Fishing with Tiger Nuts: The Ultimate Guide

Fishing with tiger nuts is one of my favourite bait to use. They are natural, cheap and don’t fall off your hook if rigged correctly.

If you’re a fisherman, you know that finding the right bait is key to landing a big one.

Tiger nuts are a type of bait that are becoming increasingly popular among fishermen – but what are they, and where can you find them?

If you have never fished with tiger nuts before – you’re in for a treat!

fishing with tiger nuts

What Are Tiger Nuts?

Tiger nuts grow on trees in Africa. They are very good for you and fish love them!

Also known as ‘chufa nuts’ or ‘earth almonds’ they are popular in the fishing community due to their goodness, natural appearance, smell and the ability to attract fish.

Tiger nuts can also be described as creamy, sugary and full of yeast too.

Used in small quantities, they have accounted for many fish, including huge specimen carp.

tiger nuts growing in Africa

Benefits of Fishing with Tiger Nuts

There are many benefits to using tiger nuts:

  • They are relatively cheap
  • 1kg is more than enough
  • Easy to prepare
  • Can be used in multiple ways
  • They release powerful signals in the water column
  • Can last a few months without freezing

How To Use Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts can be used in a variety of ways,

You can hair rig tiger nuts as a single or double using bait floss or a band to secure them.

They can easily be drilled too if you wanted to plug them with cork to add some buoyancy as part of a critically balanced rig.

Chopped tiger nuts work well in a PVA bag or spod mix too.

Some bait companies use tiger nut oils to boost bait mixes or for adding to other hookbaits.

There are multiple ways you can go fishing with tiger nuts!

how to cook tiger nuts

Preparing Tiger Nuts

Under prepared tiger nuts are dangerous to fish because they can ‘swell’ which can lead to all sorts of problems once digested.

So, lets discuss how best to prepare them when fishing with tiger nuts.

But first, this is what you will need to get started:

Step 1

Buy some dry, uncooked tiger nuts. These are readily available. Now pour the desired amount into a bucket or sealable container.

uncooked tiger nuts for fishing

Step 2

Fill your bucket or container with cold water until all the tiger nuts are completely covered.

Step 3

Seal your bucket or container with the lid and store somewhere dry and cool for at least 24 hours minimum.

Step 4

After 24 hours, pour all the contents into a deep pan. Bring them to the boil and leave to simmer for around 40 minutes.

Step 5

After 40 minutes has passed, turn off the hob and let the tiger nuts cool down and then pour them back into your bucket or container.

preparing tiger nuts for fishing

Step 6

I would recommend leaving them for a few days before use. You could boost them further by adding a betaine liquid or powder.

Where To Buy Tiger Nuts?

You can buy tiger nuts, both cooked and uncooked, from a selection of stores, such as whole food shops, health shops, tackle shops and online.

If you look for a bulk deal – you can often save money.

Tiger Nut Rigs

OK, so now we need rigs that work best with tiger nuts!

Here is a small selection of tiger nuts rigs to help you fish effectively.

1. Simple Tiger Nut Rig

This simple balanced rig, also called a ‘D’ rig, is effective fishing for tiger nuts over clean ground, such as sand, gravel or clay.

The rig is made up using about 5 to 6 inches of stiff coated braid and a size 4 hook (we used an ESP Cryogen Classic)

Cut off about a third of a tiger nut, drill a small hole using a bait drill, then plug with a section of 6mm cork stick. This will give your tiger nut some buoyancy.

You can tie the tiger onto the ‘D’ ring using some bait floss.

There is no need for shrink tube or a need to break the coating to create a hinge, all that is required is a measured amount of tungsten putty.

Add a little about two inches up from the hook and test in the waters edge.

You can watch this step-by-step video from ESP to learn how to tie and construct this simple tiger nut rig.

2. Tiger Nut Ronnie Rigs

Ronnie rigs are very popular, and they work really well with tiger nuts!

We’ve chosen a well explained video that shows you three effective methods when fishing with tiger nuts on a Ronnie rig.

3. Bouyant Tiger Nut Rig

Our third tiger nut rig again uses cork to add some buoyancy.

This is a very common practice, especially when fished over a bit of lakebed debris, or over a good spread of particles or spod mix.

Lets take a look at how to make this rig.

Tools To make Tiger Nut Rigs

Here are some helpful tools that you may need as you practice making these tiger nut rigs.

Tiger Nuts for Carp Fishing: 4 Tips

I hope you have learnt a lot about tiger nuts so far?

They really are my favourite natural bait when fishing with tiger nuts for so many reasons.

They have resulted in landing many carp – even when there is not much lake activity.

Here are my tips to help you use tiger nuts for carp fishing.

1. Buy Prepared Tiger Nuts

These days, with work and family, I just don’t have much time to prepare my tiger nuts at home.

Therefore I will often buy pre-prepared tigers from Mainline or Dynamite Baits, which I have found to be very successful!

Mostly available in tins or jars, they are also ideal for pouring into a spod mix, along with sweetcorn, hemp and a liquid additive.

Monster tiger nuts

2. Used Crushed Tiger Nuts

They are devastating when used whole, but chopping them up into a PVA bag or bait mix releases sugars and goodness that carp just love.

You can use a hand bait crusher to achieve this, or buy ready chopped tigers.

chopped tiger nuts for carp fishing

3. Use Flavours To Enhance Tiger Nuts

Adding a liquid additive or powder can really boost the flavouring of your tiger nuts!

I like to take a handful of tigers, place them into an empty pop up container and add my liquid of choice.

This could be a sweet liquid such as amino acid, banoffee or fruit based.

Leave them for a few days, or weeks, and you’ll have a really powerful hookbait primed for your next fishing trip!

4. Create a Hookbait Tip

We’ve discussed this method in some rigs above.

Simply drill a hole about two thirds into the tiger nut and plug with zig foam (I used Mainline Supa Sweet Ziggers) to create a ‘tipped’ tiger nut to add something a bit different.

The second method is drills holes into two tiger nuts (you can trim them down slightly) and plugging each end with one stick of cork to create a dumbbell looking hookbait.

Mainline Supa Sweet Ziggers

Why are Tiger Nuts Banned On Some Fisheries?

Some fisheries have chosen to completely ban the use of tiger nuts.

This can be to preserve the long-term health of fish, because if tiger nuts aren’t cooked correctly – they can swell and harm the fish when digested.

Before you go fishing with tiger nuts, it’s well worth checking the rules beforehand.

Fishing with Tiger Nuts: Final Verdict

I hope you enjoyed reading through this guide and learnt some tips and tricks on how to use tiger nuts in your fishing.

They are such a good bait for many reasons, and I hope you enjoy using them and catching plenty of fish!

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