Pike Fishing Tips

We’ve gathered up a list of pike fishing tips so you can increase your catch rate. Lets hope some of these snippets land you a monster pike!

What is a pike?

Northern pike can be found in many lakes, rivers and canals, and are one of the largest predatory fish in the UK.

Northern Pike

They are a brackish colour, with distinct spots and an elongated snout packed with razor-like teeth.

They are usually fished for between October and March.

Young pike are called ‘Jacks’ and tend to eat small fish and invertebrates.

What is a pike?

Pike tent to hide amongst vegetation as they wait to pounce on their prey.

This includes frogs, smaller fish, small mammals and even ducklings!

What Tackle Should I Use To Catch Pike?

Catching Pike requires strong and powerful fishing tackle.

A basic pike fishing setup would include:

  • A 6ft to 10ft spinning rod, with a casting weight of between 15 to 40g or so.
  • A fixed spool reel with a large line capacity.
  • Mono or braid
  • Trace wire -which is vital as Pike are toothy which could cut through mono. A trace is used between hook and line.
  • A minimum 42 inch landing net.
  • Forceps for retrieving the hook.
  • Cutters for cutting through wire.
  • You can use either a lure, or deadbait to catch Pike.

You can view a selection of key pike fishing tackle below.

What is the best bait for pike?

When fishing for pike, you can choose between a deadbait, such as those used in sea fishing, as these are readily available, or a pike lure.

The most popular pike lures mimic a small distressed fish, and are commonly between 6 and 12 inches long.

Lures that look and imitate frogs, bats and small ducklings are also devastating if fished correctly.

Although old school, lures such as spoons and spinners still work very well.

Because pike are predators, these act as a fish in distress.


How to catch pike at night?

Pike are less active during the night, so we suggest fishing with brighter lures and vibrate to draw attention. Night time pike fishing can be very rewarding!

How often do pike feed?

Surprisingly, pike feed very little for their size. They actually consume around one and a half times their body weight per year!

When is the UK pike season?

Anglers fish for pike between October and March to give them time to spawn, and a break!

How deep can I fish for pike?

You can use a deep running pike lure as large pike can often be found at 15ft on some lakes, rivers and canals!

What is the record pike caught in the UK?

Records show that a monster pike weighing 46lb 13oz was caught back in 1992 by a Mr Row Lewis.

Pike Fishing Tips

Here are some great pike fishing tips and videos to help  learn more about catching monster pike!

Fresh pike deadbaits

1. Use Fresh Pike Bait!

Try buying the freshest deadbait you can!

The best method to getting hold of fresh bait is popping into the closest tackle shop just before you arrive at your venue.

Quality, fresh, deadbaits work the best, trust me on this.

Casting Pike Into A River

2. Cast Your Bait or Lure Out Quickly

Because large pike tend to feed in short explosive spells, getting your bait or lure out quickly after a take or catch can turn your trip into a session of a lifetime!

3. Find Features To Catch Big Pike

Whatever venue you’re fishing, there are certain to be a feature where big pike could be lurking!

These may include deep areas, structures, weedy corners and moored boats.

Move around, and cast your lure regularly to find the fish.

Pike Leger Stems

4. Choosing The Right Pike Rig

When pike fishing using deadbaits, a free-running ledger rig is the way to go.

However, if you’re fishing over a deep drop-off, a float rig creates a better angle.

Handle Pike With Care

5. Handle Pike With Care

Like all fish, Pike are delicate creatures and should be handled with the upmost care.

Use a large unhooking mat, and use forceps delicately to remove the hook.

6. Use a Selection of Pike Lures

Like hooks, you can never have enough pike lures!

Available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, make sure you carry a wide variety as you never know what conditions the pike will be caught in.

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7. The Right Pike Tackle

Pike have teeth, which means you pay extra attention to handling and unhooking.

Make sure you have the right tools such as forceps, long nose pliers and an unhooking mat.

Unhooking pike with sharp teeth, and fingers, is not a good combination!

fishing line for pike

8. Use strong enough line

Pike are aggresive, and very strong fighters – so using strong fishing line is critical to landing pike!

There powerful shakes, rolls and lunges mean choosing a mainline that can handle pike.

We recommend mono of between 15lb and 20lb (0.35mm diameter), or if you prefer braid, 25-30lb breaking strain (024mm diameter).

Leeda Rogue Bite Alarms

9. Use a Bite Alarm

If you like to fish with more than one rod, then using a bite alarm can alert you to a take – as you will need to act fast!

You can pick these up for between £10-£15.

Titanium Wire Pike Leader

10. Fish with Wire Leaders

This pike fishing tip is a personal favourite – try and use wire leaders because it will save you time tieing and crimping traces!

Titanium leader material works best as it is super strong, soft and you can use it for knots, thus eliminating the need for crimps and loops.

We really hope you enjoyed our list of pike fishing tips, videos and answered some important questionsa about fishing for pike.

Whether you are new to the sport, or just want some simple tips to fish for larger pike, we wish you luck for the upcoming season.

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