19 Best Carp Bait Companies

There seems to be hundreds of carp bait companies, but which bait company should you use?

carp bait companies

Most tackle shops stock fishing bait from a handful of the top companies such as Dynamite Baits, CC Moore, Mainline, Nash and Sticky, but there are also some great independent businesses who make really good bait!

These can give you a great edge as most other anglers stick to what they know (which is also fine)

Let’s take a look!

Monster Particles bait Company


Primary Bait: Particles

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Based in Staffordshire, Monster Particles are the UK’s biggest fishing particle supplier.

They stock everything from tiger nuts to liquids, hemp and spod mixes (which we like to use our bait boat for!)

Mainline Baits


Carp Bait Companies – Best Quality Winner!

Primary Bait: Carp & Match & Fishing

Mainline stock a wide range of both carp and match baits, including boilies, pellets, liquids and pop ups.

A popular company trusted by thousands of anglers, Mainline Baits have resulted in some huge captures over the years.

Dynamite Baits


Carp Bait Companies – Best Overall Choice!

Primary Bait: Coarse Fishing

A market leader, Dynamite Baits are a recognised brand across Europe. Known for bait ranges such as ‘Swim Stim’ and ‘The Source’, bait is made by anglers – for anglers.

They employ around 60 staff, mainly made up of anglers who are involved in the research, manufacturing, testing and distribution.

Sonubaits bait company


Primary Bait: Match Fishing

Primarily associated with match fishing, they also stock carp and specimen baits such as their ‘Code Red’ range.

They have a great stable of consultants which have been involved in bait development to make sure bait is of the highest quality – and that it works!

Nash Baits Carp bait Companies


Primary Bait: Carp Fishing

Nash are known for making great tackle, but their bait is also well received in the carp community.

From ranges such as ‘Scopex Squid’ and ‘Strawberry Crush’ there is a bait for everyone. Each range is usually made up of boilies, pop ups, groundbait, pellets and additives.

Sticky Baits Company


Primary Bait: Carp Fishing

I’m a huge fan of most Sticky Baits, I have caught loads of carp and it is a bait I have a lot of confidence in!

Key ranges include ‘The Krill’ and ‘Manilla’ which include boilies, pellets, liquids and pop ups.

cc moore carp bait companies


Primary Bait: Carp Fishing

CC Moore baits consistently put fish on the bank. With over 25 years experience manufacturing quality carp baits, including ‘Pacific Tuna’, ‘Odyssey XXX’ and ‘Northern Specials’, there really is a bait for all situations.

One of the most well loved carp bait companies around.

Bait tech


Primary Bait: Coarse & Match Fishing

Bait-tech is now over 15 years old, and during that time they produced a constant supply of quality fishing bait.

In particular, they have had huge success in the match scene, especially in the 1990’s.

Bait-tech baits give anglers confidence that what they are using catches fish – what more do you want from a bait manufacturer?

Craft Catcher Carp Bait Company


Primary Bait: Carp Fishing

A highly respected bait brand with over 30 years experience, Crafty Catcher are based up in Suffolk.

Known for making Boilies, Particles, Liquids, Specialist Hookbaits and other dry mixes in a purpose built factory, all their baits are formulated to bring brilliant results at affordable prices.

Hinders Fishing Baits


Primary Bait: Carp, Barbel & Commercial Fishing

A family business that has been in operation for over 90 years, Hinders Baits is one of those carp bait companies that have built a solid reputation for making high quality fishing bait.

Located in Swindon, they supply bait to most of the major tackle shops around the UK.

hinders ramiz bait pack

Korda Fishing Bait


Primary Bait: Carp Fishing

Known for Thinking Tackle, Korda are famous for producing Goo, which is a liquid attractant that can be used in spod mixes when spodding bait out, hookbaits and PVA bags to great affect!

They also produce some colorful artificial baits, such as pop up corn.

Enterprise Tackle


Primary Bait: Carp & Coarse Fishing

If you fish with imitation baits, the chances that you have used one from Enterprise Tackle is high!

This is because they are leading manufacturer of imitation baits in the UK. If there is a bait that you use on your hook, Imitation Baits will have replicated it!

Baitworks Fishing Bait


Primary Bait: Carp Fishing

Another one of those car bait companies that prefers to sell direct to customers, rather than to the tackle shops, Baitworks is a relatively new business started in 2005 by Mark Bryant.

Because they ‘cut out the middleman’ every bait uses the highest quality ingredients.

If you haven’t used a Baitworks bait before, make sure you give them a try (especially the scent from hell pop ups!)

scent from hell baitworks pop ups

Kent Particles


Primary Bait: Carp Fishing

Most carp bait companies start off with one type of bait, and in the case of Kent Particles – you guessed it, they started with particles only!

However, after rapid expansion, they now make and sell freshly rolled boilies, pellets, pop ups, paste, liquids and even fishing tackle!

I use this company for their ‘bait in a bucket’ offers which usually work out at great value.

kent particles bait in a bucket

Urban Bait Carp Fishing


Primary Bait: Carp Fishing

Another relatively new business, Urban Baits is one of the leading carp bait companies when it comes to sourcing and using quality ingredients.

The company has been running ‘underground’ for over 25 years, but is now firmly established for producing a range of baits such as boilies, hookbaits, pellets and additives.

Urban Bait Nutcracker Boilies

DNA Carp Baits


Primary Bait: Carp Fishing

I enjoy using independant carp bait companies because its a change from the usual baits from the usual brands, and it can often give you quite an edge!

Like most carp anglers, quality is the number one factor, and DNA use fresh ingredients to produce a good range of boilies, both fresh and frozen.

They also stock a range of other baits to supplement these, such as liquids, pop ups and boosters.

DNA baits

Mistral Baits


“Quality carp baits that you can rely on”is the tagline of Mistral Baits, and although I can’t say how true this is, they have over 10,000 Facebook followers, so they must be doing something right!

Formed 33 years ago, their website stocks an impressive range of boilies, pop ups, hookers and sprays.

Carp bait companies come and go, but not Mistral Baits!

Mistral Carp Baits

Munch Carp Baits


Primary Bait: Carp Fishing

This is another one of those carp bait companies I know very little about, but after reading their journey, they seem to be a proud business built on using science to produce fishing baits.

They produce boilies, particles, pellets and liquid foods and I’m eager to hit them up and give these a try in the near future!

Munch Baits Cream Seed Boilies

Mad Baits Carp Fishing


Primary Bait: Carp Fishing

Now we’re really getting stuck into independant carp bait companies!

Mad baits (#puremadness) uses the latest technology to produce a wide variety of key ranges, such as boilies, pop ups, wafters and hookbaits.

They’ve a strong team dedicated to sourcing the best available ingredients.

If you’re in pursuit of a monster in your local lake, why not give Mad Baits a try?

Mad Baits Wafters


That concludes our round-up of the best carp bait companies from around the UK.

What is your go to bait?

Whatever bait you choose to fish with, make sure the ingredients are fresh, and if you are having a bit of a ‘blank streak’ why not take a chance on one of the smaller bait companies?

You never know – it may even catch you a specimen carp or two!

Thanks for reading.

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