Fishing Luggage Sets

Fishing Luggage Set Reviews

We discuss the best fishing luggage sets for storing tackle, cookware and all your essential accessories.

From Daiwa to Guru, Maver to Korda, there are a wide range of fishing tackle luggage to suit all your requirements, whatever you want to store or transport.

Fishing luggage sets can be made up of the following:

  • Holdalls & Sleeves
  • Carryalls
  • Rucksacks
  • Cool Bags
  • Rig Pouches
  • Accessories Bags
  • Lead Pouches
  • Bait Bags
  • Net Bags
  • Cookware Cases

Holdalls tend to be the most popular choice, as these are used to store and carry your fishing rods.

Right, let’s jump in and review the best fishing luggage sets for 2022.

Match Fishing Luggage Sets

Coarse & match fishing luggage sets are made up of a number of shapes and sizes, with different pockets and compartments for storing a range of tackle.

best match fishing luggage sets

Popular picks are pole holdalls, carryalls, reel cases and stink bags (for keepnets).

Here are the best match fishing luggage sets from leading brands.

Preston Innovations Fishing Luggage Sets

Preston Innovations are a leading match tackle manufacturer, and produce two leading luggage ranges; the ‘Competition’ and ‘Supera’ luggage sets.

First, let’s discuss some tackle from the competition range.

Preston Innovations Competition Luggage

Preston Competition 6 & 8 Tube Holdall

This compact holdall is perfect for storing both poles and rods, and can hold up to 6 or 8 full length tubes, depending on which version you choose.

Preston Competition 8 tube holdall

The internal Velcro straps keep your gear secure, while the external pocket is perfect for storing an umbrella, landing net handle or banksticks.

  • Hard wearing durable material
  • Extra thick waterproof base
  • Padded inner lining
  • Adjustable internal straps
  • Padded shoulder strap and carry handle
  • Durable branded Zips

Preston Competition Carryall

This heavy-duty bag features a waterproof base, plenty of pockets for optimal functionality, and two side pockets for smaller fishing accessories.

Preston Competition Carryall

So whether you’re looking to transport a large amount of fishing equipment or just need a place to stow your bait pots, tackle boxes or clothing, the Preston Competition Carryall has got you covered.

  • Extra thick waterproof base
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Padded carry handle
  • Durable branded zips
  • Size: 52cm x 35cm x 40cm

Preston Competition EVA Net Bag

Perfect for anglers who need to carry a few keepnets, the net bag is made from thick, durable EVA with welded corners for maximum strength.

Preston Competition EVA Net Bag

The shoulder strap and carry handle make it easy to transport, and the bag fits easily onto a shuttle.

  • Constructed from durable 0.8mm EVA
  • Shoulder Strap and Carry Handle
  • Two Keepnet Plus landing net capacity
  • Size: 60cm x 19cm x 55cm

Preston Competition Large Bait Bag

With thermal lining to keep your bait fresh all day and plenty of extra space for smaller items, this bait bag has everything you need.

Preston Competition Bait Bag

Like the rest of the competition fishing luggage sets, the hard-wearing, durable material ensures that it will last through even the worst weather conditions.

  • Thermal insulated lining
  • Two external pockets
  • Fully padded shoulder strap and carry handle
  • Durable branded robust zips
  • Dimensions: 33cm(h) x 58cm(w) x 28cm(d)

Preston Competition Rod Holdall

The Competition Rod Holdall is the perfect way to store your two made-up rods while you’re on the go!

Preston Competition Rod Holdall

The internal Velcro straps keep your rods secure, while the central divider keeps your reels separate. Plus, the built-in rod butt pouches make it easy to stagger any shorter rods you may own.

A very popular holdall in the competition range of fishing luggage sets from Preston.

  • Hard wearing durable material
  • Extra thick waterproof base
  • Internal rod straps
  • Internal rod butt pouch to stagger reels
  • Padded shoulder strap and carry handle
  • Hardcase material for optimum rod and reel protection
  • Durable branded zips

Preston Competition Reel Cases

These reel cases are designed to fit almost all match-sized reels, with room for up to two spare spools.

Preston Competition Reel Cases

The case is padded for extra protection, and comes complete with an internal divider to separate the spools.

A great addition to the competition fishing luggage sets.

  • Hard wearing durable material
  • Padded inner lining
  • Durable branded zips
  • Size: 19cm x 19cm x 9cm

That just about completes our pick of the best fishing luggage sets from the Preston Competition range.

However, there are a few more noteworthy piece of fishing luggage that we think you may like.

Preston Innovations Supera Luggage

Next up is Preston Innovations ‘flagship ‘fishing luggage sets – the Supera range.

Preston Supera Hardcase Rod Holdalls

The Preston Innovations Supera Rod Holdalls are the perfect size to store up to two rods and reels!

Preston Supera Rod Holdall

These high quality luggage pieces are made from hard wearing 840D fabric and can be easily cleaned down with a damp cloth at the end of your session.

The long external pocket is the perfect size for storing landing net handles, brollies or rod tip tubes, these are stylish and practical – perfect for any modern angler!

With four options, including a 4-rod version, these offer everything you need to store and transport your rods safely and securely.

  • High grade 840D wipe clean fabric
  • Hardwearing
  • 100% Polyester
  • Comfortable shoulder strap

Preston Supera Hardcase Carryall

This deep, wide bag features four external pockets for extra storage options and versatility on the bank.

Preston Supera Carryall

The bag is constructed from high grade 840D wipe clean fabric and is extremely hard wearing.

I manage to store a fair bit of tackle in it, and was impressed by the space, build quality and the extra pockets helped to keep my essential tackle close.

  • High grade 840D wipe clean fabric
  • Hardwearing
  • 100% Polyester
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Size: H – 40cm, W – 62cm, D – 42cm

Preston Supera EVA Bait Bowls

Available in 3 or 5 litre options, these nifty little EVA bait bowls are perfect for any match or coarse angler.

Preston Supera EVA Bait Bowls

Whether you’re using them to mix up some groundbait or to store larger quantities of loosefeed, they’re just the right size.

Like the rest of the fishing luggage sets, they’re made from EVA that’s easy to wipe clean – so you can focus on your fishing instead of worrying about your gear.

  • Constructed from high quality 0.8mm EVA
  • Stiff rim to keep its shape
  • Stackable saving room in transit
  • Fits onto side trays with ease

Preston Supera Bait Bag

Word on the bank is that this piece of luggage is the most popular in the Supera range!

Available in smaller, or large, or as a duo tackle and bait bag, each is made from the same hardwearing thick EVA prominent across the rest of the fishing luggage sets.

preston supera bait bag

Crafted to accommodate your bait tubs – which fit inside perfectly, there is plenty of space for catapults, pole elastic and other small accessories in the outer pockets.

A favourite piece of luggage suitable for any pleasure or match anglers seeking a solution for keeping bait in one place.

  • Hardwearing base
  • Spacious main compartment
  • High grade 840D wipe clean fabric
  • Designed for bait tubs and EVA accessory cases

So, these were just a few example pieces of luggage from the Supera range!

There are many more items such as net bags, reel cases and an EVA case system, which you can find below.

Maver MV-R Fishing Luggage

Maver are a long established fishing brands, more specifically for match and coarse fishing tackle.

maver fishing luggage sets

We have picked out the Maver MV-R fishing luggage sets because it has proven to be long lasting, with very little complaints from fellow anglers who use them.

Let’s go!

Maver MV-R Jumbo Carryall

The MV-R jumbo fishing carryall is a great introduction to this range, because it spacious and holds a pair of keepnets – giving anglers no need to purchase a separate net bag!

Maver Jumbo Carryall

With a reinforced base, mudfeet, strong 2-way zippers and a large outer pocket that will easily accommodate two keepnets, this traditional style carryall holds a LOT of tackle.

A strong contender for the best match carryall!

  • Reinforced base
  • 2-way zip and pullers
  • Large external pocket for two keepnets
  • Removeable internal divider
  • Padded detachable shoulder strap
  • Carry handle
  • Size: 57 x 32 x 47cm

Maver MV-R Tube Holdall

No more struggling to fit all your tackle in one bag – the Maver MV-R rod holdall can comfortably take six or eight tubes (model dependant), a brolly, and a couple of landing net handles!

Maver MV R Holdall

Thee are two spacious internal pockets, an envelope zipped opening, which makes it easy for you to access the rod tubes, padded detachable shoulder strap, ergonomically designed carry handle, and a reinforced base.

What’s not to like about the Maver MV-R Holdall?

  • Can store 8 tubes
  • Plus a brolly and landing net handle
  • 2 x internal pockets
  • Envelope style opening
  • Padded detachable shoulder strap
  • Reinforced base
  • Size: 192 x 30 x 16cm

Maver MV-R EVA Rig Case

Anglers looking for a safe and secure way to store your hooks and lines will like this!

Made from tough and durable EVA material, this case is 100% waterproof and features heat welded seams for maximum protection.

Maver MV R Rig Case

Included are fifteen foam winders to keep your rigs organized and safe.

And if that’s not enough, the transparent two-way zip top lid makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

A great addition to the Maver MV-R fishing luggage sets!

  • Durable EVA material
  • Heat welded seams
  • 100% waterproof
  • Two-way transparent lid
  • Includes 15 foam winders
  • Size: 30cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (H)

That concludes our Maver MV-R luggage round-up, and of course, we couldn’t review them all, so here is a selection of luggage you may also like.

Matrix Ethos Pro Match Luggage

A strong luggage entry from Matrix, who have created the ‘Ethos Pro’ range aimed at seasoned match anglers and regular pleasure anglers.

As part of this fishing luggage set, you will find stiff rod holdalls, net bags, carryalls, roller bags and feeder cases.

It really is a wide range of match luggage that I have seen on many commercial fisheries.

Here are three of our recommended choices…

Matrix Ethos Pro Feeder Case

A great bundle featuring a pair of stack and store tackle boxes to keep your feeders secure.

Each has a clear lid so you can easily identify the contents.

Matrix Ethos Pro Feeder Case

Anyway, the wipe clean case has EVA carry handles that seem well stitched, whilst the reinforced base means it will stand the test of time.

Matrix Ethos Pro Feeder Case Base

If you find a carryall to cumbersome, then the Matrix Ethos Pro Feeder Case may just be what you need!

  • Clear lid for easy identification of contents
  • EVA Carrying Handles
  • Includes 2 ‘Large’ stack & store tackle boxes
  • Reinforced base
  • Lid: 100% Chlorofibre
  • Case:100% Polyester
  • Padding/Filling: 100% Polyurethane
  • Size: 39 cm x 19 x 25 cm

Matrix Ethos Pro Carryall

These match carryalls from Matrix have a large capacity, 55 or 65 litres in fact, giving you plenty of space to store match tackle such as storage cases, feeders, catapults and pole cups.

The large outer pocket is particularly useful for keepnets, riddles – or even side trays!

Matrix Ethos Pro Fishing Carryall

There are drainage holes in the extra keepnet slot, which makes sure any excess water drains free and away from your luggage.

A carry handle and adjustable strap makes it easy to transport or load onto your trolley, is there a better carryall on the market than this?

Probably not.

  • Classic match carryall design
  • Main compartment for storing box accessories, tackle and items of bait
  • Outer zip compartment for nets, riddles and side trays
  • 2 side pockets for additional storage
  • Additional Keepnet pocket with drain holes
  • Carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Outer fabric: 100% Polyester. Lining: 60% Polyethylene, 40% Polyurethane
  • Padding / Filling: 100% Polyurethane
  • Base: 100% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • 55L Size: Length 55cm x Width 36cm x Height 47cm
  • 65L Size: Length 64cm x Width 40cm x Height 52cm

Matrix Ethos Pro Triple Net Bag

Match anglers require a handful of keepnets when fishing competitions, and so a triple net bag can help keep them stored in one place, whilst reducing your carrying load.

There is extra space in this keepnet bag for a landing net too, which again, saves room!

It’s made from durable and waterproof EVA fabric, and heat sealed seams prevent leaking.

If you are seeking luggage to store keepnets in – look no further than the Matrix Ethos Pro Triple Net Bag!

  • 100% waterproof
  • Ultra-durable EVA material
  • Heat sealed seams to prevent leaking
  • Designed to hold 3 keepnets plus landing nets
  • Compact shape for easy transportation
  • Adjustable carry strap
  • Dimensions: L60cm x H50cm x W25cm

Matrix have delivered one of the most popular fishing luggage sets, which also includes:

Guru Fusion Luggage Range

Guru are a highly recognisable coarse fishing brand who make some quality fishing tackle, including the ‘Fusion’ range, featuring accessory cases, carryalls, rod holdalls and net bags.

Guru Fusion fishing luggage

Let’s take a look at three of the most popular bits of kit from this range.

Guru Fusion Mat Bag

The perfect match accessory for when you need to either unhook fish, such as larger carp, or you want to store essential tackle such as weighing scales, or a disgorger, in the zipped section.

Guru Fusion Mat Bag for unhooking fish

It’s made from high density foam, offering plenty of padding for unhooking fish or kneeling on.

When you’re finished, simply fold up, tuck it under your arm, and your ready to move!

The Guru Mat Bag is NOT waterproof.

  • Removeable shoulder strap
  • Bean-filled outer rim
  • Wipe-clean 210D outer material
  • Padded for fish protection
  • Zipped circumference for storing tackle
  • Rear zipped pocket for accessories
  • Folded: 61cm x 62cm
  • Unfolded: 122cm x 62cm

Guru Fusion Base Carryall

The Guru Fusion Carryall features a water resistant and wipe clean carbon effect finish, interlocking handles for easy carrying, and a padded shoulder strap for added comfort as you transport your gear from your car to swim.

Guru Fusion Fishing Carryall

The bottom tier incorporates a reinforced base, and sides, to maintain rigidity, ensuring all your fishing tackle remains safe and secure.

As you can see, both section can be clipped/unclipped to use as you wish.

Guru Fusion Fishing Luggage Sets

If you’re a match angler who is obsessed with keeping organised, the Guru Fusion Carryall should tailor to your needs.

Like the rest of the Fusion luggage, the EVA carryall can be wiped clean.

  • Oversized Zips
  • Hand Carry Strap with Velcro Grip
  • Detachable Shoulder Strap
  • Two Oversized Front Pockets
  • Incredibly Spacious
  • Size: 92cm x 30cm

Guru Fusion Pole Holdall

If you are after a decent pole holdall, you should certainly consider the Guru Fusion Pole Holdall!

Guru Fusion Pole Holdall

Available in a standard and XL size, the holdall can be fully unzipped making it easy to access your pole as soon as you unload your gear off of your trolley.

Inside, there are additional zipped compartments for storing longer bits of tackle, such as net handles.

Featuring a strong shoulder strap, it is comfortable to carry around too.

Guru Fusion Fishing Pole Holdall

This is probably the best pole holdall I ever owned, because I found it very practical, it kept it’s shape, and my pole can be got at in just a few seconds.

  • Accommodate 6+ tubes and other accessories
  • The XL houses even more!
  • Padded for ultimate protection
  • Padded inner pockets
  • Pockets staggered to distribute weight evenly
  • Inner elastic dividers and base netting
  • Carbon effect leather material
  • Padded carry and shoulder straps
  • Re-enforced base section
  • Boot handle

Again, this was one of those fishing luggage sets that were difficult to pick just three, but if you are interested in making up a whole matching luggage set, here’s what else is on offer….

Daiwa N’Zon Coarse Fishing Luggage

One of the relatively new fishing luggage sets, the Daiwa N’Zon range uses quality EVA fabric that I found quick and easy to clean and dry.

Daiwa NZon Fishing Luggage Sets

This coarse fishing luggage range includes; feeder bags, rod holdalls, a cool bag, reel case and an EVA system set – the latter is very popular, so we’ll kick off with those!

Daiwa N’Zon EVA System Set

Featuring eight containers, that all pack down into a single large tray, there are plenty of uses for them all!

Daiwa NZon EVA System

Six of these containers feature zips, so you can secure the contents easy enough, and two open tubs that are perfect for bait you need quick access to.

The closed cases feature clear lids so you can easily identify the contents, whether that’s tackle, accessories, feeders or weights.

Daiwa NZon EVA System Set

A practical EVA system, offering match anglers plenty of opportunity to keep organised, whether that is setting up your side tray for the days competition, or keeping tackle essentials close by.

  • Eight containers into one
  • Designed for bait and tackle
  • Six containers feature zip round, clear lids
  • Two are open ‘tubs’
  • 33cm x 41cm x 10cm
  • Total storage: 25 litres

Daiwa N’Zon EVA Feeder Bag

I love this feeder bag because it’s spacious, has plenty of external pockets for all my accessories, such as my catapult, and the build quality is excellent!

Daiwa NZon Feeder Bag

Depending on which size you choose, the medium bag has room to store a pair of feeder cases (included), whilst the large model can hold four of these.

If you look at the top of the bag, you will notice an ‘extra’ section, which is fastened down by a Velcro strap, which can be used for accessories and smaller tools.

Daiwa NZon Feeder Cases

This section can be ‘separated’ from the main feeder bag, enabling you better access to your tackle whilst setting up for your match.

I have nothing but good things to say about this feeder bag – it has everything you need!

  • Designed in two parts
  • Main compartment houses two tackle boxes
  • Can be accessed from the front via a zip round flap
  • The Velcro secured top compartment detaches
  • Allowing for easy placement of required tackle
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Velcro closure grip handles

Daiwa N’Zon 4-Rod Holdall

My final pick from the N’Zon luggage range is the 4-rod holdall, which is ideal for storing your feeder rods.

Daiwa NZon Rod Holdall

I particularly liked the hardback spine, helping to keep the shape and because it makes the bag sturdy, I know my rods won’t move an inch – even in transit.

Once unzipped, you will see that Daiwa have opted for a rod/reel stagger system, which logically makes complete sense.

Your reels are ‘off-set’ from your rods, which means there are less chances of your rod and reel knocking together when in a side-by-side configuration.

Daiwa NZon Rod Holdalls

Three additional zipped pockets off extra space for rod rests, banksticks, and other accessories.

A great rod holdall that won’t let you down!

  • Tough 840 denier coated fabric
  • Integrated sliding butt grips
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Easy pull tagged zips
  • Rigid Material For Improved Rod + Reel Protection

The Daiwa N’Zon luggage range is continuously growing! Please see below for more useful kit to make your fishing experience more organised.

Carp Fishing Luggage Sets

Korda Compac Fishing Luggage

Expensive, but made from high quality materials, the Korda Compac range of fishing gear includes everything from carryalls to rod holdalls, bait coolers and and tackle organizers.

Korda Compac Fishing Luggage Set

So, lets take a look at some key piece of luggage from this range.

Korda Compac Carryall

With four sizes to choose from, there is an option to suit anglers who require space, quality and weather-resistant luggage.

Korda Compac Carryall

From the reinforced base, firm lid for rig making and five additional pockets for essentials such as cutlery, catapults, etc the Compac carryall ensures you stay organised before, during and after your session.

  • Durable and water-resistant fabric
  • Reinforced waterproof base
  • Firm lid can be used as a bivvy table
  • Five external pockets
  • Internal zipped storage pocket on underside of the lid
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Reinforced carry handles
  • Heavy-duty zips
  • Wipe-clean lining

Korda Compac Rod Holdall

Next up in this fishing luggage sets are the Compac rod holdalls, which are designed to house big pit reels and 50mm butt rings – which most carp anglers use.

Korda compac rod holdall

Separate dividers keep rods and reels secure and prevent any damage from any knocking around when in transit.

Additional pockets along the spine are suited to storm poles, landing net handles and throwing sticks.

Korda rod holdall

Plus, these rod holdalls have the benefit of featuring a reinforced base, wipe clean fabric and removeable padded shoulder strap.

If you’re a carp anglers looking for a quality rod bag – you should surely consider these in your setup.

  • Six options, including 13ft 5-rod holdall
  • Durable and water-resistant fabric
  • Three-up two-down compact design
  • External pockets and straps
  • Discreet Lead pocket
  • Reinforced carry handles
  • Heavy-duty zips
  • Wipe-clean lining

Korda Compac Bait Food & Drinks Cooler

A cool bag that features everything you need to make sure your bait, food or drinks stay cool whilst you fish!

Korda Compac Cool Bag

The 20 litre capacity offers plenty of room, whilst the non-absorbent lining keeps the contents cool for much longer than traditional cool bags.

I found it comfortable carry too, due to the fully padded shoulder strap.

I like the square shape, because it fit perfectly on both my barrow and under my bedchair.

Love it!

  • Closed cell non-absorbent insulation
  • Water and air-tight zip
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Suitable for food or bait
  • 20 litre capacity

Korda Compac Scale Pouch

Now these are popular!

The Korda Compac Scale Pouch, you guessed it, houses your fishing scales.

Korda Compac Fishing Scales Pouch

However, be aware that these only fit traditional dial scales, such as the ones made by Reuben Heaton.

Made from the same water-resistant fabric as the rest of this fishing luggage sets, the pouch features a foam lining, which massively reduces the risk of scratching or damaging your trusty scales!

  • Durable and water resistant fabric
  • Foam padded lining ensures scales stay well protected
  • Reinforced carry handle
  • Heavy duty zip pullers
  • Size: 30cm x 20cm x 6cm

So there you go – these are the four pieces of luggage that we have chosen to show you from the Korda Compac range.

In case you are interested, here are some other useful bits of kit that you can use to store and transport your fishing tackle.

Daiwa Black Widow Luggage

A tackle range that seems to of been around for years, the Daiwa ‘Black Widow’ luggage is well made, and offers supreme value for money.

I’ve chosen three pieces of luggage to accommodate your tackle.

Daiwa Black Widow Carryall

A fishing carryall is at the heart of your luggage because you will need one to store the main bulk of your gear, such as tackle boxes, cookware, spare clothing, accessories, such as a headtorch, and other essentials you need to fish with.

Daiwa Black Widow Carryall

Although the Black Widow carryall is fairly basic, its practical with plenty of space for all of the above.

The base has been strengthened, and there are four external pockets for additional tackle you want to store or keep lose without having to rummage around the main compartment!

With a capacity of 40 litres, this is a good piece of kit for beginners, or anglers on a tight budget.

  • Zipped main compartment
  • 2 zipped front & side pockets
  • Strengthened material on base of carryall and pockets
  • Four base feet for durability
  • Size: ‎76 x 42 x 40 cm

Daiwa Black Widow Rod Holdall

Now then, you’ll want a rod holdall to go with your carryall as you will need something to store your rods, reels and additional tackle, such as landing nets, storm poles and banksticks in!

Daiwa Black Widow Luggage

I owned a Black Widow Rod Holdall for many years before upgrading, and can confirm that it lasted me many years.

There are three sizes of rod holdall to choose from; 10ft 3-rod, 12ft 5-rod and a 12ft 6-rod option. All are suitable for storing your made-up rods, including a spod rod and reel combo.

Daiwa Black Widow Rod Holdall

Everything is well made, including the zips, seams and external pockets.

A great value for money buy for new anglers to carp fishing.

  • Designed to carry three made up rods plus three spare rods
  • Padded interior for added protection
  • 50mm guide pouch
  • Two external pockets
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Carry handle
  • Double zips throughout

Daiwa Black Widow Rig Case

It’s important to keep your rigs secure and organised, so using a rig case will help with this!

Daiwa Black Widow Rig Wallet

This rig wallet has a full zip closure, and inside you will find a pair of foam boards, each supplied with 10 pins so you can secure the swivel and hook point, using the locator bar, whilst keeping your rigs straight.

Of course there are better rig wallets available, but, you may just be starting out carp fishing, or on a budget, there fore I can highly recommend the Daiwa Black Widow Rig Case as part of your fishing luggage sets.

  • Zipped closure
  • Green
  • Two Foam boards
  • Each supplied with 10 pins
  • Hook locator bar
  • Size: ‎29 x 14 x 4.5 cm

So, there we go!

We’ve highlighted some of the essential luggage from Daiwa, however you may also find the below useful if you intend on using the full fishing luggage sets.

Speero Fishing Luggage Sets

Speero are fairly new to the carp tackle scene, but nonetheless, we were impressed with some of the luggage on offer!

Speero Fishing Luggage

Most of these are available in both Green and Camo, and feature a wide range of luggage such as backpacks, cool bags, pouch kits, barrow bags and rod holdalls.

We had a hard time picking just three, but here goes anyway!

Speero Backpack/Rucksack

Our first choice is this – the Speero Backpack/Rucksack.

Available in DPM, or traditional Green, everything about this screams ‘miltary’. This is because almost everything features military grade specifications, from the zips to the clips, base and padding.

Speero Fishing Luggage Sets

One key feature (that we loved by the way) was the SEVEN bankstick slots located in the front pocket – a great idea, and saves space or messing around to reach them in your rod holdall!

This ‘modular’ fishing luggage means you can attach all sorts of additional cases and pouches, or simple remove the existing pockets etc to reduce your load.

Perfect for a day session stalking carp?

  • Military specification zips and nylon clips
  • Wipe clean heavy duty base/pocket bottoms
  • Main front pocket has seven bank stick slots
  • One large mesh pocket for alarms
  • One rear buzzer bar pocket
  • Various outer pockets for easy access to essential kit
  • Main grab handle
  • Three removable inner soft pouches
  • Inner mesh lid pocket
  • Fully padded with padded adjustable harness
  • Part of the modular clip system

Speero Pouches Kit

Why buy single tackle pouches when you just buy a kit?

Speero Pouches Kit

There are three sizes per pack, making them ideal for anything from leads to hooks, leaders and swivels.

Again, the Speero Pouches Kit are available in DPM or Green.

Miltary grade zips and wipe clean material means these are likely to last you a long time.

Go get em’!

  • Military specification zips
  • Wipe clean heavy duty base
  • Small: 9cm L / 7cm W / 5cm H
  • Medium: 11cm L / 10cm W / 5cm H
  • Large: 24cm L / 10cm H / 6cm H

Speero Rod Holdall

These days carp anglers use around 4 or 5, sometimes even 6 rods, so a rod holdall that can hold all these is a must!

Speero Rod Holdall

Luckily, the Speero Rod Holdall can hold five made up rods, with additional storage for a brolly, landing net handle and banksticks.

With fully padded double zip access, you can be fishing in a few seconds, whilst protecting your rods during transportation.

A great, well made rod holdall ‘system’ that won’t break the bank either, it will take rods up to 12ft 6”.

  • Available in Green or DPM
  • Military specification zips, nylon clips
  • Fully padded
  • Stress point reinforcement
  • One large external zipped pocket and one large external pocket, will take an umbrella.
  • Extra external rod pocket and retaining loop
  • Landing net pocket and retaining loop
  • Loading grab handle

Furthermore, you may also like the following Speero luggage fishing sets:

Fox Camolite Luggage Range

The Fox Camolite luggage range is designed with carp fishing in mind, and has numerous features that make it a leading brand in fishing luggage sets.

Fox camolite luggage

Now one of the largest collections of carp luggage around, the Camolite range is hugely popular that even today, it is still expanding!

From gas stove pouches to washbags, storage cases and even boxer shorts, there is something for everyone here.

It is also worth mentioning that Fox have created a spin-off called ‘Aquos Camolite‘, which features tough, waterproof EVA luggage such as rig buckets, cool bags and accessory cases.

Fox aquos luggage

I have included a selection of these too to give you more choice so you can choose the perfect fishing luggage sets.

Fox Camolite Low Level Carryall

I try to find a carryall that will fit perfectly onto my barrow, and I can confidently say that the Fox Camolite Low Level Carryall stacks well!

Fox Camolite Carryall

In fact, although I don’t own a Fox Explorer Barrow, this carryall is designed to be attached to the front bar – saving you valuable space for other large, bulky tackle such as bedchairs and rod bags.

There is a large to compartment, which I use for my kettle, mug and other cooking utensils, whilst the two side pouches offer space for spare spools and fishing line.

For me, this is the pick of the bunch due to it been a real space-saver!

  • Can be stored under your bedchair
  • Reinforced base
  • Padded carrying strap
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Filling: 100% polyethylene
  • Base: EVA
  • Dimensions: 54 x 29 x 26 cm

Fox Camolite 12ft 2 + 2 Rod Case

The Fox Camolite 12ft rod case is spacious and durable hat will keep your valuable fishing rods safe from damage.

Fox Camolite Rod Case

This unique design allows for optimal storage of 50mm guides and big pit reels, whilst the reinforced PU board in all key areas, including the reel sections, ensures maximum protection against impact during transportation.

The sturdy double zippers allow easy access, with the integrated stiffened EVA handles making carrying this bag hassle free.

Whatever fishing luggage sets you are thinking of buying, you can’t go wrong with this rod bag!

  • Accommodates four made-up 12ft rods
  • Heavy duty double zips
  • Stiffened EVA grab handles
  • Large external pocket for landing net
  • Three Accessory pockets for spods/marker floats and rig bits
  • Padded dividers
  • Reversible padded shoulder strap
  • Dimensions: H197cm x W25cm x D21cm

Fox Camolite Washbag

For longer sessions, or carp fishing holidays, having a good washbag helps to keep all your toiletries in one place!

Fox Camolite Wash Kit

There is a compact mirror too to help you out when shaving, whilst the mesh inner pockets keeps your wash kit organised.

Fox have also include a hook, so you can hang this up on a tree or your bivvy.

If you are a die hard Fox Camolite fan – this one is for you!

  • Supplied with an extra large mirror
  • Large side pockets
  • Mesh inner pockets
  • Velcro pocket on the back
  • Main area can store up to 2 toilet paper rolls
  • Can be hung in the bivvy or a tree via it’s metal hook.
  • Water resistant 500D Camolite fabric

Fox Aquos Camolite 20 Litre EVA Bag

Now onto the Aquos luggage range, and to start us off, I have chosen this 20 litre bag.

Fox Aquos Camolite EVA Luggage

Hardwearing, and waterproof, I found it useful for storing all my food for longer sessions, but you can also use it for bait, sunglasses, clothing or other essentials.

Features high quality zips and hardy carrying straps, making for an extremely reliable and secure piece of luggage that can be used for w whole host of fishing tackle.

  • 20 litre capacity
  • Waterproof EVA material
  • 1.5mm heavy duty base
  • 10mm ergonomic zips
  • Hardwearing polyester straps
  • Size: 37cm x 22cm x 27.5cm

Fox Aquos Camolite Accessory Bag

The Fox Aquos Camolite Accessory System is a hard wearing, waterproof EVA bag that comes with four khaki coloured accessory cases.

Fox Aquos Camolite Accessory System

Ideal for holding multiple bits of essential tackle, such as glug pots, spools of line, leads and such, I found this very useful to keep myself organised on the bank.

The clear lids help with this, because you can see what is in each case!

  • Hard wearing, waterproof EVA bag system
  • Supplied with four Khaki accessory bags
  • Ideal for carrying multiple essentials such as end tackle, PVA, leads, stick mixes etc
  • 1 long internal bag: 33cm x 10cm x 6cm
  • 3 short internal bags: 13cm x 9cm x 6cm
  • Unique Fox Camo pattern design
  • 1mm walls with a 1.5mm heavy duty base for strength
  • High quality large zips
  • Gunsmoke see through branded lid
  • Hard wearing polyester carry straps
  • Ergonomic zip pullers
  • System measures 37cm x 26cm x 7cm

So, that rounds up probably the most popular fishing luggage sets. There are far too many individual pieces of luggage, so here is a small sample…..

Sea Fishing Luggage Sets

Special attention should be paid when buying sea fishing luggage sets.

That’s because saltwater is likely to erode luggage quickly, therefore you will need something made from tough material, preferably saltwater-resistant.

Imax FR Sea Luggage

Imax are well known for producing quality sea fishing gear, from luggage to tripods, clothing and beach shelters, they are a firm favourite amongst many sea anglers.

IMAX FR Sea Fishing Luggage Sets 1

Let’s take a closer look at some of the IMAX FR luggage…..

IMAX FR Basic Quiver

Made to carry two sea fishing rods, the IMAX FR Quiver is made from a tough material, and features an additional long length pocket which is perfect for storing your beach tripod in.

IMAX FR Quiver

Easy to carry using an adjustable shoulder strap, there are also two grab handles so you can manoeuvre it around easier.

A quiver bag that is great value for money!

  • Lightweight slim quiver
  • Can hold two rods
  • Space for a tripod
  • Extra pockets and straps on the outside
  • Adjustable carry strap
  • Dual carry handles
  • Tough waterproof base
  • Dimensions: 140 x 15 x 8cm

IMAX FR Rucksack

Next up is the IMAX FR Rucksack which has a capacity of 35 litres, offering you plenty of room for your tackle box, spare clothing and other tools and accessories.

IMAX FR Rucksack

The bag is fully waterproof to keep the contents dry, whilst I found the harness to be really comfortable, which at times did not feel like I was carrying it!

The ultimate judgement though has to be how easy it is to access your tackle, and you’ll be glad to know that there is no messing around with toggles and cords, because due to the clever design, it opens in seconds!

A practical sea fishing rucksack that is a great addition to this value for money fishing luggage sets.

  • 35 litre capacity
  • Weather resistant
  • Comfortable padded harness
  • Waterproof toughened base
  • Reflective logos
  • Dimensions: 60x45x30cm

IMAX FR Bait Bag

So, you’ve got your quiver to store your rods and a rucksack for your tackle box, but what about your bait?

IMAX FR Bait Bag

Well, as part of the IMAX FR fishing luggage sets, you have the choice of adding a bait bag to your collection that keeps your bait fresher, rather than using a carrier bag, or bucket!

There are two sizes, medium and large, which feature two spacious compartments, so you can keep bait (or food) separate.

Each is lined with easy-to-clean insulated foil, whilst a front mesh pocket is the perfect place to keep your fishing knife or another tool.

Why not complete the set by buying all three?

  • Adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle
  • A pair of separate fully insulated compartments
  • Strong zips
  • Lined with easy clean insulated foil
  • Carry frozen and live bait separately
  • Front mesh pocket
  • Medium: 28cm x 18cm x 15cm
  • Large: 35cm x 23cm x 17cm

Daiwa Sandstorm Sea Luggage Set

It wasn’t too difficult to recommend the Daiwa Sandstorm fishing luggage sets, because, sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of quality sea luggage around right now.

Daiwa Sandstorm Luggage Set

So, let’s take a look at this bright yellow luggage range in more detail……

Daiwa Sandstorm Rucksack

In comparison to the IMAX FR Rucksack – I do prefer this one, purely because I prefer the bright yellow which is easy to find at during an overnight fish!

Daiwa Sandstorm Rucksack

With a 35 litre capacity, there are three external pockets, again, ideal for tools and small bits of tackle you want to keep close.

I found it less comfortable to carry than the IMAX version, but with foam mesh padding and lumber support, it wasn’t too cumbersome.

A great choice, with not many differences between the two.

  • 35 litre capacity
  • Three external zippered pockets
  • Zippered internal lid
  • Snap lock fasteners and zippered pocket
  • 3D foam mesh back padding
  • Lumber support
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps and waist belt
  • Internal capacity: 45cm x 35cm x 25cm

Daiwa Sandstorm Rod Holdall

Looking for a way to easily transport your fishing rods?

Look no further than the Daiwa Sandstorm Fishing Rod Holdall! (Seriously!)

Daiwa Sandstorm Rod Holdall

This full-length zip-top holdall is designed to accommodate rods of all sizes, and is made from tough, durable material in Daiwa’s distinctive yellow and black colours.

A welcome, and vital addition to the Sandstorm range!

You’ll appreciate the padded strap when you’re carrying it to your favourite fishing spot too.

As with any sea fishing luggage, it needs to be saltwater resistant, and this rod holdall goes a long way to lasting you many years if you take care of it.

  • Zip top access
  • 1 x 150cm External pocket
  • 1 x 130cm External pocket
  • 1 x 155cm tripod pocket with two spike pouches
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Size: 210cm x 20cm

Daiwa Sandstorm Rig Wallet

The Daiwa Sandstorm Rig Wallet is perfect for keeping your rigs organized and easily accessible.

Daiwa Sandstorm Rig Wallet

The rip pull Velcro closure ensures the contents stays secure, while the two internal mesh pockets and ten small sealable sleeves provide plenty of storage space.

The external pocket is perfect for storing rig-related accessories, and the two sizes available (standard and XL) ensure you will have enough space to store all your sea fishing rigs!

An essential piece of luggage!

  • Rip pull Velcro closure
  • Two internal mesh pockets
  • Five large and ten small sealable sleeves
  • External pocket with Velcro closure

Best Fishing Luggage Sets: Final Verdict!

If you are in the market for a new fishing luggage set, we hope this article has helped you narrow down your choices.

We’ve provided information on some of the best fishing luggage sets available, covering all fishing disciplines, as well as what to look for when making your purchase.

Now it’s time to get out there and start packing for your next fishing trip!

Thanks for reading.

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