Fox R-Series Bivvy Review

We review the Fox R-Series Bivvy so you can make a more informed buying decision.

Fox R Series Bivvy

Available in either Camo or Khaki, you can choose between a one-man and two-man version.

The main selling point is space – and there is plenty!

There is the MK1 and XL versions to consider too.

For tall anglers like myself, I always look at the bivvy height because I require that bit of extra headroom. Otherwise I end up hunching over everytime I go in and out of the bivvy, which is no good for my back!

Fox R Series Khaki Bivvy

But what about the build?

The Fox R-Series Bivvies are based on a classic three rib pram hood design, making them easy to setup.

This design offers anglers a stable bivvy, supported by a strong 19mm aluminium frame.

If we look around the shelter, you will notice an oversized peak which offers additional protection from bad weather, or bright light from the sun.

Fox R Series Bivvy Oversized Peak

With a hydrostatic head rating of 10,000mm – the industry bivvy standard, you know this won’t let any water in.

In fact the fabric is breathable, and minimises condensation because no-one wants to wake up to find their gear slightly damp.

Fox have opted to sell this bivvy with or without an inner mesh dome, although you can always buy this at a later date if you wish.

Fixing the dome in place is very easy to do using ‘O’ rings located inside the bivvy.

If, like me, you like to open up the porch area and sit in your chair as you observe the lake for any activity, you will be pleased to know that the R-Series Bivvy has additional poles that further enhance the doorway space.

Fox R Series Bivvy Porch

Furthermore there are a few door options at your disposal.

You can opt for a two-way letterbox style door complete with either a mozzy mesh, solid or clear PVC window.

In the spring, summer and early autumn months, the whole front can be rolled back to create a wide opening.

I love this setup because I enjoy relaxing on my bedchair watching the lake or reading a book!

Fox R Series Bivvy Review

As I venture around the outside of the bivvy, I noticed there are large mesh vents at the front and rear – again, this helps ventilate your shelter during the day, or they can be opened up during a warm summers evening.

I was impressed with the pegging points, especially where the frame bends around and meets these ‘stress points’ where I have owned some bivvies that have frayed in this area, or let water inside.

Fox R Series Pegging Points

Now regarded as a standard feature, there are a pair of rod straps at the front to secure your rods whilst you change rigs, or bait up.

Finally, a peek inside reveals a heavy duty groundsheet that can be removed and was easy to clean once I got home.

The entire bivvy is packed away into an oversized carry bag ( I despise bags where you really have to cram your bivvy inside!)

Fox R Series Bivvy Carry Bag

Overall, I enjoyed using the Fox R-Series Bivvy and I would have not hesitation in recommending this to you.

Its easy to setup, offers plenty of space and headroom, and is built to offer great stability – especially in bad weather.

Bivvy Features

10,000mm Hydrostatic Head Rating
Made from hard-wearing, breathable polyester fabric
O-Ring connections in inside to add an inner mesh dome
Three rib, pram-hood design
Oversized peak
Rigid 19mm Aluminium frame
Porch support poles
Adjustable tension straps
Large front and rear mozzy mesh panels
Two-way letter box style door with three door options, mozzy mesh, clear PVC and solid
Two-rod straps
Heavy-duty groundsheet and pegs supplied
Oversized heavy-duty carry bag

Fox R-Series Bivvy Overwrap

Yes – it comes with an overwrap, which can be bought separately.

Fox R Series Bivvy Overwrap

For carp anglers that fish all year round, buying an overwrap is a great investment.

It just gives you that extra layer of comfort and warmth on those chilly winter nights by trapping heat inside.

Plus the overwrap is made using the same fabric as the bivvy, and so features a 10,000mm hydrostatic head – so there is no compromise on protection.

Fox R Series Bivvy Wrap

As if the Fox R-Series Bivvy wasn’t spacious enough – the overwrap actually adds more space, maybe for storing wellies, waders or even a small bivvy table.

Fox have decided to add the three door options you get with the standalone bivvy to the overwrap too, so you can really customise to your liking.

Overwrap Features

10,000mm Hydrostatic Head Rating
Increases warmth in the winter
Helps to keep you cooler in the summer
Vastly aids the reduction of condensation
Creates additional storage space
Large front and rear mozzie mesh panels
Two-way letter box style door with three door options; mozzy mesh, clear PVC and solid
Made from hard-wearing, breathable polyester fabric
Weight: 4.6kg

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