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Top Kit Case Reviews

A top kit case is designed to make it easier to carry and store your expensive fishing pole sections to the bank safely, but what are the best top kit cases?

From the Guru Fusion X Case to the Matrix Duralite Top Kit Case, we take a look at ways anglers can keep organised on the bank.

We all know the feeling. You’ve just spent a small fortune on a top-of-the-range fishing pole, and the last thing you want to do is damage it when taking it to the bank.

That’s where top kit cases come in, as they provide essential protection for your expensive pole, as well as a great way of organising everything so you’re not scrabbling around trying to find that one specific section!

Lets get started!

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1. Guru Fusion X-Case Holdall

With the Guru Fusion X-Case Holdall, you’ll be able to store and transport up to 30 top kits inside with ease, thanks to the padded internal compartments.

Guru Fusion X Case Holdall

The top kit case also features a spacious external pocket which is ideal for holding other essential tackle accessories, while the comfortable shoulder strap ensures easy carrying.

There are two sides which are long enough to accommodate a one-piece shallow top kit, plus a pair of elastic retaining straps per side for added security during transportation.

I liked the addition of a base net pocket and the cloth inner shell that is coated to further prevent any damage to my cherished pole sections.

Probably the best top kit case on our list due to the crazy, but needed, amount of padding and security for your pole.

  • Made from super strong reinforced material
  • Stores up to 30 top kits
  • Two sided
  • Can accommodate one-piece shallow top kits
  • Two elastic retaining straps
  • Base net pocket
  • Inner shell is cloth coated
  • Interlocking carry handles
  • Oversized re-enforced zip pullers
  • Super-strong full-length zip
  • Fits inside Fusion Pole and XL Pole holdalls
  • 185cm inside length

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2. Matrix Duralite Top Kit Case

If you’re looking for top quality protection for your top kits, then the Matrix Duralite Top Kit Case is definitely worth checking out!

Matrix Duralite Top Kit Case

The hard shell case is made from a tough but durable construction which can withstand the rigours of transportation, while the padded main compartment protects up to 30 top kits from bumps and scrapes.

There is no need for tubes either – this top kit case has everything you need to secure each section before use, and if you need quick access, a full length zip runs the full length of the case.

There’s also a zipped front pocket for storing other essential tackle items and the case is finished with an ergonomic moulded grip handle.  

I really enjoyed using this top kit case, it was great to not have to fumble around with tubes and the like, and my top kits were kept safe and sound.

  • No tubes needed!
  • Ultra-durable fabric
  • Can hold up to 30 top kits
  • Inner elasticated fixing straps
  • Mesh base pockets
  • Moulded interlocking handle grip
  • 195cm x 14.5cm x 13cm

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3. MAP Dual Top Kit Case

Next up on our list is the MAP Dual Top Kit Case which is constructed using 1200D material, but includes a rigid outer to fully protect your kit.

This top kit case can comfortably hold around 12 top kits and features a spacious main compartment with an internal divider to keep things tidy.

MAP Dual Top Kit Case

I used this for a few sessions and found that the top kit case easily accommodated everything I needed, and the internal divider was great for separating different types of top kits.

The case felt very durable, as opposed to using a hard top kit case so if you’re looking for something a little different, this could be the one for you.

A full length zip, which is a great feature for quick access, meant that I could get to my top kits with ease and the top carrying handle made it easy to transport to and from the bank.

Unfortunately, I found that you can’t keep your rigs attached – but this isn’t the end of the world!

Overall, a smart and tidy case that didn’t feel bulky, so I would highly recommend the MAP Dual Top Kit Case for those looking for something a little different.

  • Hard shell
  • Full zip access
  • Carry handle
  • Velcro straps
  • Rubber zip pullers
  • Can carry up to 20 spare tip sections
  • Standard: 150cm x 17cm x 7cm
  • XL: 185cm x 16cm x 6.5cm

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4. Preston Innovations Hardcase Kit Safe

Our newest addition on the list, the Preston Innovations Hardcase Kit Safe is a top quality top kit case that will protect your kit from all the elements.

The hardcase top kit case allows us anglers to keep our top kits and spares completely protected. The case itself is slim, and it is capable of holding around 20 individual top kits.

Preston Innovations Hardcase Kit Safe

Whether that is a traditional two-piece top kit, or the latest style F1 short kits.

On inspection, I noticed a tough outer shell, and a peak inside revealed protective mesh webbing and elasticated straps that secured my kits with ease.

Oversized zips allow you open and close the full length case fully and I found it the top kit case comfortable to carry due to the well padded strap.

I would highly recommend the Preston Innovations Hardcase Kit Safe for those top kit anglers that are looking for top of the range protection.

  • Strong robust outer shell
  • Elasticated straps
  • Protective mesh webbing
  • Durable oversized zips
  • Deluxe padded carry strap
  •  190cm x 12cm x 9cm

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5. Frenzee FXT Top Kit Case

Well, the Frenzee FXT Top Kit Case is certainly a top quality top kit case!

This top kit case comes with a padded main compartment that can hold up to 30 top kits, and there is even an internal divider to keep things tidy.

Frenzee FXT Top Kit Case

The Frenzee FXT Top Kit Case also has a zipped front pocket for storing other tackle items – ideal!

Onto the fabric now which is semi-rigid and features a full length zip for easy access to all your top kits and tubes.

I found the luggage case to be very portable and it also had a comfortable shoulder strap and ergonomic neoprene handle for those longer walks to the bank.

This top kit case is certainly one of the best on the market and I would highly recommend it!

  • Clips directly to the FXT 6 & 8 Tube Holdalls
  • Store 10-12 top kits or 8 large top kit tubes
  • Internal dividers, Velcro straps and internal labelling system
  • Semi-rigid construction
  • Full length double zip for easy access
  • Heavy-duty, water resistant and wipe clean material
  • Ergonomic Neoprene carry handle
  • Heavy-duty zips with soft-touch cord pullers
  • 185cm x 16cm x 9cm


So there you have – 5 must have top kit cases!

If you’re looking for top quality top kit protection, then any one of these top kit cases will do the job perfectly – we think a top kit case is a must for all pole fishing.

Whether you opt for a hard shell case for added protection, or a durable case that is easier to carry, you can’t go wrong with any of these top kit cases.

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