9 Coarse Fishing Starter Kits for Beginners

If your a beginner, then a coarse fishing starter kit is a good place to begin.

Fishing kits usually come with everything you need to fish, such as a rod, a reel, landing net, a tackle box, and terminal tackle such as hooks, floats, weights, floats and line.

best coarse fishing starter kits

The fishing rods and reels that come in these coarse fishing starter kits are usually nothing fancy, but will give you a taste of what coarse fishing is like.

Using them opens up the opportunity to hone your coarse fishing skills for later on, when you become more experienced.

Before we offer some suggestions, let’s take a look at the typical bits of tackle that make up a coarse fishing starter kit.

Fishing Rod

A fishing rod is a stick like tool, usually made from carbon or fiberglass, with a grip at one end for your hand, a reel seat to attach your reel, and followed by around seven eyes that are used to thread fishing line through.

fishing rod and reel

These eyes scale down in size from handle to tip.

A fishing rod is used to cast your fishing line, with a hook and bait attached, to where you think there are fish.

Casting can be done by holding one end (the handle) and swinging it in an arc through the air, or throwing underarm to send the fishing line out as far as possible.

Rods come in many lengths.

Fishing Reels

There are many types of fishing reels, but they all have the same basic mechanics.

A fishing reel is used to cast your rod further than you could by hand!

fishing reels

Reels are mounted onto your rod, so that when you pull back on the rod, it takes in line off of the spool of the reel, and loads it into the fishing rod.

When a fish bites, simply pull back the rod to strike, and use the fishing reel to pull in your catch.

Fishing Line

Fishing reels use a special type of fishing line called monofilament.


Monofilament is made out of one single piece of fishing line, which is very strong.

This line is then tied onto a leader, or directly to your hook.

Other types of fishing line include fluorocarbon and braid.

Fishing line comes in many forms, including diameters, breaking strain (the strength applied until the line breaks) and colours.


Once you have cast your rod and are lucky to have a fish gobble up your bait or lure, you will need a landing net to safely retrieve your catch from the water.

landing net

Landing nets come in many sizes and shapes, and depending on the species you are aiming to catch, you will need to make sure you can land it correctly.

  • For Carp – usually a minimum 42 inch net is required
  • For Coarse Fish, like roach, F1’s, tench and silvers, a round spoon net will suffice.
  • For Predators, such as pike, you should buy a rubber mesh net to prevent damage from teeth.

Keepnets are another type of net and are used to hold fish that you have caught.


These should not be used to retain carp, but are more geared to other species such as Roach, Silvers and F1carp.

Match anglers will usually use a few keepnets as they race to win competitions by catching the most fish.

Terminal Tackle

terminal tackle

When we mention terminal tackle, we are talking about smaller tackle items and accessories which includes:

  • Hooks – used to penetrate the mouth of a fish
  • Weights – these range in shape, size and weight and are used to pin line to the lakebed (referred to as split shot) or leads which are used to sink your line and act as a weight to set the hook in the fishes’ mouth.
  • Floats – Float fishing is very popular, and these are used as a visual indication for you to strike should your float ‘dip’ beneath the water.
  • Leaders – Used between your main line and your hook, or rig, a leader acts as additional protection from damage or breaking of your main line.
  • Feeders – these devices are used to hold a small quantity of bait or paste. Simply attached one between your line and hook and once you cast your rig, the contents leak out into the water around your hook to attract fish.
  • Beads & Connectors – these are used as part of a rig. Most are designed to work with specific rigs, and can help with the mechanics.
  • Traces – pre-constructed rigs that are used in sea or predator fishing, some are made from wire to deter toothy predatory fish.

There are many more fishing accessories that can be called terminal tackle. These are just a few of the most common ones you may need.

Right, lets dive straight into a selection of coarse fishing starter kits!

1. Beginners Coarse Float Fishing Kit

This beginners starter coarse float fishing kit has everything you need for a successful day of fishing.

float fishing starter kit

With high quality tackle and accessories, this kit is perfect for anyone starting out in the sport.

What’s included?

  • a 10ft 3-piece Rod
  • Size 40 Hunter Pro Reel
  • 6lb fishing line
  • Tackle box seat
  • 2m keepnet
  • Bank Stick
  • Telescopic Landing Net
  • 1.5 litre bait box
  • 5-piece waggler float set
  • Split shot dispenser
  • 20 hooks
  • Match Catapult

The rod was sturdy, and although the 6lb line is strong enough to catch most species, you may struggle to land specimen carp or aggressive pike.

fishing rod starter kit

I thought the tackle box was great, because it’s actually a seat box too, so you can easily carry all this gear around with you.

fishing tackle box kit

So whether you’re looking to land your first carp or just want to spend a relaxing day by the water, this kit has everything you need.

2. Matt Hayes Complete Fishing Set

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just getting into the sport, this complete fishing set has everything you need to start reeling in carp, ledgering, and float fishing.

Matt Hayes Complete Fishing Set

There are two rods, two reels and a pole, so you have many fishing options to target a wide range of species.

What’s included in this coarse fishing starter kit?

  • 3.3m, 3 piece fibreglass carp rod with a 2.5lb test curve
  • A size 50 carp reel pre-spooled with 0.35mm 14lb line
  • 9ft, 3-section match rod
  • A float rig
  • Size 20 front drag match reel with 4.8:1 gear ratio with 6lb line on
  • 5 meter, 5 section fishing pole
  • Landing net
  • Rod holder
  • 100 meter spools of 0.28mm line (x2)
  • 15 meter spool hook line
  • Swim feeder
  • Non-toxic shots
  • Catapult
  • Bait box
  • 2 tackle boxes
  • 5 size 8 snap swivels
  • 40 page Fishing Hand Book
  • Carry case

This is one of those coarse fishing starter kits that is jam packed full of all the essential tackle you will need to start fishing on rivers, lakes and canals.

fishing starter kit under £100

It really offers a great selection of tackle, and even includes a guide to help you understand how to set everything up.

3. Junior Coarse Fishing Starter Kit

This compact fishing bundle is ideal for young fishermen who are eager to own their own tackle.

Junior Coarse Fishing Starter Kit

The standout product is the ‘Tough Box’ which is both a tackle box and fishing seat.

Inside, you can store all your essential tackle, including a bait box, a split shot dispenser, float kit which contains 15 floats, float rubbers, and a 90-piece hook set with 10 assorted sizes.

What a great selection of terminal tackle!

But no fishing starter kit is complete without a rod and reel.

Beginner Coarse Fishing Starter Kit

If you buy this bundle, you get a 2m (6.6ft) telescopic fibreglass rod and a front drag reel.

It would make a great Birthday or Christmas present, and represents good value for money.

4. Sea Fishing Starter Kits

Why not include a sea fishing starter kit on our list too?

We have picked the Hunter Pro sea fishing bundle because it has everything you need to hit the beach!

sea fishing starter kit

Included in this bundle are:

  • 10ft telescopic surf rod
  • Size 60 beach reel
  • Folding telescopic landing net
  • Seat & tackle box
  • Lead weights
  • Cantilever tackle box
  • Pre-tied pennel rigs
  • Sea float set
  • Mackerel feathers
  • Sea swivels and clips
  • Rig beads

A great starter kit for a beginner, or young angler, keen to give sea fishing a go!

5. Fly Fishing Starter Kits

I’ll be honest – I have never tried fly fishing myself, but I know that it’s a much loved style of fishing!

If you are looking to try fly fishing, then this starter kit is a good choice to start with.

Fly Fishing Starter Kit

You have the option to choose four sizes which are 5,6,7 and 8 weight.

A very basic fly reel is included, along with 5lb line.

The complete list includes:

  • A 4 section fly rod & cassette reel combo
  • A selection of 12 hand-tied flies
  • 3 nylon tapered leaders
  • 5 lb 4-strand line
  • Two zingers
  • Nipper tool
  • Forceps
  • Line straightener
  • Travel case
fly fishing reel

I have been assured that this fly fishing starter kit is all you need to get started, and comes highly recommended.

6. Complete Carp Fishing Starter Kit

Interested in carp fishing?

Then this extensive carp fishing bundle has everything you need!

carp fishing starter kit

It includes a pair of carp rods, two reels, two bite alarms, a rod pod, landing net, tackle cases, rod bag and a whole host of terminal tackle.

Now, this is only recommended for beginners because some of the tackle is not built to last.

But, it is a great introduction to carp fishing, and if you become a more serious angler, you can always start to upgrade your tackle.

carp care starter kit

This bundle includes:

  • 2 carp rods
  • 2 baitrunner reels
  • Rod holdall
  • 2 bite alarms
  • Bobbins
  • Carryall
  • Carp care pack
  • Unhooking mat
  • Scales
  • 3 rod pod
  • Landing net & handle
  • Rig wallet
  • PVA bundle set
  • Hair rigs
  • Head torch
  • 4-piece sling set
  • Tackle box
  • Leda and accessory pouch
  • Rig accessories pack
  • Leads

It’s fantastic value, and is aimed at beginners or junior anglers.

7. Travel Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

If you’re a keen traveller and angler, than you need a travel fishing bundle in your life!

Travel Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

There are many kits around, but we have selected the ‘World Traveller’ fishing set, because we were delighted with the tackle that was included, and the build quality.

Inside the tough cordura travel case is the following:

  • A 215cm 6-piece nano-carbon rod, with a casting weight of 15-40g
  • 2 unbreakable tips
  • A 3000 front drag spinning reel

I was happy that the rod packed down into the case to give a total length of just 35cm, which is acceptable to be transported on most aircraft.

travel fishing set under £100

Because you have the option of two tips, the rod can be used at 7ft with the regular tip , giving a casting weight of 5-20g for light lure fishing, or simply connect the extra section to create a shorter 6ft 2 inch fast tip with a casting weight of 15-40g.

If you do travel often, and want to experience some fishing in other countries, then this travel fishing rod and reel combo is a great choice.

Editor: These packdown style fishing rods are really compact and are a great option for fishing from a kayak.

Now where is my passport?

8. Fishing Cookware Set

If you fish longer than a few hours, you may need some sort of cooking set to make it easy to rustle up some food on the bank, beach or pier.

We have chosen the Fox Large Cookset, because I have used this personally and it has everything you need to cook and serve up food.

fishing cook set

First though, you will need a decent fishing stove to start cooking!

There are four essential pieces to this cooking set which include:

  • A 0.9 litre heat transfer kettle with super fast boil times
  • A medium saucepan for sausages, eggs and bacon
  • Large saucepan with foldable handle
  • Small saucepan ideal for beans, soups and other liquids

All the above is supplied in a handy mesh drawstring bag so you can store this away into a carryall or rucksack.

To make things even more compact, the kettle itself fits snugly into the large saucepan.

A top fishing cooking set!

9. Kids Coarse Fishing Starter Kits

We just had to include this awesome childrens coarse fishing starter kits on our list!

Kids Coarse Fishing Starter Kits

Firstly, because it will keep them occupied, and secondly, we all need young fishermen in our sport who will one day progress to become avid fishermen.

So, what is included in this kids fishing starter kit?

  • All-in-one rod and reel that is lightweight and portable
  • 100% carbon fibre, easy to hold and is non-slip
  • A one button ‘easy to retract the fishing line’ reel
  • A selection of crankbaits
  • Hooks
  • Jig heads
  • Soft lures
  • Backpack

It is designed to be really safe for children, and can be assembled quickly.

The fishing line reel is made of reinforced nylon injection moulding, which can take and pay off line smoothly, without blocking it.

A great little starter kit this!

Coarse Fishing Starter Kits: Final Verdict

It’s now time to get fishing.

Whether you’re a beginner angler or are simply interested in fishing, the right kit can make all the difference in your experience out on the water.

These are our top picks for Coarse Fishing Starter Kits (plus sea and fly kits) that will help you enjoy every moment of your day on the lake with friends and family.

Feeling lucky?

We’ve put together a list of fishing tackle giveaway websites where there is a chance of bagging yourself some fantastic prizes!

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