Daiwa Feeder Rods: Complete Guide

Daiwa Feeder Rod Reviews

Daiwa feeder rods are some of the best on the market, perfect for anglers of all levels and disciplines. From entry-level to pro-specification models, there is bound to be a range of Daiwa feeder rods to suit everyone!

The build quality and attention to detail is second to none, with each model being designed and built to Daiwa’s exacting standards.

The result is a range of rods that offer unrivalled performance and value for money.

If you’re looking for a top quality feeder rod, then Daiwa should be your first port of call. With models to suit all budgets and requirements, they are the perfect choice for serious anglers.

Lets kick things off with the Daiwa Ninja Feeder Rods……

Daiwa Ninja Feeder Rods

Daiwa Ninja Feeder Rods are manufactured from premium grade carbon fibre blanks, fitted with stainless steel titanium oxide rings and high quality DPS downlocking reel seats.

Daiwa Ninja Feeder Rod

These twin tip models are available in a range of lengths and sensitivities, each is supplied with a light and heavy tip option, allowing you to fine tune according to the conditions on the day!

The shorter 9ft model is perfect for scratching for delicate bites on commercial venues in the colder months, while the longer models are ideal for distance fishing on a range of waters.

Daiwa Ninja Feeder Rods

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Daiwa Ninja Feeder Rods are the perfect choice for all your feeder fishing needs!

  • Premium carbon blanks
  • EVA fore grip
  • DPS downlocking reel seat
  • Cork with EVA armlock handle
  • Stainless Steel frame guides with Titanium Oxide Rings
  • Hook keeper
  • Supplied with 2 quiver tips
9ft160g30g0.75oz + 1oz
10ft200g40g1oz + 1.5oz
11ft215g50g1oz + 1.5oz
12ft235g60g1.5oz + 2oz
13ft275g80g2oz + 3oz

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Daiwa N’Zon Feeder Rods

The Daiwa N’Zon Feeder Rods are a specialised range of rods specifically designed and built to cater for method feeder fishing.

Daiwa Nzon Feeder Rods

Each model in the range features a high quality HMC+ carbon fibre construction and premium titanium oxide rings which I found to be light, crisp and overall, well balanced!

With a range of lengths and casting weights available, from the 10ft mini-method model with its forgiving parabolic action – right up to the 12ft 60g standard method, with a sturdier mid/through action designed to comfortably throw your heavier bulkier feeders with pinpoint accuracy at further distances.

Daiwa Nzon Feeder Rod

These Daiwa feeder rods are great for all commercial fisheries.

  • HMC+® High Modulus Plus carbon fibre
  • Cork EVA handle with Armlock
  • Titanium Oxide guides
  • Two carbon quiver tips
  • Hook Keeper
10ft – 2 pieces165g40g1, 1.5oz
11ft – 2 pieces180g50g1.5, 2oz
12ft – 2 pieces215g60g1.5, 2oz
12ft – 3 pieces235g80g1.5, 2oz
12ft – 3 pieces245g100g2, 3oz
13ft – 3 pieces290g120g3, 4oz

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Daiwa Airity X45 Feeder Rods

Daiwa Airity X45 Feeder Rods are a great choice for UK anglers looking for a versatile and reliable feeder rod.

Daiwa Airity X45 Feeder Rods

Featuring the finest blanks available and fitted with high quality anti-tangle rings, these rods are great for braided mainlines and reducing crack offs and potential damage.

Three of the models come with dolly butt extensions allowing them to be fished at two different lengths.

All of the lengths are supplied with three differing weights of quiver tip, allowing you to pick the sensitivity to suit your conditions.

Daiwa Airity X45 Feeder Rod Handle

Daiwa Airity X45 Feeder Rods are sure to give you a great day out on the water no matter what your fishing situation may be.

A fantastic feeder rod!

  • X45 Technology
  • HVF Nanoplus
  • V-Joints
  • Anti Tangle LS Guides
  • Matt Black Daiwa Tournament Reel Seat with EVA Fore Grip
  • Cork/EVA Armlock Handle
  • Supplied with three Megatop Quiver Tips
9-10ft176g40g0.75, 1, 1.5oz
10ft170g40g0.75, 1, 1.5oz
10-11ft176g50g1, 1.5, 2oz
11ft170g50g1, 1.5, 2oz
12ft215g60g1, 1.5, 2oz
12-13ft241g60g1.5, 2oz

Daiwa Tournament SLR Feeder Rods

With an improved SLR blank, the Daiwa Tournament SLR Feeder rods are exceptional, from casting, reeling in and playing fish – there’s nothing they can’t do!

Daiwa Tournament SLR Feeder Rods

These rods are perfect for anglers of all levels, from beginner to tournament fisherman. With Daiwa’s new X45X Full Shield and HVF nanoplus technology, the Tournament SLR Feeder rods are unrivaled in strength and sensitivity.

But what do they ‘feel’ like?

Well, they feel amazing! Daiwa has succeeded in creating the perfect fishing rod that is not only sensitive, but I found it to be highly responsive and light.

With the weight-saving SeaGuide TDG rings, these rods are easy to handle (like a fine wine!) and have a great recovery.

Daiwa Tournament SLR Feeder Rod

It is a dream to hold too – because of the SLR blank, Daiwa has managed to reduce the weight of the rod by 30%! This makes it one of the lightest feeder rods on the market.

With a range of quiver tips, the Daiwa Tournament SLR Feeder rods can be used for a variety of different fishing styles – there’s definitely a rod in the range that will suit your needs.

If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to choosing one of these Daiwa feeder rods, then the Tournament SLR Feeder Rod should be at the top of your list.

  • V-Joints
  • Improved SLR Quivers
  • Fuji VSS Reel Seat
  • SeaGuide TDG Guides
  • Laser Etched Duplon
  • Cork/Duplon Armlock Handle
  • Hook Keeper
LengthWeightCasting WeightQuivers
11ft190g90g1.5, 2, 2.5oz
12ft200g120g1.5, 2, 2.5oz
12ft200g90g1.5, 2, 2.5oz
13ft240g150g2, 3, 4oz
14ft280g180g2, 3, 5oz

Daiwa Air Z AGS Feeder Rods

I have been using Daiwa Air Z AGS Feeder Rods for a while now, and I have to say that they are simply superb.

Daiwa Air Z AGS Feeder Rods

The accuracy and casting power is amazing, and the performance is top notch. The handling is ultra light and the recovery is super quick – what else do you need in a feeder rod?

The torque busting technology of X45X really helps with accuracy, and more importantly, it converts the high levels of rod energy into your cast.

It’s worth noting that the Daiwa Air Z AGS Feeder Rods weigh practically nothing by comparison to metal equivalents, in fact, they are 70% lighter!

Daiwa Air Z AGS Feeder Rod

The ALPS Air Pad reel seat is skeletal, light, refined andI found the grip be incredible!

Overall, these are simply amazing feeder rods for all feeder fishing applications, whether close in or at distance. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a top quality feeder rod.

In my view – these are the perfect Daiwa feeder rods!

  • X45X Full Shield
  • HVF Nanoplus
  • V-Joint Alpha
  • AGS Guides
  • ALPS Airpad Reel seat
  • Supplied With Three Quivers
10ft170g40g1, 1.5, 2oz
11ft165g50g1, 1.5, 2oz
12ft210g60g1, 1.5, 2oz
12-13ft230g80g1, 1.5, 2oz

Rod Technology

As one of the leading rod manufacturers across the world, it’s only right that we explain the craftsmanship and technology involved, from wrap and weaves to guide technologies – we explain all there is to know about the tech that goes into making Daiwa feeder rods the best they can be.

FUJI K Guides

FUJI K Guides are designed to prevent braid from getting looped around rod guides on the cast.

A crosswind often causes the knots to form around the first guide, leading to break offs and rig losses.

FUJI K guides eliminate this problem thanks to the ingenious frame design. Keep an eye out for Daiwa rods featuring these popular rod guides, as you can be sure that your braid will never tangle around your guides again!

AGS Carbon Guides

AGS carbon guides are the lightest in the world, and they offer extraordinary sensitivity. With AGS technology, you can experience bites and read the bottom like never before.

They really are unbeatable in terms of feel and sensation!

AGS carbon guides are a must-try for any serious angler.


The V-Joint is a key area of potential stiffness on a fishing rod, interrupting the smooth shape of the rod’s curve. By applying bias carbon and V-Joint technology, our designers have achieved the perfect balance between flex and strength.

The V-Joint is made from bias carbon wrapped at 45°, improving the curve and action of the rod under compression on the cast and during the fight.

Daiwa V Joint Technology

The V-Joint’s Bias carbon has a perfect shape memory, returning to its original position as soon as the force exerted on the blank is lifted. This makes it an essential piece of technology for any serious fisherman.

HVF Nanoplus

Daiwa HVF (High Volume Fiber) rods are made of a carbon fiber compound with less resin, called HVF.

This makes the rods more condensed, lighter in weight and with a faster action.

Nanoplus technology is used to connect the single carbon fibers, making the rod even lighter and more robust. HVF Nanoplus technology results in a truly top-of-the-line fishing rod.


The X45 manufacturing process involves layering spiral carbon fibres (90°), unidirectional fibres (0°) over three layers and two layers of carbon as helicoidal opposites (45°). These two crossed layers give the name Bias Cross Wrap.

This wrapping of X45 guarantees true elasticity: a return to the original shape of the blank irrespective of the angle of load.

X45 is perfect for applications where high levels of performance and durability are required.

Daiwa feeder rods with this technology include: Daiwa Air Z AGS and Daiwa Airity X45 models.

Daiwa Feeder Rods: Final Thoughts

From the classic Ninja rods, to the serious Tournament SLR competition feeder rods, there is a feeder rod here for all levels, venues and budgets.

Daiwa have really upped their game in recent years, and all of the Daiwa Feeder Rod ranges are now up there with the best on the market.

Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned pro, Daiwa have a feeder rod to suit your needs.

Just remember to invest in a decent rod holdall!

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