Nash Bullet Mono Review

How Good Is Nash Bullet Mono?

I’ve used Nash Bullet Mono for a while now – and I was impressed with how well it was to work with.

Nash Bullet Mono is a great choice for those looking for a versatile, all-purpose monofilament line.

I found it casts well, even at extreme distances, sinks quickly and there were no issues tying knots.

Let’s take a look in a bit more detail….

Why Buy Nash Bullet Mono?

Nash Bullet Mono is a forgiving, all-purpose mono line that is great for a variety of fishing styles.

As mentioned, it casts well, even at extreme distances, and sinks quickly – making it a great choice for those looking to fish in a variety of conditions.

Nash Bullet Mono is also very strong and abrasion resistant too – meaning it can handle a variety of angling conditions, whether casting towards an island or amongst potential underwater snags.

Whilst casting out and feeling the lead down, I found it quite sensitive which is a good thing!

You get 1000m per spool, which is more than enough to spool up three carp reels.

nash bullet line review

Nash Bullet Mono Pros

  • Versatile, all-purpose monofilament line
  • Great for a variety of fishing styles
  • Casts well, even at extreme distances
  • Sinks quickly
  • Very strong and abrasion resistant

Nash Bullet Mono Cons

None that we can think of!

How to Use Nash Bullet Mono

Nash Bullet Mono was great to use! I had no issues tying knots or casting at extreme distances, and it worked well in a variety of fishing conditions.

I would definitely recommend Nash Bullet Mono to carp anglers of all levels – it’s a versatile fishing line that will serve you well in a variety of fishing situations.

With no stretch, it was handled carp under the rod tip well too.

Nash Bullet Mono Options

There are plenty of options for you to choose from, as you can see from the table below.

Breaking StrainDiameter

Each is available in either green or brown to match the lake you’re fishing on.

Final Thoughts

Nash Bullet Mono is an excellent all-round mono.

It’s got low-stretch for sensitivity and is very abrasion resistant so you can fish it in a variety of conditions. It’s also great value for money, with 1000m on each spool.

Whether you’re casting at distance, or close in amongst weedy areas or snags – Bullet Mono copes really well.

And because of the low stretch properties, we found that carp we’re landed quickly and easily without any issues with jumping or bolting off.

We highly recommend Nash Bullet Mono!


How to spool Nash Bullet Mono?

You can spool Nash Bullet Mono onto your reel by attaching the line to your reel using a strong knot, and then winding it on by placing the spool of line into a bucket of water and reeling it in.

Is Nash Bullet Mono good value for money?

Yes, Nash Bullet Mono is excellent value for money because at 100m per spool, there is more than enough for three reels.

What size Nash Bullet Mono should I use?

You can use Nash Bullet Mono in a variety of sizes, depending on the type of fish you are targeting and the conditions you are fishing in. 10 or 12lb line is great for carp up to 20lb, 15lb is a great breaking strain for all round fishing, and 20lb would be perfect for larger specimen carp over 30lb.

Does Nash Bullet Mono sink quickly?

Yes, it has a great reputation for been a fast sinking mono line.

How strong is Nash Bullet Mono?

Nash Bullet Mono is a very strong and abrasion resistant mono line, ideal for a variety of fishing styles and conditions.

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