A Quick Guide To Shimano Carp Rods

Are Shimano Carp Rod Any Good?

If you’re a carp fisherman, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Shimano! They are some of the most popular rods on the market, and for good reason.

From the budget TX 1A, to the flagship Tribal TX 9A which is powerful and highly accurate, making it a the top end carp rod in its class.

Shimano has a carp rod to suit every angler, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro.

What’s more is that Shimano carp rods are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. They’re also designed to be comfortable to use, with ergonomic handles and soft-touch grips on top of other high end components, such as Fuji SIC guides, CI4 reel seats and Spiral X blanks.

If you’re looking for a top quality carp rod that won’t let you down, then Shimano is the brand for you!

Shimano Tribal TX 1A

The Shimano Tribal TX1 rod has undergone some changes and improvements for the new season.

Shimano Tribal TX 1A Carp Rod

The blank is now even slimmer than the previous TX1, and the overall look of the rod has changed drastically. This rod is now the ideal carp rod for the starting carp angler or for carp anglers with a small budget.

The TX 1A might be the ‘entry level’ carp rod of Shimano, but the quality is high. It casts very far, fights a fish well and has high quality components.

The only downside of this rod is that it is not suitable for fishing in heavy cover, but other than that it is an excellent choice for the budget conscious carp angler.

What makes this Shimano carp rod really stand out is that it features the power and precision anglers need to land big fish.

Shimano Tribal TX 1 Carp Rod

The rod blank is made of high-quality XT40 carbon fiber, which is durable and sensitive too, whilst I found that the EVA handle provide a comfortable grip, even when wet.

Looking up the rod now, and the Seaguide stainless steel guides are corrosion-resistant casting felt smooth.

The rod is available in lengths of 9ft up to 13ft, making it ideal for a wide range of fishing situations.

In my view, the Shimano Tribal TX-1A carp rod is perfect for anglers who demand the best in performance and durability. Order yours today and see what you’ve been missing!

  • Carbon XT40
  • Shimano Hardlite guides
  • DPS reel seat
  • EVA handle
  • Protection sleeve
Length/Test CurveWeightTransport LengthSections
10ft 3lb368g158cm2
11ft 3lb392g116cm3
12ft 2.75lb449g188cm2
12ft 3lb507g188cm2
12ft 3lb460g127cm3
12ft 3lb SPC406g191cm2
12ft 3.25lb470g188cm2
12ft 3.25lb SPC355g191cm2
12ft Intensity493g188cm2
12ft 3lb Intensity434g127cm3
13ft Intensity568g203cm2
12ft 3lb Intensity520g137cm3
13ft Intensity SPC455g207cm2
9ft 3lb300g142cm2

Shimano Tribal TX-2

The Shimano TX2 range of carp rods are designed for anglers who demand the very best in terms of performance and durability.

Shimano Tribal TX2 Carp Rod

Constructed from XT60 carbon, the Shimano TX 2 rods are incredibly slim and powerful, while still maintaining a soft and responsive playing action.

The result is a rod that is extremely capable of delivering long, accurate casts, while still providing the sensitivity needed to detect even the lightest of bites.

The Shimano TX 2 series also features a plastic line clip, which helps to keep your line in place during even the most strenuous of battles, plus you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of lengths and weights, making them ideal for all types of fishing environments.

Whether you’re targeting big carp in open water or smaller carp in secluded farm ponds, there’s a Shimano TX 2 rod that’s perfect for the job. And with their distinctive looks, the TX 2 rods are sure to turn heads out on the water.

  • XT60 Blanks
  • DPS Reel Seat
  • Seaguide stainless steel SIC guides
  • Shrink rubber grip handle
  • Ring Size: 10ft 40mm, 12ft and 13’ft 50mm
Length/Test CurveWeightTransport Length
10ft 2.75lb276g156.5cm
10ft 3lb317g156.5cm
10ft 3lb SPC328g156.5cm
1ft 2.75lb321g167cm
12ft 2.75lb338g187cm
12ft 2.75lb SPC350g187cm
12ft 3lb363g187cm
12ft 3lb SPC371g187cm
12ft 3.25lb434g187cm
12ft 3.25lb SPC433g187cm
13ft 3lb441g202cm
13ft Intensity445g202cm
13ft Intensity SPC470g202cm
9ft 3lb236g141cm
12ft 2lb278g187cm

Shimano Tribal TX-9

The Shimano Tribal TX-9 is a beautifully crafted carp rod that perfectly captures the spirit and history of traditional carp fishing.

Shimano Tribal TX9 Carp Rod

The understated ‘retro’ look of the Shimano TX9 is combined with the very latest carbon technology to create a ‘modern classic’ that exudes confidence, quality, and game changing long-range casting performance.

If you prefer ‘classic’ looking carp rods, but want all of the benefits that the latest carbon technology can deliver, you’ll love the Shimano TX-9.

Shimano Tribal TX9 Carp Rod

The slim blank perfectly hides the awesome casting power available, whilst the cork handle and Fuji DPS reel seat embraces the tradition of bygone days. It’s an enviable combination that says a lot about the type of angler you are and will certainly make a powerful statement, wherever you fish.

If you’re a serious carp angler, you can not go wrong with choosing a set of Shimano Tribal TX 9’s to fish with!

  • HP600 Blanks
  • Shimano 3K Woven Carbon
  • DPS Reel Seat
  • Fuji stainless steel SIC guides
  • EVA grip handle
  • Cloth Bag
Length/Test CurveTransport Length
10ft 3.5lb SPC152cm
12ft 3lb SPC188cm
12ft 3.25lb SPC188cm
12ft Intensity SPC188cm
13ft Intensity SPC203cm

Shimano Tribal TX 9A

The Shimano TX 9A is the latest in a line of powerful and accurate carp rods.

Shimano Tribal TX 9A

The unique Spiral X blank construction improves blank strength and makes the blank lighter, while removing blank twist and ovalisation.

This results in powerful and extremely accurate casting properties: a massive advantage for every carp angler, because more distance and precision = more carp on the bank!

Shimano Tribal TX 9A Carp Rod

The TX 9A is also equipped with Fuji SiC K-type guides (on the 12ft 2.75lb & 12ft 3lb models) for smooth line guiding and anti tangle performance, as well as Kigan 50mm guides on the Shimano Intensity models.

Whether you’re a seasoned carp angler or just beginning your fishing journey, the Shimano TX 9A is the perfect rod for you!

  • Spiral X Blanks
  • Fuji SiC K-type guides
  • 50mm Kigan on Intensity models
  • CI4+ Reel Seat
  • EVA grip handle
  • Hardcase bag
Length/Test CurveTransport Length
10ft 3lb152cm
12ft 2.75lb188cm
12ft 3lb188cm
12ft 3lb SPC188cm
12ft 3.25lb188cm
12ft Intensity188cm
13ft Intensity203cm

Shimano Tribal TX1 Intensity Spod Rod

The new Shimano Tribal TX1 Intensity Spod Rod is revolutionizing the way we fish.

Shimano Tribal TX Intensity Spod Rod

For the first time, Japanese rod blank technologies are being used in a spod rod, making it extremely powerful and accurate.

According to our testers, this is the best spod rod ever built! The Spiral X core rod blank construction improves blank strength, makes the blank lighter and removes blank twist + ovalisation.

Shimano Tribal Spod Rod

This results in powerful and extremely accurate casting which is a big advantage when you are spodding on big distance. Get spodding with confidence by having a Shimano Tribal TX1 Intensity Spod Rod to hand!

  • Spiral X core Blanks
  • 50mm Kigan stainless steel 3D Zirconia guides
  • CI4+ Reel Seat
  • EVA grip handle
  • Hardcase bag
Length/Test CurveWeightTransport Length
13ft Spod412g203cm
12ft Spod & Marker344g188cm

Are Shimano Carp Rods Worth The Money?

That rounds up our Shimano Carp Rod reviews, but are they worth the money? Well, if you’re a carp angler, we think they are!

The Shimano TX 2 series is perfect for all types of fishing environments and with their distinctive looks, the TX 2 rods are sure to turn heads out on the water. The Shimano Tribal TX-9 is a beautifully crafted carp rod that perfectly captures the spirit and history of traditional carp fishing.

And finally, the Shimano Tribal TX Intensity Spod Rod is packs power and performance into a spod rod that delivers through every cast.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality carp rod that won’t let you down, we recommend checking out Shimano’s range.


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