Top 10 UK Match Fishing Blogs

If you are looking for informative match fishing blogs to pick up some tips, check previous results on venues you fish, or just to learn a bit more about competing in matches, read on!

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We put the word out on social media to get in contact with links to your favourite match fishing blogs (and vblogs) and the response was overwhelming!

So, we have taken a look at every single one, and tried to place them is some sort of order, which was by location.

Grab a brew, sit back and enjoy our round-up of the best match fishing blogs from around the UK!

1. Against Men & Fish Match Fishing Blog

Primary Location: Somerset
Venues: River Isle, Revels Fishery, Trinity Waters, Todber Manor, Dillington Pond

Written and maintained by Jamie Rich, ‘Against Men & Fish’ is one of the best match fishing blogs in and around Somerset!

against men and fish match fishing blog

Posts and articles are informative, with plenty of news, galleries, league results and match statistics!

Frequently updated, Jamie talks about draw times, setting up his tackle and methods for his matches and how these panned out.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning how he faired in all his matches way back from 2012!

A match fishing blog that is well worth checking out!

2. Maesknoll Match Angling Blog

Location: All Over!
Venues: The Glebe, Acorn Fishery, Lands End, Ivy House, Plantation Lakes, Viaduct, Trinity Waters

Chris Fox is the creator of the Maesknoll match angling blog – and it is packed full of information, with results and statistics from all over the UK.#

Maesknoll Match ANgling Blog

With an archive that stretches all the way back to 2008, Chris has been updating his match fishing blog regularly. In fact, there has been over 350,000 visitors to date – impressive!

Chris always runs through his tackle, including rods, reels and of course – end tackle that he chose for the match.

He is really insightful with his rig choice, and explains his thought process well. Results are backed up with a chart, so there is no hiding place!

A top match fishing blog that I will be checking in on regularly.

3. Silver Fox Angling Blog

Location: UK
Selected Venues: Whiteacres, Todber Manor, Viaduct Fishery, Avalon, Acorn Fishery

With nearly a million views, ‘Silver Fox Angling’ is one of the most read match fishing blogs in the UK!

Silver Fox Match Angling Blog

With compelling story telling in every post, I found this to be an enjoyable match angling blog.

Every match that is fished produces plenty of detail regarding weather conditions, match fishing tackle choices, difficult pegs and location.

Results are thorough, and usually includes a few photos and draw cards to back-up the day’s fishing.

If you are new to competitive fishing, or just want to learn more – make this your number one resource!

4. Phil Seedhouse Match Angler

Location: South Midlands
Selected Venues: Manor Farm Leisure, Solhampton, Hawford Bridge, Lower Park Fisheries

Phil fishes many commercial venues across the South Midlands and beyond!

Phil Seedhouse Match Angler

One of the match fishing blogs I read fairly regularly, the wesbite is informative and I particularly enjoy his photography and tweets!

Phil goes into great detail to explain his setup, rigs and bait and the reasons for choosing them.

He tends to post around 3 to 4 times a month, which just shows how often he fishes competitively. To date, he has won over 10 matches.

Tip: My favourite part of his blog is his explanation on pole rigs. He really goes into a lot of effort to explain how each one works, and when you should fish it. Be sure to check it out!

5. Cadence Match Fishing Blog

Location: UK
Selected Venues: River Adur, Lakeside Fishery

A website that is more than just match fishing, Cadence is actually a brand!

Cadence Match Fishing Blog

Packed full of fishing reports, tactics and tackle, there are some really good match fishing reports.

From preparation to never giving up, each blog post covers offer a variety of tales – from failure to successes!

If you get the chance, be sure to scroll down to the bottom and watch some of the videos to pick up some extra special tips and tricks.

6. Match Fishing Blogs – Pole Fishing Magazine

The premium magazine for all pole fishermen, the blog documents big match results, tackle insights and juicy gossip straight from the bank!

Pole Fishing Blo

A superb read involving matches, bait, tackle and tips reported on by professional match anglers, each match fishing blog post goes the extra mile with insightful quips, methods and failures on a range of commercial venues across the UK.

A magazine well worth subscribing too if want to know more about pole fishing, or simply to stay up-to-date with information that could win you a match or two!

7. Carshalton Angling Club

A local angling club that I stumbled upon a few years ago, Carshalton & District Angling Society is based in the South-East of England.


The website is well designed, and updated fairly regularly. They have a Facebook page that supports its members and is the ideal source for up-to-date match information.

They run 7 club waters, all offering a great style and competitive range of fishing for all skill levels!

These include reservoirs, farm lakes, rivers and a fishery, so plenty for everyone really.

A dedicated news section is the place to hang out for matches, results and club news

Martin and Trevor write a lot of the content, and there is usually a lot of information about how each water is fishing, so if you haven’t fished one of these venues – be sure to check that out, as it may lead to a big bag of fish!

It seems like a well run club, and on top of an excellent match fishing blog, they offer club clothing and there is even an app!!!

8. Cluckers Peg Match Fishing Blog

Written by Tim Ford, ‘Cluckers Peg’ is where you’ll find plenty of match fishing snippets, great adventures and of course results, stretching back 12 years!

Cluckers Peg

Tim doesn’t just post update after update, in fact, only around 3 to 4 posts appear per month in his much loved match fishing blog.

A veteran match angler, I browsed through a few posts where Tim fished venues such as the Bristol Avon (his favourite and where he grew up) River Thames and Ivy House Fishery amongst many more.

He comes across as a humble guy, and his blog is easy to understand. He gets straight to the point on what tactics and rigs he intends on deploying, and how the weather conditions (and the draw) affected his game plan.

Without giving much more away, I urge you to go and take a look! Its probably one of the best match fishing blogs around.

9. Matrix – Match Fishing Blog

We thought we would feature a big match brand because after all, we use poles, rods, tackle and bait from most of them in some wy or another!

image 2

Now, this isn’t the type of match fishing blog with running commentary on matches fished, but rather a team of sponsored anglers who offer professional advice on bait, rods, poles, bait and methods – mainly using Matrix tackle of course, but there is no reason to apply these to your existing pole fishing setup?

Each article, or post, offers a mix of anglers who use photos, videos and their vast experience to help you get the best out of you.

After having a scroll through, there are over 150 dedicated match fishing posts from anglers such as Aidan Mansfield, Mark Pollard, Jamie Hughes and Jon Arthur to name a few.

Why not learn from professionals who spend there days fishing competitively up and down the country?

A great resource, and if you haven’t already, take a look below.

10. Canal & River Trust – Match Results Blog

A results based match fishing blog featuring a compilation of official weights from venues around the UK!

image 3

Brought to you by Steve Cope, this regular match fishing blog is updated on a weekly basis.

If you have recently fished a canal, river or stillwater, you could appear on this list!

On top of this, the section also includes important information on how to book venues, contact details along with signs and posts for venues to display.

Topped off with a list of upcoming matches so you can plan ahead,

More informative than some of the story telling match blogs we’ve discussed, nonetheless, it is a great read for checking results, weights and venues across the UK.


That just about wraps up our list of the best UK match fishing blogs!

Please get in contact with us if you feel a blog has what it takes to get added to our list.

Why not check out our list of match venues, or fishing lakes in the UK!

Thanks for reading, and we hope you continue to support Tackle Scout.

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