Used Match Fishing Tackle For Sale

If you’re a competitive angler, finding used match fishing tackle for sale can prove fruitless if you don’t know where to look.

Used Match Fishing Tackle For Sale

We have found a few places where you can pick up some match fishing bargains, rather than buying new tackle.

1. Gumtree

Gumtree was founded over 20 years ago, and it’s a really good used marketplace where you can find plenty of used match fishing tackle for sale!

It remains one of the largest online classifieds ads sites around.

image 4

Here are some example of some match fishing tackle, and used prices, that we found!

#1. A complete vintage match fishing bundle that included two wooden tackle boxes, a range of terminal tackle, rod tubes, keepnets, pole winders, catapults and related accessories, a bespoke float case with around 50 floats all for £250!

vintage used match fishing tackle

This bundle is probably suited to a collector of vintage fishing tackle though.

#2. A Guru job lot of used match fishing tackle that included three bait boxes, a fusion float case, a pole bracket arm and a pair of pole socks – all for £45! By my estimation, these would cost you around £70 if bought new.


#3. The best thing about buying used match fishing tackle for sale is finding discontinued tackle such as this – the Maver Pro Seat Box!

image 2

For just £450 (or a near offer), the seller has also offered to include a 16m pole, multi-tip feeder rod, an umbrella, keepnet, carryall, trolly, rod bag, a bait tray and some other essentials such as rigs, hooks and feeders.

In fact, this is not far off a complete match fishing setup, for less than £500 which is a bargain!

image 1

As you can see, Gumtree is full of bargains, so if you are on the lookout for used match fishing tackle for sale, get yourself over there!

2. eBay

eBay can also be used to find some tackle bargains, if you use the filters correctly!

You can either type in your favourite brand, such as Preston Innovations, Matrix, Guru or if you know what piece of kit you need, just enter that into the search box.

image 3

Now, I also choose ‘Auction’ , rather than buy now, because the listings can become full of poor quality tackle from China, which we don’t want to buy.

You can select ‘best match’, or if you are happy to pick up tackle locally, just enter your postcode and eBay will do the rest.

Here is what we found when we searched for ‘fishing pole’:

image 5
image 6
image 7

Now these all had no bids, and still had a few days to run.

For the record, these are the prices if you bought each of these fishing poles brand new.

  • We couldn”t find a price, but the TKS version sells for £199.99
  • Preston Edge Monster 10m Margin Pole – £179.99
  • Daiwa ZR3 Pole – £835

eBay is full of fishing tackle bargains, but be prepared to keep within your budget and do you research first.

3. Preloved

Preloved has been around since the late 1990’s, and is a trusted, but underrated online marketplace.

We carried out a few searches to see if we could find any deals, and this is what we discovered:

image 8

This match fishing setup features an 11m Daiwa Yank n Bank pole, plus top kits, a Maver Abyss X float rod, 3 reels, a Preston seat box plus many more essential match fishing bits.

The seller is after £400, and this full setup is a real bargain for anglers looking to break into the match fishing scene.

image 9

Our second used match fishing tackle for sale setup includes this bundle of match fishing tackle.

The main bits of kit are a Browning seat box, fishing side tray, two keepnets, a brolly, two rods, pole rigs, landing net and some seat box attachments.

Available at £200, this is a steal and could be great for someone new to pleasure or match angling.

image 10

Our final bargain that we found was this old skool Preston fishing trolley, which is useful for transporting your match gear from your car to the lake.

It looks to be in good condition, with the seller asking for just £40!

There wasn’t a great selection of fishing tackle at the time of writing this content, but you can still grab a bargain if you dig deeper.

4. Shpock

We love using Shpock in pursuit of finding used match fishing tackle for sale.

You should download the app for the full experience, rather than using the desktop version.

Anyway, these are just a few of the bargains we managed to find:

image 11

If you are an existing match angler, you will know that you need good quality fishing luggage to store your tackle in.

We found a Preston Innovations competition rod holdall and double net bag for just £70 (both were only three months old!)

The combined retail price of both bits of luggage are £94, so you can save yourself nearly £25 if you bought these.

Next up was a Daiwa Tournament Seat Box (full of tackle) for £500.

image 12

As you can see, the trays were stuffed with tackle, and the package included a wheel kit.

Finally, we searched for ‘pole fishing’ and we discovered a job lot of pole fishing tackle, such as pole rollers, net bags, landing nets and a rod bag.

This was available for £100, which represents about £10-12 per item!

image 13

You can end up spending hours on the Shpock app, but that’s because there are tons of fishing tackle available at bargain prices!

Download the app below.

image 14

5. Facebook Groups

Finally we have Facebook groups where you can find local anglers who are selling their match fishing gear.

Maybe this is because they have upgraded, or just don’t have time to fish anymore.

Either way, their loss is your gain, especially on your bank account!

Here are a few of the most popular used match fishing tackle for sale groups that are worth joining.

used match fishing tackle FACEBOOK GROUPS

Match Fishing Tackle Trader

Boasting around 15,000 members, there are typically around 10 new posts per day by anglers selling match fishing tackle.

Just remember to be cautious about buying from Facebook groups, especially where bank transfers are concerned.

Reach out to admin if you have any issues.

Match Fishing Sales

With around 24,000 members and 120 new posts everyday, the Match Fishing Sales group is extremely popular.

It is a private group, so you will have to put in a request to join first.

Admin advice that you use either a credit card or Paypal for transaction to prevent scams.

Match Fishing: Buy, Sell & Tips

Another popular group where anglers also offer valuable tips!

This group has around 25,000 members and again, its a private group so you will have to ask to join.

There even sponsored competitions you can enter too!

Used Match Fishing Tackle For Sale: Final Verdict

If you’re in the market for some used match fishing gear, I hope you’ll check out the sites I’ve listed.

The trick is to shop around, and make sure you know what you are looking for first, rather than buying tackle on impulse.

Most listings can be negotiated down, so stick to your guns and I hope you grab a bargain or two!

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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