Complete Guide To Trent View Fishery

How would you like to fish a 28 acre mature gravel pit stocked with over 2000 carp?

Trent View Fishery

It sounds daunting, but home to over 800 carp, topping 20lb, offers an angling experience like no other in the UK.

Located in Nottingham, Trent View Fishery is a family-run business that has been providing top quality fishing for over 30 years.

Vehicle access is via a stone track that meanders right around the lake, secured by an otter fence and 24 hour CCTV – offering a safe and secure venue for anglers and fish.

Key facilities include onsite toilets (cleaned daily), shower facilities, a tackle shop, food van and log cabins if you wanted to make a fishing holiday out of it.

The on-site tackle shop stocks all the latest tackle and bait, including pellet that the carp have been fed on.

For peace of mind, a bailiff is onsite 24 hours a day.

Trent View Fishery asks all anglers to dip their nets, mats and slings in the tanks provided UPON arrival.

Trent View Fishery Stock

As we’ve mentioned, there are over 2000 carp stocked in the lake.

800 of these are over 20lb, with 35 topping 35lb plus, with the lake record currently standing at 45lb 8oz.

Since 2015, the carp have been fed over 20 tonnes of Trent View pellet, which can be bought from the bailiff at £10 per 4kg.

Trent View Fishery Map

If you are planning on visiting Trent View Fishery, a map can help you plan the layout and pick out any swims that you like the look of (although we would recommend walking around to find the fish on arrival) but anyway, it will give you a good idea of what to expect!

trent view fishery map 2022 1

Trent View Prices

Because Trent View Fishery can be busy, they ask that call ahead to check for space if you require bookings under 48 hours.

Otherwise, the prices are available as follows:

12 hours£15
24 hours£30
36 hours£45
48 hours£55
72 hours£80
96 hours£105
120 hours£130
144 hours£155
7 days£180

Please note that there are 5 double pegs that can be selected on booking

These are: 2/3, 6/7, 16/17, 33 and 47.

All single pegs are selected on arrival, and cannot be pre-booked.

Trent View Fishery Tips

This is a big venue that holds a LOT of carp, so taking your time to watch the lake and make a concerted effort with bait and rig choice will pay dividends.

The lake gets deeper the further out you go, and with many anglers trying to hit 120 yards plus, this is unnecessary most of the time.

You’ll be surprised how many carp you will cast over!

trent view fishery lake

Secondly, there is bait.

You will need to use high quality bait (Trent View pellets are the best food source here) and probably lots of it due to the amount of water and fish in front of you.

Watching for fish activity is key to success at Trent View. If nothing is happening during the day, maybe due to high pressure or clear skies, then rest your rods and make a point of planning your overnight strategy.

Trent View Fishery is a great challenge, but can be a very rewarding session if you take your time, and remember to visit the website, social media pages and anglers on the bank for information before you fish.

Lake Information

Address: Gonalston Lane, Lowdham, Nottingham, NG14 7JJ
Telephone: 07905 247777
Email: [email protected]
Pricing: Can be found here
Lake Rules: Located here

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