5 Carp Tackle Giveaway Site Reviews

Over the past few years, there has been a considerable increase in carp tackle giveaways, especially on social media.

Carp Tackle Giveaway Enter To Win

We are not suggesting these are fake or scams, but rather we wanted to create a list of reviews for each website, group or forum where these take place!

After carrying out some extensive carp tackle giveaways research, we have found the most popular, entered a few ourselves, and written a small review of each one.

Lets begin!

1. Carp Tackle Giveaways

Carp Tackle Giveaways

This website offers you the chance to win carp tackle – for less!

Created by ‘Hinch’ who is an ex-serviceman, Carp Tackle Giveaways has around 20,000 followers on Facebook alone, which is an impressive following!

Carp Tackle Giveaways Prizes

Prizes include everything from barrows to bundles, clothing and bivvies, so a good variety of carp fishing gear is up for grabs.

One prize that caught my eye was the chance to win a Nash Titan T1 Camo MK2 for just 99p!

There are a total of 1464 tickets available, which are very good odds!

In total, there were currently 40 competitions that you can enter to win.

Example Prizes:

These were as of February 2022.

Nash Scopex Squid Bundle
Nash Scopex Squid Boilie Bundle – Tickets were set at just £1.99!
Fox FX11 Reels x3
Fox FX11 Reels x 3 – Tickets were £2.99!
Fox Frontier Bivvy Giveaway
Fox Frontier Bivvy – Tickets set at £3.99 per entry!

Check out the latest carp tackle competitions.

How to enter Carp Tackle Giveaways Competitions

Entries start at just 99p, with one prize set at £4.99.

To enter a competition, you sign-up, top up your account and choose which competitions you would like to buy a ticket for.

carp tackle giveaways legit

Answer a very easy question to get your entry accepted!

You will receive a ‘ticket number’ by email, and this is also viewable in your account on the website.

Payment can be made via Visa or Mastercard.

Free entries can be made by sending a postcard to an address on their website here.

How are Carp Tackle Giveaways draws made?

Once all tickets have been sold (or not sold) every competition is drawn live on Facebook using a Google Random Number Generator to select the winning ticket.

All draw times are announced on Facebook, and you can tune in to find out if you’re a winner!

Overall, Carp Tackle Giveaways is a great website with a large social media following!

2. Carp Gear Giveaways

Carp Gear Giveaways

After giving away almost 5,000 prizes, with a total value of £2million, Carp Gear Giveaways is an active fishing community.

At the time of writing, they have over 50,000 followers, making them one of the top carp tackle giveaway groups!

Started by avid carp angler Matthew Mountain, who wanted to offer anglers the chance to win luxury carp tackle at prices (and odds) that most anglers can afford.

carp gear giveaways legit

Prizes have included vans, century rods and huge tackle bundles!

On top of these awesome prizes on offer, Matthew has created ‘Instant Wins’ and ‘Charity Draws’.

Carp Gear Giveaway Prizes

Currently, these prizes are on offer:

Previous prizes have included the following:

Century Stealth Graphene Rods

Century Stealth Graphene Rods
£50 per ticket, but these are worth £500 each!

Fox Camolite Cooler Bag

Fox Camolite Cooler Bag
Tickets were just 99p per entry!

How To Enter Carp Gear Giveaway Competitions?

Tickets for each prize varies, but can be purchased for as low as 99p

Plus all draws are made live on Facebook using a random number generator.

All prizes are guaranteed, with no rollovers either.

One of the leading carp giveaway websites, why not try your luck?

3. Carp Hunter Giveaways

Carp Hunter Giveaways

Our third carp tackle giveaway website is ‘Carp Hunter Giveaways’, which is one of my favourite competition sites due to the huge variety of prizes on offer!

The odds are great, and owner Bernie and Ben make the community a fun one to be part of.

Clearly, the vans that they giveaway are a big attraction, but if you take a closer look at their website, some of the smaller prizes often have a small maximum number of entries – which gives you a great chance to win!

Carp Hunter Giveaway Prizes

Carp Hunter Giveaways Prizes

With a wide range of prizes, starting at just 99p per entry, here are a current selection of carp prizes on the website:

Ridge Monkey XF1 Bivvy

Ridge Monkey Bivvy Giveaway

You could win this for just 0.99p per entry!

Set of 3 Delkim TXI-D & RX-D receiver

Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarms Giveaway
Again, you could win these Delkims for just 99p!

How Are Carp Hunter Giveaways Drawn?

All entrants who have correctly answered the prize question, and paid an entry fee (postal entries are free) will be entered into a live draw on Facebook.

Each participant’s name and ticket number will be entered onto a spreadsheet, and using a random number generator, a winner will be drawn live.

I would advise reading the terms and conditions before entering!

What are you waiting for? Why not give Carp Hunter Giveaways a try?

4. Carp Fishing Draws

Carp Fishing Draws

I’ll be honest – I hadn’t heard of Carp Fishing Draws, or CFD, before now!

However, I was impressed with the clean and simple website, and although there are just a couple of thousand Facebook followers, your odds are much better due to the low amount of entrants, on top of a great selection of draws!

One particular ‘exclusive’ prize was a 48 hour tuition session with Jim Shelley – a money can’t buy prize!

From bait boats to side credit, instant win vouchers and mega tackle bundle draws, I enjoyed the diversity of carp prizes on offer.

CFD earn points

What Prizes Can You Win on CFD?

Well, there are lots of prizes, and here is a small selection:

Fox Frontier X Bivvy

Fox Frontier X Bivvy
Limited to just 559 tickets, entries cost £1.79 – great odds!

Solar Tackle A1 Rod Pod

Solar Tackle A1 Rod Pod
Just 99p to enter, with only 75 maximum tickets available!

£500 Angling Direct Gift Voucher

Angling Direct Gift Voucher
Just £1.79 to enter, draw limited to 588 tickets!

How To Enter Carp Fishing Draws?

Like all the other carp tackle giveaway websites above:

  • Choose the draw you would like to enter
  • Select amount of entries
  • Answer the multiple choice question
  • Watch CFD live draws over on Facebook
  • Winners are decided using the Google random number generator
  • After the draw, all the lucky winners are contacted

Keep an eye out for the ‘Buy 5 Tickets – Get 1 Free’ as these increase your chances of winning, and cost less due to a free ticket!

5. Carp Tackle Competitions

Carp Tackle Competitions

One of the newest carp tackle companies on the scene is ‘Tackle Competitions’, which was started in March 2021.

They’ve built up a following of around 1200 eager anglers determined to win some carp tackle!

From just 99p per entry, it looks like they have two live draws per week, with around 5 or 6 prizes drawn.

Here are some picks of the best carp tackle giveaways on offer:

Solar Undercover Brolly System

Solar Undercover Brolly System

£2.49 per entry, maximum entries set at 177 – great odds on this prize!

Fox R-Series Dinner Set

Fox R-Series Dinner Set Giveaway
£1.99 a ticket, maximum of 30 entries total – awesome odds for this one!

Solar Tackle Bow-Lite Landing Net

Solar Tackle Landing Net
Just £1.99 to enter, with a maximum ticket level set at 99!

As you can see, there are wide of prizes, so there really is something for everyone here!

To enter each competition:

  • You must reside in the UK
  • You must create an online account
  • Select the competition you would like to enter
  • Answer the question for that competition
  • Provide contact and payment details
How to enter tackle competitions

That is all there is to it!

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