7 Sea Fishing Forums To Join

Have you joined a sea fishing forum yet?

If not, do not fear as we run through some of the top sea fishing communities you can join!

sea fishing forum list

We’ve compiled a list of sea fishing forums where you can discuss tactics, talk about the best tackle and bait choices, and share tips with fellow sea anglers!

We have found some great sea fishing forums for beginners, and there is also plenty of chat about where to fish in England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland.

1. World Sea Fishing Forum

An active community dedicated to sea fishing and boat owners alike, you are certain to find engaging groups discussing sea tackle, rigs, rods (including beachcasters) and reviews.

Signing up was simple, and I found that the long-serving forum members are very welcoming.

Members: 87,900
Most Active Section: Tackle & Equipment
Total Posts: 8.9 Million
Standout Section: Homemade Lures

*Correct as of 4th August 2021

Other interesting sections of the World Sea Fishing forum include Saltwater Fly Fishing, Boat Angling, UK & Ireland Venue Reports and Worldwide Angling Information.

One of the biggest fishing forums on the internet, you are bound to learn something new about sea fishing no matter what level you are.

Website Snapshot

World Sea Fishing Forum

2. Talk Sea Fishing Forum

A small, community driven forum, that contributes to a large collection sea fishing tips, info, places to fish and tackle talk.

One of the busiest areas to hang out has to be in Shore Fishing, which is no surprise, as the UK has some popular coastline fishing spots such as Chesil Beach.

Members: 961
Most Active Section: Tackle Questions
Total Posts: 2,281
Standout Section: 2021 Species Hunt

There were 54 members online when I checked out the Talk Sea Fishing forum, so its certainly always active!

My favourite section was the catch reports, which can give a great insight into what coastal areas are fishing well.

A good solid sea fishing forum, although there are too many ads, but I figure this is needed to cover running costs.

Website Snapshot

Talk Sea Fishing Forum

3. Angling Addicts

A general fishing forum that seems to have some sort of tie up with Gerry’s Fishing Tackle Shop, possibly to support the site by offering some tackle deals.

The sea fishing section has some great member tutorials and an active Junior section.

Members: 3,842
Most Active Section: North-west Sea Reports
Total Posts: 188,000
Standout Section: Banter Boardroom

We can tell that the forum has a huge following up in the North-West of England as there are thousands of catch reports from that location!

I enjoyed the off-topic chat in the ‘Banter Boardroom. 

However, a little section that could easily be missed was  ‘Kayak Fishing’ which I found very informative, especially for beginners.

If you do fish regularly up in the North-West, you should definitely sign-up to Angling Addicts!

Website Snapshot

Angling Addicts Sea Fishing Forum

4. UK Sea Fishing.org

Dedicated purely to sea fishing in the UK, this forum is well laid out, with regions, fishing tackle and informational sections easy to find.

Boasting around 5000 members and over 180000 posts, its members were quick to help me out with any of my questions.

Members: 5,154
Most Active Section: South Coast Sea Fishing
Total Posts: 182,539
Standout Section: Seafood Recipes

I really enjoyed my time spent in this sea fishing forum!

Members seemed very active in all of the area sections, which include the Welsh Coast and Thames Estuary.

A great website that was easy to use, engaging and overall, a friendly place.

Website Snapshot

UK Sea Fishing.org Website

5. Southwest Sea Fishing Forum

Powered by popular forum software vBulletin, this is  easy to navigate around the various county sections and is fully responsive on mobile.

The South West is one of the leading sea fishing areas in the UK, making this forum an extremely great resource for both locals and visitors to the area.

Members: 1,078
Most Active Section: Catch Reports
Total Posts: 135,634
Standout Section: Matches & Competitions

There are a fair few categories, which include shore fishing, meets & events, a fish of the month competition and a suggestion box.

My pick would be the light rock fishing category. This style of fishing has really taken off (COVID aside) these past few years, and you’ll learn a lot from reading through the FAQ’s.

I would recommend signing up if you are planning a trip to the South West soon.

Website Snapshot

Southwest Sea Fishing Forum

6. Sea Fishing UK Facebook Page

Set up so anglers can readily share pictures, advice and anything related to sea fishing here in the UK.

Its been quiet the past few months, but with around 4,500 followers, its a great place to upload a photo or ask for some advice.

Social Snapshot

Sea Fishing UK

7. Sea Angler Magazine Facebook Page

The number 1 sea fishing magazine in the UK, Sea Angler has a Facebook page with some great information and discussions with anglers right across the UK.

These guys carry out regular tackle tests, and offer helpful tips so you can get the best from your sea fishing trips. 

With over 38,000 followers, its probably the largest sea fishing page on Facebook, making it well worth checking out.

Social Snapshot

Sea Angler Facebook Page

Sea Fishing Tackle Bestsellers

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