Best Telescopic Fishing Rods

Owning a telescopic fishing rod gives you a wide range of uses – from freshwater light spinning to saltwater fishing from a pier or rock mark.

best telescopic fishing rod 2021

Because they pack down small, a telescopic fishing rod is easy to travel with and store away.

Popular with day fishermen who want convenience, or only fish a handful times, the best telescopic rod is one that covers all angles.

For anglers that have a larger budget, it may be worth exploring a multi-piece rod.

These are usually made from stronger graphite, which will last longer than traditonal fibre glass often used in the production of telescopic fishing rods.

1. Shakespeare Firebird Telescopic Rod

Available Lengths: 6ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft & 12ft

shakespeare firebird telescopic rod

Ideal for a quick trip to the beach to fish for mackerel, the Shakespeare Firebird Telescopic Rod & Reel Combo comes pre-loaded with 8lb line so you start fishing as soon as you arrive.

There are five lengths to choose from, each suitable for a variety of species.


This innovative rod has many benefits, including:

  • Bold coloured rod that comes in several styles
  • Double leg guides made from titanium oxide
  • Lightweight rod is ideal for travelling 
  • Small size fits into most rod bags and is easy to transport 
  • Comes with a reel 
  • Packaged ready to use quickly 
  • Easy to use and great for beginners 
  • 10 foot rod is ideal for carp fishing
  • Budget Price 


While the Shakespeare Firebird Telescopic Rod & Reel Combo is a great budget rod, there are downsides. These include:

  • Lightweight rod isn’t robust enough to handle large fish 
  • Might not be the best choice if you’re particular about reels or already have one you want to use
  • Colourful rod might impact stealth when catching wary fish in small streams

2. Penn Squadron II SW Travel Spin Rod

Available Lengths: 8ft, 9ft, 10ft

Penn Squadron II SW Travel Spin Rods

Fitted with a high quality reel seat and stainless steel guides, the Penn Squadron II Travel Rod is ideal for anglers who travel a lot to fish.

A modern design, with a sporting performance, this is a solid setup for saltwater lure fishing!


This stylish rod has many benefits, including:

  • Multiple pieces make it easy for travelling
  • Comes in a range of lengths to suit a variety of anglers
  • Supplied with quality guides to make directing the rod easier
  • Robust graphite reel seat is built to last
  • Comes in a handy cloth travel bag 
  • Value for money thanks to mid-range price point and selection of features


Most rods come with some downsides. While the pros definitely outweigh the cons for this rod, there still are some to consider, including:

  • Isn’t heavy enough to cope with weightier catches
  • Only comes in one design, so there are fewer options for style-minded anglers 
  • Doesn’t come with reel and line as standard

3. Daiwa Megaforce Telescopic Rod

Available Lengths: 2.10m to 4.20m

Daiwa Megaforce Telescopic Rod

With plenty of length options (and casting weights) the Daiwa Megaforce telescopic rod is a great all rounder!

It’s a mid-budget rod that extends through five sections, and features seven guides.

This reworked model offers much improved components, with the smallest model (2.10m) packing down to an impressive 69cm!

Lightweight, and finely balanced, the action realy caught our eye as it performs equally as a two or three piece rod.

Additional components include high quality cork EVA handle and titanium oxide guides.


This compact travelling rod has a lot to offer, including:

  • Lightweight and perfect for travel
  • Mid-budget and good value for money 
  • Useful for lure and bait angling 
  • Full cork handle gives great grip
  • Several length options to suit anyone 
  • Protective hood provided 
  • Quality aluminium oxide guides


The cons for the Daiwa Megaforce telescopic rod include:

  • Lots of weight and length options can be difficult for beginners who aren’t sure what to go for
  • The reel isn’t included 
  • Five guides might make it difficult to focus if you’re not used to them 

4. Shimano STC Mini Tele Rod

Available Lengths: 2.10m, 2.40m and 2.70m

Shimano STC Mini Tele Rod

A go anywhere telescopic rod that is available in three lengths, this is ideal for a fishing holiday or an opportunist day at the beach!

With a transport length of less than 30cm, the Shimano STC Mini Tele Rod is the perfect option for tucking into a backpack or keeping in the boot of a car. 

The model is towards the higher end of the mid-price range, but it’s still an affordable option for those who want a quality telescopic rod to take anywhere. 

These rods come in various models and sizes, so there’s one to suit every angler, no matter what you’re fishing for and where you’re doing it. 

  • Full Cork Grip 
  • Stainless Steel Shaft 
  • 8 Guides 


There are many benefits to choosing the Shimano STC Mini Tele Rod, including:

  • Multiple lengths for variety
  • Quality cork grip and stainless steel body 
  • 8 guides to improve accuracy 
  • Small size is perfect for travel
  • The lightweight rod is easy to store and carry 
  • Classic colour will suit most anglers


The disadvantages of this rod include:

  • Multiple guides might be tough for beginners or anyone who’s not used to them 
  • Light rod isn’t suitable for heavier fish 
  • Slightly higher price than some rods on the list 

5. Mitchell Suprema Telescopic Rod

Available Lengths: 4.20m, 4.50m

Mitchell Suprema Telescopic Rod

With multiple options available for sea or river fishing, the Mitchell Suprema Telescopic Rod is a versatile option for any budding angler who’s keen to upgrade from their basic rod. 

This rod is mid-priced and gives great value for money, with multiple Fuji guides and a classic cork handle. 

It comes in a range of colours, depending on what you use it for, with sea fishing or even a version designed specifically for trout fishing, each with its own coloured shaft. 

  • Shrink tube handle 
  • Multiple Fuji guides
  • Feature 3


There are many benefits to choosing this rod, including:

  • Quality guides for precision casting 
  • Several options for different types of fishing 
  • The carbon body makes the rod light and easy to use
  • Stylish and sleek design 


While this is a quality rod, there are some downsides, including: 

  • Extensive options might make it hard for beginners to choose
  • The light rod might not be suitable for larger catches
  • Priced at the higher side of the middle bracket so might not give as much value for money as you’d like 

6. Magreel Telescopic Rod

Available Lengths: 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m

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The Magreel Telescopic Rod is an innovative all-in-one setup that makes for the perfect option for beginners.

It’s a cost-effective low-price fishing set that offers great value for money, with higher quality parts than you might expect from such a low price tag! 

So, if you’re looking for a low-cost rod you can use to learn to fish, then this could be a great option for you.

The lightweight rod is perfect for all types of fishing in a variety of locations, so you can take it with you and keep it as a spare if you choose to get a new rod in the future.  

  • Stainless steel hooded reel seat 
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • 4 precision guides


If you’re looking for a cheap fishing setup then there’s not a lot that can go wrong with the Magreel Telescopic Rod. The benefits of this rod include:

  • Ergonomic handle for easy grip
  • Comes with reel, carry bag, lures, line and more so you have everything you need in one kit
  • The ultralight design makes this great for travel
  • Comes with an interchangeable left or right folding handle to suit anyone 
  • Multiple guides to make casting easier and more accurate
  • Great value for money with a lot of gear for the price


Some of the downsides to this rod include:

  • Lightweight rod might not be suitable for larger fish
  • Less durable than other options on this list 
  • Limited design options for style-conscious anglers 

7. Fox EOS Telescopic Rod

Available Lengths: 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m

Another mid-priced telescopic fishing rod, the Fox EOS Telescopic Rod is a true classic.

With a matte black finish and ergonomic handle, it’s perfect for beginners or anyone who wants a low-cost rod to carry around with them for impromptu trips to the lake.

KcqCnjr9J4At803 ShjmZsH9UI0fXQ7KXrQshDcBzjmjbcHGsKUCLQT0gdJKoMiV3Le

The compact design and lightweight materials make this an ideal rod for travel. It can easily fit into a backpack or bag, and its sturdy construction makes it perfect for long journeys or rough terrain. 

  • Lightweight carbon construction 
  • Tapered lower handle for an ergonomic grip 
  • 18mm DPS-style reel seat  


A classic telescopic fishing rod great for beginners and expert anglers alike, the Fox EOS Telescopic Rod has many qualities to recommend it, including: 

  • Lightweight carbon rod is easy to carry and use
  • Sleek black design is classic and will suit everyone
  • The rod is easy to use 
  • Five guides help with casting and catching fish
  • Comes in 5 parts to make travelling easier
  • The quality design is made to last


There are a few cons to this rod, which include:

  • Lack of design options 
  • The transport length of 1.40 m isn’t the smallest on the market 
  • It is lightweight and might not be suitable for heavier catches 

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod: Final Thoughts

Telescopic fishing rods are a great choice for anyone who loves angling.

From complete novices to seasoned experts, everyone will be able to find the perfect telescopic fishing rod to meet their needs and fit into their budget.

Most of these rods are designed with travel in mind, which means their often lightweight. As such, they’re ideal for trips but aren’t great for competitions and catching heavier fish. 

This list highlights some of the best telescopic fishing rods on the market that we enjoy using, but new rods are released regularly, and there are vintage rods you can also consider.

To stay up to date with the latest rod releases and find the perfect fishing setup for any type of catch, subscribe to Tacklescout and check out our product reviews and guides. You’ll then be able to find the perfect rod for every occasion!

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