10 Best Sea Fishing Tripods

best sea fishing tripod


To choose the best sea fishing tripod, stability is the key.

Whatever the weather, your beach tripod should also be strong and capable of resting your rods securely.

We all resent carrying our gear to the beach,or pier, so a portable tripod, perhaps featuring extendable legs and a carry case should figure highly in your decision.

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What Is A Tripod Used For?

A beach tripod allows anglers to fish from beaches, but can also be used for piers, rocks points, and harbours.

They allow your rod to be held up high in the air so you can see the rod tip move – registering a bite.

Below you will find all 7 reviews of the best sea fishing tripod available today.

1. Parker 3ft to 5ft Telescopic Sea Fishing Tripod

Tackle Scout Rating

The Parker telescopic tripod extends from 3ft to 5ft, and from my experience, it would be capable of holding two 12ft rods at best. I think a 13ft rod would be too big for it.

Parker 3-5ft Telescopic Sea Fishing Tripod

Lightweight, and easy to set up, there are twin double ‘U’ rests and alloy cups which is a step up from the usual plastic moulds!

Three telescopic legs close down to just 3ft making it easy to carry, but I would make sure you space these out fully, making sure each is extended to the maximum.

There is no bag, but we would highly recommend something like the Daiwa Sandstorm Holdall.

Ideal for your first rod rest, but if you’re willing to spend a bit more money on something better I would.

Pros: Great Value, Ideal For Beginners

Cons: No Bag, Flimsy Plastic Screws

Parker Angling 3-5ft Telescopic Fishing Tripod Rod Rest with Double U-Heads and Cups
  • Telescopic tubular tripod extends from 3 - 5ft
  • Twin U-heads
  • Due to the short transportation size this tripod is ideal for holidays


Weight: 0.8kg
Height: 150cm
Width: Fixed
Material: Tubular Aluminium

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2. Dinsmores Economy Sea Fishing Tripod

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First thing to say about the Dinsmores Economy Tripod is that the legs have points, so I wouldn’t recommend using it on solid ground.

Dinsmores Economy Tripod

Light, and durable, the short height gives it good stability and grip, even when fishing from the toughest shores!

Other features include a black coated alloy body and as mentioned, three strong arrow point feet, and a supporting central pole.

Overall, a very practical sea fishing tripod.

Pros: Superb Stability

Cons: Small

Dinsmores Economy Tripod - Black, 30 cm
  • Durable material
  • Lightweight
  • Universal screw tops


Weight: 0.5kg    
Height: 30cm   
Material: Black Alloy

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3. Basic Sea Fishing Beach Tripod

Best Sea Fishing Tripod (Best Budget 2021)

Tackle Scout Rating

If you’re looking for the best sea fishing tripod for compactness, then this could be it!

Basic Sea Fishing Beach Tripod

You can adjust the height from 45cm up to 125cm, and for extra stability – there are non-slip rubber feet.

As you may expect, its lightweight too and packs down to 54cm into its own transport bag.

Again, this is a tripod that is suited to beginners, but also could be used as a back-up or for sea fishermen that prefer to carry minimal gear.

If you do struggle to carry all your sea fishing tackle, maybe a fishing trolley could be suitable?

Pros: Non-slip rubber feet, own transport bag

Cons: I would suggest weighing it down with a bag of stones or bucket of sand.

Fishing Rods Tripod Stand Fish Rods Tripod Stand Rest for Sea Beach Shore Pier Tackle Telescopic [UK SELLER]
  • This bracket is used for pulling up the rod automatically when there is fish rising to the hook.
  • Convenient and portable in carry, exquisite and durable in manufacture.
  • Best suitable for sea fishing rod, casting fishing rod and rock fishing rod


Weight: 0.6kg    
Height: 45-125cm    
Packdown Length: 45cm

4. Digiplex Sea Fishing Tripod

Best Sea Fishing Tripod (Most Compact 2021)

Tackle Scout Rating

Digiflex Best Sea Fishing Tripod

Although marketed as having the capability of holding up to five rods, we’re not sure this is the case at all!

After setting it up, you must make sure you attach a bag of stones or bucket of sand as it did appear quite flimsy.

Lightweight (very light in fact!), it was super easy to carry and features three telescopic legs that quite frankly looked poorly made.

It might make a good holiday tripod, but all in honesty, I wouldn’t waste your money here.

Certainly NOT one of the best sea fishing tripods around.

Pros: Cheap, I guess!

Cons: Poor stability, poorly made, does not hold 5 rods

DIGIFLEX Fishing Rods Tripod Stand Rest for Sea Beach Shore Pier Tackle Telescopic
  • Holds up your fishing rod securely.
  • 3 Telescopic Legs.
  • Light weight.


Weight: 0.6kg    
Height: 107cm    
Packdown Length: 45cm 

6. IMAX 6ft Sea Fishing Tripod

Best Sea Fishing Tripod (Overall Winner 2021)

Tackle Scout Rating

Made from a trusted sea fishing brand, the Imax 6ft tripod is up there as one of the best sea fishing tripods on our list!

It’s telescopic, and extremely sturdy when extended, with the lightweight aluminium making it easy to carry.

IMAX 7ft Best Sea Fishing Tripod

The twin legs can also be adjusted, and these fold and clip onto the main frame when you make your exit from the beach or pier.

Additionally, the tripod comes with a screw-lock sliding butt rest and adjustable twin ‘V’ cup rod rests.

A practical beach tripod than can be used anywhere!

Pros: Practical, Great Features, Accommodates 13ft Rods

Cons: No Carry bag

Imax TRIPOD TRIPOD 6’ - 183
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Adjustable height rod cups
  • Leg lock system for transportation


Weight: 0.6kg    
Height: 183cm    
Packdown Length: 45cmn   
Colour: Blue

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7. Lineaffe Nero Sea Tripod

Best Sea Fishing Tripod (Best For Stability 2021)

Tackle Scout Rating

At 2m tall when fully extended, this freestanding sea fishing tripod from Lineaffe is built from a quality aluminium material and can accommodate two rods.

Lineaffe Nero Sea Tripod

The top rest can be adjusted to suit the rod position, and extends up to 30cm wide. Beneath, there is a single hook for attaching accessories such as a bucket.

There were no stability issues of note, but the weather conditions were favourable on the day!

A great fully adjustable beach tripod that comes supplied with a cloth bag.

Pros: Great Height, Good Stability

Cons: Clips Could Be Stronger



Weight: 2kg   
Height: 2oocm   
Width: 30cm   
Packdown Length: 30 Inches

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8. Jenzi Surf Rod Pod

Tackle Scout Rating

This review has come in from a friend of mine, so I personally didn’t get to use it, so let’s take a look at the Jenzi Surf Rod Pod in more detail…

It is constructed from aluminium and is comfortable to carry. 

Jenzi Surf Rod Pod

Capable of accommodating two rods, the 180cm length makes it one of the tallest sea tripods we’ve come across so far.

There is a hook for anglers to carry a water bucket, and whilst it was only used for a few hours, stability was excellent as it didn’t move an inch!

The triple leg system can be extended as required, with a supporting bar running across the hind legs to the rod leg add to the already great stability.

Overall , this is very practical, but more expensive than other sea fishing tripods on the market.

Pros: Great Height, Good Stability

Cons: Quite expensive

Surf Rod Pod Tele 2 VERS. Aufl
  • Surf Rod Pod Tele 2 Vers.Buckle


Material: Aluminium
Length: 6ft

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9. Shakespeare Salt Beach Tripod

Tackle Scout Rating

Shakespeare Salt Beach Tripod

A fantastic beach tripod that extends from 125cm up to 204cm offering you plenty of versatility to fish from.

The tubular structure is powder coated with aluminium, which protects it from salt damage that can commonly occur with most sea fishing tripods.

There are stabilising arms which help to balance your sea fishing setup in bad weather or cross winds.

That isn’t the last of the features either, with a two-piece central bar, click-lock adjusting legs and sliding adjustable butt caps make this one of the best feature-rich sea fishing tripods on the market.

It is not too heavy either, weighing 2.7kg, so is quite easy to carry from car to beach or pier along with your other sea fishing gear and tackle boxes.

If you do opt to purchase, it arrives in a handy carry case with two Velcro secured external pockets for the rod rest and butt holder.

If you are seeking a quality beach tripod that is built well and has all the features to make your fishing practical, I highly recommend the Shakespeare Beach Tripod.

Pros: Lots of Features, Stable, Excellent Saltwater Protection

Cons: I’m going to say none.

Shakespeare Salt Beach Rest - Blue/Black, 125-204 cm
  • Powder coated aluminium
  • Adjustable height
  • Stabilising arms


Material: Powder Coated Aluminium
Weight: 2.7kg
Closed Length: 1.25m

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