Shakespeare Seat Box Review

Shakespeare Seatbox

If you’re looking for a tough, high quality seat box for your next fishing trip, Shakespeare’s Classic Sea Fishing Seat Box is a great option.

A seat box is very useful when sea fishing due to the fact that it significantly increases your comfort while fishing. There is nothing worse than being on a boat or standing on the shore for hours on end with no place to sit.

Shakespeare’s Classic Sea Fishing Seat Box alleviates that issue by providing you with a comfortable seat to sit on while you fish.

Why Buy The Shakespeare Seat Box?

Why should fishermen choose the Shakespeare seatbox over other models?

Well, for a start they are a trusted fishing brand, plus there is a ‘fully loaded’ seat box option which includes an extra deep lid where you can store additional end tackle such as line, sea rigs, hooks, weights and bead – leaving room for in the main compartment for bulk items such as reels, bait or food.

Blue Shakespeare Seat Box

The whole seatbox itself is robust – which is why so many anglers trust it! Just look at the strong metal hinges and improved water resistance around the seals and you’ll know it can stand up to the rigours of sea fishing.

Additionally, the ‘hole free’ moulding on the Shakespeare seat box virtually eliminates water ingress.

Furthermore, the Shakespeare seat box comes with an adjustable shoulder strap (non padded) and a tough moulded side tray (32cm x 21cm x 6cm). Also supplied is a revised twin catch style locking system to keep the lid firmly closed.

Shakespeare Seat Box Dimensions

This is ideal for both shore and boat fishing.

But is it comfortable? We say yes! That’s because of the padded cushion that doesn’t cause your rear to ache, plus the padded shoulder strap makes carrying it comfortable wherever you choose to fish!

Shakespeare Seatbox Fully Loaded

If you can afford an extra £20 or so – we highly recommend choosing the fully loaded deal!

As we’ve explained, you’ll get extra storage the deep tray provides, a tackle box , padded shoulder strap, and of course the all important cushion!

Shakespeare Seat Box

Both the fully loaded and standard Shakespeare seat boxes are available in either blue or black.

If you did want to purchase the standard model, this includes the seat box itself, side tray and non-padded shoulder strap only.

Shakespeare Seatbox Backrest

If you travel long distances – the last thing you want is a cumbersome seatbox to carry, along with our luggage, rod rests and rod and reel.

This is where the Shakespeare seat box backrest comes in!

Made by Breakaway, this ‘conversion kit’ fits all Shakespeare seat boxes. The carrying harness holds the box in the middle of your back to distribute the weight evenly. This leaves your hands free to carry your tackle.

Shakespeare Seatbox Trolley

If the backrest isn’t your thing (perhaps you suffer from a bad back) then the next best thing is a Shakespeare Seatbox Trolley!

Shakespeare Seat Box Trolley

I recently has the pleasure of using it – and I have to say I loved it because first, my seatbox fits perfectly onto the fishing trolley, and secondly, there was room for all my tackle to sit and secure on top.

Now some trollies can be difficult to navigate, perhaps due to overloading or if the terrain is uneven, however the wide tires gave me no problems at all.

Easy to load and pull, I cannot recommend the Shakespeare trolley enough!

Shakespeare Seatbox Accessories

Maybe you already own the standard Shakespeare Seatbox and you’re keen to upgrade? Or perhaps the strap has worn down or the side tray is damaged?

There are a range of Shakespeare seatbox accessories available, including the tackle box, Sherpa, straps, cushions and padded shoulder strap.

Final Thoughts

The Shakespeare seatbox is a fantastic choice for any angler, whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced fisherman. In our view – there is not a better sea fishing seat box around.

If you are looking for a robust and comfortable seat box, we highly recommend the Shakespeare seat box!

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