach, and you are at the stage where you want to quickly erect your shelter, simply pile sand or shingle onto the base flaps (located at the sides) and you are ready to store your tackle and get fishing.

Available now in a distinctive Grey & Orange, this classic shelter design is everything a beach shelter should be.

If you buy it, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the build quality – or the price!


  • New and improved design
  • Classic domed beach shelter
  • Tried and tested design
  • Easy to assemble lightweight shelter
  • Wide front opening for easy access
  • Ample headroom when sat on your box
  • Keeps out the wind and rain
  • Makes a comfortable base camp
  • Strong lightweight aluminium frame and block
  • Larger 40cm shingle skirt
  • Cam lock adjustable legs
  • New shorter pack down length
  • Roll up doors for extra protection
  • Supplied with nylon carry bag

Erecting a Beach Shelter

2. Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter

Best Sea Fishing Shelter for 2 People

Weight: 3.5kg
Dimensions: 140cm (H) x 150cm (D) x 270cm (W)
Packdown Size: 110cm x 32cm x 32cm

The Shakespeare Salt XT offers a wide open front to create a spacious haven to relax in whilst enjoying the view of waves crashing just offshore….oh, and your rod tips of course!

Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter

Due to the width, this beach shelter is one of the best on the market due to sea fishermen enjoying extra space for tackle, or to share with a friend or relative.

Its easy to assemble, and like most sea fishing shelters – you can place stones or gravel on the side flaps for extra stability in high winds.

Each flap has strong eyelets so it can be pegged down for further peace of mind.

On a few solo trips, I found the extra space perfect for all my tackleincluding my food and bait for the session.

One final feature to mention is the deep zippered windows which provide plenty of light to see what you’re doing.

Overall, an impressive model from a top brand – one of the best sea fishing shelters around for 2022.


  • Sturdy, lightweight shelter
  • Fully waterproof, strong nylon outer
  • Easy to assemble, about a minute with practice
  • Large base flaps with strong ‘eyelets’
  • Wide front for quick entry and exit
  • Central section with a ‘flat’ roof
  • Wide enough for two people
  • Folds down to 110cm x 32cm 30cm
  • Supplied with a bag

3. Michigan Beach Shelter

Weight: 900g
Dimensions: 270cm x 120cm x 120cm
Packdown Size: 65cm x 10cm

Weighing under a kilo, this is probably the lightest on our best sea fishing shelter list!

Michigan Beach Shelter

With an olive outer skin and black groundsheet, the Michigan beach shelter makes an ideal wind breaker for a few hours down the beach. However, I would not recommend using this product during a heavy downpour – it just won’t cope!

That aside, and for the price, which I think is extremely great value, it would satisfy any sea anglers needs for a beach shelter that is compact, erects in seconds, and does just enough to break up the wind.

The fibreglass poles are OK, and probably expected of a budget beach shelter, however, the polyester groundsheet will protect your tackle from any moisture or sea spray.

On a budget? Then I would recommend this as the best sea fishing shelter for value.


  • Made from 190T polyester
  • Lightweight
  • Quick to erect
  • Small packdown size
  • Great value
  • Includes a storage bag & ground pegs

4. Ian Golds Igloo MK2 Beach Shelter

Weight: 4kg
Packdown Size: 220cm

This legendary shelter offers ultra fast setup and packdown, and is adjustable to suit your height or the weather conditions.

Ian Golds Igloo MK2 Beach Shelter

The easy-to-erect shape, combined with adjustable height and bags of space inside, mean that beach fishermen everywhere are hooked on getting their hands on one of these beauties!

Easy to use on any surface, it is strong and holds up brilliantly in all weather conditions.

You could fit two of you in here when the weather does take a turn for the worse, and because you can adjust the height to your liking, it is at the top of the food chain in the beach shelter kingdom!

Other notable features to be enjoyed include Velcro straps to secure any extra beachcasters, and when you are finished, it rolls up flat.

I don’t have a bad thing to say about Ian Gold’s Igloo MK2 shelter – so if you can’t make up your mind about which one to buy, you won’t regret parting with your hard earned cash for this one!


  • Strong, sturdy construction
  • Easy to use on virtually any surface
  • Erected in seconds, even in high winds
  • Loads of room, enough for two or more
  • Adjustable height, it is even possible to stand up inside!
  • Velcro straps to secure extra rods while fishing
  • Rolls up flat, no curved legs
  • Available in red, blue & black

5. Daiwa Sandstorm Shelter

Looking for a top quality beach shelter that will keep you protected from wind and rain while fishing? Look no further than the Daiwa Sandstorm Shelter!

Daiwa Sandstorm Shelter

This excellent shelter is designed to provide you with maximum protection in all weather conditions, so you can focus on your next big catch.

With a lightweight and compact design, this shelter is easy to set up and transport, making it the ideal choice for anglers on the go.

Featuring durable fabric and metal poles, the Sandstorm Shelter is tough enough to withstand any storm.

Don’t miss out on this essential piece of fishing gear – order your Daiwa Sandstorm Shelter today!

From a brand that I love, I am serious when I say I think this, overall, is the best sea fishing shelter of them all.


  • Designed for rapid set-up
  • 2.5m wide open front
  • Generous 1.5m depth
  • 1.4m maximum head clearance
  • 40cm bottom skirt for generous overlaying of sand &gravel
  • Supplied with four ground spikes and a holdall

6. Imax FR Competition Beach Shelter

The Imax FR Competition Beach Shelter is the ultimate beach shelter, providing full weather protection for up to two people.

Imax FR Competition Beach Shelter

Its unique design can be adjusted to suit the angler, and it folds down into a neat compact bag that can be transported easily in the boot of your car.

It also has pegging points and a sand skirt, as well as external rod holders.

A superb beach shelter to keep you and your equipment protected from wind and sand.

I am definitely a fan!


  • The Ultimate beach shelter giving full weather protection for upto 2 people
  • Unique design which can be adjusted to suit the angler
  • Folds down into a neat compact bag allows for it to be transported easily in a boot of a car
  • Pegging points and sand skirt
  • External rod holders

7. Tronix Pro Beach Brolly Shelter

Never let the rain ruin your beach day again with this strong 50 inch beach brolly from Tronixpro!

Tronix Pro Beach Brolly Shelter

The Tronixpro Beach Brolly Shelter is the perfect way to stay dry while fishing from the beach.

I found it to be lightweight, portable and easy to set up!

Include is an 80cm down pole for added stability.

Best of all, the brolly features taped seams and a strong steel frame to keep you protected from the elements.

A great sea fishing shelter that will keep you and your luggage dry during bad weather.


  • Strong steel frame
  • 210D fabric
  • Taped seams
  • 80cm down pole with metal point
  • pocketed flaps can be filled with sand or pebbles for added security
  • Solid D rings allow it to be pegged down

Best Sea Shelter: Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best fishing shelter, we hope our helpful guide goes a long way to choosing the right beach bivvy for you..

We have covered everything from budget beach shelters, to the most popular models on the market today.

Whether you are new to sea fishing or a seasoned pro, we hope this article has given you some valuable insight into what makes one product better than another and why it might be worth your time and money!

Thanks for reading.

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