5 Best Spod Rod and Reel Combo

Spodding is such a great method to get bait out to your spot quickly, and accurately.

But what spod rod and reel combo is up to the task?

spod rod and reel combo 2022

We take a look at some recommend spod rod and reel pairings to give you a balanced setup that won’t let you down.

What is Spodding?

‘Spodding’ is casting a bait rocket containing a spod mixture usually made up from particles, chopped boilies, pellets and a liquid attractant.

Anglers cast using a strong rod and a tough spod reel that can stand up to the continuous casting out of a heavy spod.

It is a highly effective method to get a lot of bait out to an area over traditional methods like using a catapult, throwing stick of bait boat.

How To Spod

This video, from The Angling Times, demonstrates how to spod bait out effectively and accurately.

There are a few bait rockets, with the spomb leading the way, that we would recommend;

Let’s take a look at some spod rod and reel combos that feel balanced, yet are strong enough to cope with delivering heavy loads.

1. Fox EOS Spod & Marker Rod + Sonik Vader X 8000 RS Spod Reel

This spod rod and reel combo is well balanced, and is ideal for long distance spodding.

Fox Eos Spod Rod and Sonik Vader X 8000RS Spod Reel

Fox EOS Spod & Marker Rod

Fox rods are known for their quality and durability, and the Fox EOS 12ft 5lb Spod & Marker Rod is no exception!

It’s made from a lightweight carbon fibre construction, and features Fox SLIK rings and a robust 18 mm reel seat.

Fox Eos 12ft Spod Rod

Plus, it comes with a 50mm butt ring to ensure braid plays out smoothly. This can also be used to hook up your spod when not in use.

The 5lb test curve ensures a powerful backbone for delivering heavy spods at distance.

A great mid-budget spod rod!

Spod Rod Specifications

Length: 12ft
Sections: 2
Test Curve: 5lb
Weight: 460g

Sonik Vader X 8000 RS Spod Reel

Looking for a reel that can handle big spod loads?

Then the Sonik Vader X 8000RS Spod Fishing Reel is more than up to the task!

Sonik Vader X 8000RS Spod Reel

This robust, tough reel is well balanced and perfect for winding in your spod quickly and easily.

For convenience, it comes ready loaded with 200m of quality 30lb braid, so you can attach to your rod and start casting out bait to your spot.

After pairing this with the Fox EOS Spod & Marker Rod, casting was smooth and the reel took a lot of punishment as I needed to get bait out fast as possible because I didn’t want to disturb the area for longer than was needed.

10 spods were delivered, and then I hooked it up out of the away until later in the day, when I topped up my spot with a further 8 casts.

Overall, a really well balanced setup and you cannot go wrong with this spod rod and reel combo.

Spod Reel Specifications

Size: 8000
Gear Ratio: 4.1:1
Spool Capacity: 0.24mm/200m
Weight: 622g

2. Shimano Tribal TX1 Intensity Spod Rod + Shimano Ultegra XTD Spod Reel

This was a choice between the Ultegra XTD and the Aerlex 10000 XTB, and to be fair, both spod reels gave the TX1 a good balanced, but powerful setup for extreme casting, so we will let you decide which pairing to choose!

Shimano Spod Rod and Reel Combo

Shimano Tribal TX1 Intensity Spod Rod

Now this is an expensive rod, but if money is no object, then why not? Plus, you could always check the used tackle websites as you may find it that bit cheaper.

If you’re looking for the most powerful and precise spod rod on the market, then the Shimano Tribal TX1 Intensity Spod Rod is right up there.

SHIMANO Tribal TX1 Intensity SPOD

Featuring Spiral X blank construction, this rod delivers extreme power and precision when launching your spods, because the improvement in strength which reduces twist and ovalization (whetever that is!)

So whether you’re looking for a spod rod and reel combo for hitting extreme distances, the Tribal ‘Intensity’ TX1 is the perfect choice.

Spod Rod Specifications

Length: 12ft
Sections: 2
Transport length: 188cm
Rings: 6
Weight: 344g

Shimano Ultegra XTD Spod Reel

This big pit reel has been specifically designed to provide optimal performance when used for spodding. The Ultegra XTD is powerful and geared towards handling plenty of robust use!

Shimano Ultegra XTD Spod Reel

It features a shallow spool, a gear ratio of 5:2:1, and a retrieval speed of 124 cm per turn – perfect for retrieving your spod quickly.

There are also three line clips, which means you can accurately mark up three areas for improved accuracy.

Just remember to use marker tape on your line to remember your distances!

I really liked the egg-style handle, which offers improved grip, especially with wet hands when filling up your spod, and ensures smooth, responsive performance when casting.

A top draw big pit reel that compliments the TX1 Spod rod perfectly.

If you are after the very best spod rod and reel combo, then you should choose this pairing. Just remember to invest in a quality fishing rod bag to protect your prized tackle.

Spod Reel Specifications

Gear Ratio: 5:2:1
Spool Capacity: 0.30mm/390m
Weight: 630g
Drag Force: 20kg
Retrieval speed: 124cm

3. Daiwa Emblem Spod Rod & Reel Combo

There is no mix and matching involved here – this is all Daiwa baby!

This package is made up of the Daiwa Emblem 12ft, 4.25lb Spod Rod and Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel, so let’s take at look in more detail….

Daiwa Emblem Spod Rod and Reel Combo

If you are looking for a powerful spod rod that looks as good as it performs, and won’t break the bank, then the Daiwa Emblem Spod rod and reel combo is a great choice – from a top brand too!

The rod features High Volume Fibre construction and strong V-Joints, meaning it is more than capable of handling even the heaviest loads with ease.

Daiwa Emblem Spod Rod

Plus, its sleek Low glare clear matt finish and SeaGuide reel seat make it perfect for any angler looking to start spodding consistently.

Spod Rod Specifications

Length: 12ft
Test Curve: 4.25lb
Sections: 2
Transport length: 187cm
Weight: 413g

Backed up by the Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel, which is for serious ‘spodders’!

The over sized ABS spool ensures line peels off effortlessly, while CastLock ensures your open bail stays locked in the correct position during the cast – a handy feature which saves a spilt spod due to the bail arm flipping over!

Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel

Big pit reels and spod reels, are often judged on line retrieve, because it gives a good indication as to how fast you can reel in. The Daiwa Emblem Reel offers 122cm per turn of the handle, which is more than sufficient for its purpose.

The Daiwa Emblem is one of my all-time favourite reels, and when paired up with the same name rod – offers carp anglers a reliable spod rod and reel combo.

Spod Reel Specifications

Gear Ratio: 5:1:1
Spool Capacity: 280m/15lb
Weight: 688g
Retrieval speed: 122cm

4. Sonik Vader X Rod and Reel Combo + Braid

This bundle features a Sonik spod rod and reel with braid, and is superb value for money, whether you are learning how to spod for the first time, or are simply looking to upgrade an existing setup.

Sonik spod reel and rod combo with braid

The Sonik Vader X Rod and Reel Combo is the perfect choice for anglers looking for a high quality, affordable rod and reel combo.

With a custom black reel seat, and super slim full shrink wrap handle, this combo looks as good as it performs.

After a few casts, which felt smooth and the crisp progressive action offers maximum feedback – everything you want in a spod rod really.

A line friendly custom contoured Sonik clip and slim Japanese shrink wrap butt grip complete the look.

Spod Rod Specifications

Length: 12ft
Test Curve: 4.50lb
Sections: 2

Onto the Sonik spod reel now, which boasts an ultra-fast retrieve rate, making it ideal for spodding.

Additionally,  it features a long cast spool design, that is spooled up with 200m of 30lb braid.

A large diameter bail arm, bail roller, twin line clips and barrel shaped wooden handle makes this born for spodding large quantities of bait to your spot.

So if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line rod and reel combo that won’t break the bank, get yourself a Sonik Vader X Rod and Reel Combo today!

Spod Reel Specifications

Gear Ratio: 5:1:1
Spool Capacity: 280m/15lb
Weight: 688g
Retrieval speed: 122cm

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5. Prologic C-Series Xtra Distance Spod Rod + Okuma Custom Spod CS Reel

Looking to launch big loads effortlessly and efficiently?

Look no further than the Prologic C-Series Xtra Distance Spod Rod and Okuma Spod Reel, which make a winning combination in your spodding arsenal!

Prologic C-Series Xtra Distance Spod Rod + Okuma Spod Reel

Prologic C-Series Xtra Distance Spod Rod

This responsive rod is capable of transmitting every hidden detail of the lake bed back to the angler when marking swims out, and feature finding.

With beautiful cosmetics, it offers a powerful casting action, which is often required when launching your spomb out towards a feature.

Prologic C-Series Xtra Distance Spod Rod

Backed up with a 50mm butt ring, and retro-fitted with MM-Series guides, braid flies through the eyes with the tip through to the butt section fully absorbing everything you can throw at it.

 A special mention has to be given to the rods responsiveness and recovery speed!

Whether you’re looking to make some serious distance casts or just need a reliable rod for accurate precision casting, the Prologic C-Series Xtra Distance Spod Rod is more than up to the task.

Spod Rod Specifications

Length: 12ft
Tip: 16mm anti-frap tip
Test Curve: 5lb
Sections: 2

Okuma Custom Spod CS Reel

The Okuma Custom Spod CS Spod Reel features a corrosion-resistant graphite body and rotor, plus 3 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing for a real smooth operation.

Okuma Custom Spod CS Spod Reel

The quick-set infinite anti-reverse system ensures consistent performance, while the aluminium anodized spool ensures long-lasting use.

Comes pre spooled with 200m of 30lbs braid, this reel is ready to tackle anything!

Spod Reel Specifications

Gear Ratio: 4:8:1
Spool Capacity: 200m/30lb
Weight: 620g
Retrieval speed: 102cm

Spodding Tips

Well, now that we have covered our five best spod rod and reel combos, how about some juicy fishing tips to refine your spodding technique?

spodding tips

Clipping Up Your Spod

Many anglers think they can clip up their spod at exactly the same distance as they’ve clipped up their rig.

This is incorrect – and a classic mistake!

If the depth is 3ft, due to the ‘pendulum effect’ where your spod swings back towards you. This means your bait will empty out about 1ft off of the spot.

fishing pendulum effect

If you are fishing in water, say that its 6ft, 9ft or even 12ft deep, you are NOT going to be baiting accurately enough.

Here is a table to help you spod more accurately:

Water DepthPendulum EffectExample Marked Distance
3ft1ft100ft + 3ft (Depth) -1ft (Pendulum Effect) = Clip up at 102ft
6ft2ft100ft + 6ft (Depth) -2ft (Pendulum Effect) = Clip up at 104ft
9ft3ft100ft + 9ft (Depth) -3ft (Pendulum Effect) = Clip up at 106ft
12ft4ft100ft + 12ft (Depth) -4ft (Pendulum Effect) = Clip up at 108ft
15ft5ft100ft + 15ft (Depth) -5ft (Pendulum Effect) = Clip up at 110ft

Bear in mind that there are other factors that can affect accuracy such as cross winds, undertow and how high above the ‘drop zone’ you cast to.

This is just a rough guide, but helps you to think about the situation a bit more clearly.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect, and the same goes for spodding!

You can really hone in on the steps you can take to produce more accurate spodding such as:

  • Mark out your swim beforehand. Not only does this give you a good indication of underwater features and terrain, but depth – which is important in the mechanics of spodding.
  • Mark out a spot on the ground, i.e. your starting position
  • Cushioning your rod when the spod hits the clip
  • Always cast to a 10 o’clock position (if that’s your normal fishing position) and hold your rod at that point everytime.
  • If you have worked out the increase between clipping up your rig, and your spod, you can always step back by that amount. That means you clip up the same distance for both your rig and spod.

Spod Mix

You can use whatever bait you choose to create your spod mix, but just be aware that if its to loose or too wet – it may spill out the back during casting!

Try and aim for a good consistency when mixing, or alternatively plug the back of the spod with groundbait.


Our final spodding tip is timing.

The key is not to fill in your swim with bait!

I think between 5 to 7 spods is sufficient enough to start with, and remember, you can always gently top this up over the course of your session!

Watch the water for signs, providing you’ve a good pair of polarised sunglasses of course!

fortis sunglasses

Choosing a Spod Rod and Reel Combo: Final Verdict

With so many options for fishing spods and reels, it can be hard to find the best option.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite combos, and have made sure to include a good variety to suit your budget.

Thanks for reading our spod rod and reel combo guide.

The Tackle Scout Team

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