Sonik Vader X: Tackle Review

Our new brand series begins with the very popular Sonik Vader X range of fishing tackle, which includes rods, reels, and pods. Lets jump in and see why this range is so good….

sonik vader x fishing tackle

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Are Sonik Rods Any Good?

Sonik, although a fairly new fishing tackle brand, have made great waves by offering quality rods at an affordable price.

Many anglers have enjoyed fishing with Sonik Rods for carp across the UK and Europe.

Are Sonik Reels Any Good?

Designed to match the Sonik rods perfectly as part of a balanced setup, Sonik Reels are real work horses.

The RS models are lighter and feature much improved line lay over their predecessors the Sonik X reels.

Let’s take a look in more detail at some of the Vader X fishing tackle, starting with the traditional Vader X rods….

1. Sonik Vader X Carp Rods

Sonik Vader X Carp Rods

Offering exceptional value for money, Sonik Vader X rods give you power, performance and excellent fish playing properties whatever the venue.

With a slim profile, but powerful fast tip, they allow total control which in turn gives you complete confidence when casting out long, chucking down the margins or hauling in a double figure carp.

Finished with a full Japanese slim shrink handle, custom Sonik reel seat and light black SiC guides, these make a fantastic set of rods for beginners or those looking to upgrade to something that offers a bit more.

Features include double-leg guides, anti-frap tip and fold-friendly ringing pattern, whilst a custom Sonik contoured line clip helps you cast your hook bait accurately every time.

Rod options include a 10ft 3lb test curve model and four 12ft lengths with test curves of 2.75lb, 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.50lb.

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2. Sonik Vader X FS Reels

Sonik Vader X FS Reels

The Sonik Vader X FS (Freespool) Reels are a great addition to this already popular range.

A classic design offering great performance, these not only look good on the Vader X Rods – but any carp setup!

Providing carp anglers with great value for money versus performance and build quality, these come supplied with not one but TWO aluminium spare spools.

Onto the features, which include micro-adjustable drag and a highly effective 5:5:1 gear ratio that is very reliable – even in tough fishing conditions.

It felt lightly balanced when paired with a Vader X RS rod,

There are two sizes available to suit your setup;  5000 and 6000, both of which are perfectly capable of handling big carp.

3. Sonik Vader X RS Carp Rods

Sonik Vader X RS Rods

As you may already know, these are the updated Vader X rods named ‘RS’, which feature significant upgrades and features than the original rods.

There are 6 options to choose from, with the 12ft 3.00lb offering 50mm ringing.

What features are there? Well, they are slim, light and feature sleek black carbon blanks, each kitted out with the new M-Series DL black guides that look great, whilst both casting out, and retrieving, feels smooth throughout.

Like its predecessor, fold-friendly ringing makes them easy to transport, and limits breakages that can commonly occur to the rod eyes or tip

A 17mm black DPS reel seat can house big pits reels, such as the Wychwood Riot, whilst each rod is finished with a line friendly line clip, anodised butt cap and slim Japanese shrink wrap butt grip.

I really enjoyed using these carp rods, and for those interested, I road tested the 12ft 3.00lb model, and I have to say the Sonik Vader X RS rods not only look like premium carp rods but feel like one too.

Top rods, at a decent price – with an option available to suit most styles of carp fishing, be that long distance casting to short chucks down the margin.

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4. Sonik Vader X RS Reels

Sonik Vader X 8000RS Reel

Released to partner the Sonik Vader X Rs Rods, these reels are really something else!

Offering top quality performance, whilst offering the modern carp angler great value for money, these include well thought out features.

This includes a retrieval ratio of 4:1:1 which offers a smooth cast, short or long, with each crank of the handle recovers just over one metre of fishing line.

Sonik state that these can be used for spodding too – which I decide to attempt, and they were very good at this, probably due to the high line recovery of each handle turn.

Or, it could be that the quick-torque drag system made hauling in my spod seem quick and easy

Models available include a 6000 and 8000, whilst we would suggest the bigger size for spodding.

I really liked the Sonik Vader X RS reel, which rivals many other big bit or spodding reels currently on the market!

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5. Sonik Vader X Rod Pod

Sonik Vader X Rod Pod

A compact and stable rod pod that can accomodate upt o three rods, they are super quick to setup and can be placed on mixed terrain.

The included padded rod pod bag features dedicated pouches for each section, which allows you to store them safely and securely, which is useful whilst in transit to eliminate damage.

Made from black anodized aluminium, which is lightweight, I really enjoyed using this for a long weekends fishing.

The pod itself can be adjusted both in height (max. 40cm) and length (max 75cm) offering anglers plenty of configurations to suit the swim size.

Furthermore, you can use this as a goal post style setup, using the banksticks and buzz bars, or opt for pod mode only.

In my opinion, the Sonik Vader X Rod Pod is both versatile and compact, without breaking the bank.

6. Sonik Vader X 42inch Landing Net

Sonik Vader X 42inch Landing Net

Manufactured to a really high specification, the Sonik Vader X Landing Nets are slim, lightweight and well balanced as I scooped under a nice mid-double common!

The composite handle and slightly curved arms are stiff, but with just enough give in them to break down quickly, with the soft green mesh net can be tucked into the spreader block which I find useful for when I wanted to wonder around the lake in my hunt for more carp.

You can opt for a 1-piece or 2-piece 42 inch landing net.

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