Is The Korda Basix Range Any Good?

The Korda Basix range of carp fishing tackle offers budget-conscious anglers high quality gear at an affordable price.

korda basix range

The range includes everything you need to get started carp fishing.

Korda’s Basix products are designed to provide outstanding performance, without breaking the bank.

So if you’re looking for top quality carp fishing tackle on a budget, the Korda Basix range is perfect for you.

Let’s take a look at all of the tackle in this range in more detail!

1. Korda Basix Carp Cradle

The Korda Basix Carp Cradle is designed to offer maximum protection to your catch when it is on the bank.

Korda Basix Carp Cradle Review

It is made from 50mm padded foam for cushioning, with a waterproof outer layer that is fish-friendly when wet.

The padded walls help keep your catch within the confines of the cradle safely, and securely.

When not in use, the Korda Basix Carp Cradle folds in two and has space to store a Carp Care Kit.

Korda Basix Carp Cradle

The carry handles can also be used to peg it down once securely.

I used to safely handle and weigh a 17 lb mirror carp – it was solid, and more than up to the task!

Korda state that this carp cradle can safely accept carp up to 40lb.


Offers maximum protection to your catch
Practical to use and carry
Provides plenty of cushioning
Waterproof outer layer
Padded walls
Space to store a Carp Care Kit
Can be pegged down by using the carry handles
Suitable for carp up to 40lb
Dimensions: 40cm × 40cm × 20cm

2. Korda Basix Tackle Box

If you’re looking for a tackle box that offers plenty of storage space and is easy to organise, then the Korda Basix Tackle Box is a great option!

Beginners will enjoy our second item from the Korda Basix Range!

Korda Basix Tackle Box

Made from high impact plastic, it’s shockproof and features a translucent lid so you can see inside.

The lid also has a ruler to help you measure your rigs accurately, and is fastened with two latch closures to prevent it from coming open during transit.

Inside the box, there are 21 small latched compartments of various sizes, perfect for storing terminal tackle.

Korda Basix Tackle Box Review

I personally found that I had lots of space for my leads, hooks, tail rubbers and beads, with room to spare!

So whether you’re just getting started in fishing or are an experienced angler, the Korda Basix Tackle Box is a great choice for keeping your tackle organised and easily accessible.


Made from shockproof, high impact plastic
Translucent lid
Ruler to measure your rigs
21 small latched compartments
2 large compartments, with fixed dividers
Removeable rig tray plus pins
Can store up to 8 pre-tied rigs
Dimensions: 24cm x 12.5cm x 5.5cm

3. Korda Basix Mini Stow Bobbins

The Korda Basix Mini Stow Bobbins are a smaller version of the famous Stow bobbins, which were developed on the banks of Elstow Lake.

Korda Basix Mini Stow Bobbins

These bobbins are designed to be fished with both tight and slack lines.

When you get a take, the line releases from the clip on the side of the bobbin, and the stainless steel ball chain attached to it allows your bite alarm to be triggered.

Korda Basix Mini Stow Bobbins Review

The detachable connector system on the Korda Basix Mini Stow Bobbins makes them compatible with any buzzer, and makes it easy to adjust the length of the chain.

If you are new to carp angling, or on a tight budget, these bobbins, part of the Korda Basic range, won’t let you down when it comes to bite indication.


Smaller version of Stow bobbins
Complete bobbin setup
Compatible with Mini Isotopes
Moulded hockey stick
Ball chain
Available in red, green or blue

4. Korda Basix Mainline

The Korda Basix Mainline is a great all-round line that offers superb value for money.

Korda Basix Mainline Review

It is very abrasion resistant and tough, and I found it casts extremely well, and has excellent knot strength.

With relatively low stretch, it provides good feedback when feeling the lead down.

In ‘camo green’ colouration, the line blends in perfectly with any lake bed.

Korda Basix Mainline

This particular fishing line is available in 12lb or 15lb breaking strains, to cover most carp fishing situations, and comes supplied on either 500m or 1,000m spools.

I can highly recommend the Korda Basix Mainline!


Consistent diameter
High knot strength
Abrasion resistance
Low level stretch
12lb or 15lb options
500m or bulk 1000m spools

5. Korda Basix Rig Scissors

The Korda Basix Rig Scissors are a great choice for anglers looking for a quality pair of scissors that can handle braided line with relative ease!

Korda Basix Rig Scissors

The serrated blades make for a clean line cut, and the stainless steel construction ensures that they will last for many seasons.

The bright green handles are comfortable to use and make the scissors easy to find in your tackle or rig box.

As we all know, scissors are a tackle essential – because they can be used for all kinds of fishing applications such as cutting line or braid, rigs and much more.

The Korda Basix Rig Scissors are an excellent choice for anglers who demand quality and value – a great piece of tackle from the Korda Basix range!


Serrated blades ensures a clean cut
Made from stainless steel
Long-lasting and won’t rust
Designed to fit your fingers comfortably
The bright green colour makes them easy to find

6. Korda Basix Distance Sticks

Korda’s Basix Distance Sticks are designed to allow you to ‘clip-up’ at the required distance as easily and accurately as possible, ensuring that you can recast to the same spot repeatedly.

Korda Basix Distance Sticks Review

They have a stainless steel point to allow them to easily be pushed or screwed into the ground, and a green cord of exactly 12 ft in length is supplied so that they can easily be set the same distance apart.

Made from a stylish grey anodised aluminium with bright green end caps on the top for increased visibility, the Korda Basix Distance Sticks are a great addition to any angler’s kit bag.

Korda Basix Distance Sticks

The caps can be unscrewed so that the T-bar can be stored inside, making them easy to transport and keep safe.

If you’re looking for a reliable and easy to use distance stick, then the Korda Basix Distance Sticks are the perfect choice.


Designed to ‘clip-up’ at the required distance
Ensures you can recast to the same spot repeatedly
Keeps a record of your spots
Includes a stainless steel point
Exactly 12ft in length
T-bar included
Made from grey anodised aluminium

7. Korda Basix Hair Rigs

The Korda Basix range of tackle just keeps getting better, and these premade carp rigs are no exception!

Korda Basix Hair Rigs

If you’re looking for a hair rig that’s ready to use and doesn’t require any additional rigging, the Korda Basix Hair Rigs are a great option.

Made with camo green Basix Coated Hooklink material and featuring a small section stripped back by the Basix Wide Gape hook, these rigs are designed for increased hooking potential.

Korda Basix Hair Rigs Review

The supple hair is held in place by a piece of silicone, and the length of the hair has been optimized for hookbait sizes that fit the selected hook size.

You’ll get two rigs per pack offering great value for money.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, the Korda Basix Hair Rigs are a great choice for your next fishing trip, plus they fit perfectly into the Basix tackle box!


Korda Basix components
Basix wide gape hook
Anti tangle sleeve
2 per pack
Barbed/barbless options
Hook Sizes: 4, 6 ,8
Strength: 18lb or 25lb

8. Korda Basix Lead Clip Action Pack

If you’re looking for an effective and tangle-free way to fish for carp, the Korda Basix Lead Clip Action Pack is a great choice.

Korda Basix Lead Clip Action Pack

This kit includes everything you need to construct five lead clip set-ups, including 2m of Sinking Rig Tube, five lead clips, five tail rubbers, and five QC swivels.

Everything is camo green in colour to blend in well with the lake bed.

Once you’ve put it together, all you need to do is clip on a rig – such as the Korda Hair Rig – and add a lead.

The Korda Basix Lead Clip Action Pack is a great choice for anglers of all levels who are looking for an effective way to fish for carp with minimum fuss!


Camo green
Contains QC swivels, lead clips, silicone tubing and anti-tangle sleeves
Clip on a rig – and fish!

9. Korda Basix Baiting Needle

Korda’s Basix Baiting Needle is a strong, sharp needle that can be used with most baits such as boilies, pop ups and wafters.

Korda Basix Baiting Needle

The crook on the end is designed to hold your hair in place while bait is being threaded onto it, and the bright green handle makes it easier to find if dropped on the ground.

The chrome-plated needle is built to last, and from previous experience, there are many poor baiting needles that just don’t very long without breaking – or me losing it!

Korda’s Basix Baiting Needle is a great choice for anglers looking for a reliable and durable baiting needle.


Sharp and strong
Can be pushed through most baits
Hi-viz green handle

10. Korda Basix Coated Hooklink

The Korda Basix Coated Hooklink is a soft, supple braid material that is ideal for bottom baits, wafters and pop-ups.

The inner braid and outer coating are a subtle ‘camo green’ colour to help ensure that it will blend in with whatever type of lakebed you are fishing over.

Korda Basix Coated Hooklink Review

It will lay straight without the need for steaming and has great anti-tangle properties, plus the coating can easily be stripped back where required to create a hinge and give your rigs extra movement.

I found that it knots very well without breaking the outer coating.

In my opinion, this is an excellent hooklink material that is perfect for a variety of presentations.

Korda Basix Coated Hooklink

The camo green colour is extremely effective in helping your setup blend in with any lakebed, and the anti-tangle properties are very useful.

I would highly recommend this coated hooklink to anyone looking for a versatile and effective option.


Super soft coated braid
Camo green
Supplied on 10m rolls
Breaking strain: 18lb or 25lb

11. Korda Basix Wide Gape Hooks

You can’t really catch carp without a hook at the end of your line, so an obvious choice, as part of the Korda Basix range, is to offer some budget hooks!

Korda Basix Wide Gape Hooks review

Korda’s Basix Wide Gape Hooks are designed as the perfect all-round pattern, which can be used straight out of the packet for a wide variety of rigs and without the need to add lots of other components.

The aggressive in-turned eye helps to ensure that it flips over and takes hold in the mouth, without the need to add additional kickers or shrink tube.

Korda Basix Wide Gape Hooks 1 1

They’re made from Korda’s ‘X’ gauge wire, so are suitable for use both in the UK and overseas, due to their strength, and have an unobtrusive black nickel finish.

I’ve been using them extensively over the past few months and have been very impressed with their performance.

Whether you are fishing bottom baits, pop-ups or wafters, the Korda Basix Wide Gape Hooks are definitely worth slipping onto your rig!

Note: As with all carp hooks, check they are razor sharp before casting. Use a hook sharpening kit in necessary.


Aggressive in turned eye
In-turned talon hook point
X gauge wire
Available in barbed & barbless options
Sizes: 2, 4, 6 & 8

Korda Basix Range: Summary

The Korda Basix Range is a great choice for anglers who are looking for quality tackle at an affordable price.

Korda’s Basix products are designed to provide fishermen with the essential tools they need to get started catching carp – without breaking the bank.

I have now used most of the range, and I have been very impressed if I compare the build quality, features and price point.

Whether you’re just getting started in fishing or are a seasoned angler, the Korda Basix Range has something for everyone, from fish safety to fishing line, hair rigs and hooks – give the range a try and see for yourself!

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