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Take a look at 16 of the best carp rods for 2022 which includes brands such as Nash, Wychwood & Fox.


A carp reel should be solid, and built to a high standard. Find out more below.


We’ve produced a handy fishing line guide to help you decide what line you should be using.


Our carp rig guide features the most popular rigs used by all the top anglers.

Bite Alarms

In an effort to help you find the best bite alarms for your needs, we have reviewed 10 of them.

Margin Poles

We take a look at a wide range of carp margin poles from big brands such as Preston, Daiwa and MAP.


The best waterproof fishing boots should also be comfortable, and keep your feet as warm as possible, more so in the winter months.


Our best lightweight fishing chair guide offers guidance to choosing the right type! Includes brands like Fox & Korum.


nash bread bomb

How Good Are Nash Bread Bombs?

Nash Bread Bombs are designed to firmly hold a lump of bread – similar to using a bait band to secure pellets. Let’s show you how to use them effectively.
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best fly fishing reels

Best Fly Fishing Reels

A fly fishing reel is a cylindrical device used to store line and to act as a drag when fly fishing. It is attached to the fly fishing rod and helps the angler to cast and retrieve the fly line. …
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UK fishing licence

Fishing Guides

As fishermen, we are always learning.

So, we’ve put together a few helpful guides to answer some of the most common questions such as “How to catch Roach in Winter” or “What type of licence do I need to fish for salmon?” and many more burning questions.

I really hope that you can learn a tip or two from these – I know I did!