Zig Rig Diagrams: A 2022 Guide

We’ve collected a handful of zig rig diagrams, so you can fine tune this explosive method of carp fishing that is often understated!

zig rig diagrams

With a multitude of zig rigs around, there is bound to be a zig rig diagram that you can follow, implement and catch your own carp off the surface.

This method can be very successful in the summer months when carp tend to cruise in the upper layers.

Lets begin with a very simple zig rig diagram that we have created, together with a list of components to make it.

1. Simple Zig Rig Diagram

This is a zig rig diagram in its simplest form!

Editor: I may have to sack my art department, but hey, you can understand it right?

Zig Rig Diagram

Starting from the left, I use 15lb mainline and connect this to a 2.5oz inline lead – a safe setup because the lead can ‘eject’ if the rig gets tangled up or the line snaps.

I have used an anti-tangle sleeve insert in the wider opening of the lead – this helps keep it safe, and ‘kicks’ my hooklength away from my lead.

Next, use the thinnest diameter hooklength you can get away with.

I usually opt for 8lb mono, or a dedicated surface fishing line because from this point onwards – it’s all about how well you can conceal your rig.

Zig rig hooklength
Fox dedicated ‘Zig & Floater’ hooklink is a great choice!

Next, you have to determine the length. It is well worth experimenting until you see some action!

If you see carp cruising high up in the water, I would set my zig rig ‘foam’ or whittled down pop up an inch or so under the surface.

If not, then you will need to adjust the length until something happens. This can be tedious, and I would recommend opting to use an adjustable zig rig which can help you to quickly adjust and recast.

I have opted to use a size 8 wide gape hook on this occasion, but again, you are trying to disguise your hook as much as possible, so try to match the hookbait size with your hook if possible.

…..and that is a very basic zig rig diagram, and the components used.

2. Adjustable Zig Rigs

Zig rigs are undoubtedly one of the most effective methods of catching carp.

However, if you are fishing in deep water, it can be difficult to judge wherein the water column carp are cruising, which is where an adjustable zig rig comes in handy!

It is very easy to adjust the zig rig by a foot or drop it down a foot, as you try and gauge a feel for activity in and around your swim.

An adjustable zig rig is a popular set-up for carp anglers, as it can be adapted to cover a wide range of depths.

Adjustable zig rig diagram

The beauty of using an adjustable zig rig, over a standard static zig rig, is that you can easily adjust its height in the water column, depending on where you think the carp are feeding.

This makes it an extremely versatile setup, especially when fishing in deep water.

When fishing a zig rig in deep water, it’s important to use a lead clip system so that you can quickly adjust the weight of your lead, depending on how deep you want your zig to be.

There are a variety of different adjustable zig rigs on the market, but most setups involve using a slider system to change the zig’s depth.

Here are a couple of videos that explain adjustable zig rigs in a bit more detail….

3. Adjustable Zig Rig Kits

There are now some great adjustable zig rig kits available!

If you take a look at our zig rig diagram further up the page, you can see that the principle stays the same.

To change the depth, you simply ‘adjust your float’ by sliding it down towards the boom for more depth, or towards the hookbait for a shorter depth.

Here are some recommended zig rig kits:

4. Easy Zig Rig Diagrams

We’ve sourced some great zig rig diagrams to help you assemble and learn how zig rigs work!

Running Lead Zig Rig
This is a ‘running lead’ zig rig setup that uses an inline lead, an anti-tangle sleeve and a pop up mounted onto a wide gape or Kurve shank size 12 hook.

Although not adjustable, this is perfect for zig rig fishing in shallow open water.

Korda Ready Zig Rigs

I found these very handy to use!

The Korda ‘Ready Zigs’ feature three ready made zigs, using red, yellow and black foam.

Available in a range of lengths and hook sizes, these keep your organised and allow you to store and rig up quickly.

5. Zig Rig Tips

Now we share some key tips on making sure your zig rigs are effective and streamlined as possible.

Use Light Lines

After you have mapped the area where you want to place a zig rig, make sure you pay attention to any obstacles, such as weed, because this will determine the fishing line you can get away with using.

8 to 10lb of mono is ideal, but if there is weed or pads close by, you may have to step up to 12lb mono.

In clear open water – it’s not unheard of to get away with using a 6lb line!

Carp leads

Lead Choice

This is a no-brainer for me – when using zigs, you should always ‘drop the lead’.

This becomes even more important when you are fishing a zig amongst weed, because you will lose fish, and worst of all – put a carp in jeopardy.


If you opt not to use a zig aligna kit (with foam) and go for a pop up, attaching a small piece of PVA foam to your hook can avoid tangles on the cast, whilst keeping your hookbait away from your line/lead setup.

Plus, if you use an anti-tangle sleeve, this helps to ‘kick away’ everything from your lead – thus preventing unwanted tangles that can occur when zig fishing.

The Gardner Zig Rig Session Pack is an essential item to have in your tackle box.

How Deep

Depth is the KEY to a successful zig rig fishing session!

Similar to when you turn up to a lake, and walk around on the lookout for fish activity, you need to be aware of the depths you are fishing at.

For example, if I knew I was fishing in 7ft of water, I would probably start 3ft off the lakebed and see what happens.

If there is nothing going on, but I have noticed carp in the area, I will level up to 4ft off the bottom and so on until there is interest in my zig rig!

Keep experimenting with depths until it pays off. It can be frustrating, but trust me when I say it is such an explosive method of catching carp!

A range of zig rigs

Zig Rig Diagrams: Final Thoughts

Zig rigs are one of the most popular types of fishing rigs, and for good reason – they can be incredibly effective in catching carp/

If you’re looking to get into zig rigging, or just want to learn more about this type of fishing, then we hope you have learn something from our zig rig diagrams!

Remember, finding the depth is the key to success with this method of fishing.

Thanks for reading.

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